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Far Cry 3 completed in 3:44 (speedrun without cutscenes)

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Far Cry 3 completed in 3:44 on survivor (medium) difficulty. The goal was to finish Far Cry 3 as quickly as possible. Stereoscopic 3D version of this segmented speedrun is also available: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McPOSanOQr4 No plugins or cheats were used. Cutscenes - including where no skill is required, other than to mash buttons the game tells you to push - were removed from this video. Forum discussion on SDA: http://forum.speeddemosarchive.com/post/far_cry_3_speedrun_video.html Total time according to the mission clock: 3:44 Total video time: 3:46:49 (Yes, the two lengths can differ a bit.) Total length of cutscenes removed: 1:56:58 Length of the above video: 1:49:51 Sometimes you see Jason skip ahead a few seconds. Far Cry 3 has an autosave system where if you reload a fresh save, sometimes it places you ahead. I tried to find and utilise such opportunities. Examples: 7:12, 8:14, 8:53. The largest such skip is probably at 13:13. Other speedruns I've completed: Star Wars KotOR completed in 2 hours - Knights of the Old Republic I http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6r9cCfGV0Uc KotOR II completed in 2 hours - Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II Done Quick http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vveJ1y9X_UY Hidden & Dangerous 1 Deluxe completed in 86 minutes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nXCtiULbxlU Hidden and Dangerous 2 in 80 minutes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ov9G_XPmk9o X-Wing Alliance Death Star II Tunnel Speedrun http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UFzm0u5Oa9U X-Wing Alliance - Training Course speedrun (Ringer1) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABuwASsYwM4 This game isn't normally playable in stereoscopic 3D. To do that, you have 2 options: - Far Cry 3 Helix mod: http://helixmod.blogspot.com/2012/12/farcry3-dx9-only-3d-vision-fix.html - TriDef has a free trial option: http://www.tridef.com/download/TriDef-3D-latest.html TheVoid at SDA had some helpful comments that improved this Far Cry 3 run. Thanks Void :)
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Text Comments (213)
Thinkshooter (5 years ago)
The total 3:44 time includes everything: all cutscenes, button-mashing etc. The video is only 1:49 because I edited out all the boring parts that speedrunners and many players have already seen lots of times anyway. Kindly read the video description please. Thanks :)
Lawson Spencer (1 month ago)
+GiM don't be an asshole
Thinkshooter why did you write "speedrun without cutscenes," then?
GiM who are you replying to? 3:44 means 3hr, 44sec. I believe you quoted.
GiM (3 months ago)
3:44 means 3 minutes and 44 seconds fucking retard
Willem DaFuckedUp (1 month ago)
the fuck do you mean 3:44
Animation Vlogs (7 months ago)
How to skip cutscene from this game
Zoey Amari (8 months ago)
44:20 "You're in for a world of- AHA!" Lmao
sport national (8 months ago)
sport national (6 months ago)
36:21 he could cut the kinematics but cut in the gameplay it's cheat 1:05:03 1:24:22 you see that?!!... he lose and he restart.... so dislike! 1:27:48 idiot! you can desactivate looting the mouvement 1:33:28 loose again.........
Red Spy (3 months ago)
sport national 36:21 there was a cutscene. 1:24:22 Far Cry 3 has an autosave feature. If you load a fresh save or something like that it will load you ahead
Andi Pacquet (5 months ago)
sport national you think you could do it better?
Mr. Mishka48 (9 months ago)
Realy cool!!!
l2a0s1t5f5a5l5l (10 months ago)
K1W1 (11 months ago)
1:45:56 "I sunk your battleship" - Jason Brody
GAMERS X (1 year ago)
u r awesome dude
noah (1 year ago)
the only reason why I hate this game is the cinematic bullshit and we can't even skip that I hate it when that happens
Timo / RonniRatz (1 year ago)
35:00 if you were searching
DucQy (1 year ago)
37:36 Don't be detected Jumps out of car and it explodes
Maci3k Maci3k (1 year ago)
soul keeper (1 year ago)
what would it take for you to kill someone
A Spicy Boi (1 year ago)
Hello everybody i want to know how to fix a problem to this game far cry3 in my ps3 i have the game and i did some missions and im stuck at the mission meet citra and when i drink the potion citra gives you im stuck at the loading screen please someone help me i really wanna finish this game
John Breach (1 year ago)
Okay this is all well and good. But this is not a speedrun. Sure it was fast, but if you make mistakes include them or restart. This is more like a speedy lets play then a speedrun.
Robin Mathew (1 year ago)
liked cpz its my favt game ever. beten on a pentium Dual core + gt 610 ( a card is not even minimum run a 90's game in 60 frames )
GDjesusOfsuburbia (1 year ago)
3 minutes and 44 seconds. Well thats pretty good.
Aksa Faisal Affandie (1 year ago)
*bunny hop* hu' hu' hu' hu lol
Matthew Sattam (1 year ago)
1:05:30 you didn't stop and say hello
Zabargad (1 year ago)
"Completed in 3:44" videos 2 hours long seems legit
Zabargad (1 year ago)
damn i feel smart. never wouldve guessed thered be another 2 hours of cutscenes
Ian niazi (1 year ago)
Zabargad 3:44 means 3hours and 44 mins with cutscenes
Conrad (1 year ago)
Gonçalo Almeida (1 year ago)
So "3:44" is refering to what?
ATKLight (1 year ago)
Gonçalo Almeida he cut all the cutsences on the speed run so as to the video is only almost 2 hours
Jack Kohler (1 year ago)
So basically you learnt how to bunny hop?
TheBigHaus (1 year ago)
Either the FOV is really high or he has speed hacks
Orchidahus (1 year ago)
TheBigHaus It's just a recipe with blue leaf that makes him run faster.
Krzysztof Dolecki (1 year ago)
wait, there is more cutscene in this speedrun then actual gameplay? you did it in 1:49 if we dont count cutscenes and 3:44 if we count cutscenes
Thorradier (1 year ago)
37:16 need initial D music :D
bac mai (1 year ago)
he playing 1000 time -XD
Budliky CZ (1 year ago)
7:38 - really? I have problems to kill that fuckin snake while ADS and he just do THAT? :DDD Nicuh
the unskiplable cutscenes keep me from playing far cry 3 again, so sad
Underdose (1 year ago)
speedrunning is such a noble sport, all that concentration, training and dedication and you get nothing in return except a trophy sprite on speedrun.com and a sense of achievement. good work my man
My name jeff??? (1 year ago)
This is the best speedrun ever
Saad Alarefe (1 year ago)
57:26 *Gets hit with rpg* *Stabs himself with drugs* And he's just fine.
vesna milovanovic (1 year ago)
ne valja
Death (1 year ago)
It's like someone dropped rex power colt into Jason's place.
ian curtis (1 year ago)
Dave hashim (1 year ago)
Herotruth (1 year ago)
Fucken bunny rabbit
Jam Lee (1 year ago)
DNAsGhostzHouze (1 year ago)
Lol Flight of the Valkerie during the helecoptor scene.
Victoria De guzman (1 year ago)
abhisha Ratna (2 years ago)
d3WλU (2 years ago)
use of external crosshair at 45:00 , invalidates run bc of external assistance
Pablo Young (5 months ago)
far cry actually works like that
Doppel Gänger (1 year ago)
There's a minor amount of health, it's hard to notice because it's a flashing black line (essentially a shadow of the remaining health points) but you can see it disappear when he's hit, he definitely has health.
Charlie Proctor (1 year ago)
HammerTime Since it's a set piece, they might have made it harder to die so you aren't deterred from the action.
HammerTime (1 year ago)
Pretty sure he has God mode on as well. 26:55 He's got no health left yet is clearly hit and somehow survives.
d3WλU (1 year ago)
+vonda mccracken anyway, it may be the only or one of two fc3 runs i was able to find, and the routes are all really clever and stuff like that. Presumably you did all of that, so big-up to you. On a separate note, I havent played FC3 in a while, but i still remember how annoying the swaying of the xhairs in the snipers was.
d3WλU (2 years ago)
not sure if anyone will ever see this, but by spamming use after you press use on a hang glider, you clip into the ground; potentially this could be used to get to certain locations with out traversing but idek
Pixel (2 years ago)
1:11:20 FarCry is supposed to be realistic game, why there is a big monster WTF???
McCree (1 year ago)
Crazy cult voodoo shit from the village people, seen by taking drugs. It is certainly a bit jarring IMO.
Pixel (1 year ago)
oh, ok :D
Far Cry is not realistic what so ever, 1 guy with no military experience at all (Jason Brody) can take down several camps full of enemies all by himself, He gets tattoos which make him reload faster and be able to perform impossible takedowns, enemies somehow can't see you if you are hiding in bushes (even during the day), enemies can't hear suppressed gunfire (which is a distinct sound), no this game isn't realistic
Your Snape (2 years ago)
+Pixel Citra gives you drugs and its basically a trip. I see it that the monster is yourself that you have to fight and kill.
Pixel (2 years ago)
I don't even get that far to the game, nevermind tell me,
suchakree laokom (2 years ago)
why the fuck only me got killed by bear after run away from vaas,(sorry i always suck grammar)
suchakree laokom (2 years ago)
after run away from vaas ,why the fuck only me run away from vaas i found the bear and i got killed by bear (sorry i'm fucking suck grammar)
Mario Haberle (2 years ago)
Am i th eonly one or the AI here is horrible?
noah (1 year ago)
Mario Haberle AI in fc3 was good but I think it was kinda dumbed down in fc4
Snus Fika (2 years ago)
Mario Haberle Well, i imagine the bots dont really know how to handle a speedrunners strange behaviour
Adam Madam (2 years ago)
37:30 wow
suchakree laokom (2 years ago)
almost fall
far cry 3 boring
Jydah (1 year ago)
MrRubenTailsHarmonyMelody M It's not.
Simo (2 years ago)
I would've much preferred to play as Grant than Jason.
Matt (1 year ago)
Grant already had Military training prior to reaching these islands. It wouldve been a fucking breeze with Grant. But with Jason its a long fucking learning experience and I respect that
dlcplays (1 year ago)
Simo yeah,he already unlocked knife throw at the beginning
Stef791 (2 years ago)
why can't ubisoft not fix this game, first the game doesn't save properly, and after 3 hours playing i quit and couldn't continue. after fixing that, i got to bout half of the game (killing vaas), and my saves were ereased agains, fuck this game man
Doppel Gänger (1 year ago)
I don't know guys, I've not had a few of the early mission achievements and those Uplay specific achievements pop, despite the fact I have the latter game completion achievements, this is on Uplay as well. Had to go back and replay the game to get them, so I wouldn't say its out the realms of possibility.
Fusion3Gz (1 year ago)
More than likely a pirated version, i've never ever had an issue and ive played through the game about 20 times.
That Fuck Tonnato (2 years ago)
run as administrator and probably because you have pirated[they have some problems with saving]
Erich M. (2 years ago)
This game really did have way too many fucking cutscenes. And you couldn't fucking skip them either. Thanks Ubisoft.
Rife [Team Slinger] (2 months ago)
I’m sorry that you hated the story in a single player game, go play COD if you oh so dislike cutscenes
j0251_ (3 months ago)
Erich M. Not really tbh
Weef (2 years ago)
Paul Joshua Barcelona (2 years ago)
Far Cry 3 buqleofeju wueifkei oerrg
Destructive Odst (2 years ago)
holy shit you completed 'kick the hornets nest' in like 1 minute
Adam Demeter (2 years ago)
Can you die or stay alive in the end?
Adam Demeter (2 years ago)
3:44 hours, not minutes.
отчего всё по англиски
D4N5T3P (2 years ago)
+Сергей Фетисов поднатужить мозги и осознать что создатель не российский так трудно?
darren0306 (2 years ago)
Am i the only one confused when he says "Completed in 3:44" and the video is almost two hours? Am i missing something here? :S
Dan yell OG (9 months ago)
orchoose check the description
orchoose (11 months ago)
lol you cant just leave seconds out specialy in this format its obvious clickbait no one is that stupid:D:D
XrossuX (1 year ago)
have you played fc3?
phil jml (1 year ago)
that would mean the cutscenes in a 3h44min speedrun would last for almost 2 hours. I highly doubt that. So whats the deal here??
XrossuX (1 year ago)
its like 3 (hours) and 44 (minutes) and is seconds it would be 3:44.5
luigi romano (2 years ago)
Pye rI
Banti Kumar (2 years ago)
How many times you completed this game man?
Denis Chromy (3 years ago)
speed heak
zappy boi (1 year ago)
u must be stupid
Denis Chromy (3 years ago)
Chelnicia Peeters (3 years ago)
im gonna watch it because my far cry 3 cant save for some reason
Lakhe E (9 months ago)
Chelnicia Peeters it goes to u play saves i think theres some videos that show how to convernt not to save on Uplay
Molisa (3 years ago)
Theres no way that only 3:44 of these 1 hour and 50 minutes are actual gameplay... And i'm not gonna watch it all to verify it
Molisa (1 year ago)
Oh i see, i thought these 3:44 were supposed to be minutes lol. That would certaintly be impossible
Destructive Odst (2 years ago)
+Melissa Souza Borges all the games cutscenes take a bit over 2 hours of the game and he plaayed this for 1 hour and 50 mins so it is all equal to around 3:44
Molisa (3 years ago)
SzopenPan (3 years ago)
+Melissa Souza Borges omg she is brainless but use internetasdadsa
Ghita Valentin (3 years ago)
You finised the game before?
Artur z lasu (5 months ago)
sukidia (3 years ago)
you restarted it of course
Silviu Ionut (3 years ago)
Expert :o
Ras Ars (3 years ago)
snipers... gotta take this slow
Chan nel (3 years ago)
My name jeff??? (1 year ago)
Chan nel Thats the best part XD
Chan nel (3 years ago)
You know you're moving fast when not even Rongo can fuckin keep up with you.
Ghita Valentin (3 years ago)
It was very nice!Are you on the hardest level?
Jim Carrey (1 year ago)
Ghita Valentin Check the description
Arch Stanton (3 years ago)
Whats with your key layout? ^^
Bubu Rubu (3 years ago)
everygame is good if its well played
megachibershit (3 years ago)
Mad skills on you boy! Loved it! Cant believe i watched the whole speedrun! I rarely do ;o subbed
Denis Ogn (3 years ago)
FizZy (3 years ago)
More like farcry 3 completed in 1:49:50 (Slowrun without cutcenes)
Roman Kozlovskiy (3 years ago)
How the fuck
Hrant Grigoryan (3 years ago)
Your awesome dude !!!! sprint burst is awesome too :D :D
Legion711 (4 years ago)
56:58 "Snipers... Gotta take this slow" BEEP BEEP like a roadrunner modafuka :D
RMX Gaming (8 months ago)
Robin Mathew buck tipped them off if you didint hear
Robin Mathew (1 year ago)
How & why are the pirates tended inside were Jason only knows the place ?
Phirenor (3 years ago)
+Legion711 3Sanic5dat
iksio (4 years ago)
Awesome. Good luck with routing Far Cry 4 if its at least half good at FC3 :D
TK (4 years ago)
It better be. 16 days. THE HYPE TRAIN HAS ARRIVED!
Espen Storø (4 years ago)
"Snipers, gotta take this sl... nevermind, next!" Fantastic run, it's really hard to get anywhere fast in this game.
YOU are NOT human. But, YOU ARE THE RESTRICTED A+ CLASS CYBER-SPEEDRUNNER! Great job. I like you. NO cutscenes, faster than anyone, I like your run. It's a great fucking run
Ben Heintz (4 years ago)
Spectacular job. From a fellow PC FPS adept, I am impressed.
julien laposta (4 years ago)
Pavel Taranov (4 years ago)
Loch Ness (4 years ago)
oyunbozan TR (4 years ago)
why you jump?
Thinkshooter (4 years ago)
Hopping lets you proceed ~10% faster. On top of that, it throws off the enemies' targeting.
ECG163 (4 years ago)
I've just realised how weird your control scheme is.
aurel docea (4 years ago)
Demonic Duck (4 years ago)
57:00 was so awesome o_o
autismoose (4 years ago)
How does he run so fast???!!
autismoose (4 years ago)
autismoose (4 years ago)
Thinkshooter (4 years ago)
Speed stims.
autismoose (4 years ago)
Meanwhile being in front of grant.l "Jason, keep up!"
TheJonnie44 (4 years ago)
Oh... My... God... you beat that kick the hornets nest mission in like 20 seconds o_O
zacho3to (4 years ago)
Favorite part so far 57:00 .......gotta take it slow huh?
RAR Gaming (4 years ago)
I completed the game in 4:36 on survivor
Kasper Saldell (4 years ago)
God. Damn. Speedruns...

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