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STANCED MIATA DRIFT CAR - Drift King: Survival

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The first racing survival game with an absolutely unbelievable atmosphere! Test yourself in three complicated drifting modes. Tune your car as nobody else to survive on the track. Taste the freedom of drift in super freestyle mode. Get up to the top in ranking and prove that you are the DriftKing! Don't forget to PUNCH that SUBSCRIBE Button!! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EliteRejects/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/EliteRejects George's Instagram: Gsparks11 VIDEOS POSTED DAILY!! Game Can be Bought From the Steam Store.
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Kacey hage (1 year ago)
Drifting's not always about power and with trying to get sideways you can always try to go in to a corner and let off and then get back on the throttle it will bring the rear around and if you feather the throttle it will help you drift
TSC HotBoi (1 year ago)
drift Street Japan

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