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BioShock Infinite - The Luteces (All cutscenes - Part 1)

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This is the first part of my video compilation of the Luteces, two supporting characters in BioShock Infinite. Here is the second part: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xatuG6RWRE. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4177227 Robert Lutece is a pioneer in the field of quantum physics, belonging to the same reality as Booker DeWitt. He is contacted by Rosalind Lutece, his female counterpart from an alternate reality and "sister", after she discovers a way to mechanically engineer Tears in her world and across multiple timelines, and correspondingly opened a tear for each other to meet face to face. Soon, the twins acted as agents for Zachary Hale Comstock, in which Robert is tasked to absolve Booker DeWitt's debts in exchange for his infant daughter, Anna. From then on, the twins work together for four years and help to develop technology that aids in Comstock's development of Columbia. However, as they experiment further with tears, they foresee Comstock's future in his efforts to guide Anna, now renamed as Elizabeth, into leading Columbia to the destruction of New York City several decades after. Realizing the mistakes they committed in creating Elizabeth's fate, Robert manages to convince Rosalind into returning Elizabeth back to her original universe after providing an ultimatum that he will part with his sister if she is not willing to undo what they have done, despite the latter's laments of their course of action and immensity of the task. In efforts to cover up Elizabeth's origins and secure the image of the "Prophet's Seed", Comstock assigned Jeremiah Fink to sabotage their tear-manipulation machine. As the result, they now exist across all of space time, believed to be dead. This allows them to appear wherever, and whenever they want, which Rosalind is content with as she can stay together with her "brother," free of restraint from life, death and all divided barriers of possibility. However, Robert is still not satisfied with the still unresolved manner of Elizabeth's fate. Their circumstances made the task much more difficult as they could risk disrupting realities even further if they directly interfere now that they are "dead." Robert then proposes that for their unfinished business to be resolved, they need bring Booker DeWitt to Comstock's universe to retrieve his daughter. The Luteces share similarities with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, characters from Alice in Wonderland. Their cryptic and somewhat mocking way of addressing Booker and Elizabeth also echoes the Cheshire Cat, from the same novel. They also share similarities with Rosencrantz and Guildenstern from the play Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead by Tom Stoppard in their play with logic, probability and language. The coin-tossing and the improbable outcome of numerous 'heads' in a row is a central theme to the play, used to indicate a constant in different universes (the count of heads '122' also appears in the combination of bells at the lighthouse). This may also indicate the number of Booker's tries to save Elizabeth.
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Text Comments (783)
Mr.proper (1 month ago)
In Russian ver. of game Booker said:"heads" https://youtu.be/RJ7K1lNRmKM
Musical Mermaid (2 months ago)
AlisterCountel (2 months ago)
If you're watching this, just...put on english captions and watch from 2:50 on.
kaczan3 (2 months ago)
A woman not rowing, bitching and ordering the man around. Much equality, very wow.
Jon DeLemos (2 months ago)
heads or tails
Philip Tucker (3 months ago)
I just noticed, whenever booker flipped the coin, the back side of the male leutece was already full of heads tally marks. All those tally marks were other versions of booker that have failed.
Philip Tucker (3 months ago)
100% chance these two have slept with each or "experimented" with each other
Ellankalfa (4 months ago)
3:00 turn on subtitles
Tiia Mannix (5 months ago)
"Lives, lived, will live. Dies, died, will die." I love that so much.
EvitalovesThings (5 months ago)
It is fun to see these moments again after playing through the entire game, and understanding it...
EvitalovesThings (5 months ago)
Does anybody know what they meant with "he DOESNT row"? Is this a hint to something?
Exchange (6 months ago)
no, he doesnt row:(
Darkbat. 123: BuddyPoke (10 months ago)
Robert and Rosalind Lutece
Princess Bubblegum (10 months ago)
Live,lived will live Dies,Died will Die
Asha Buehler (10 months ago)
I never noticed this; when Robert is painting Rosalind, he's actually painting a picture of himself!
marco hernandez (11 months ago)
So how/when did they know that he was the one to break the cycle?
marco hernandez (9 months ago)
Necessities so what does that mean with the raptures dlc isn't that where the cycle ends or it never ends
Necessities (9 months ago)
marco hernandez some say he didn't even. It's called the infinite theory. That it keeps happening over and over no matter what
Bluelazor (10 months ago)
I'm honestly not sure if they ever knew that Booker would "break the cycle" eventually. They only knew that he was the only one who would do all that he did to save Elizabeth. Kept trying over and over again with different Bookers and Elizabeths until the variables fell into place and they reached the point where the cycle was shattered. I don't think they ever entirely believed a specific Booker would accomplish the goal until one finally did.
Moon Door (11 months ago)
I want to thank you for the english subtitles ♡
Punk Kid (1 year ago)
I never paid attention to what they said I'm an idiot
a black bunny (1 year ago)
6:18 If I could draw that well and my sibling asked me to draw them a portrait, I probably would do the same thing too.
ThibautVDP (1 year ago)
in the scene with the coin flip, the thing that bothers me is the sudden flick in the movement. i do like how well the chalk goes onto the board with the animation.
JustinsRealmMC (1 year ago)
No. he DOESN'T row.
Jonathan Collinson (1 year ago)
What is the significance with the lines "He doesn't row?" and "No, he DOESN'T row" I can't quite grasp what he Robert means by that.
Atlas (1 year ago)
So this is what happened to Bastila after I became Emperor of the entire galaxy...
Prince Among Kings (1 year ago)
BIOHAZARD-42 (1 year ago)
I personally hate them, I fond them the most annoying characters in the game
Mr. FAYZ (1 year ago)
6:04 my favorite part
Sheath1819 (1 year ago)
They are definitely the best part of the game.
Earl Ruz (1 year ago)
when i first played this i thought jenna coleman(Clara Dr.Who) voiced rosalind
Wayss (1 year ago)
Stop stop stop, when i played the beginning(Heads or Tails) my Booker said HEADS, why does he says TAILS in this video? wut?
Hijynks (1 year ago)
Wayss The variable is how Booker calls it. The constant is what the coin actually lands on. Booker could say either Heads or Tails, but no matter what the coin will always turn out Heads.
homeiswonderland (1 year ago)
The only reason I would want to play this game again is for these two. And that's saying something considering I am awful at FPS.
Spicy Milkshake (1 year ago)
homeiswonderland Did you try easy mode?
homeiswonderland (1 year ago)
+Víctor You know... I've tried. And it's just not clicking. I don't know what it is. I want to like this series considering how much I'm borderline bullied for disliking it. But Big Daddies drive me up a wall. I can't get the hang of it.
Víctor (1 year ago)
homeiswonderland I can recomend you to buy the collection. It' totally amazing!
Addzy (2 years ago)
Those two are some of my favorite characters in all of gaming.
spectre111 (2 years ago)
I love these two, they are like Q from Star Trek, only soooo much more interesting!
AyyGin (2 years ago)
"it would have had to have had been"
Dont question My Name (2 years ago)
Rosalind: Odd isn't it ? Robert: What's odd ? Rosalind: The fact that we sometimes... Robert: ...finish each other's sentences. Rosalind: Exacly ! Robert: It would be odder if we didn't. Rosalind: Hm... *best conversation ever*
Qwem Lhjsi (2 years ago)
Maor (2 years ago)
I'm trying to find a playthrough where someone doesn't walk up to them like an idiot
Qwem Lhjsi (2 years ago)
They're scripted lmao
GalaxyStrider Wellthen (2 years ago)
Ahh my favorite characters from this game xD
Chris Constanti (2 years ago)
I never knew that the two people in the rowing boat were the lutece twins
Marian Branski (2 years ago)
I always wondered why they only had one bed in their house.
Qwem Lhjsi (2 years ago)
BluenoseX1 (2 years ago)
If they had sex would it be incest or masturbation?
Deuz_Ex_Machina _42 (11 months ago)
BluenoseX1 self-cest. An alternate version of yourself is still you, so if someone tells you "go fuck yourself," you just Fuck your dimensional alternate.
Manifestations? If you define a person as being nothing more than their genetics + the environment they experience (which I do), then the only difference between Robert and Rosalind is that one had an extra pair of chromosomes. This is why one is a man and the other a woman. So they're different on the genetic level, and different on the experiential level, since once they started interacting with each other they both had different experiences and thoughts, this is outlined by how they disagree on certain philosophical and scientific ideas. So although they're very similar they are not the same, and just as you wouldn't consider twins to be the same people, you really shouldn't consider Rosalind and Robert to be either. That's my thought anyway.
Noble Phantasm (1 year ago)
Nope It's the same person in two manifestations
It wouldn't be masturbation because they're different people, it wouldn't be incest either because they are not related through lineage.
Dreaded Anus (1 year ago)
wait they are the same person?
Liam Miller (2 years ago)
I like how when they're on the gondola she's posing for a picture, and then you turn around and see the picture is of himself. xD
Rohan Kishibe (2 years ago)
That was my favorite part lol
IAmNoRookie (2 years ago)
I love Oliver Vaguer. I only hope he gets more gigs. :\
Lubnut (3 years ago)
Turn on captions Go to 2:51 enjoy
Qwem Lhjsi (2 years ago)
Carie Anne (3 years ago)
"He doesn't row" "He doesn't row?" "No, he DOESN'T row." "Ah, I see what you mean." It's so fulfilling to finally understand that part.  It was right at the beginning and I had no clue what was going on and I remember being like, "There MUST be an explanation for this."
TomDufall (10 months ago)
It means that it isn't that he doesn't do rowing or that he doesn't know how to row, it is that whenever this constant plays out he doesn't do the rowing. He may be able to row, but he will not.
Bryan Cheong (1 year ago)
Joseph Cruz (2 years ago)
but what is the explanation?
CanuckEhh (3 years ago)
turn on the caption on 2:58 "hardcore sex the bird is beautiful".
Dead channel (3 years ago)
Brendan Scanlan (3 years ago)
scat sex? lol
Ricky Nuom (3 years ago)
The first scene... I remember playing this for the first time. I was like holy shit these two are cool AF COME BACK!
Oval Teen (3 years ago)
Turn on the captions. Fucking hilaroius.
Oval Teen (3 years ago)
My favorite characters...
Cinnamon Lexi (3 years ago)
I believe the Bird represents her first friend and protector, Songbird and the cage represents being locked up her whole life
Cinnamon Lexi (3 years ago)
By far my favorite characters.
tortolini47 (3 years ago)
2:57 ? Hardcore sex, the bird is beautiful? lol :)
Game Joker (3 years ago)
2:56 just turn on the captions.
1ChapoOcO (3 years ago)
Lutece Twins Andrew Ryan Elizabeth    The best characters of bioshock
Artemyz (2 years ago)
Cohen is another good character.
peter handschuh (3 years ago)
I love that weird People Odd , isn´t it ? Whats Odd ? the fact that we sometimes ...finish each others sentences ? exactly had to have ...had been ? that can`t be right :D
YellowStryper (3 years ago)
3:27. Even for a FPS, thats just fucking gross. Man, the Luteces are wierd. But its wierd in the same sense its wierd eating un-cooked pizza dough or eating chicken skin. You know its wierd and bad but its also good.
wishmaster (3 years ago)
these two need their own spin off, video game, movie, HBO special I don't care just give me more of them
Rcketfield (5 months ago)
HBO in general, the atmosphere of the the whole just says HBO lol
AmineAmra (1 year ago)
wishmaster Bioshock in general should tbh
Kyle Shea (2 years ago)
+koopakiid16 They can fit into any other franchise
Cinnamon Lexi (3 years ago)
animeclubdaveisdead (3 years ago)
As soon as I found out the "Twins" secret I imagined a manly Elizabeth in a blue dress.
slifeleaf (3 years ago)
Um, and why you discarded the last part of the scene with Elizabeth's finger falling down? Not satisfied me a bit =\
N. Reuben Martinez (3 years ago)
I think it would be awesome to see the Bioshock series as a movies. Does anyone else think so??
Atlas Olivier (3 years ago)
Such brilliant characters. Personal favourites of mine.
EmptyMan000 (4 years ago)
"Perception without comprehension is a dangerous combination"-- what a wonderful and true quote. I love the Luteces.
Kemonokami (4 years ago)
These guys made a cameo in My Little Pony. I. Shit. You. Not.
Kemonokami (3 years ago)
Also, the Brony community gave them a fitting name: "Constants" and "Variables."
Kemonokami (3 years ago)
+neosaneo2 In the episode "Trade Ya!" When Rarity's walking through the bazaar, you can see two familiar looking unicorns carrying a _birdcage._
neosaneo2 (3 years ago)
Ploim (4 years ago)
funniest thing is the traveling thing between the multiverse actually starts when female lutece tries to bring her brother into her world which is kinda selfish.
Dee Winchester (4 years ago)
it's not her brother, but she herself but different gender
MissFailureGaming (4 years ago)
Can someone explain the "Lives, Lived, Will Live. Dies, Died, Will die," to me?
Christine Yamata (4 years ago)
It's past present and future tense the whole different dimensions and times
Mr. Big Snake (4 years ago)
In my game those graves did not say Lutece, and they were standing in one of the mausoleums.
Susan (4 years ago)
I spent the entire game thinking "she sounds just like Bastila." Turns out it was. It definitely added an extra level of awesomeness to the game in my opinion.
RawMecho (4 years ago)
If you stay on the boat they're gonna have a conversation whether you're gonna get off or not.
Darrcness (4 years ago)
They're like G-Man sometimes...
Karakuioshi (4 years ago)
I wonder why Lutece (man) has different voice in the first cutscene? Anyone knows why is that?
Antonio Romano (4 years ago)
I'm bleeding.
nickserio35 (4 years ago)
do they ever age lol?
xregizorx (4 years ago)
does anyone else think these two might be a refference to Ed and Lorraine Warren, the paranormal investigators?
38Gaucho (4 years ago)
I wish they were a boss fight. Songbird also should have had to have been a boss fight.
Vic Kona (4 years ago)
It's only after playing through the game and watching it again that I realise the words hits like a hammer: One goes into an experiment knowing one could fail One doesn't go in an experiment knowing one HAS FAILED
BrodiGameplays (4 years ago)
These two are my favorite characters in the whole Bioshock multiverse (along with Elizabeth, Booker and Jack).
Kitsune Lord (2 years ago)
+BrodiGameplays He doesn't ROW!?
BrodiGameplays (3 years ago)
+John Doe He doesn't row.
John Doe (3 years ago)
This one needs a bit of a nudge.
Hypastpist (4 years ago)
my brain is full of fuck
Melkor (4 years ago)
Do you think those two fuck?
Arstotzka Empire (10 months ago)
Dante Alighieri no, they're pretty much like twins with different genders. Their DNA is a little changed but they're still the same person. So their kid would be retarded just like when people have an insect.
Deuz_Ex_Machina _42 (11 months ago)
Self-cest isn't something most people are above.
K-Blue (1 year ago)
Melkor I sure hope so
NV J (2 years ago)
+kiya46107 masturbation, probably
kiya46107 (3 years ago)
+MelkorHimself Would it be Incest or Masturbation?
Xenos117 (4 years ago)
Has anyone noticed how Rosalind has the same voice as Bastila from KOTOR
evilemperordude (4 years ago)
+Leah S. She's in just about everything these days.
Averagero (4 years ago)
haha "siblings".....
They are ghosts
Sophie Gardner (4 years ago)
oh dear brother, you're such an idiot at times.
Levon Hovsepyan (4 years ago)
they are GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Julaco (4 years ago)
Lutece twins. . They deserve their own game.
Laz7FrIIday (4 years ago)
italkcrab (4 years ago)
This IS their game, they made all this happen.
Damon Smith-Rogers (4 years ago)
i dont knows what it is...but I LOVE THSES TWO SOOOOOO MUCH
Kishin Asura (4 years ago)
The Luteces, screwing with peoples minds since early twenty century.
MTdaBlacking (4 years ago)
What's the point of observing time and space like a parade if you can't fuck with people's minds in the process? XD
Julian Grier (4 years ago)
I LOVE these two characters they bring big PERSONALITY to the intelligence they have . Honestly my favorite parts of this game are the "mini" moments listening to what they say. What I would like to understand though that I don't understand is if booker or comstock or choose your death is her father...if he has to die wouldn't she have to die??? And if he is NOT her father if he dies she still would have no purpose right???
jsegaul420 (4 years ago)
so... they are the same person but they say there brother and sister to keep the public from learning what happend. one was born with double x chromozone and one was x y.... constants and variables...
majortankzTF2 (4 years ago)
Both of them aren't actually known to the public they just refer to each other as siblings.
Onion Syrup (4 years ago)
You missed my favorite line at the beginning of the game: Rosalind: "He's not moving!" Robert: "He will, eventually."
Onion Syrup (3 years ago)
+Ryan yes
Dead channel (3 years ago)
Is that if you don't get off the boat?
Otso Castrén (4 years ago)
I love at 6:17 how he's painting himself!
Noodlesyet (4 years ago)
Well, technically they are the same person so naturally..
Angrod Z (4 years ago)
I love these two characters but i prefer their french voice ^^
Raul Romero (4 years ago)
8:00 -Why do you ask why? -When the delicious question i when -Lives. Lived. Will live -Dies. Died. Will die
garnet1223 (4 years ago)
The bird necklace represents her freedom while the cage represents her caged up in that tower..right? This happens right after saving her so your minds more set about her freedom. I picked the bird, I'm sure most everyone did too.
Chey c: (1 year ago)
TheOctavariumTheory I was young and chose the cage simply because it was more symmetrical
The Truth (3 years ago)
I actually thought about which one to choose in that moment.  I chose the dove because it represents hope, which they both desperately needed to reconcile their variables that lead to a loop of regret.  Hope that one day that coin will land on tails and the circle will be unbroken for good.
Jaosn (3 years ago)
Is it sad I picked mine based on looks? I preferred the bird.
Wilson Tang (3 years ago)
I picked cage on my first playthrough because I thought everyone else would be basic and pick the "pretty" bird one. I just wanted to be different.
TheOctavariumTheory (4 years ago)
+Badmunky64  In order to eliminate ANY possibility of Booker becoming Comstock, he has to die. Maybe in one "isolated" universe, Booker never fought in The Battle of Wounded Knee, but still became Comstock through some religious epiphany. To put it in easier terms, the man is a constant, the manner in which he becomes the man is a variable. *SPOILERS BELOW* Now, I was hoping that Booker would become some sort of Lutece-like figure, who is "scattered across all possibilities", where Comstock is dead but Booker is only "dead". He's a badass character. But Burial at Sea Ep 2, shows us that he did indeed die and now only exists (now existed) as part of the late Elizabeth's imagination. HOWEVER, if Mrs. Dewitt was pregnant with Anna before Booker went to war, Anna still MIGHT exist, even with Elizabeth's death. I'm no Levine, but I think it works, emphasis on "think". I also think it's a good angle for the next BioShock, if it happens at all.
sabfmbb (4 years ago)
Before I played the game I had pegged booker and elizabeth as the perfect couple only to find out in the end that the 2 people I thought were perfect for each were father and daughter that bummed me out.
sabfmbb (2 years ago)
+Zoey Bedenbaugh nothing stops the shippers.
Usul573 (4 years ago)
It's a father/daughter story but you don't realize it until the end.
Foxtrod (4 years ago)
Then go and play The Last of Us with Joel and Ellie ;)
Nick Woehrle (4 years ago)
he never rows. 
Socially Awkward Cat (4 years ago)
I love these two :)
Socially Awkward Cat (4 years ago)
These guys are my favorite :)
cfcblue8 (4 years ago)
One of my wishes if I ever meet a genie would be to meet the alternate version of myself where I was born the opposite gender after watching the Luteces.
ZidaneTribal93 (4 years ago)
Rule 63
Rene' Descartes (4 years ago)
If you stay with em after the coin flip, Rosalind will tell you to go away. Then, she'll say that she has to repeat herself if you stay and later on repeats herself. A parody of video game tropes where characters have few lines of dialogue.
Maxime (4 years ago)
Stephen Hawking has to ply this game...
Zachary McSleuthburger (4 years ago)
He can't. His arms don't work.
Usul573 (4 years ago)
The universe would implode...
Chanel Robinson (4 years ago)
They  or not siblings, but the same person from different dimensions.
Vincanni (4 years ago)
Well, at least they left the piano.

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