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10 Stealth Game Concepts That MAKE NO SENSE

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10 weird stealth game problems that don't make too much sense. Sneaking fans, let us know your gripes! ★ Gameranx Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gameranx ★Subscribe for more: https://www.youtube.com/gameranxTV
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Artsi Amateur (1 hour ago)
The new tomb raider is really good with the guards noticing others missing.
AndrewSM (6 hours ago)
How is number 1 not the "hiding in plain sight" gimmick in Bethesda games like Fallout and Elder Scrolls? I did entire missions with maxed stealth skill where, I was literally standing unhidden in a room, only for the guards to completely ignore me.
Billy Burggren (15 hours ago)
Me favorite stealth games are the Arkham games I was just playing arkham knight and I hit a gourd in to a was a bunch of times at a two face bank and he went through the wall half way and shot up it
Nasir Uddin (19 hours ago)
I think Rockstar should make a stealth game with all the AI that have in Red Dead Redemption 2
Josephi Krakowski (1 day ago)
Best stealth game, no one can dispute: Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Agent_Storm (1 day ago)
Assassins creed Odyssey is decent with stealth
沈强 (2 days ago)
the scarist stealth game I've ever play it's the game when I play it at 2:00 am , when I was supposed to go to bed but my parents suddenly stand behind me......
LAZY FERRARI (2 days ago)
Assassin's Creed has smart guards aswell and it has some awesome realistic physics too 💕
fred padilla (2 days ago)
assassin creed will forever and always be my all time favorite stealth game. and i know this is off topic but we should make a a new soulreaver game anyone else remember it? it was a playstation 1 game from the kane trilogy absolute memories.
Not TFue (2 days ago)
Nearly every single one of these games are true but you didn’t add any coralation to assassins creed
ashesfrombones (2 days ago)
Bikini model poster always do the trick in mgs
《Hi-Frien 》 (3 days ago)
Where's the whole: make a noise near a group of enemies and only one goes searching. Then 30 seconds later you make the same noise at the same group and still only one guy goes to find his expending doom.
Izzy Jaded (3 days ago)
I thought the Tenchu series was the shit when I was a kid
márton márk tauber (4 days ago)
Metal gear Solid V TPP. After reflex mode ends,you can tackle your opponent,and nobody hears he shouted *EnEmY sPoTtEd*
Michael Johnson (4 days ago)
Tamriel has killer winds.
Jaymes Williams (4 days ago)
Shooting the light out in the room without alerting the guards.
Nathan Orton (4 days ago)
Being in very thin bushes but your automatically invisible
extreme psykosis (4 days ago)
the cardboard box trick worked in real life.... so... subtract that one...
ShePlayTV (4 days ago)
I played Assassin Creed. I keep questioning myself why are okay when their partner or other guard just died. lol.
ShePlayTV (4 days ago)
4k dislike are noobs
Fralex 99 (5 days ago)
Maybe I’ll play Fortnite if you know it sing along
Josh Nelson (5 days ago)
I find it hilarious when they fall down and the other guards who are close by don’t hear it 😂😂😂
Marcel Morais (5 days ago)
By far I think the most idiotic concept of stealth games made in RPG tittles (or similar genres) is to make the person become completely invisible in situations he can't and won't be at all just because he has an awesome steath skill. Having a an awesome stealth skill it's not equal to be invisible so long as you are crouching.
Marcel Morais (5 days ago)
I think the most ridiculous things in stealth games are related with trying to seem extremelly realistic with some things and being absurd with others. Some mods from Skyrim did a good job of altering, for instance, how stealth can be much more dependant of the light rather than simply your skill. Meaning, even if you are a ninja, a ninja under a light bulb or lamp is an idiot ninja that was found, not and unseen shadow. But the AI of the NPCs are still lacking as mentioned (XDDDD "it must have been the wind"). Some other games have great concepts like noise and color of clothes as in Kingdom Come, but fail absurdily when enemies can see you completely still in areas of forest in the dark that even you can't see them!! (Not to mention the precise aim of archers 100m from you in this scenario, when only someone really close would be able to pinpoint your location).
Joseph Hughes (5 days ago)
Silenced weapons. No silencer is that quiet, heck even a subsonic round isn’t that quiet, if I shoot one guy in an enclosed space, everyone in the room will hear it. Halo ODST, while maybe unpopular, I think did it quite well, the silenced smg could be heard by all enemies in the city block, but an unsilenced weapon would be heard by half the city. If you want to be stealthy, avoid contact altogether.
DHF F (5 days ago)
The killing a guy in the middle of a conversation bit for sure. Kind of bugs me in Rise of a tomb raider when they are reporting on the radio and you murder them mid sentence and the guy on the other end of the line never says " what was that? you cut off mid sentence"
A.V.S.M channel (5 days ago)
so, not gonna talk about the "bench" in assassin's creed?
Arjan Myftari (5 days ago)
It's a fucking game it's not fun when it's fucking real
Cancerous Faggot (6 days ago)
These guys are much better than watch mojo
diosoth (6 days ago)
Manhunt handled the dead body issue well- you had to pick them up and move them to the shadows, because any living enemy who saw them would freak out.
Kevlar Gaming (6 days ago)
In AC 4 Black Flag, Hide in a bush, shoot a brute with a pistol, He'll get "suspicious" YOU JUST GOT SHOT DUMBASS.
Facu Gimenez (6 days ago)
you didnt include the lights bs going on in games like Thieve or Splinter Cell
Billy Boren (7 days ago)
Mgs 1 music. Huh, what was that noise just now? Huh, what was that noise? Who's foot prints are these? Huh,... Just a box. Huh, is somebody there?
Kevin Owens . (7 days ago)
Axel Stoner (8 days ago)
Wow tamriel must have some killer winds 😂😂😂😂
Stealth Ghost56 (8 days ago)
Or when u get a headshot and the characters says oof or ow 😂
James B (8 days ago)
I was playing Batman Arkam origins, and I was on top of the gcpd building and I shot a guard and KOed them in one shot, using my detective vision behind thick smoke it was easy and no one should have seen me but I was found immediately after I took the shot.
Dark Gamer Nia (8 days ago)
Ghost recon
Shannon Jones (8 days ago)
Another thing that doesn't make sense to me. Is how the bad guys accidentally kill themselves. Like in Dishonored 2, this witch fell over a bottle, knocked over a candle, and lit herself on fire. It happened more then once and a different witch did it each time.
Wiebe Engelen (9 days ago)
Or when the other guards hear a shot and they see you standing on the body in disguise and they are Just like, well I think he is just checking the body.
fishkakat7700 (9 days ago)
What? No mention of Assassin's Creed?
Creeper Hunter5 (9 days ago)
The first Splinter Cell game is great, but pisses me off to no end. I swear the guards are fucking omniscient. They hear one footstep in a room already full of people and everyone instantly knows where you are even when you’re in a pitch black area of the room that makes you completely invisible
XCYST The One (9 days ago)
In mgs3 there was this this wall with a hole in it right next to the path and you could just go under the hole while the enemy searched for you with half your body sticking out at each side of the wall and they wouldn't find you
Branden Tillis (9 days ago)
Mgs3 snake eater. Not the dumbest thing but still watching the reaction of guards after throwing a snake at them
Elias Lunden (9 days ago)
Paydays guards are so toopid
Rowan Dowler (10 days ago)
Thief for Xbox has none of these problems
Juan Zep (10 days ago)
this was the weakest episode in a while 🤦🏽‍♂️ disappointed
The Gaming Guy (10 days ago)
Guard 1: “hey I saw a person that looks like spider man” Guard 2: “nah probably a rat” Guard 1 “yeah your right” *fant scream in the distance* Guard 1: “hey I think someone was killed” Guard 2: “nah probably the holloween decorations” *fant web swing then screaming* Guard 1: “did you hear that?” Guard 2: “yeah I saw th-“ *guard 2 gets webbed to the ceiling* Guard 1: “nah probably just the wi-“ *gets webbed to the ceiling*
LittleGameDev (11 days ago)
Lmao the hiding behind the wall part got me xD because I was playing DBD with a friend and my friend crouched by a wall and the killer saw him, at the end of the match he asked how and they said they could see his head sticking out a little bit. He was playing Bald Dwight lol.
Sub-Ciro (11 days ago)
Snake's cardboard box trick doesn't work all the time. Since MGS1!
Rocky Oliver (6 days ago)
Yeah, you gotta use some logic with it. For instance, in MGS2 if a cardboard box from another warehouse was found in say warehouse D, they would search it. (And find you.)
- 'the last of us remastered' my favourite stealth game
Ra1den (11 days ago)
Most annoying thing in Stealth game ive ever seen is you can see in darkness but your enemies cant
DedRaids Zero (12 days ago)
Why do so many people down vote these amusing videos?
Somehow, in Need for Speed: Carbon. I'm trying to lose the cops and I go into a cooldown zone. There's a gate right in front of me and a cop just randomly stops there, he should definitely be able to see me but the chase does not continue because he's so f****** blind
FuhrerArrow (12 days ago)
Number 7 is so funny
Sxardeath Kingsfire (12 days ago)
Splinter cell was the shit for me back in the day or Manhunt but I played equal amounts of the games since my eyes were falling out so meh
Thiefman 6719 (12 days ago)
My fav is metal gear solid V the phantom pain Sometimes if you throw a decoy right in front of a gaurd he will tell it to freeze even though it inflated in front of him
Shannon Jones (12 days ago)
No, anyone remember how in the Tenchu games. Everytime they spot you and they yell Ninja. Then forget about you after 10 seconds and say oh it was nothing. Lol
DeemingAmbition (6 days ago)
I was waiting for someome to mention Tenchu. I love that series so much. Its so better in Japanese though.
Owen Wilson (13 days ago)
Why don’t the bad guys yell for help when getting stealth take down
ForestofCicadas (13 days ago)
I don't normally play stealth games because I prefer to go balls to the wall, but when I stealth it's in Skyrim. So many ridiculous things you can do. Like reducing a town to a nudist colony with no cheese wheels.
Julian (13 days ago)
Spinning around a guard isnt that difficult I have done that myself a few times
Josh Syl (14 days ago)
dont agree with the 1st point...
MClapYourHands (14 days ago)
Splinter cell blacklist is pretty good about these sort of issues. I remember one time that I was trying to get onto a roof from the inside of a building. This stair led to a small room with a couple doors (mostly glass), the doors had stairs perpendicular to them. I hid by, and opened one of these doors. When a guard started walking up the stairs he noticed the door, said something about not remembering that it was open before, and went to investigate. It was pretty cool.
Stared Scout 145 (14 days ago)
My favorite stealth game is ghost recon wildland
The Greatnarwhal (14 days ago)
That moment in fo4 when your carrying 300lbs and you have the radio on full volume and your dog is just running everywhere and the other guys like yelling I think I see someone and you just crouch down and walk past 10 raiders or something
Gajeel 4208 (14 days ago)
Payday2 he's wearing glasses, CALL THE FUCKING ARMY!
Gaming Robot (14 days ago)
Several times a drauger walked right next to me and then I stabbed
Grimmsha72 (14 days ago)
How did using silencers on guns not make this list?
The Stranger 88 (14 days ago)
My favorite stealth game is Metal Gear Solid Btw I love Solid Snake
shipmaster3 (14 days ago)
I only subscribe if you put out every single day 😏
Big B (14 days ago)
You sound like Jesse Eisenberg.
MetalPlayz (14 days ago)
girby espayos (14 days ago)
I think in all stealth games, when you silent takedown a guy that person will produce loud struggling noices and then other enemies dont care.
J3AN P3T3R (15 days ago)
I think you misinterpret traditional video games. like the issue with peeking and not be seen. did you think that during the era that game was produced that they have the technology to make ultra realistic games ? What we would call sloppy resolution today would have been high tech at the time. so at the time when you see a video game character peeking like that it is interpreted as such, not that he was peeking with his whole body visible. can you imagine the programming involved if an AI could see a small part of your body ? my guess is at the time it was Boolean that indicates whether you are LEANING AGAINST A WALL or NOT which means you are HIDDEN or NOT so at the time if you lean behind a light pole and the game allows it then you could practically hide behind a light pole.
zero (15 days ago)
Mark the Ninja was one of hardest game I've ever played
Edward Finley (15 days ago)
When the NPC walks right passed you whilst you're hiding under a cardboard box. Doesn't matter where the box is, if you hide under it before they see you, they won't know that you're there.
Mr Slinkey (15 days ago)
I love Tom and Jerry...the good old days
Richard Harrison (15 days ago)
Guard spots you. Guard is instantly head shot. Dead Guard is hidden. You don't get 100% because a guard saw you for a split second before death.
Id10t Gaming (15 days ago)
metal gear solid games are the best stealth games in my opinion
King Cyrak (15 days ago)
Why so much shade against MGS😂
Kashyf Sultan (16 days ago)
I нαтє ѕтєαℓтн gαмєѕ. Fuckisoft(υвιѕσfт) ιѕ тнє ωσяѕт.
Thunderhead (16 days ago)
Payday had a pager system, so you could only kill 4 guards
Maid of Heart (16 days ago)
Who takes the box seriously? I know this video came out 3 years ago. But Smash Bros even made fun of it with Snake hiding in his box then getting his ass vaporized in their version of the snap
83bigrickyb (16 days ago)
Assassins creed , u can hide the bodies but the pool of blood and piles of weapons left behind cracks me up
I love bbetel gear 5
SanicMania (17 days ago)
Number 1: Tank stealth in Batman: Arkham Knight
Sam Samara (17 days ago)
Payday 2 stealth
Contagious Storm (17 days ago)
In Halo Reach, there's a stealth mission that you can technically get through without fighting much, if at all. However, the enemy AI knows where you are at all times, and will always do something to try and reveal you. It's really annoying. Reach was the first Halo game to add animated assassinations, but during their stealth mission they made it so the enemies would always randomly decide to walk a different direction if you sneak up behind them, even though they had been standing there at their post for several minutes...
Rustam Azam (17 days ago)
Eey you mist assasins creed
Kingsley Mensah (17 days ago)
i love the arrow part
Gotis (18 days ago)
In the Fallout games, radio on full blast, no one even knows you're there
bran-dun-dun TV! (18 days ago)
When the enemies all come to your exact location "randomly" like they had no idea where i was. I'm talking to you gta5
dixievfd55 (19 days ago)
Finn Murphy (19 days ago)
The cardboard box is supposed to be stupid its entirely a joke
Ironman (20 days ago)
Lol the hardiest stealth games
When u kill some guys go back to where they were and they have risen from the dead (boarderlands)
superzilla784 (20 days ago)
In Metro 2033, I had a enemy soldier reveal me because he took a drug that knocked him out. these guys were bandits and so a few of them liked to get high. so while I was sitting in a dark corner waiting for a guard to pass, one of them took a dose and fell to the ground from it, and suddenly the alarms sounded. "There's an intruder!" but... he did that to himself and you're blaming me? I know it's because of how their AI was programed, but these guys must jump whenever someone stubs their toe or if there are rats sniffing around
gogoftw (21 days ago)
it was one of the hitman games dont remember witch on one of the misions its at a pool party of some sorts and one of the way to eliminate the main target was to sneak in the shed and steal a bottle of flamable liquid and pour it in the barbeque witch he lights every few min and when he does so he catches fire and the guards are like hm the we are here to protect just bursted in flames by the barbeque its totaly normal nothing to worry about
Josh Greenberg (21 days ago)
I disagree with number 1. You should do better in score if your a ghost
spartan73145 (21 days ago)
I've done a lot of guard duty while in the service... like a lot! I have to say, we don't always pay attention. I mean we had a meeting over the fact that bulletproof glass isn't baton proof so don't hit it with your batons!

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