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RESIDENT EVIL 2 Reveal Trailer (E3 2018)

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Text Comments (193)
Will Matthew mercer play the voice of Leon?
Bonnye Lopez (3 months ago)
And Leon sucks it always has
Bonnye Lopez (3 months ago)
this is a piece of garbage is the same shit of resident evil 6 and 7
xX Valtiel Xx (3 months ago)
Leon mah Man! Claire mah Girl! Back to the roots and some heavy changes it seems, had to admit, Mr. X looking stylish with that fedora, better look good for his second debut. Just hope it comes for xbox too, i've been a RE player since the original, then i jumped to the N64, then Game Cube and then Xbox, i've been loyal Capcom, don't you dare give me the "exclusive" middle finger.
Ghost87 (3 months ago)
who is that protagonist? and how did he steal leons clothes?
TheSlammurai (3 months ago)
Also love how for a split second you think it's Wesker's glasses, but it's just a rear-view mirror. XD
TheSlammurai (3 months ago)
I about lost my shit when I realized what it was a reveal for.
Rise and Shine (3 months ago)
Leon's face is too wide, that's what is wrong.
AftershockPS3 (3 months ago)
wow Justin Bieber as Leon
chowlandia (3 months ago)
the main character has become gay... xd... official anauncement... xd
chowlandia (3 months ago)
whats this the cereal killer? xd
avikbellic911 (3 months ago)
the previous emo leon was getting way to gothy glad they made him little less of emo goth.
ethanchan numberjuan (3 months ago)
So is it a remastered or a totally different thing. I dont understand
pedro silva (3 months ago)
dat ps1 at the beginning derp
Junone King (3 months ago)
Why does Leon looks like a faggot? Seriously the ps1 CGI version looked more masculine than this.
Zack Tm (3 months ago)
3:08 Mr X is scary as fuck but somehow looks like a cool detective guy who likes salmon in his sandwiches.
itissillygucci (3 months ago)
Ok, Leon can get it.
iBFP (3 months ago)
ill fucking buy it , after years of being affraid of this game back when i was a kid now im ready for this horror fucking bring it !!!!! :)
Jackie_The_Gamer (3 months ago)
Really good, I'm totally excited for this. For all the people complaining that it looks bad and why they changed the faces. It's a new engine and with the gaming technology we have today, we are able to scan real people now, so get used to the future. I just wanna see my Iconic Gun Shop man die 😂😂😂
Mantra Asura (3 months ago)
20 Years Later
Trixie Glimmer (3 months ago)
So Leon gets his old outfit but not claire?....shes a biker not a damn hipster. Did the creators forget they wrote her as a damn rebel in og-RE2
Jorge Hernández (3 months ago)
is this game is like RE7 bye with RE series..
Vertigo101 (3 months ago)
https://youtu.be/wtM8CpIfjOA Gameplay from The Japanese version, new footage that's different then this trailer. Hype train!! #myRe2
Ray QuazaBlazer116 (3 months ago)
I almost shit myself when I saw this
dnlsfq (3 months ago)
Resident Evil 2 > Resident Evil 7
thunderdraco (3 months ago)
I bet people don't even remember that the rats are what transmitted the virus to the city. Incredibly clever trailer.
n543576 (3 months ago)
Resident Evil has been getting reallyyyyy scary recently. And I fucking love it!!
Arshin53 (3 months ago)
Woulda been cooler to get Paul Mercier voice for Leon!
Jérémie Hunter (3 months ago)
Matt Mercer, maybe?
Arshin53 (3 months ago)
easy to have both voice and motion
Gilberto Astanio (3 months ago)
they had to replace the old cast because they needed actors to do motion capture
kiardo the First (3 months ago)
Would be awesome if they made a remake of resident evil outbreak episodes with online co op
Red Trenedy (3 months ago)
Leon looked like 2011 pewdipie
Bottom Text (3 months ago)
2:26 is that sherry?
Raging Doge (3 months ago)
Miguel Angel (3 months ago)
his first day working as police officer haha damn kennedy
Helter Skeletor (3 months ago)
Man his life sucks.
Genc Macula (3 months ago)
0:16 You can clearly see the PlayStation 1 :)
J. Petoskey (3 months ago)
you mean Capcom pulled it's head out of its ass? wow!
Slade Joseph Wilson (3 months ago)
What is it with capcom changing or ruining character faces and designs?! It's getting old.
Slade Joseph Wilson Because the new RE engine allows them to mocap stuff. They’re scanning real people now
Dakota Colley (3 months ago)
I like the way they made Leon look. He looks young and nieve, and very much like the rookie cop you expect him to be
AX M (3 months ago)
Changed the face model again? I still love the old leon in re6
ルシードジアン (3 months ago)
L'Oreal wasn't invented yet.
AX M (3 months ago)
Shiny hair gone....compare to the one in ORC
ルシードジアン (3 months ago)
AX M they made him look young
Ma Arm (3 months ago)
BIO4 のレオンの顔の方に変えて下さい。 何かJ soul ブラザーズの岩田みたいな感じで 草
Koko Minaj (3 months ago)
Ada wong ❤
Tom Tommler (3 months ago)
3:12 Hall of idiots and nerds. Shame!
Krispy Kleen (3 months ago)
I'm sure it will be great bc Resident Evil 2 was great but there are two things I think Capcom always fucks up with their games. Their character models and graphics always look dated and the voice acting and acting in general is so fucking corny and cliche and just shitty.
HaloSalo (3 months ago)
Young Leon...nice~
Armaun Armaun (3 months ago)
yea it's bout to go down
ECKVue19 (3 months ago)
Mike Mitchell (3 months ago)
Even the mayor's daughter is there!!!
gernand the great (3 months ago)
Now this is the resident evil we all know and love
Roarior (3 months ago)
I want to be Tofu!!!
ILLmfnMILL (3 months ago)
Over 9000 (3 months ago)
cloudgirl150 (3 months ago)
Looks like Jack Dawson survived the Titanic and got himself stuck in Raccoon City...
Jb3rt_113 (3 months ago)
Hey that's Leonardo Decaprio is there
Utopia Lord (3 months ago)
Leon look so hot.
Guido Russo Heck (3 months ago)
The graphics looks so LOW TEXTURES wtf.
tristan diaz (3 months ago)
Why don't you wait for the final release, when it's actually out...
Guido Russo Heck (3 months ago)
But there is not much time if you think about it. The game is pretty long. i don't know... you know what i mean :P.
HenriqueRJchiki (3 months ago)
Looks unfinished because IT IS unfinished? Game is set to release in Jan. 2019, and the polishing phase of development is always the last paired with bugfixing dude -.-
Guido Russo Heck (3 months ago)
2:11 look at the shirt
Guido Russo Heck (3 months ago)
Pause at leons face, it has no pores.
Izzy (3 months ago)
Is it going to be over the shoulder like 4 or is it fixed camera angles?
Izzy Both, gematsu confirmed it
Guido Russo Heck (3 months ago)
ahhh what happened to you Claire?
Luis Zambrano (3 months ago)
I thought this was a mith.
George Miller (3 months ago)
My favorite resident evil so happy to see this
Roman-sama (3 months ago)
I like how they teased it to be an FPS, but then the FPS rat was smashed to death. FPS is like a dirty rat that needs to be killed. Hope we'll never have anything like RE7 ever again.
Lanze Games (3 months ago)
I pussed out halfway, but RE7 was very good.
Kelvin Moore (3 months ago)
Roman-saresident we just need that first person and this game will probably have the potential of becoming one of the best zombie game this year but technically there isn't a RE7 made yet it's called bio hazzard there was no number 7 by the title of the game.
Oscar Gonzalez (3 months ago)
RE7 was better than 5 and 6 at the very least, I hope you can admit that. But yeah I do prefer the third person shooter aspect instead, at least for resident evil games.
Jesus Ojeda (3 months ago)
It's cool if you don't like FPSs, thats your opinion and you're free to have it. However, RE7 as a FPS saved the RE franchise after the the RE6 fiasco, and thats a fact, not an opinion.
GoCrazyDontMindIfIDo (3 months ago)
I love RE, but I can't stand how close-minded the fanbase is sometimes. I have friends that still hate RE4 simply because it's not the traditional tank controls/fixed camera and not "traditional survival horror." I still like the remake of 1 best, but perhaps it's okay to like more than one genre?
Oh My God | Shinje Scraw (3 months ago)
oh no is it first person?
Visitormassacre (3 months ago)
Excuse me while I golf clap.
Guess Who (3 months ago)
Visitormassacre i just found out it actually is over shoulder. There are gameplay trailer out there.
Visitormassacre (3 months ago)
100% an FPS. Nothing in this trailer showed anything that looked like it was over the shoulder. 100%. First. Person.
Guess Who (3 months ago)
Visitormassacre there's really no reason for it not to be an fps. The last one was praised universally. It'd make sense if the entire reboot series is fps
Visitormassacre (3 months ago)
Completely first person. Nothing shown here in this trailer indicated it was over the shoulder. 100%. First. Person. 100%.
NO FUN NO LIFE (3 months ago)
holy shit its awesome
sm1carnage (3 months ago)
Not digging the over the shoulder.
Helter Skeletor (3 months ago)
I'm curious to know how that's going to play out.
Gilberto Astanio (3 months ago)
the creator confirmed that it's sometimes over the shoulder and other times fixed camera
ルシードジアン (3 months ago)
2:48 Ada Wong.. 😍😍😍
Yessica Sosa (3 months ago)
Tom (3 months ago)
fuckin finally!
MrEmi92 (3 months ago)
skinnycorprus (3 months ago)
knew it when i saw the rat prospective runnin about
Kevin Nasou (3 months ago)
Woo leon is back
nam vo (2 months ago)
"reckless and stupid"
Lance Lewis (3 months ago)
Finally a real resident evil game with real resident evil characters none of that first person Texas chainsaw Ethan and Mia bullshit
Michael Boone (3 months ago)
FUCK YES I can't wait.
darklink569 (3 months ago)
FINALLY! Thank you Capcom!
Over 9000 (3 months ago)
What if they fuck it up?
TheGamerDrumer2393 (3 months ago)
Leon S Kennedy is back
Dan (3 months ago)
Is it just me or does Leon look....weird?
Richard Haley (3 months ago)
Dan agreed
Hattan AlShutaifi (3 months ago)
Leon in this remake is the most realistic looking I ever saw
irk percy (3 months ago)
How could anyone be surprised? There is not a lot of consistency with RE's character facial structure.
Gilberto Astanio (3 months ago)
they made a new model to make him resemble more his RE4 appereance, and to make motion capture of the actor's face
It's because with the RE engine capcom is scanning real life people with mocaps etc. This is why DMC characters look different too, since it is also on the RE engine.
Roman-sama (3 months ago)
OMG Why is Claire so ugly?
Hattan AlShutaifi (3 months ago)
The Grin Reaper who cares I liking when they have better graphic and special effects than original
The Grin Reaper (3 months ago)
Hattan AlShutaifi That doesn't mean anything if they look worse then before. Realism is just an excuse for talentless hacks and casuals to act like they know what they are talking about even though they are clueless as ever.
Hattan AlShutaifi (3 months ago)
Leon and Claire in this remake is the most realistic looking I ever saw
The Grin Reaper (3 months ago)
Roman-sama Realism ruins everything.
HenriqueRJchiki (3 months ago)
Roman-sama ugly? Dude she's great, stop being such a retarded baby whiner
Dont Look At Me (3 months ago)
*yawn* ok, so when’s the RE 8 coming out?
Slade Joseph Wilson (3 months ago)
There was a 7th game?
Jacob Ferris (3 months ago)
Vertigo101 (3 months ago)
This is a complete insult and was made For the modern. This looks and feels like Resident Evil 6 and probably plays like it to and unfortunately it seems like the game was modified way too much and is unrecognizable and chances are a lot of the game was cut and this could just be RE 2 revision. #Notmyre2
Vertigo101 (3 months ago)
Now that I saw actual gameplay at E3 I've changed my mind. Hyped https://youtu.be/wtM8CpIfjOA New footage from Japans version
sonogami rinne (3 months ago)
SADB☹YS ブトゥーム ignore these west nerd they just want to hate, if not they cannot live without hate in there blood
King Gematsu confirmed fixed camera angles
Vertigo101 Gematsu confirmed it will have fixed camera angles too you shitbag. Eat the fattest of dicks. The producer poured his soul into this
tristan diaz (3 months ago)
This looks amazing in my opinion, and in a "modern" age of gaming what were your expectations? It's interesting how this trailer was able to tell you so much beyond it's aesthetic and gameplay in only a 3 minute video. I'll be waiting on January 25th impatiently.
Fourze 4Z (3 months ago)
Is this first person again
Eduardo Morales (3 months ago)
Bro, are you for real? Don't play with my feelings.
Dont Look At Me (3 months ago)
I thinks it’s 1st and third
Fourze 4Z (3 months ago)
Mauricio Blanco oh thank god I hated re7's 1st person. Even tho its quite scary with it.
Mauricio Blanco (3 months ago)
Fourze 4Z no, you can choose between fixed camera and the camera from resi 4
NightStormNS (3 months ago)
Finally! Thank You E3 😄
ThePatchedVest (3 months ago)
Anyone reminded of the Resident Evil: Outbreak intro?
Mark Bunoan (3 months ago)
ThePatchedVest Damn I haven't heard that game in a while. Good memories from playing online
Clock Man (3 months ago)
I don't get it I thought resident 7 came out a few years ago did I miss something?
İdris Çelik (3 months ago)
this is the second games remake
The Grin Reaper (3 months ago)
Hunter Clark From what i heard, Its THE Resident Evil game that made Resident Evil a thing. Kinda like Devil May Cry 3.
Guido Russo Heck (3 months ago)
yeah! a childhood
Clock Man (3 months ago)
Oh nice ok
mrx (3 months ago)
this is a remake of the classic for ps1
Spartan 0420 (3 months ago)
Jacker73 (3 months ago)
I’m hyped to see the G monster
Leonardo Torres (3 months ago)
Wooow, resident evil es lo máximo, se la rifa👌👌👌👍
Felix Ramirez (3 months ago)
how the fuck did they mess up the models?
paridso paradise (3 months ago)
Yessss BITCH!
The Grin Reaper (3 months ago)
*A female canine looks at you with confusion*

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