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GMod Jailbreak - ft. ImmortalHD & Nova Part 3 - I'VE GOT A GUN!

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We've all been put where we belong. JAIL. Please send help. It's cold in here. pls Jailbreak Playlist here!: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLoDG9vFEGQhMIpFsPJtN9B_UksnlzlJah&feature=view_all Immortal's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ImmortalHDFilms Nova's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/UberHaxorNova ============= Follow me on twitter to get in touch and keep up to date with everything! https://twitter.com/GoldenBlackHawk Check out my stream page! http://www.twitch.tv/goldenblackhawk
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Text Comments (66)
Michael Burgess (1 year ago)
what map is this?
justarandomtimelord (4 years ago)
Kevin you are freaking amazing. XD
HandyDandyAndy (5 years ago)
:l So. Someone Is Gonna Rip Him Into Shreds?
al145 (5 years ago)
rip in peace kevin
Pizza man (5 years ago)
lauren wilkerson (5 years ago)
wtf just happened??? kev: i got a gun i got a gun
Ebilbacon88 (5 years ago)
Minato Namikaze (5 years ago)
4:00 hahaha i know that video
isastn0 (5 years ago)
"What are you- GET IN THERE!!- I think he might be outside playing soccer." *Warden and guards just walk by* WTF!?
hades (5 years ago)
I Can Write Like That Too.
MsLOL5281 (5 years ago)
Nanakwaks (5 years ago)
As soon as Kevin started moaning i knew that he would say "Lengardium Leviosaaa" idk how to spell it :P
leepaladin2775 (5 years ago)
dthurman21 (5 years ago)
Jan Holdinar (5 years ago)
WTF he fellde for it
Rogue Titan (5 years ago)
Oh my God I couldn't stop laughing when I heard; "It's so kawaii"
Bryce Regimbal (5 years ago)
Kevin, the thumbnaill would be soooooooooo perfect if you put "U WOT M8" somewhere on the picture, idk why but i always think of that when i see the picture, its like it was ment to be there!!!!
Joe (5 years ago)
Kevin your voice impressions make me laugh so much. Keep it up.
Carlos Berzoza (5 years ago)
Ta ta ta today Jr 14:45 to warden:)
Crafterofgenius (5 years ago)
That was hilarious
squirralicious (5 years ago)
Kevin, you were kidding about the throat cancer, right.
Death Blister (5 years ago)
                   
armand1014 (5 years ago)
C'mon, don't be that guy.
realgenericname (5 years ago)
Lol Kevin had a microwave
ztas2 (5 years ago)
You capitalized everything but his name... Go back to English class...
phoebeee (5 years ago)
Ask that chestnut dude if he a YouTube channel because he is fucking hilarious!
Tastethe Cheeze (5 years ago)
Are you kidding about your throat cancer
Freezydude1 (5 years ago)
they say every time a prisoner dies... a chessnut gets his wings!
Cowe (5 years ago)
chesnut 2013
hinataxangels4eva (5 years ago)
Logan Palmer (5 years ago)
So many microwaves.
GeekyPack (5 years ago)
Dat warden
Sav3TheWorld (5 years ago)
wtf Kevin? Why are you wasting ur time here when you could easily be an MLG pro voice-actor??!!!!!!
LoveFairyKyu (5 years ago)
lol same here kevin is Awesome :D
That One Guy (5 years ago)
make your videos longer
Podge C (5 years ago)
I can imagine Kevin being a voice actor for a kids cartoon c:
malsrl10 (5 years ago)
haha kevin made a quote from a oneyNG video wingardium leviosa.
Flack Jacket (5 years ago)
kevin do more dayz please
Quinn O. (5 years ago)
Damn Kevin's you spin me right round sounds like a day to remember XD
Gracie Don (5 years ago)
wingaaah-dium leviosaaaaah XD
Young Lad (5 years ago)
was DazeKage last request deagle fight? or did he not get to use it?
ReqzDesigns (5 years ago)
best warden of all time
Keep This Coming kevin, This Is Hilarious.
Issame Mario (5 years ago)
dont be such a dick about it though
V A L E N T I N E (5 years ago)
Ya Boy Punk Fan (5 years ago)
Lol I love how Nova tricked the warden into going all around the prison to find the prisoner he was hiding. Great content Kevin. out bro.
XPK KNIFE REVIEWS! (5 years ago)
i just imagined that
c00lrthnu (5 years ago)
No, they just have a really wide vagayjay and it's so wide that you can't even touch both sides with a penis 3 feet wide
XPK KNIFE REVIEWS! (5 years ago)
what happens if they are a girl what are their vaginas small?
Miladooo (5 years ago)
You just said it...
headlight (5 years ago)
At 11:03 the last cop is like "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *Dies*
xXLegitkiller (5 years ago)
Lol so funny make more please ur channel And videos and the people you make videos with is kick ass I would say check my channel out MsProEffects but just watch ur stuff it's really good:)
roy Diepen (5 years ago)
tom jou so epic!
GreenTunic (5 years ago)
How does Kevin do that voice xD I love it xD
Jose (5 years ago)
Jkac (5 years ago)
Kevin, can we have a love child?
headlight (5 years ago)
FYUIGUFGTIKUGRTSOHFWO*GT*LOPGHOQEGT*LPQHGIKJB was my reaction when I saw this in my inbox XD
CrashGaming (5 years ago)
Lemon Kitteh (5 years ago)
It's weird to see so little comments ;3
PixelFlameStarter (5 years ago)
You're the best! Keep up the good work!
Lemon Kitteh (5 years ago)
I <3 u KEViiiinNN !!!
MultiGaminBros (5 years ago)
Love this series make more :)
Jose (5 years ago)
i love you kevin do you love me?

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