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Nathassia - Turning Headz (Stenchman Mix) [Official Music Video]

375 ratings | 18164 views
Buy: http://apple.co/1Um6xzE / http://bit.ly/1PfR0kI ✖ Nathassia & Stenchman ✖ http://nathassia.com http://facebook.com/STENCHMANdubstep http://facebook.com/NathassiaDevine London based new electronic music artist NATHASSIA brings us the Stenchman Mix of Turning Headz which encompasses ground breaking electronic music with a unique vocal style, a mix of East and West just like her. In addition Turning Headz contains almost prophetic lyrics that capture the current mood of young music fans across the globe, summed up so succinctly with “feel wonder but never stand under”. ✖ DnB Portal ✖ ➔Visit http://dnbportal.com ➔Like http://fb.com/DNBportal.Music ➔Follow http://twitter.com/_DnBportal ➔Follow http://instagram.com/dnbportal ➔Follow http://soundcloud.com/dnbportal
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Text Comments (27)
chad dickerson (1 month ago)
Hey!! Pretty cool! Is the smokin exotic chick the Artist?!
sntdrumandbass (1 month ago)
wtf iz dis :DD
Paul Parker (3 months ago)
people under 30 dont even realize this is a totally man made forest. I use the term forest loosely as it cant really be called that. Kids think this is like full wilderness and shit. There's narely an animal in it.
Kevin Twine (21 days ago)
Paul Parker What the fuck 😂
Bish Bish (1 year ago)
Damn, I left my cigarettes on the other side of the forest!
Gregorio Galvan Jr. (1 year ago)
Now that's the type of girl that will have guys turning headz to check her out! Sick tune!
david gonzy (2 years ago)
uff horror tema ...
грибной марафон
hurrafuk (2 years ago)
6 fucking stupid guys don't know about real and underground dnb
Bish Bish (1 year ago)
Underground DnB?:) You spend too much time in Your room alone.:)
edix1986 (2 years ago)
sic clip
DJ Helyx (2 years ago)
God tier remix
OfficialVanDyce (2 years ago)
could do without or different vocals everything else is dope af
madeyoudirty (2 years ago)
After first few seconds: 'wow! it has got potential!' and then happened this. :/
Kevin Twine (2 years ago)
Not everyone appreciates a quality drum and bass remix,you are one of those people
Jezz Burdett (2 years ago)
Oooosh, TUNE!
Piotr Badura (2 years ago)
Better than original. Good work ;)
TherapyBE (2 years ago)
Needs an instrumental ...
FuturisticAge (2 years ago)
much more power in remix
Anna Vanessa (2 years ago)
Treemike 1000 (2 years ago)
Nice :)
Yeah man!
Ensumo Lel (2 years ago)
nice song without that dumb chick
chad dickerson (1 month ago)
he must play for the other team
Kevin Twine (2 years ago)
Your comment makes no sense
Ensumo Lel (2 years ago)
Then she should produce more, and sing less. Or is it "her song" like justing biebers dubstep songs. produced by skrillex, sold by bieber
Anna Vanessa (2 years ago)
+Ensumo Lel errmm.. she's the one who made that nice song! which would thus not exist without her!

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