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AMD Vega Frontier Edition Blockchain Driver Mining Update

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17.8.2 was just a beta driver but it shares issues with the blockchain driver, and the story gets worse for the Frontier Edition mining. http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/Radeon-Software-Crimson-ReLive-Edition-Beta-for-Blockchain-Compute-Release-Notes.aspx Parts: MSI Pro Series Z270a: http://amzn.to/2sHVqNX Intel Pentium G4400: http://amzn.to/2tKvsJu Killawatt: http://amzn.to/2sOxNP8 Crucial Value Ram: http://amzn.to/2tKtAjQ Corsair HX1200i: http://amzn.to/2tNXqng Benchmark Charts Early on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/sonofatech Amazon Affiliate Link https://www.amazon.com/?ie=UTF8&rw_us... Twitter https://twitter.com/SonOfATech Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Son-Of-A-Tec... Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sonofatech/ cryptocurrency vega amd
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Greg Eddolls (4 months ago)
We wrote a documentation paper on how to get these cards running. It's a total cluster cuss situation. I want to help you out. We have a 5x Vega Frontier Mining Rig running at 2030 h/s per card. Total hashing power 10150 hashes per second. Here is the link to the 7 pages of documentation of the process required to make these cards mine. It is not friendly, easy, or fast. But it works. Basically...you have to install the Adrenalin driver first...and then manually install the Crimson Relive Blockchain Beta Driver. All the details are in the document. Here is the link to my facebook group post...which has the PDF linked for download. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1933754206641328/2040720302611384/
Greg Eddolls (4 months ago)
The real bitch about these cards is that even after you get it running...you cannot reboot the Mining Rig. You are basically forcing the drivers to work...while the machine is turned on. Nothing stable about it. If you turn off the machine you have to reinstall the drivers...and keep it running. Also we use OverDrivenTool to set all the overclocks and undervolt settings. As well as the fan settings to keep the cards around 50 Degrees Celsius...we run the Frontier Vega internal fans at 3500 RPM. ALSO...you cannot adjust the OverDrivenTool settings until you force the Blockchain driver to install manually. Follow the steps carefully....if you screw up in the middle of the process...you have to start from scratch and use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to start over with a clean slate. Also recommended that you use Windows 10 updated to the Fall Creator update. Here is the link again. To the facebook post that has the PDF documentation for Vega Frontier Mining Rig Installation. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1933754206641328/2040720302611384/
Joshua Thamin (5 months ago)
Having the same issues with my frontier edition. Mining crypto night algorithm at 1100h/s. So disappointed with the drivers for the frontier edition
Joshua Thamin (4 months ago)
Arun Shankar how?
Arun Shankar (4 months ago)
Vega Fe will give you 2000+ h/s
michael youngbar (5 months ago)
Joshua Thamin im getting 1400 using overclock. The driver swap stoped working. When it did i got 1850
Dead Pool (5 months ago)
I know i'm late to the party, but have you tried the ATIflash patcher utility? And one of my mining GPU's came with a samsung bios and was not stable at all because it was running Hynix memory, maybe there is a bios mod that could make your card more stable, idk, just throwing out ideas.
Mechanical Vegan (6 months ago)
Hey. So did you find any way to get the frontier card to mine well yet? The new Adrenalin drivers are here. I am running 2 VFE cards but have 4 more not installed yet. All tools are unavailable in Radeon settings when running more than 1 VFE! Blew my mind they did that. It's lame and I hope they change that. I'm at a loss as to what to do other than keep trying random combinations of drivers and settings. Using XMR-stak, overdriveNtool, 17.q4.1 atm, and am about to use DDU then try the Vega FE version of 17.12 Adrenalin and see if rates improve. Then if not, try installing the RX 64 Adrenaline version (big IF it will let me). Maybe try running the blockchain driver. I'm actually running CAD and I wan't to run ProRender with SolidWorks. Haven't tried it yet, because I need to get my mining hardware investment operational as priority #1 here and I'm basically running into constant "nope can't have this if you want that" scenarios. So any help would be great. Ultimately I want to run XMR and etherium simultaneously, but am focussed on optimizing XMR first. Please shower me with advise!
Mechanical Vegan (6 months ago)
I'm learning that for mining it's about the memory bandwidth, not memory size. I can't return any of my 6 VFE's. So I'm in it as long as I can make them last. I was getting over 2kH/s with the "Win10-64Bit-Crimson-ReLive-Beta-Blockchain-Workloads-Aug23". I take it that's the best block chain driver for the FE? Shocking about Wattman, but ok since OverdriveNtool is better. Ie the same but more reliable. My problem is the system kept crashing and I couldn't get it to run more than 15 minutes before having to hard reset the computer. Then I couldn't install 17.q4.1 (Radeon settings portion of it). So I cloned a month old version of my HD back to bypass that, and installed 17.q4.1. I'm basically testing right now till I set up my 6 card water cooling loop. Leaving target temp at 74 and max of 78 may have been my problem. What do you think? Basically I'm testing the 2 cards now on the q4.1 with 53c target. So finally not thermal throttling- as I think I was before and didn't realize it. Do you think that is why the blockchain was crapping out on me? Can it be a reliable driver for your main pc if temps are kept in the 50's or lower? Or is the blockchain dedicated for mining only rigs and a total pain in the ass? Topic #2. What's the best route for profitability? Is running a second miner for Eth simultaneously a good idea? Been looking into only XMR so far. About to start looking into Eth. Which miner would you recommend? An alternative idea is to use just 1 card in my new pc and use the other 5 on a separate mobo as a dedicated mining rig in the garage. I imagine I could get that running stable on blockchain with profitability being 1.6 fold. It's funny, I've watched all your vega videos, but my understanding has grown to where I finally understand the emphasis, work and pain behind the subject you're talking about. A couple closing thoughts, the extra memory will make the cards relevant longer potentially with higher resale and is usable right now as designed- for large work loads like CAD and video editing. So while AMD leaves no great solution, I'm hopeful that will change, and people like you will find ways to make the hardware more valuable. ...HBCC.. activating and sliding to the right.. under the blockchain, the result was verifiable by going to system tab and looking at the HBCC value. Massive increase noted numerically. However on q4.1, activating and sliding all the way to the right, the system tab shows no numerical change (still 483 GB/s). In q4.1 release notes, they say specifically that they fixed the HBCC bug so that it retains it's set value. Am I missing something here?
Son of a Tech (6 months ago)
Ya, still having issues with wattman going away and haven't really found a resolution to that. I think tbh for mining the Vega 56 would have been the better option here. I understand that's probably not what you want to hear.
Garry Oldham (6 months ago)
I really enjoy your videos, you make it easy to understand for people like me who are not advanced miners. That being said I’m a total newbie and I want to set up my first rig, I’m thinking 6 card setup, not sure if I want to do ethereum/zcash or monero. Of course whatever is most profitable at the time. What cards would you recommend, the 1060/1070/1070ti or the amd 580? It seems the 580 I can get for about $300 a card when the 1070ti is almost double that, when looking at the specs it seems like if I’m mining for ethereum I can pull about 29-30 mh off the rx580 and about 37ish off the 1070. Is the few extra hash worth double the price? Please forgive me if it’s an ignorant question, like I said I’m new to this and don’t want to waste my money so any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Son of a Tech (6 months ago)
I would go 1070 or RX 580.
iamdmc (6 months ago)
LIARRRRRR it's cool
Son of a Tech (6 months ago)
+iamdmc what
slicksteve22 (9 months ago)
What's the best price to perfoemance for mining this coin. Nvidia or amd card?
Silent Killer (9 months ago)
How many hashrate?
Oscar Velazquez (9 months ago)
Just today i had to deal with stuborn Windows 1- Upgraded 4 pcs from R7 360 (equihash) to GTX 1050Ti (13 GH/s eth) 2-Ran DDU on all pcs, 3 worked perfectly 3-Las one would spike to 13 GH/s then drop to 2, GPU load was 100% temps fine, but it would not go up, 4-swapped cards, problem persisted, reinstalled video drivers again, nothing 5-CLean windows install , its all fixed O_o all systems have same hardware and windows install/config. try another drive with fresh install, might be surprised.
sakiusad (9 months ago)
Sorry for the silly question, I'm new to mining, but, if I were to mine using Minergate for other currencies like XMR, BCN etc using AMD Vega Frontier, how much hashrate am I going to get? Will it still perform at over 40 MH/s even though the pool for XMR is currently 32.24MH/s?
TJ Phippen (9 months ago)
Please do yourself a favor & use linux. Or don't & all the Windows miners can do me a favor by not helping to increase difficulty much ;)
Josh Nance (9 months ago)
I'm a linux NOOB. I mean, basic UNIX during some school on the latest Mammography unit 2 years ago but i haven't set up a laptop or pc with Ubuntu. I run a 6 card rig, just bought a H100 pro btc mobo to run 8 cards. I'm using win 10 with no issues. I am using 1060 nvidia cards. Would i benefit from using ubuntu(or whatever linux system, ETHOS??)? I couldn't find the benefit in my scenario yet. Now if i want to run OVER 8 nvidia gpus on my mobo i will need to run a Linux based OS. That i know for sure. But for now, which OS do you use and do you think i would benefit in any way by swapping OS? Thank you very much
Dark_Sider (9 months ago)
Probably you r the one who bought the whole stock son of tech 😎
Aditya Singh (9 months ago)
Drivers are fine, Can't help if user is stupid. Running 64 Liquid 43 MH/s, 470 at 30.15 MH/s.
Alex Moore (6 months ago)
before u call people dumb and cunt check ur shit curry boy... it does not come with wattman
kickblake (9 months ago)
ADHD not for Vega FE which is EXACTLY WHAT THIS VIDEO SAYS. But alas, you apparently have the attention span of a diarrhea puddle, and didn't fucking watch it.
Aditya Singh (9 months ago)
kickblake you're the fool here, I have the 23 Aug blockchain driver and wattman is a part of the package! Dumbcunt!
kickblake (9 months ago)
I'll take that as you admitting you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. Thanks.
kickblake (9 months ago)
wattman is part of the driver package. Except it's NOT part of this driver package for FE. Did you even watch the video? For christ sake, before you go off calling people dumb cunts, you might want to buy a fucking clue.
Wyvern (9 months ago)
suckitsuckitsuckitsuckitsuckitsuckitsuckitsuckitsuckit. Hopefully Vega will always suck at mining, buy purpose made cards not video cards. This fad is royally screwing the market ecosystem making AMD seem like two faced bastards because of low stock and retailer gouging, not to mention RMAing cards taking away any profit margin from manufacturers/AMD. I saved my Vega 64 from a sad life of slavery, blindness and heat stroke.
John Ivo (6 months ago)
we dont care about u gamers ;)
CapnTates (9 months ago)
Did you try watt tool? It was especially made for the 400 series but I believe there's a Vega compatible version that might help.
NeoVoodooTech (9 months ago)
What % blower do you find enough for stable mining? What temp? I'm thinking like 70% fan speed at 70c?
Vincent Verrette (9 months ago)
canada has no crypto laws currently. no taxation either, at least not as i can find, only things that applies seems to be no concern for the user, only a few things to counter criminal activities but even so, it probably doesnt do much. i know there are some in the US tho i have no clue what it implies, but they are all different from state to state, that i know
philontour (9 months ago)
it depends on where you live. in my case germany there are many rules for mining cryptocurrencys. as a miner u need to have a business license to mine. then on the coins you mine you have to pay taxes and when you sell or exchange coins to real money f.e. euros you also have to pay another tax which comes on top of that(only for mined crypto.. when u trade crypto there are other rules, lile FiFo(first in first out) or LiFo(last in first out) these are also rules for trading stockshares, means f.e. if you buy crypto for money on a exchange you have to hold the crypto for one year, after that year you can sell them without taxes, if you trade them earlier then you have to pay taxes from ~14-45%. if you make interests with your cryptocoins as you hold them the hold time from one year exceeds to 10 years to sell them without any taxes.) . as a person who runs a business alone you have a free tax contribution @ about 25k i think, or 24.5k. after this amount of winnings in this year you have to pay another tax on it. but from this tax you can make a depriciation from all your cost you had to mine the coins. f.e. electricity and hardware costs. but dont count my words here in gold.. not all what i say here is right, cause iam new to crypto-mining and the regulations from germany are also quite new for cryptocurrency-mining. i just learned everything i could find over this topic on yt or google, so maybe contact a tax consultant for explicit informations for your country and your case. and maybe you can find first informations on reddit, yt or google. hope i could help, and sorry for my bad english. and i would always suggest to ask a propper tax consultant - he has the right answers to your questions in this case.
NeoVoodooTech (9 months ago)
One last question is it legal to sell and trade eth and bitcoin? Do you need any sorta licences? Just pay your taxes? I think mined coins are considered "property" or earned income. I just watched a video about a guy who got screwed selling and trading coin.
Jeesua Hezbolla (9 months ago)
Remember... afterburner dont work well with vega.
Richard Schlegel (9 months ago)
I had to use a Afterburner from kitguru forums. Point is, amd changed their API for OC with 17.7.2
jctai100 (9 months ago)
Dude! you momentarily glitched the matrix with 86 mH lol. Keep working on it, maybe morpheus will show up.
Silas Dahlgaard-Povlsen (9 months ago)
Did you try AB 4.4.0 BETA 16?
Silas Dahlgaard-Povlsen (9 months ago)
Maybe, but there has to be more than 40 mh in the vegas with the right drivers..... Try this AB, just to be sure. http://office.guru3d.com/afterburner/MSIAfterburnerSetup440Beta16.rar
Silas Dahlgaard-Povlsen (9 months ago)
I was not able to find the beta 16 on AMD. I was only able to find it on 3dguru. Could you check the version you used? :) Btw, you think I should buy a vega now in hopes that it will hit 80s?
Mitchell Herhold (9 months ago)
I don't see the link for the driver you used. Mind passing that on
Yo i have my fan running @78% VEGA FE
Okay I assume you used the Temp bar to change it in afterburner.
Make a video about it Please
TechTunerLife (9 months ago)
Good Video Bro. 👍
klayed (9 months ago)
good video.
Theodor Ghannam (9 months ago)
37mh/s sound about right, Higher hash can happen in crashes, I've had 290X report 40mhs right before it crashed. One could hope AMD would get their drivers together
Ceyhun Süleyman (9 months ago)
Works with Afterburner 4.4.0 Beta 15
Tech Deals (9 months ago)
I'm not a miner and I know how much it sucks to wait... but my thoughts as I watched this were "give it a few weeks, the driver situation will get much better"... AMD often has a mess of drivers at launch, then they get better over time. This has been true for years.
ZapperPenguin (9 months ago)
Yeah sure. Those tests will be quite useful. And maybe then we'll be seeing if some features like tile based rendering are working or not. I'm particularly curious about that. :)
ZapperPenguin (9 months ago)
+Son of a Tech Unfortunately nowadays that argument is more valid than ever. Taking into account that AMD launch Epyc, a workstation and server cpu, Radeon must have prioritized the drivers for professional and server cards to get them certified as soon as possible.
WiiNV (9 months ago)
Son of a Tech Vega as is reminds me of another GPU company Raja Koduri worked for, S3. Hope AMD didn't hire most of their driver team as Vega might end up like Savage 2000!
ess wasim (9 months ago)
Hello Tech Deals how come you here lol :P ... I think he needs to remove all drivers then install normal gaming drivers and reset to defaults then remove all drivers again and install the blockchain driver . If that doesnt solve the problem then wait for new drivers.
Brian (9 months ago)
before you uninstalled the original drives did you reset the values to default? try reinstalling original drivers hit default setting then try the new drivers to see if you don't get the same result. this may be that the mem is hung on the old settings. this happens with nvidea cards and precision x all the time. be sure to hit default before installing any driver any time to avoid possible hair loss. just a good place to start.after that did you try nvidia inspector? yes i know it an amd card just try to see if it can see any of the settings and possibly adjust any thing.
Brian (9 months ago)
did you do something to the bios? cause your video said u change drivers not bios. so if you didn't you should be able to do all that i said cause nvidea inspector has oc tool. if it can see the card. which you wont know until you try. i understand this is frustrating but this is mining if you get mad you just make it harder to see or find the fix.
NumberOfThings (9 months ago)
Dude, love your content. But... I want to see you smile ! 😀
sdmv (8 months ago)
really? no
Tech Whale (9 months ago)
A friend of mine had the same issue, he saw it getting 84mhs and then it started hitting errors afterwards and he can't get it to be stable
MedicX21 (9 months ago)
I don't know if this helps at all but did you try msi after burner beta 16? That worked for me for the beta driver on my 480s and 470s. Both modded timing. I know they're not vegas but not sure if it would help. That's what helped me with the new mining drivers for the 400 series.
Jordan Sangster-Williams (9 months ago)
Doesnt Radeon settings work?
kickblake (9 months ago)
That feature was called "global wattman" and it is unavailable on the pro mode of vega FE drivers. Here's the rub: the 17.8.2 driver for vega FE ONLY has pro mode..............so you can't do that anymore.
Jordan Sangster-Williams (9 months ago)
Son of a Tech yeah definitely seems like it
Jordan Sangster-Williams (9 months ago)
Son of a Tech ahh ok was just remembering some stuff from gAmers nexus's live stream where they were under vaulting vega 56 remembered steve talking about raedeon settings sorry i cant be of much help
Timmy Joe PC Tech (9 months ago)
Have you tried using WattTool to gain overclocking support back now that game mode is gone?
LAKSHYA SINGH (9 months ago)
wasnt HBM2 supposed to be power efficient?! So why does it runs soo hot
LAKSHYA SINGH (9 months ago)
Son of a Tech so the GPU die and HBM stcks should be cool3d separately u say?
Medokn (9 months ago)

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