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Final Fantasy XIV Online X Monster Hunter World Trailer E3 2018

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Text Comments (22)
West Scottish Warrior (3 months ago)
Nergigante mount plez want dat spikey smiley boii
Ayela (3 months ago)
Poor Rathalos, it doesn't know the trouble it's in :s Wait, can we capture it??
ASMR James (3 months ago)
ff14 we out here! Been playing since the start! FF11 <3
Quinton Blackburn (3 months ago)
That Rathalos is beyond screwed, lol
carlos coronado (3 months ago)
kalta desmon (3 months ago)
also, can we get rathalos as a mount :D
kalta desmon (3 months ago)
please oh please give us a palico minion!!! D:
Kenzo Tenma (3 months ago)
I hope it has solo story gameplay
Fallen Emblem (3 months ago)
Kenzo Tenma I mean it's a MMO
Kenzo Tenma (3 months ago)
Fallen Emblem I mean not purely online
Fallen Emblem (3 months ago)
Kenzo Tenma now what do you mean by this?
Dante Vic (3 months ago)
So can we get the buhemoth in monster world please.
ben fl (3 months ago)
We are getting it! :D
Dante Vic (3 months ago)
kalta desmon i was right it was behemoth. There are leaks of it an even a youtube vid thay got claim by capcom.
Dante Vic (3 months ago)
kalta desmon im up for all that buy most likely it will be the behemoth
kalta desmon (3 months ago)
Dante Vic why not go all out and put nidhogg or Shinryu in MHW
Fairfieldfencer (3 months ago)
Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy XIV Online? Keith David's getting all the narration work.
brannon broadnax (3 months ago)
He's a true legend in the entertainment game.
Fairfieldfencer (3 months ago)
I don't. I was just commenting that Keith David narrated this trailer and a Tomb Raider trailer recently.
Garo The Golden Knight (3 months ago)
Where do you see tomb raider in this?
pengchan40 (3 months ago)
KaSpeR TV (3 months ago)

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