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FAR CRY 5 Malayalam Walkthrough Gameplay Part 25- End of Jacob Seed (Low end PC)

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Text Comments (13)
Gamer boy (27 days ago)
Pwolikk mwuthea 😘💓😘❤
GAMER HUB (27 days ago)
John Wick (28 days ago)
I've one question for the people who dislikes our videos, why? Do you know how hard it is? Hours in making and editing then the uploading. We go through all these to entertain you people. We are not asking you to pay or forcing you to watch our videos, please just don't dislike our videos. Even if you don't support us, please don't hurt our channel by disliking. Please don't. Hope you people understand! 😐
Abhishek gs (28 days ago)
Hey Brothers graphics card aatha use cheyanay nvidia or radeon model parayamo ?
Abhishek gs (28 days ago)
laptop ?
MALMER PC (28 days ago)
yo bro thanks for watching, i have no graphics card playing with integrated gfx
Ameer Suhail (28 days ago)
11:30 ദേ ഇതിലും വവ്വാൽ നിനക്ക് നിപ്പ വരുമോ......?
MALMER PC (28 days ago)
Chance illathilla bro
Syed Rockz (28 days ago)
awesome bro....etha graphics and processor
NEW TECH MALAYALAM (28 days ago)
Polichu muthe
Anupam Boby (28 days ago)
Awesome bro........😍👌
PUGB MOBILE TV (28 days ago)
Katta waiting ayirunu muthe
renjith renju (28 days ago)
Nice .............
Cherian Varughese (28 days ago)

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