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John D Ruddy ar Cúla 4

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An interview I did in Galway a few weeks ago chatting about my artwork (in the Irish language) with my gent of a friend Michael Carey! The craic was had!
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Text Comments (39)
Special Spoon Gaming (7 months ago)
Cònas áta tu? (Probably butchered that, Hey from Dublin.)
Captain Beckett (1 year ago)
Almost sounds like a strong Edinburgh Scottish accent
Top bin Lads 107 (1 year ago)
he is my teacher
Papa Hitler (2 years ago)
Reminds me of sims
loren does stuff (2 years ago)
I think you would make good war comics
Ethan Finley (2 years ago)
Is Irish not his first language there is a lot of um's and hmm's.
SiVlog (1 year ago)
kalum meade I guess it depends on how people feel. it's a bit like what I've seen in North Wales. unlike in Cardiff, in spite of the road signs being bilingual (English and Welsh) you are more likely to hear the Welsh language being spoken. I suppose it is the same for the places in Ireland you mentioned?
Spidget Finner (2 years ago)
+marc c you're wrong actually Irish is spoken in various counties and town e.g Connemara letterkeny.so ye
Ethan Finley (2 years ago)
+Marc C. Ok thanks.
Astrixz (2 years ago)
+ethan finley no
Ethan Finley (2 years ago)
+John D Ruddy I have a question, in the Republic or Ireland is Irish ever spoken in casual conversation? 
Jamie (2 years ago)
MrJJuK (2 years ago)
Im sorry but Irish sounds like there just mega drunk :D haha! It's bad enough with Scottish as well :D Gratz at being on Tv dude :D
Fervid Torpor (2 years ago)
Tá sé go h-iontach!
Dara Fitzpatrick (3 years ago)
Are you Irish
Muffinmurdurer (2 years ago)
He clearly isn't.
Roni First (3 years ago)
cool video!!! thx for the English subtitles
SYGU (4 years ago)
napoleonic wars 
flodnak (4 years ago)
(Psst! Fellow viewers! There are English subtitles for those of us who don't speak Gaelic.) Maybe I'm strange, but I love watching shows in languages I don't understand and seeing how much I can get from context. Not too much context in this one before the game started, unfortunately. So I switched on the subtitles and watched it again....
Nathan Neville (2 years ago)
Chris (4 years ago)
What dark, demonic language is this?? Gaelic scary
plenkman (2 years ago)
+FrankieYT It sounds like Dovahzhul reversed!
It's also hard af :P I live in Ireland and learn it so believe me 100%
OpiZoid (3 years ago)
It sounds like Simlish
FrankieYT (3 years ago)
Its an awesome language
kevendubin (4 years ago)
They have a celebrity gossip show entirely in pig latin?!
Special Spoon Gaming (7 months ago)
+Mango Productions It's****
Kironic (2 years ago)
+kevendubin The irish are not "white" tho...
Mango Productions (4 years ago)
Yeah, No.
kevendubin (4 years ago)
Well you called me a rascist for poking fun at white guys and EVERYONE knows you can't be racist to white guys.
Bakeey (4 years ago)
No idea what you're talking about. 10/10 for the language.
Alex Alex (2 years ago)
it has subtitles

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