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GTA 5 Online Pump Shotgun Mk II Explosive Slugs

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Explosive Pump Shotgun Mk II Ammo Type : Explosive Slugs Doomsday Heist Update GTA Online
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Text Comments (122)
TheSlimeGuy123 (2 months ago)
Whenever i use my explosive shotgun i like to call it my china lake or my noobtube
Koenigsegg One (3 months ago)
This is overpowered bs. You can 1 shot another player with this at close range leaving the other shotguns in the dust. Just switched to free aim sessions.
ActionJackson SoccerPro (3 months ago)
Imagine marksman with those rounds. RIP gta 😵
gamerXL , (4 months ago)
Cops fuck you Player explode them
Turbo Gamer 4Q9 (4 months ago)
Does puting on a supressor make the shotgun explosions more shit?
BEAST GAMER12 (6 months ago)
I Hope I will get the Explosive Round on Bunker!
james prince (6 months ago)
wtf is that tryhard ass outfit
LopMuSiC1 (5 months ago)
flarrowfan4life (6 months ago)
Do you need the Avenger to get this or can you get it with the MOC?
flarrowfan4life (6 months ago)
LopMuSiC1 okay, thanks
LopMuSiC1 (6 months ago)
no need for the avenger
LitPotato (6 months ago)
that range tho
Bat Owl (6 months ago)
Are they actually that retarded...we said we wanted the shotguns to be better...not completely overpowered This puts every other shotgun to dust
Austin W (6 months ago)
Why use explosive rounds its a waste of money for 100 rounds
Austin W It auto reloads when you run out. $3000 to step up against tryhards? Worth it.
BonelessDean69 (7 months ago)
Now I'm breaking my GTA 5 disk it isn't worth my sanity and my time to be raging on this game anymore and this just gave me a reason to do it.
THEON3MADHUMAN N9NE (7 months ago)
The Heavy sniper Explosive rounds & ShotGun rounds are now ops if you use it right which i tend to use it on every Motha fucka who tries to Start shit with me and those Jet User ouuuu they should know by now What go's Uppp Must Come Downnnnn.
Spartan -_- (7 months ago)
Can u tell me where u open that explosive slugs in bunker or where?
Ashton Pitts (7 months ago)
What’s the camo on the shotgun
Papa Jubjub the Second (7 months ago)
Just unlocked the explosive rounds🔥🔥🔥🔥
biharibenjamin (7 months ago)
Do we need to research these slugs?
Nast Sand (8 months ago)
Sweet Jesus.
Ultimate Troll (9 months ago)
How do you get the explosive slugs? I don’t know what to do. I have a bunker, moc with weapon and vehicle ( and every business apart from document forgery, counterfeit cash and weed) Plz give me a step by step process from the start. Thanks!
Drew Porter (9 months ago)
How much does it cost to buy bullets for the shotty
Times Are changing (9 months ago)
Explosive shot gun vs tank?
Fortnite Gang (9 months ago)
evry try hard now with the marksmen rifle :))))
Charlie Cruz (9 months ago)
Glad I found a video that shows the price of the bullets. Each exploding bullet costs only 75 bucks. That's great. Definitely going to buy it
XxKrla521 (9 months ago)
What is the best shotgun mk 2 ammo besides the explosive slugs because I only have 40 shots
:) (9 months ago)
the range is so fucked up in this shot gun, reduced.
LopMuSiC1 (9 months ago)
its still pretty good in most other games shot guns have a range of 5m lol
Mike Gorgonzola (9 months ago)
Rest In Peace freemode
Paul Schauer (3 months ago)
American Bassist it was never peaceful
Rowley Jefferson (9 months ago)
I think they make us do research for it now.
DarkRipper117 (10 months ago)
At least it's not an auto shotgun with explosive shells like GTA tbogt.... Tho close.!!!!
TheMasterx6996 (8 months ago)
KingAAAJAAAY the TBoGT one deformed cars not destroyed them
KingAJGames (9 months ago)
DarkRipper117 1st the shotgun wasn't high of rof second the explosion took 6-7 rounds to blow up a vehicle
XxBiGzUuCc69xX j (10 months ago)
Do you have to do research to unlock the explosive shells
Sxlty (10 months ago)
LopMuSiC1 (10 months ago)
Thepowerfulkiller (10 months ago)
Do you need to research explosive slugs at the gunrunning bunker for this or you can just get it with the dlc at either the avenger or moc gun workshop
Mr. Doggie (4 months ago)
LopMuSiC1 You need to research explosive ammo for the heavy sniper mk2 to get explosive slugs
thaMANSTA (8 months ago)
LopMuSiC1 wow didn't realize they had added this, looks like a fun new toy. :)
XenoTube (10 months ago)
That heart doe xd
XenoTube (10 months ago)
Anarchist Maverick What the? What do you mean? There is no more research to do dude
LopMuSiC1 (10 months ago)
really ? what do you have to unlock ?
Zodiac011 (10 months ago)
OP as shit, why is Rockstar putting crap like this in the game, no wonder I die every 5 seconds, yet i'm level 105 and have tons of weapons, vehicles and buildings, I can't keep up with the DLC, i never glitched or bought shark cards and this is how they treat me
PedroPlays (7 months ago)
Just do glitches bro lol
Kasperr (9 months ago)
MrZodiac011 gta 5 obviously isn’t for you then lol
Zodiac011 (9 months ago)
and get banned, no thanks, they have no chill with modders on PC now
Strxctures (9 months ago)
MrZodiac011 just gey a modded account
Zodiac011 (10 months ago)
yeah, everyone who has a 5 mill bunker or whatever, I had to use money from hackers to buy my 2 lowriders, 3 race cars, 5 or so super cars, CEO, Hydra, Turreted limo, second apartment and 2 garages, only thing i technically have legit is my eclipse towers apartment, biker club, zentorno, kuruma and a couple other cheap cars from 400+ hours playing, thanks rockstar for giving loyal longterm players all this cool stuff (sarcasm)
LordMx (10 months ago)
Cool vid
LopMuSiC1 (10 months ago)
thanks :)
cali4life209 (10 months ago)
Electromagnetic gun 2
D G (10 months ago)
Can’t believe this doesn’t have more views. Best gun about at the min is mk 2 shotty with explosive slugs. Good vid man.
D G (8 months ago)
Sort yourself out.
D G (8 months ago)
Moron Done Right lmao
Mr. Dab (9 months ago)
joseph, its like a gernade launcher but better, and out of the effective range of explosive slugs you shouldnt want to use gernade launcher, you should be using rpg, you can take out the gernade launcher from your loadout now, also its a great combat gun, sometimes its still better to use assault shotty tho
D G (10 months ago)
Joseph thanks for taking the time for your heart warming, insightful and meaningful comment. 😂 Puberty won’t last forever and soon enough you will figure out how to control your hormone enraged body. 😂 The world is not your enemy and calling someone a retard in real life won’t get you anywhere other a lonely seat somewhere sending nasty messages hiding behind the anonymity of the internet. Comments can be made without referring to some in derogatory terms. Many thanks. Your fellow human being. 👍
Joseph (10 months ago)
you are retarded if you think it's a good gun no offence
mr dood (10 months ago)
Can you test the Heavy sniper MkII again on npcs and players please? They seem to have lowered the damage done to NPCs and other players after this update, according to its notes.
mr dood (10 months ago)
Wonderful. Thanks for the info.
cali4life209 (10 months ago)
mr dood but yo use it as a weap its a 2 shot kill. But its leaves them on the floor getting up with a quarter of health
cali4life209 (10 months ago)
mr dood no 2 shot. Depens if its not military vehical like the insurgent pick up or the insurgent. If its like a non warstock like a zentorno or cyclone its a 2 shot.
mr dood (10 months ago)
Really? That's good to know. I don't have that explosive ammo yet. What about regular cars though? Does 1 shot destroy them?
cali4life209 (10 months ago)
mr dood they nurfed them a little. Its still a 2 shot jet kill
Intro for every one (10 months ago)
The money lol
Chims Loyalty (10 months ago)
Appriciate the vid now i know i will buy it Just my random loadout Pistol mk2 Ap pistol flare Revolver mk2 Combat mg mk2 Combat pdw And the small gun mk2(Also in the combat mg category) Assault rifle mk2 flame b Carbine mk2 Special carbine mk2 Bullpop mk2 Heavy sniper mk2 Marksman mk2 Homing launcher Rpg Minigun Grenade launcher Grenade Sticky bomb Proxy mine Gas blabla
Mr Mikro (10 months ago)
Test marksman rifle Mk.2 with holo sight its crazy because you can auto aim!
Mr. Dab (8 months ago)
more or equal to console yes, and we have modders to give money so its way better, the explosive sniper is so much more easy to use too
Stockpete (8 months ago)
Mr. Dab lol, people still play on PC?
Mr. Dab (9 months ago)
why use auto aim with mouse and keyboard, cmon, ppl still play xbox version lol
Strxctures (9 months ago)
its trash I have it
*H A L T* (10 months ago)
Mr Mikro damn really?
SwiftDrift27 (10 months ago)
Do you still need to research upgrades for the original mark 2 guns from Gun Running?
Mr. Dab (9 months ago)
no, explosive sniper and slugs are unlocked by researching the explosive ammo in gunrunning, you can apply it in either, but once you research the yellow magazine in gunrunning you unlock it for both
Lucas (10 months ago)
Mr Mikro omg so i can buy explo sniper with the Avenger ? :0
Mr Mikro (10 months ago)
No! thanks god! :D
LopMuSiC1 (10 months ago)
Im Noskcaj (10 months ago)
I was looking for this vid. Great job
LopMuSiC1 (10 months ago)
thanks !
paulo henrique (10 months ago)
Should be just like gta tbogt
The Detonator56 (10 months ago)
seems rather redundant when you can have the explosive sniper with the same amount of ammo more range and almost more rate of fire only benefit would be auto aim but that's about it
Some_Random _Haciroku (3 months ago)
Skynet Cyborg Auto shotguns would be to op
Javascript Kiddie (9 months ago)
its burst fire
KedoIsABoss (10 months ago)
Smuts is on here mad because they cant afford the shit headass
Skynet Cyborg (10 months ago)
Maaquchi look bottom line these new mk2 guns are trash these fucking idiots picked the worst guns to make mk2 the ap pistol perfect for mk2 and im pretty sure everybody would be exited about that also the bold action sniper mk2 would give the heavy sniper a run for its money also the rpg mk2 the sticky bomb mk2 the homing launcher mk2 which would would be equipped with rockets that actually catch up to a jet fast and are not useless like it is now and the list goes on even the new mk2 guns that supposed to have gotten a buff are still trash the other mk2 guns are still better full auto shotgun mk2 with explosive ammo that is something i would be excited about now sum garbage pump action piece of shyt.
Maaquchi (10 months ago)
im above the above average snipers when it comes to sniping... maybe a low tier skilled player... im good enough with a sniper... my support of the new shotgun is irrelevant to my skill or lack thereof in terms of sniping.. so dont tell me to get good as if i suck with sniping cause im praising a shotgun.. xb and yes i am mad... silly ass comments making assumptions based on bs pisses me off... hell it pisses alot of people off... also asking if im mad is fucking annoying and stupid cause all humans get mad... people say it as if getting mad means something... xb though im being hypocritical cause i do it to others too.. <:O also dont take my bitchiness to heart... or me callin u stupid as serious.. its a "heat of the moment" thing and i dont know ur life... ^3^ im pretty fucking awesome and chill in real life... and we'd be great friends parting all night and day... lol true story...
Karim Zaghloul (10 months ago)
God dayum

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