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We Should Prepare Our Bodies for Minions In Smash Bros. - Game Scoop! 475

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This week we're discussing Super Smash Bros., Luigi's Mansion, SEGA Genesis, and more. Subscribe to Game Scoop! https://www.youtube.com/c/gamescoop ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (183)
DeskieFam (6 months ago)
I am DEFINITELY not a fan of putting the score on the thumbnail. I want to see that gone. I prefer to be surprised at the end of the review.
Andrew Cannon (6 months ago)
Always love the show. Wish I had something clever to say.
Mihaly Miklos (6 months ago)
Yes IGN should have a board game show or section!
Adam Hollowell (6 months ago)
So glad y’all had Lily on!
Natasha Cavata (6 months ago)
I love minions but I dont think theres a chance for them to appear in smash.... I agree the rabbids are a lot more likely.
Sadder Days (6 months ago)
If you're a waluigi enthusiast check out the Sea of Greed subreddit
dadmumdarrenV2 (6 months ago)
I love this series but please add time stamps : )
jason williamson (6 months ago)
When is this tabletop scoop?? This gloomhaven game actually sounds good?
Samuel Colbourne (6 months ago)
I like Justin. F that delete Justin stuff. Justin is great.
Aaron Jones (6 months ago)
Curious how the two examples Dan gave were a PS4 exclusive & a Sony 1st party studio, one would conclude from that Sony has the best exclusives. I did wonder why there was never a review for D3D 20th Anniversary edition, now it appears to be the case that the game didn't do enough traffic for IGN to warrant a review. If memory serves Daemon narrated a vid with the big turning point & spoiler in Wolfenstein 2. I started thinking the 20 questions game was Knack's quest.
Lucas Lohr (6 months ago)
Is there video of those guys rushing the stage? If so, I cannot find it. Maybe I'm just missing the obvious.
beetleguese1209 (6 months ago)
TWIOCH (6 months ago)
In football games, according to Daemon, the football has the same abilities as Cappy, and you play as the football. #Canon
Modesty Blaise (6 months ago)
PC Elitist Dan Stapleton selects himself as the best choice to review Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle and gives it a 7.7. Scratches head.
Dan Stapleton (6 months ago)
If you're not that guy, that's cool. But the thread still isn't full of people questioning my review "throughout each page," as you claimed. There's literally one dude on one page. I didn't ask you what parts of my review you disagreed with (though I don't mind hearing that), I asked you what part of my review you thought was _related to it not being on PC._ I asked that because you originally suggested that I'm a PC elitist who couldn't possibly enjoy a game on any other platform. You haven't mentioned PCs since, so it seems like that had nothing to do with anything. I'm not sure how you can not understand how someone could see a game differently than you do. Certainly there have been games that've won various awards even though you think they're just good and not amazing? I'd think that would be a very relatable thing, especially since you mention in the same breath a game that was given an award that you don't think is that great. That's how opinions work, and no two people will _ever_ agree on every game.
Archie Roylance (6 months ago)
Gosh this thread has grown a bit since I last saw it. Mr Stapleton you are far off the mark if you think I am a Nintendo fanboy. This was the first Nintendo game I have played and I am a 61 year old grandfather. I was playing computer games here in the UK when you were still in nappies but not Nintendo. I think you haven't answered the criticism properly that your review was wrong factually. Instead of casting about and trying to judge if someone is or is not the same person on Neo Gaf, a message board I presume, take it on the chin.
Modesty Blaise (6 months ago)
Dan Stapleton I can assure you that I am NOT that person on NeoGaf. I'm not a member and never have been, I simply found it from a Google search. You seem to have a come back answer for every point I raise when you are factually wrong (including pointing the finger at me as the person on Gaf). It was generally implied that 77% IGN score was odd and the choice of reviewer equally. You originally asked me what parts of your review I disagreed with. I have given you facts and you insist I am wrong. In all honesty, I am shocked by your review and stubborn narrow mindedness. How an award winning game can go completely over your head is tragic. If this is how IGN review, then the method is flawed. Perhaps it always has been when it gives the unfinished Metal Gear V a perfect 10/10.
Dan Stapleton (6 months ago)
I just browsed that entire 13-page Gaf thread, and not only are people _not_ questioning my review on every page as you suggested, it looks like the _only_ person questioning me in the same way you are is one guy who uses suspiciously similar phrasing to yours. So similar, in fact, that it's almost certainly you. There's one guy asking why the PC guy would do that review instead of someone more Nintendo focused because he felt they "would be more positive" (as though platform bias is something you want in a reviewer), but he immediately backs down on that when he's told I'm an XCOM guy. One guy claims I must not be good at strategy games, but declines to explain what he's based that on after someone asks him. Looks like the last time my review is mentioned at all is page 8/13. Why would you so dramatically overstate this? Especially something so easily disproven? That doesn't make any sense. Did I want to review it at the same time as the XCOM 2 expansion? No, it wasn't ideal, but I did get War of the Chosen several weeks in advance and was able to put a lot of time into both - they didn't actually overlap that much. Of course I still I believe I was the best person to review it at IGN, since no one else here has anywhere near as much experience with this genre as I do. Am I concerned that other reviewers didn't say the exact same things I did or score it the exact same way I did? No, that's not really how reviewing works (though GiantBomb and Destructoid were in the same ballpark as I was, and dozens of other sites were in the 8 range, so I wasn't exactly alone in liking it a lot but not loving it). Also, I didn't say it was "identical" to XCOM 2 - I said it's extremely close in certain ways and is clearly inspired by it, and therefore my experience in the genre is relevant.
Modesty Blaise (6 months ago)
Dan Stapleton Listen. The Tacticam holds your hand before and during every turn of battle. You know what you will face and from where and when. I don't see why you can't understand this. No, it's not 'identical' to X Com 2 and may be this is where the problem lies. Are you not man enough to admit you're wrong about your review? There are currently 13 pages on NeoGaf discussing this game and it's reviews, and throughout each page people are questioning you in much the same way as I am. And I'm the one who is wrong? Was it wise to review this game at the exact same time as the X Com 2 expansion? After all of your reviews of other X Com games over the years? In hindsight, do YOU believe you were the right person to review M+RKB and do you stand by your review? I'm not taking you up on your score of 7.7 per se, but I do have a problem with the facts, especially as other reviewers didn't have the same issues, reviewed it more positively, and thought it worthy of best in class at the VGAs and DICE. It really doesn't sound like the same game as you reviewed.
Oliver Brummel (6 months ago)
I also can't see Cappy being a character on his own, but I'd bet Mario has a Cappy attack
Felippanda (6 months ago)
Liked for the Steven Universe shout out alone.
coolguys2001 (6 months ago)
Felippanda When
Austin Northrup (6 months ago)
OMEGA COPS ASSEMBLE! OK, now where can I find that hoodie?! Delete Justin. Delete my soul.
George Vanderbilt (6 months ago)
Dan is wrong. Daemon is right.
Gameonysus (6 months ago)
Wow. Luigi’s mansion as “boring.” I guess i can see how someone wouldn’t be excited by the gameplay loop but i thought it was delightful. A spooky fun adventure that’s about opening every drawer and door. And with Luigi no less. I’m about it. Also Dark Moon has polterpups aka cute ghost puppies. 10/10 ps. Yay lily!
Matthew - san (6 months ago)
Great SCOOPS! Love this show every week. Thanks Omega Cops.
noog0909 (6 months ago)
I wouldn't want Minions in Smash. I hope this doesn't sound entitled but I just don't want non video game characters in there. I want it to be a cool history of Nintendo and the most popular video game characters, not just any popular character. Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed had Wreck it Ralph, and even he felt slightly out of place. Minions would just feel awkward. Rabbid Mario, I'm fine with. Rabbids in general, no.
Marcus Augustinus (6 months ago)
I agree completely with Daemon on the first person perspective. Lol. Love the show!
Andrew Izquierdo (6 months ago)
Sorry but that Waluigi Dating Sim game has already been thought of by Elyse Willems back when she was with GameTrailers. I wish i can link to the specific episode that she came up with the idea but sadly i cant. Would be a fun game tho!
iownalx23 (6 months ago)
minions? i think rabbids.
DrFlahabadoobin (6 months ago)
Heavy Action
Leanne B. (6 months ago)
18:18 i agree. its one of the few popular genres that nintendo has yet to cover, and waluigi's fancy mansion would be perfect as he was created as a negative luigi if you will, so where luigi got a creepy mansion, his rival would get a classy one. the cast should include daisy, rosalina, pauline, toadette, birdo, wendy koppa, and at least one new original character. it could even have multiplayer party games where you compete with a friend for the hand of waluigi. i actually would love to see this
Vita Spieler (6 months ago)
Sam is the reason I watch Game Scoop. He always brings a smile to my face :)
TipDik (6 months ago)
The question of what constitutes a sequel seems really obvious in my mind. It's about game mechanics. For example, In Smash Melee added side specials and spot dodging, as well as a directional air dodge, and there was a lot less hit stun. Brawl reduced falling speed, and took away the ability to cancel landing lag by pressing shield just before landing. Smash Wii U made air dodges incur landing lag, added rage and ledge trumping. For people who really dig into these games, they are different at the fundamental level and that doesn't really change depending on the number of characters or stages. The question of whether this is an all new game or a port really is dependent on whether we are still running the same engine as Smash for Wii U/3DS
sithapprentic03 (6 months ago)
what if instead of fitting the hand on final destination you fight cappie
Steve (6 months ago)
After a particularly anxiety filled week, GameScoop has once again provided me with much needed respite. Love watching/listening to you guys. :)
Game Scoop! (6 months ago)
We aim to please :]
Franz R. (6 months ago)
I clicked on the Celeste review because I saw it was a 10.
grrre87 (6 months ago)
Splatoon 2 is not 1.5 to anyone who has actually played both games. It's a full on sequel...
Shane O'Sullivan (6 months ago)
Delete Justin off the show and I. Send. It. Back.
Benjamin Wothe (6 months ago)
Come on, we all know Geno needs to be in Smash. It's horrible that he hasn't been to this point.
jonas petersen (6 months ago)
What is the game that Sam says he has been playing and says is 45 mins long?
Justin Davis (6 months ago)
James Miller (6 months ago)
Don’t delete Justin off the show! You’re my second favourite co-host. Guess the first!
Radgamer (6 months ago)
Imagine if Logan Paul in minion form was DLC. I think I would have to kill myself.
Nooney Burd (6 months ago)
For the love of...mustache man you drive me nuts on every episode. I hate all of your words. But don’t leave. You fit the know-it-all role so well! Not sarcasm.
Paladin Jaius (6 months ago)
In Fallout Shelter the game addresses you as Overseer, and makes reference to you monitoring your vault dwellers. Daemon is right.
Game Scoop! (6 months ago)
nyrisj (6 months ago)
Nintendo would include Ridley in Smash before minions.
nyrisj (6 months ago)
All this minions and rabbids talk is ridiculous and annoying. Smash Bros character choices follow a very specific and obvious pattern: Is it a beloved character from a Nintendo published game? Is it a new character from a Nintendo published game that's popular. Is it a third party character who's legacy in games is as far reaching as Nintendo. Realistic third party characters would be any long lasting Japanese franchise from the 80's or early 90's. Final Fantasy, Mega Man, Pac-Man, Metal Gear, Sonic, Street Fighter all fit that criteria.
bluecokedragon (6 months ago)
What do you call a green Cumberbatch? Benedict Cucumberbatch
Sammy (6 months ago)
Scoop Scoops
Charlie Milroy (6 months ago)
The review of Yakuza 6 is a great example of an example of bad review. Clearly the in-house team didn't have enough knowledge to challenge the poorly informed review. The Gamespot review was clearly better informed and knowledgeable. I don't recommend watching the Gamespot review until you play Yakuza 6 as there are lots of spoilers
Charlie Milroy (6 months ago)
Dan Stapleton his review is overly negative missing out some of the main improvements or skating over them. You have a problem with the scoring system when different reviewers are reviewing to a harsher standard for the same series. Yakuza 6 is demonstrably a better game than Kiwami 1, but it gets a lower score. It's a lot easier on the 10 point system. Ign is kind of the flagship and often has controversial reviews. Doom is particularly notable as is the division.
Dan Stapleton (6 months ago)
Tristan is actually a pretty big Yakuza fan.
Epzzz (6 months ago)
Waluigi dating sim was a thing back in the GameTrailers days, think it was Elyse Willems' idea.
nickdisney3233 (6 months ago)
Super Smash Brothers 5or Switch
Anders (6 months ago)
Yay for Lily!
BIG DB (6 months ago)
Glad Dan dropped by for Game Scoop
Joseph Marcas (6 months ago)
1st person perspective=you are playing the game from the perspective of the main character 3rd person perspective=you see your character and introducing... 2nd person perspective=you are an invisible character (puzzle games like Dr. Mario), god character (a la Starcraft) or you are being told the story just like second person narration in novels such as Moby Dick and Heart of Darkness (a la dating sims). Problem solved. You're welcome.
Alexander Chilton (6 months ago)
Calling Splatoon 2 a "1.5" is kind of disingenious when you think of all the updates it has gotten. Do you say the same for all the annualized gamez? Or games from other companies
UnfortunateProducts (6 months ago)
You didn’t ask lily her favorite game of all time!
UnfortunateProducts (6 months ago)
Scoop! Thanks for sharing! :)
Lily Zaldivar (6 months ago)
my favorite game of all time: Sly 2: Band of Thieves
UnfortunateProducts (6 months ago)
Aw come on let’s have it!
Lily Zaldivar (6 months ago)
of all time? I don't think anyone is prepared for my answer
Pasquale DeGregorio (6 months ago)
Dragon Age Inquisition is a perfect example of a game taking long to get good and open up. It took me like 50 hours to get the HQ castle lmao great game though
Chas the Spaz (6 months ago)
Recently I was playing video game 20 questions with some friends and my friend made me want to strangle him. He used Mii Maker as his game. Do you guys believe that Mii Maker is a game?
Game Scoop! (6 months ago)
Erlaxis (6 months ago)
This girl is better than last week's.
coolguys2001 (6 months ago)
Gameonysus Prove it
Gameonysus (6 months ago)
Erlaxis they have names.
Rebel Without a Pause (6 months ago)
Minions and Facebook are the most toxic combination since bleach and ammonia
Rebel Without a Pause (6 months ago)
I've been a lifelong Nintendo fan, bought a switch day 1. If minions are in smash Bros I'm out
Novadamus (6 months ago)
Hurricane Ditka?
BowlOfRice (6 months ago)
Give it a rest with the "Splatoon 2 is a 1.5" nonsense... If that's the case then every COD and Battlefield game are .5 versions of the previous entry with all of the stuff they re-use...
Chas the Spaz (6 months ago)
I think the biggest oversight you guys keep making about Smash is the mechanics. Brawl and 4 are vastly different (to me at least but that's coz I'm a competitive smash enthusiast)
Chas the Spaz (6 months ago)
Arshbir Thind I did too
Arshbir Thind (6 months ago)
Chas the Spaz I think they'll market Smash for switch as a new game and maybe tweak the mechanics a little from wiiu. Reblancing 60 characters would be a nightmare if the engine does change a lot. Personally, I really liked smash 4's mechanics.
Aaron Quinn (6 months ago)
Sam, Earthbound is SOOOO GOOD.
Aaron Quinn (6 months ago)
Samuel Claiborn Not hard enough apparently haha. It's ahead of it's time in a lot of ways. Keep on it.
Samuel Claiborn (6 months ago)
Gabriel Smith (6 months ago)
Is smash bros a port? Or a new game? ...is that not the smash4 logo?
adrian Calleros (6 months ago)
Please Daemon i need to know where u got dat hoodie!!!!!!🤤😜😳👕👕👕
Novadamus (6 months ago)
"No I'm right in the right place." Sam - 2018 Also, love the show.
AlmightyStarfire (6 months ago)
Ariana Mediana (6 months ago)
No way. Sakurai has left very clear that Smash is only for video game characters.
Stereo Monovici (5 days ago)
I'd tell Sakurai on Twitter to do whatever the hell he wants
Simon James (6 months ago)
Dope Hoodie Daemon. Awesome show and Lily was a great guest. Excited for the new Super Smash Bros. game. I could see the Rabbids getting in but I personally want Rayman. He deserves a spot on the roster more than them. Minions would be a joke plus Sakurai has stated that any Third Party character that gets included needs to carry some gaming history with them.
Benjamin Wothe (6 months ago)
I would be ok with the rabbids being included as alternate costumes or clones to Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi. Emphasis on the ok, not excited.
Charlie Milroy (6 months ago)
Simon James it's hard to imagine that the rabbids won't be in there
Samuel Claiborn (6 months ago)
I read this as "Hope Doodie"
Nameless Grifter (6 months ago)
waluigi X assassin's creed in the mushroom kingdom
James Tresko (6 months ago)
Justin's delivery of "delete Justin off the show" had me rolling!
Scott Koppinger (6 months ago)
Please pick better more interesting 20 question games!
Gustavo C. (6 months ago)
Dan Stapleton is a good dude, at least he seems like it. But everytime I see this guy on anything IGN related I can't help but think, "boy, this guy has a huge head." Also Daemon I love your hoodie. And Sam, keep being coolest cat in IGN.
EagleEye6486 (6 months ago)
Time Stamps 00:05 Start 01:04 Episode Overview 01:12 Smash Bros. 10:11 Listener Feedback - Likelihood Of Illumination Characters In Smash 14:37 Listener Feedback - No Luigi's Mansion Love For Switch 18:41 New Sega Genesis Collection 25:15 Hardcore Gamer Magazine Spring 2008 33:54 Listener Feedback - How Does IGN Decide Who Gets To Review A Game? 43:56 Listener Feedback - Impact Of Delayed Turning Points In Games 51:59 What We're Playing 58:24 Video Game 20 Questions 1:10:21 Outro
Erlaxis (6 months ago)
EagleEye6486 Thanks.
Gibby SG (6 months ago)
Godview camera perspective isn’t a new concept! Age of empires, Warcraft 3, Diablo????
George Thomas (6 months ago)
BJ Blazkowicz in Smash Bros. And the dragon born for that matter!
Mr. 2006 (6 months ago)
Minions are the worst things in media. Anyway, smash will definitely be an upgraded port... not a new game. I don't see it even looking any better/different
Mr. 2006 (6 months ago)
nyrisj because Nintendo is Nintendo, and they do Nintendo things. I have no doubt it will be an upgraded port with a few new characters or stages
nyrisj (6 months ago)
Mr. 2006 What line of reasoning are you using for your Smash prediction?
Josh Rogers (6 months ago)
I wish there was a show on ign with just Dan, Sam, Justin, and Daemon arguing about game perspectives lol
Samuel Claiborn (6 months ago)
Just sit next to us yeesh. All day.
David Salazar (6 months ago)
It could be called Perspective Perspective!
BiggTonyStyle (6 months ago)
good video on the michael jackson in sonic 3 situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Uko0fCp86c
mjb9995 (6 months ago)
Yay Lily!
mjb9995 (6 months ago)
Not enough Lily =(
Ohmie (6 months ago)
Wait, this is seriously the first time Lily was on? Huh, I could have sworn she was on before.Guess I've been watching too much NVC. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Gabriel (6 months ago)
But it’s made by a different development team. So it’s a new smash bros
Nintendad816 * (6 months ago)
I never played the mario kart Wii until I played mk8 and man the Wii version is horrible mario kart 8 is so much better it’s not even close
Seaphron (6 months ago)
Daemon, will you ever bring back Bit Fight?
Game Scoop! (6 months ago)
If people will watch it this time :]
Jordan S (6 months ago)
Nice work Sam! Playing Legend of the Mystical ninja is always a good choice
Samuel Claiborn (6 months ago)
Peer's idea!
Jordan S (6 months ago)
Also BoardGame Scoop
Nintendad816 * (6 months ago)
I love my switch but I still play 3ds
Julian Salazar (6 months ago)
Daemon always with the legit merch. That hoodie is 🔥
Chris Enders (6 months ago)
No minions please
Nintendad816 * (6 months ago)
Luigi’s mansion - fun game
MMD (6 months ago)
The Smash Bros is brand new. They would announce it like the other ports, if it was a port. The way they are announcing it shows it is a new game. If it was a port, there would be clearly some footage of the game to show on the direct.
nyrisj (6 months ago)
Charlie Milroy Considering Splatoon 2 was 100% a new game, you didnt really make a point here. Smash Bros replaces all of its staged with every iteration and completely redesigns the characters also visually if not mechanically. There are new modes amd new fighting mechanics across the board.
Charlie Milroy (6 months ago)
MMD I don't really see much of a difference between a port a new game for a fighting game. The characters are going to be roughly the same and the stages are going to be roughly the same. The concept of a fighting game sequel is tweaking the mechanics with a few more stages etc. It will be somewhere inbetween a new game and a port just like Splatoon
Erick Orduno (6 months ago)
When’s the next Game Scope?!?
OrangeRhino (6 months ago)
It just uploaded today!
Erick Orduno (6 months ago)
Game Scoop! (6 months ago)
Next week will be busy with GDC, so we'll try to do another Game Scope the week after.
Anthony Witherow (6 months ago)
Seriously! I love that series
Pascal Tuley (6 months ago)
I think about that every minute of every day
Arturo Chavez (6 months ago)
Everyone forgets about ice climbers! They need to come back !!
SigmaShawn (6 months ago)
The minions weren't video game characters originally. The end
Satt M (6 months ago)
Are Dan and Justin wearing the same clothes?
Wabbi (6 months ago)
Seaphron (6 months ago)
Folks really need to stop calling Splatoon 2 a port or a 1.5. It had its own campaign, it had a new mode, it launched with more new stages then Splatoon 1 at launch plus returning stages, returning characters had new models, all new gear, new weapons plus new weapon classes, all new specials, new styles for your inking, new hub. It is a full sequel no question...
Shaun Jackson (6 months ago)
I think when it first came out it felt more like a splatoon 1.5 but after everything they've added over the months and what is coming it's most definitely splatoon 2.
nyrisj (6 months ago)
That seems to be peoples first gut reaction to any sequels announced for Switch with a fast turnaround. Like the idea that the Switch could get so many games in its first year is impossible unless Nintendo is cheating or something. Smash is obviously a new game.
H Cortes (6 months ago)
I agree not sure why people are still thinking Splatoon 2 was a 1.5 when the entire game was changed and improved including from a visual standpoint which Digital Foundry even proved when it launched.
jeesh (6 months ago)
Splatoon Complete Edition!
eSKAone (6 months ago)
Corey Anderson (6 months ago)
Daemon how can I get a hoodie just like that? OMEGA COPS RULE!
ValhallasChosen (6 months ago)
iXi Club (6 months ago)
Such a jolly episode, many laughs were had lol. Thanks everyone, just "delete Justin." Man that banter was funny, I was cracking up at the Grinch in Smash and Justin was just like "What." lmfao, great chemistry with the four of you. S c o o p ! -Julian
Didn't you hear that Jimmy Neutron is gonna be in Smash 5?
Grundy Bear (6 months ago)
More Lily. Great fit for chair 4.
Expurr (6 months ago)
Lily said Smash Bros instead of Smash Brothers!? Time to unsub

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