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Top 5 BEST PC & Console Games On Android & iOS

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The 10 best PC and console games on Android In this video we will discuss about PS3, PS4, & PC Games that you can play on your Android or ios devices right now! ✫1 Android: http://destyy.com/wtTEkk iOS: http://destyy.com/wtTRi2 ✫2 Android:http://destyy.com/wtTEcp iOS: None ✫3 Android:http://sh.st/S1wGq iOS: http://sh.st/S1wmG ✫4 Android: http://destyy.com/wtTER7 iOS: None ✫5 Android: http://destyy.com/wtTEPA iOS: http://destyy.com/wtTRlH Tags ignore: Console Quality Android Games, Console Quality Android Games,Top 5 BEST PC & Console Games on Android,The 10 best PC and console games on Android,ps4 games on android,ps3 games on android,top 5 games to play on android,best console games to play on
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Text Comments (52)
CryBite (5 days ago)
What about GTA SA?
MegasXLR (1 month ago)
I remember playing Lara Croft Guardian Of Light on my now long dead PSP 3004, I'm super happy I can play it on my phone and without a PSP emulator!
MegasXLR (1 month ago)
Chinatown Wars looks trash compared to the normal 3D games like 3, VC, SA & LCS lol Half Life 2 though...:)
nekofox (1 month ago)
lora craft lmao
CodyFuller7 (1 month ago)
You forgot call of duty black ops zombies but good video btw
Deo Delarosa (1 month ago)
Weegee plays (1 month ago)
emulating is invalid
Supreme TV (1 month ago)
what about Android games that you can now play on PC please look for Android games that is also PC available
Incedibox Creator (1 month ago)
applepiealive (3 months ago)
Max Payne reminds me of total overdose
Savage (3 months ago)
Thé top 5 is from 5 to 1 not from 1 to 5
Deo Delarosa (3 months ago)
Twitch Sub (3 months ago)
I swear this guy took the intro off a site XD
Twitch Sub (3 months ago)
Anykinds Matthew ❤️😂 and can you give me the song name tho?
Anykinds Matthew (3 months ago)
Bankrol Hayden 2.0 😂😂😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️
dillon (5 months ago)
Awesome videos!!! Keep up the good work
Ambiguous User (6 months ago)
Uh yeah we are gonna cover these console games uh they are uh cool uh shit uh I cussed.
Squicx (6 months ago)
it was help fool. but why does it sound like your struggling to speak?
Vince San Jose (7 months ago)
You seem cool List is cool anyway
Insert clickbait Title (7 months ago)
Melvorgazh (8 months ago)
Hey again! I downloaded San Andreas 3-4 weeks ago. Solid game! Works well in iPhone 5, but it kills the battery in less than 2 hours. Chinatown wars seems odd on your review. Haven't seen any other to be honest. It looks 3D, but also quite top/down like a mix between Gta2 and Vice City. I still need to collect oysters, snapshots and horse shoes, and couple side missions the only 2 main mission remaining :) Has anyone got a smartphone game controller? I am thinking of getting one. Not sure what to go for yet.
EminemVEVO 0 (8 months ago)
Why u sad bro... Ur awesome.. Ur voice is awesome.... U just have lazy ass subscribers
Anykinds Matthew (8 months ago)
EMINEM Vevo yes, no more upload on this channel, thanks bro but I'm tire of the lazy subscribers goodbye
Ammar Ali (8 months ago)
+1 sub , like. It was really great talk :)
Anykinds Matthew (8 months ago)
Ammar Ali thank you brother
Ali NRP (9 months ago)
I can't understand your hood-monkey accent, learn to speak English so people can understand you
Raiam Joseph Go (1 month ago)
Yeah i can understand him ok. Stop being a bitchy racist
Big Smoke (5 months ago)
Fuck off you piece of cunt racist ass bitch
Cass Jnr (8 months ago)
What nation is hood-monkey? I understand him fine and I’m an English teacher..
Melvorgazh (8 months ago)
Hey, man! Practice makes perfect.You got a nice speaking tone.Maybe show your face at the beginning works better.And I downloaded Max Payne last week.Love it!!It's playable without Bluetooth controllers but I'll try to get those soon.I'll try Limbo.I also just downloaded yesterday GTA San Andreas... hadn't played it for 10 years. Feels great.Most new free mobile games, especially RPGs SUCK!! Lol.The graphics are like cheap cartoons.Old Age of Empires or Black & White looked way nicer.Clash of Clans for instance is ugly to me. They can do better.
Melvorgazh (8 months ago)
Well, 6k is not a lot internationally. But I like your style. A shame it didn't work as hoped then.
Anykinds Matthew (8 months ago)
Melvorgazh thank you bro, but no more upload on this channel because no one watch videos
Marilu Vargas (9 months ago)
/(& Download PC Games http://tiny.cc/c8ztqy
Microdroid (9 months ago)
i love your voice man!!!!
Anykinds Matthew (8 months ago)
MUSTAFA salah thank you all
Melvorgazh (9 months ago)
Yeh, you got a friendly warm voice. Maybe be a bit more confident. Your videos is way nicer than those souless game "reviews" videos with loud "music" and subtitles, without anyone talking. Keep the work
• Lucas C. (11 months ago)
Tried emulating in HL2 ( only NVidia Shield can run ) and its really lag
GildedWander (7 months ago)
• Lucas C. Be carefull you cant save so if you die you have to start the ENTIRE mission again
Igor Berestov (11 months ago)
what about this one "Sergeant Mahoney and the army of sinister clones"
tijani gordon (11 months ago)
hey i am a subscriber when modern combat versus coming out
Aryan Jaitely (11 months ago)
You r awesome
Anykinds Matthew (11 months ago)
Aryan Jaitely thx dude
Lucas Sarkar (11 months ago)
I liked all games except GTA Chinatown Wars
ITz Zheran (11 months ago)
Good luck 👍
downloader1996 (11 months ago)
Hey dude you seem cool. Continue with your content. It's only dead when you stop 😉
Anykinds Matthew (11 months ago)
downloader1996 wise words thx
Chandrakant Gholse (11 months ago)
I downloaded max payne today what a coincidence
*100k Subs* *1 Video* (16 days ago)
How is that a coincidence
Anykinds Matthew (11 months ago)
Chandrakant Gholse hahaaha
Luis Saiyan Son (11 months ago)
Good, bro
Chandrakant Gholse (11 months ago)
I like ur videos i watch all videos at the time u post
Anykinds Matthew (11 months ago)
Chandrakant Gholse thx bro continue

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