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After Effects Tutorial: Particles Logo & Text Animation in After Effects

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After Effects Tutorial in this tutorial I'll show you how to make Awesome Particle logo & Text Intro in After Effects for beginners using Adobe After Effects. Third Party Plugin Needed In This Tutorial I'm Using Trapcode Particular Plugin if you Don't have the Plugin You can Download Free Trail Version. Link Below ★ SUBSCRIBE MY CHANNEL - https://goo.gl/YQ1sAB ★ My System Specification - DOWNLOAD - • Trapcode Particular - https://goo.gl/ipnWEL • PROJECT_FILE (Background + Fog + Audio) - https://goo.gl/TWmbrQ • Download Full Fog Collection (Free) - https://goo.gl/Q3NBho ★ ORDER THIS INTRO - https://goo.gl/MGtXCP Every Tutorial on my channel is made with Love and Hard work, So don't forget to leave a Like. Also please hit the SUBSCRIBE button it's FREE Background Audio - Feel Good Link - https://youtu.be/q1ULJ92aldE ------------------------------------- Create intro for you channel / blog/web site just one click please check my profile !!!! https://www.fiverr.com/wasiful007 follow me on - instagram --- https://www.instagram.com/wasiful007/ facebook ---- https://www.facebook.com/flimlionvisualfx --------------------------------------- ★ check my other Awesome After Effects tutorials - • Create Cool elegant Intro In After Effects - https://youtu.be/c3zfkAjO5cw • How To create Simple Liquid Logo Animation -https://youtu.be/vdIaiR4e3DU • How to make Gaming intro in After Effects https://youtu.be/ptkX1UkWQo0 • Audio Spectrum Effect in After Effects - https://youtu.be/esP3HWXwKm4 • How to Make Cinematic Film Intro - https://youtu.be/6z0YlebhTyw • Spark Particles Logo & Text Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/lMBTwp7TkzQ • Writing Text Effects - Text Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/LSmDzScPsTY • Text to Sand Particles Logo & Text Animation - https://youtu.be/yKoHkCJUSnc • (Farcry 4 logo effects) Particles Logo & Text Animation - https://youtu.be/58Z3sYBFrXc • Cinematic Titles Raees trailer effect - https://youtu.be/TeXQS2RbPPU • Google logo with Particles Logo & Text Animation - https://youtu.be/vOzwCbLl89Q • Gold Text and Gold Particles Text Effects - https://youtu.be/wuP0-PQduwc • Cool Element 3D V2 Tutorial in After Effects - https://youtu.be/x2NgwaUlXek • Cinematic Text Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/emdV3v0vOIc • Shiny Gold Text and Particles Effects - https://youtu.be/fqGMGBrdUcU • Real Fire Text effect in After Effects - https://youtu.be/XPRB1dZFOCw • Simple fold Logo Animation in After Effects - https://youtu.be/3YYFOjbTrPE Thank you for watching ! :) Background Audio - https://youtu.be/q1ULJ92aldE
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Text Comments (171)
FLIMLION VisualFX (7 months ago)
Can I get 1000 Likes for this Tutorial ? If yes please HIT the Like Button !
John Carlo Tarape (29 days ago)
Can I know Your Font Text?
MaaN 54 (1 month ago)
Hi i like your intro video. how can i make. make a tutorial. Thanks
Thank you
Azza Ainayya (8 months ago)
nice video!
Durgesh Patiley (8 months ago)
which recording software do u use please say me !!!
sundar raj (27 days ago)
How to add another pic and slide show like that
Pure heart (1 month ago)
Can I ask you?
MaaN 54 (1 month ago)
Hi i like your intro video. how can i make. make a tutorial. Thanks
Hema Yata (1 month ago)
hey you know bro i can't download the Trapcode Particula can you say what should i do ?
What's name of the font ? Pleas
محمد عياد (1 month ago)
aj aj (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot , if i can make likes more than 1000 i will make it for this tutorial it's really help me a lot for first time user after effect :)
PH CreativeTV (2 months ago)
what font is dat on 0:35? pliz i want to know asap
Tech boy DHARMA (2 months ago)
Can we know how you made that amazing logo?
Lepu san (2 months ago)
Thanks You
Hassan Studio (2 months ago)
Wonderful tutorial and animation skill. Question? Can something like be done using particular? Using rice grain to write a word in animation. Sample image below. https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/rice-writing-letters-word-made-white-grain-42781626.jpg
Hassan Studio (2 months ago)
Love you man!!! Thanks much...
FLIMLION VisualFX (2 months ago)
I'll definitely try to make this.
Krrish Harry (2 months ago)
bro how do particular. x line. remove.. plz.. bro hlp me
Karan Srivastav (3 months ago)
Bhai edit kes software PR kr rhe ho please btao bs y hi nhi smj a RHA. Oska kya nam h. Please reply
ratnesh singh (3 months ago)
azme lyari (3 months ago)
Sir Tell me How can i add urdu text ?
Andrea Nuzzo (3 months ago)
how to render? media encoder allow me only one composition, not all compositions togheter :(
James Aldrin Vytiaco (3 months ago)
Hi, how do I make more particles? and how do I make my particles going to 45 degree angle?
Taiwaneverything (3 months ago)
Thanks, followed without problems!
Nwadigwe ikechukwu (3 months ago)
Please how can I get the font you used in this clip??
plz make a full tutorial on farcry 4 intro logo with rangoli , i need yr help bro. i try but it difficult to manage sand style particle
BHANU SINGH (3 months ago)
plz make a full tutorial on farcry 4 intro logo with rangoli part and ubisoft particle logo. how white dust convert into logo plz make detail video really need yr help
*Thank you very much for your good reporting*
yes yo can get more then 1000 thank you fry Mach my pro.
Vinay Kumar (4 months ago)
you showed and made the effect very clear to all stages good job bro
nithin Panachikkal (4 months ago)
I did't get mask Option
shaique alam (4 months ago)
Wasi can u make a tutorial on ur channel intro animation. The spherical one
NotByIntent Photography (4 months ago)
Nice work !!!
Ashish Yadav (4 months ago)
Can we make this on AE CS6??
Khalid Jemal (4 months ago)
where i can find free trapcode
David Setiawan (4 months ago)
it's free / sell?
comedy vidoes (4 months ago)
Bro which software is used
MP Production (4 months ago)
How to download after effect free version
Sajal Parajuli (4 months ago)
beside the english speaking error, all in all it was a fun tutorial.
Gerson S (4 months ago)
you are amazing bro !! ty for your tutorials :DD
markfrancombe (4 months ago)
Lose the music
Jebin (5 months ago)
are they copy writed stuff?... both the audio and video?..
BHAGATH TECH TELUGU (5 months ago)
Hai plz my chinl name you edit on BHAGATH TECH TELUGU plz crietu
Sparton yupz (5 months ago)
What is the name of the font
Vijay Aditya Chaudhary (5 months ago)
you are amazing dude....thanks! keep it up
artur1984 (5 months ago)
Any chance You can make like 10 seconds intro for me please ?
David Nguyen (6 months ago)
Will Uninstalling the free trial delete the particular that has been downloaded? What happens when the free trial ends? Will it just end or will it default to subscription where you have to pay?
chinedu nwodo (6 months ago)
pls i love all your works. can send me after effects tutorial animation logo.
Emanuel Mundo (6 months ago)
Awesome thanks a lot!
THU ÂM GIA LAI (6 months ago)
You can for view your computer configuration use after effect?
Thursday Boy (6 months ago)
How can I get free trail of trapcode?? Anyone?
Muhammad Hizky (6 months ago)
Rom Jus (6 months ago)
Salut, j'ai un petit soucis, mon fond noir de l'animation reste lorsque je le met sur la photo de fond.. comment puis-je le retirer? :/ Sinon superbe vidéo! merci vraiment
pryZn3r (6 months ago)
isnt the filmlion spellings wrong LOL
prageesh Pixmagic (6 months ago)
Thanx dude...
deepak kurosaki (7 months ago)
I'm unable to select "leave all attributes" option.....can you help me out
Muni Vardhan (7 months ago)
wonderfull thanks a lot
Hitz Joshi (7 months ago)
Sir i want to learn your intro starting video animation can i please help me
RABIA Malik (7 months ago)
What R your system Specs ?
Subramaniam Thirumaran (7 months ago)
You r a very good teacher...
Abel Simon (7 months ago)
How did you make the logo in the first part ? ... please do a tutorial on that
Artem Brivko (4 months ago)
if you like visit my site and order logo how you like i'll make at any format png or else! https://cybercloud.carbonmade.com/
The golden man (7 months ago)
I want his way to work
pascal auger (7 months ago)
Bonjour de France Super pour les débutants comme moi
Tidus & Rod (6 months ago)
Dit le fichier "particular" il est d'office payant ?
Moe Dean (7 months ago)
Thank you your so awesome.
Tech Unique (7 months ago)
hey please provide LOGO link also.. :'(
SMART KIT (7 months ago)
Sir Your good editor I am copy you Sorry
Javier Porragas (8 months ago)
Hey Hey FLIMLION VisualFX Could you please tell me where can I find more of background audio options? Thanks!!!
spr. (8 months ago)
Hello! In celebration before Halloween, I was wondering if you can do a blood flowing on the screen effect? Example like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDny1zKOoAw If you can, that would be really helpful thanks!
Md. Shamim Hossen (8 months ago)
i am facing problem in pressing 0 .....can any one make it easier please........i am a begginer
Authentic Park (8 months ago)
nice video
Romar Dalleon (8 months ago)
Hey Bro? What font is that? can you share?
MASTER AGM (8 months ago)
Very nice
MASTER AGM (8 months ago)
I love your channel, continue this way. 😀👈
Midhun R nair (8 months ago)
can you able to upload a video About what's the difference between trapcode particular and form.no good tutorial about trapc2 form in youtube
Yutharsan Sivabalan (8 months ago)
Other logos like liquid logo?
Yutharsan Sivabalan (8 months ago)
How do you create you logos ?
FLIMLION VisualFX (8 months ago)
+Yutharsan Sivabalan this is farcry primal logo. You can also download this logo from Google image.
sanchit chhabra (8 months ago)
hey bro , can you tell me how to make this type of logo with my own name , instead of farcry
sanchit chhabra (8 months ago)
flimlion visualfx , there is a famous youtuber "mo vlog" can you see his intro video and design that also .??
sanchit chhabra (8 months ago)
flimlion visualfx , thank you so much , but i wanna say thay your channel is the best youtube channel i had ever seen so far in my life .
FLIMLION VisualFX (8 months ago)
+sanchit chhabra just install farcry font from any website. And then type your text instead of the logo. Make sure you use farcry font
iamphotomaker (8 months ago)
intro is cool
FLIMLION VisualFX (8 months ago)
+iamphotomaker thanks man ❤️
Gujranwala Pakistan (8 months ago)
Bro kia aap se baat ho sakti hai
FLIMLION VisualFX (8 months ago)
+Gujranwala Pakistan yes bro. Massage me on Instagram..
NataWorkStudio (8 months ago)
Looks good. please check out my plugin hope you like it. http://aescripts.com/projection-3d/
Love Rocks (8 months ago)
Hey thanks for the tutorials bro i am using CC2017 i cant do this on CC 2017 any help from you
kostsbullshit (8 months ago)
Isn't that just a knock off dissolve effect?
K2M TV (8 months ago)
bro how to i get trap cord particular plugins ????
Rajiv Sharma (8 months ago)
Bhai its awesome but i have a request..can you make a bajirao mastani type intro logo or padmavati as they're kinda same please its a humble request 2 you
Rajiv Sharma (8 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHOc-4D7MjY (bajirao trailer link)     https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_5_BLt76c0 ( padmavati trailer link as couldn't find the logo video)
FLIMLION VisualFX (8 months ago)
Rajiv Sharma yeha I'll definitely try. Can you send me The link ☺️
Bishwajit Roy (8 months ago)
Nice Effects
SB studio (8 months ago)
Watch this awesome song😍 https://youtu.be/kNEA25w4_rM
C. R. ජයලත් (8 months ago)
Fantastic Brooooo
Shehab Editz (8 months ago)
FLIMLION VisualFX (8 months ago)
+Shehab Editz thank you ❤️
AlkisPlace (8 months ago)
omfg awesome
FLIMLION VisualFX (8 months ago)
+AlkisPlace thank you ❤️
Official Uno (8 months ago)
Dude can we have outro can make it with end screen please <3
FLIMLION VisualFX (8 months ago)
+UNO H1Z1 I'll try to make a outro ❤️
Key O (8 months ago)
Nice! 😍😍😍
Key O (8 months ago)
FLIMLION VisualFX #Respect!
FLIMLION VisualFX (8 months ago)
+Key O thank you ❤️
Omar Alriyati (8 months ago)
Please explain your channal intro
Anonymous Helper (8 months ago)
Owsmm effect Plz make a video on goku Super saiyan effect
Anonymous Helper (8 months ago)
FLIMLION VisualFX Yess plZ
FLIMLION VisualFX (8 months ago)
+Pranay Dwivedi thanks and I'll try
Suraj Naikwadi (8 months ago)
Ahmet Bedir Acar (8 months ago)
You are doing a great job! Thank you :)
FLIMLION VisualFX (8 months ago)
+Ahmet Bedir Acar thank you ❤️
Krishna Bhat (8 months ago)
FLIMLION VisualFX (8 months ago)
+Krishna Bhat Thank you ❤️
moustafa shamaa (8 months ago)
hey I need beginer tutorial for study I make every video and learn from you but I not good and that professiinal tutorial
Vicky kumar (8 months ago)
very cool after effects tutorial loved this !!!
FLIMLION VisualFX (8 months ago)
+Vicky kumar thank you ❤️
AzovPort (8 months ago)
Super! +
FLIMLION VisualFX (8 months ago)
+AzovPort thank you ❤️
Akshat Sharma (8 months ago)
I have a animation channel by the name LIFE OF KIKU, please suggest me what should be the perfect intro for my channel
LS Studio (8 months ago)
Awesome tutorial boss. great work. The focus over the text animation and many videos over it good. love your work.
Mvndvs Productions (8 months ago)
I just did my first logo animation for my production company. its the latest video on my channel. can somebody please check it out like/dislike and give me feedback. It would mean so much.
Austin Marter (8 months ago)
may i ask why are you recreating same tutorials again and again?
FLIMLION VisualFX (8 months ago)
Austin Marter it's not a same tutorial. This intro style different from other intros..
小智菌 (8 months ago)
hey, I am quite interested in how you create the sound effect and where did you get the sound resource. looking forward for your reply
TONY VICKY (8 months ago)
Your the gamer right!
FLIMLION VisualFX (8 months ago)
+TONY VICKY no I'm not a game .Just like the intro of the game ☺️☺️

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