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Tangled Depths | Critical Role RPG Episode 88

5584 ratings | 664633 views
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Text Comments (1879)
Christopher Jenkins (13 hours ago)
Robert Bogan (3 days ago)
Water elemental has a swim speed of 90? Kraken only 60 water elemental can't be grappled etc etc this was a solo mission keyleth is a terrible leader she just keeps getting people killed. This was her quest her mission and she knew fighting was pointless but no she brought every one in to be grappled and eaten. Really she could have handled the whole thing by herself without anyone dying but man she just doesn't know her own power if I was playing Druid I would have some animal stats one of each at least (bird fish land mount etc)
Ayselx (6 days ago)
Lol, it looks like Matt raided an aquarium store 😂😂😂
Manscher Hilberry (8 days ago)
Marisha was terrible this episode, Grog was great tho I'm surprised he left Tary. MVP for me was Percy casting friends!
MikeT54 (10 days ago)
The title of the episode should have been LOADSTONE!!!!!
Frostwolf223 (11 days ago)
Dude, 5e boss fights are the most frustrating thing I've ever seen. Especially ones like this, where the goal is anything other than "OH GOD KILL IT IMMEDIATELY"
Charly Pattelani (17 days ago)
I have to ask... Who the F(#k is Gil? :)
Charly Pattelani (13 days ago)
Nathaniel Ranney oh lol thank you!!
Nathaniel Ranney (13 days ago)
Charly Pattelani It's Marisha's lucky d20.
Mathew Chilton (18 days ago)
I love Laura, but she's so bad at meta gaming.
theowornbegd7 (18 days ago)
He seriously pulled some punches on this creature. The fact that it never used its lair action to make everyone vulnerable to lightening is pretty crazy. Not to mention this 30hp tentacle kill rule was a total Matt Mercer original.
Sahir Virmani (19 days ago)
Jeremy Tinker (21 days ago)
I need a "Doty's on the case" shirt...
Jeremy Tinker (21 days ago)
"I'm just gettin' ye to the door!" *whole party looks worried* "Wait, there's a door?" Percy: "Oh god, we're in trouble"
Fisho D (22 days ago)
5:02:50 - "Death saving throw, with advantage." and Liam rolls one die as a dumbass. What the hell, how does he still not remember he should throw two dice...
Nathaniel Ranney (13 days ago)
Fisho D Liam rolls both dice at the same time for Advantage/Disadvantage unlike everyone else. While it may seem like he's rolling one(People fail to see this every time) he's actually rolling both.
nebs76 (25 days ago)
Oh, a lair action.... Not layer.... :D
Jody Tiemann (27 days ago)
Ray has got all her allies died but Grog died because of her chooses.. Wow this couldn't get any dummer. I think the DM has her do thing in hope she gets them killed. Over 5 years and she still try to been the rule and don't know here own class. Sorry not sorry 88 episode and a season 2 to go. She still doing this?
Scarlett Kara (10 days ago)
Not that you care after 2 weeks, but I just really want to point out that: 1) She did not 'make' all of her allies die. The Aramente is something VM has fully supported Keyleth in-- AND this is an underwater fight against a KRAKEN which they are NOT TRYING to kill. 2) This is a Kraken. A creature related to Titans (don't quote me on that please.). A KRAKEN in its own layer with *every* underwater advantage. People were going to be knocked unconscious from the get-go, especially since their #1 supporting player/main healer decided to bail with his daughter. 3)This episode happened over a year ago, but during that time, Ray was having a really, really rough week and a really bad day. Exhaustion does tend to kick in before midnight. Matt Mercer himself said she was close to an emotional breakdown at the end of this episode, and she even admitted to actually breaking into tears after the session. 4) Druids have massive skill sets. Marisha Ray has a life. She probably doesn't have the time to memorize her entire spell-list and every little detail about every little thing. And even if you do! Even if you memorize things after 5 years of playing, you screw up or misread things or don't remember correctly. It happens all the time! It may happen every session. It might just depend on the type of person you are. Brains are assholes sometimes. I don't want to go overboard, I'm just tired of seeing youtube comment after youtube comment blaming *just her* for all the flubs in this game-- in all the sessions, actually. I also get that you might not like Keyleth or Marisha as a viewer, but still, it is just incorrect to pin everything to one person, especially without context, and especially with pre-existing biases. Sorry for the rant.
Tom Clare (28 days ago)
0:10:57- Game begins 0:20:37- Vex the mermaid 0:39:55- Vox Machina plans 0:44:28- Grog vs Killer whale 0:51:15- All that planning for nothing 0:56:43- Keyleth inquires about her mother 1:01:08- Vax and Keyleth 1:13:18- Tary knows his knots 1:15:12- Grog speaks Common 1:15:48- Some call her Vax 1:20:44- Dotey keeping watch 1:23:39- The portal 1:34:32- What's a kraken like? 1:36:07- Part 1 ends 1:57:54- Break ends 2:05:32- Trinket emerges 2:15:30- One down 2:21:53- See you motherf**kers 2:23:19- Tary's stealth skills 2:24:28- Release the kraken! 2:25:24- Initiative 2:37:56- Second lodestone 2:40:01- Tentacles of doom 2:57:20- Davy Jones' locker 3:09:59- Ink cloud 3:16:10- Sea Hag! 3:27:05- All part of the plan 3:28:48- Percy gazing 3:34:00- Keyleth's fireball 3:42:17- Last lodestone 3:45:00- O friendly bear 4:00:35- Electric eels 4:03:15- Matt hates eveyone 4:24:04- Percy makes his escape 4:25:20- Oh crap 4:27:55- “Now you've made me angry.” 4:45:40- Kraken speaks again 4:58:17- Escape from the kraken 5:02:23- Tary's shooting skills 5:02:48- … 5:03:34- A narrow escape 5:07:50- Betrayal 5:08:42- Tary's insurance 5:10:41- Percy takes action (Liam GIF at 5:11:01) 5:14:02- The end run
EmmaW5 (29 days ago)
With the similarities between residuum and lodestones, I wonder if White stone is actually composed of fossils, and the way of making residuum glass and lodestones are both ways of "purifying" or otherwise rendering the original components into a magical essence, whether via magical creature (kraken) or via a process (residuum). Just a thought, but it popped into my head around 1:30:00
Phil Capewell (1 month ago)
“The trials and tribulations or taryington daryngton” will read like the sillmariillion
Melting_Pot (1 month ago)
I'm just watching this now.. I do hope they stumble upon a squatting kraken...just to see the fan-art for it..
Melting_Pot (1 month ago)
if they ever do a discworld based cosplay/game, Taliesin should be Vetinari, Travis would be Detritus, Sam could be Nobby, Laura would be Angua, Liam could be Vimes, and Marisha would be Magrat
CrispyCake Productions (1 month ago)
Wouldnt the water pressure implode everyone skulls a mile underwater?
Hannah Rich (1 month ago)
I love Doty. He's so cute.
Sean Field (1 month ago)
I know this is very late, but keyleths fireball was a... "firekraker!"
Jack O' Lantern (1 month ago)
Bless her heart but Marisha went full moron this episode. You know it’s bad when Matt literally has to tell her what to do to survive the encounter
Nathaniel Ranney (13 days ago)
Jack O' Lantern She wasn't in a good mental state. Apparently some nasty shit happened the day before that messed her up pretty badly. https://www.reddit.com/r/criticalrole/comments/6r29aq/spoilers_e106_the_official_marisha_ama_thread/#bottom-comments
Mijee Bergbauer (1 month ago)
Man, I remember stressful dnd sessions that last way too long at the end of a long day. Exhaustion and frustration are very reasonable and goes to show how much they care about this game. Props to all of them for this episode
Wait, you are not REEEEEing? What universe is this where there are nice and understanding comments on Critical Role?
Vít Savický (1 month ago)
Is it just me or did Vax roll the Death Saving Throw without advantage?
Vít Savický (1 month ago)
I love all of you, but for the love of everything, don't do another 5+ hour episode. It takes a toll on you and the last hour and a half was kinda painful to watch. Please don't torture yourselves. :)
Arusiek90 (1 month ago)
Interesting environment to have an adventure in. The only thing that always irked me with water breathing spells in games/fantasy is that really rarerly people remember about the second and possibly more dangerous aspects of deep sea. Temperatures and pressure. Are there any official rules or guides for DnD when it comes to the deeps? Still watching the episode so I may see it still. It's going to be hillarious when they remember that whales in fact need atmospheric air to breathe.
Mikel Smith (1 month ago)
I usualy don't complain about Keyleth, is just a character and every one has theyr own preferences BUT damn this chapter was HARD to see because of her. I had to watch it in 2 parts 7 days apart. I guet the role playing thing but damn stop sreaming so much.
Nathaniel Ranney (13 days ago)
Mikel Smith She was having an anxiety attack apparently. Some bad stuff happened to her, IRL and it carried over here. Matt explained it on Reddit.
TitaniumTeddyBear (1 month ago)
Giant squids get 11 attacks per round. Wait. Read that first sentence again. ELEVEN attacks, per round. Not dire giant squid, or undead giant squid, or fey-touched giant squid. Just the regular ones. Trust me people: Matt was going extremely easy on them.
Geistsoul13 (1 month ago)
This was the toughest episode to get through so far.
Shaklor (1 month ago)
Great episode. I loved this wish there was a drunk Marisha 2x speed on her turns.
Nicholas Ledbetter (1 month ago)
Keyleth is literally a worse d&d player than all 3 of my players who are level 1 and currently battling fucking goblins😧 smdh... don't give her liquor...
Nicholas Ledbetter (1 month ago)
Don't think they need to drink and play😂😂 they are SO off game tonight
Joshkaposh (1 month ago)
0:10:57- Game begins 0:20:37- Vex the mermaid 0:39:55- Vox Machina plans 0:44:28- Grog vs Killer whale 0:51:15- All that planning for nothing 0:56:43- Keyleth inquires about her mother 1:01:08- Vax and Keyleth 1:13:18- Tary knows his knots 1:15:12- Grog speaks Common 1:15:48- Some call her Vax 1:20:44- Dotey keeping watch 1:23:39- The portal 1:34:32- What's a kraken like? 1:36:07- Part 1 ends 1:57:54- Break ends 2:05:32- Trinket emerges 2:15:30- One down 2:21:53- See you motherf**kers 2:23:19- Tary's stealth skills 2:24:28- Release the kraken! 2:25:24- Initiative 2:37:56- Second lodestone 2:40:01- Tentacles of doom 2:57:20- Davy Jones' locker 3:09:59- Ink cloud 3:16:10- Sea Hag! 3:27:05- All part of the plan 3:28:48- Percy gazing 3:34:00- Keyleth's fireball 3:42:17- Last lodestone 3:45:00- O friendly bear 4:00:35- Electric eels 4:03:15- Matt hates eveyone 4:24:04- Percy makes his escape 4:25:20- Oh crap 4:27:55- “Now you've made me angry.” 4:45:40- Kraken speaks again 4:58:17- Escape from the kraken 5:02:23- Tary's shooting skills 5:02:48- … 5:03:34- A narrow escape 5:07:50- Betrayal 5:08:42- Tary's insurance 5:10:41- Percy takes action (Liam GIF at 5:11:01) 5:14:02- The end run
Joshua Tellier (1 month ago)
God I hate Marisha. "Roll and add your wisdom modifier." "Ok, so I roll a strength check?"
Nathaniel Ranney (13 days ago)
Joshua Tellier She was drunk, tired(this was a 5 hour game past midnight) and having an anxiety attack. Matt explained things on Reddit. Marisha has a life outside the game, and some nasty stuff happened to her the day befpre, and it carried over. Here's an explanation from her over on Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/criticalrole/comments/6r29aq/spoilers_e106_the_official_marisha_ama_thread/#bottom-comments
Joshua Tellier (1 month ago)
Con + wisdom? Where does she even come up with these things?
Jeff Montgomery (1 month ago)
“Whoever actually succeeded from hitting something from the inside” In my last campaign our monk landed the final blow against a Tarrasque from the inside.
Brandon Johnson (1 month ago)
Can we just get rid of Keyleth already? She’s worse to watch then Tiberius was, and that’s saying a lot.
churroman29 (1 month ago)
New Rule: You want to summon/animal shape/polymorph? You bring the stats to the game. Please help your dm :).
churroman29 (1 month ago)
Take a shot everytime Liam interrupts Matt to say, "--I'm hasted".
Perpetual Cowlick (1 month ago)
Does anyone know physics? As soon as that gun goes off, and the bullet hits water, the incompressible material is going to shred that bullet to tiny peices of impotent lead.
Micalmus The First (1 month ago)
That fan art or sailor Terry was incredible.
skeeve55 (1 month ago)
yeah just sending sneaky people is a stupid idea anyways.
AncientSlugThrower (1 month ago)
skeeve55 Keyleth and Vax stealth in. Water breathing, Freedom of Movement. Take the compass, track the stones, plane shift out. No Kraken disturbed, mission accomplished.
Tristan Rocha (1 month ago)
The Grog and Keyleth show. One is all brawn, the other is... well...
mariana maruca (1 month ago)
Tired Matt is best Matt :3
Sora75013 (1 month ago)
For rewatching purpose: 2:33:11 watch starts talking
TheRainSnake (1 month ago)
"How many Grogs can it eat?" That foreshadowing.
Cassie Barns (1 month ago)
1:21:11 LOOK AT MATT'S CAM! The angle change was so fucking perfect! XD
Tyler (1 month ago)
Marisha... ffs.
Nathaniel Ranney (13 days ago)
Tyler She was having a really shitty week(been explained numerous times). Shit happens that carries over sometimes. Happens to the best of us.
yojimarusilverfang (1 month ago)
Man... transforming into a Hagfish would have been SO helpful against that kraken and it's grapples. VM could have slimed their way right out of those tentacles.
Jeff Carse (1 month ago)
It's hilarious that Matt gave them the answer to all their problems during the fight. "Freedom of movement" "can not be restrained" READ YOUR SPELLS!
Jeff Carse (1 month ago)
What? What? What's the druid doing? I don't understand gibberish
ReplacedByDrumbot (1 month ago)
This episode should be called "Matt goes TPK"
Isaya Ragnes (2 months ago)
I'm amazed no one said "GOD HELP US ITS WATER LEVEL"
Apexx27 (2 months ago)
wow this was intense
Apexx27 (2 months ago)
im excited and sad to be getting this close to the end i really want to start the second campaign though very torn haha
Jeff Stier (2 months ago)
Please please read your spells. I love this show but the lack of understanding of how to use your powers is so hard to watch.
Jeff Stier (1 month ago)
Their role play is top notch but there lack of skill at roll play is killing them at the higher levels.
Kyle Knight (2 months ago)
Matt literally just said with advantage and Liam rolled once, got a 1 and everyone just went "Yea he doesn't haven't advantage anymore I guess lol"
Libby Palmer (2 months ago)
Travis's exasperated look at 3:21:24 at Laura says it all 😂😂
Ed Collins (2 months ago)
no more alcohol for vox machina
Ed Collins (2 months ago)
marisha must be drunk
Ed Collins (2 months ago)
marisha is terrible..needs to go ..such language
Ed Collins (13 days ago)
Sorry..they are equal right? No difference between men and women at all..no way no how...now me personally I don't speak that way to women because it isn't appropriate..it's how I was raised. But I'm berated for that philosophy..so they can choose to be treated like men get treated in the name of equality because they can handle it..or they have to admit their are differences between men and women and how they are treated. It's one or the other...they can't pull the girl card when it suits them.
Nathaniel Ranney (13 days ago)
Ed Collins Speaking as somebody who used to actually hate SJWs(I don't anymore. I grew up. I'm a moderate leftist) I've seen some nasty things leveled at Girl Gamers like Felicia Day, Marisha Ray, and my own sister. What she said is not wrong. Granted there are some absolutely insane SJWs out there(used to be friends with one before we had a falling out), but what Matt, Marisha and the cast speak about are real issues. You'll probably end up disagreeing with a lot of their views. Good luck, man.
Ed Collins (13 days ago)
Actually she blamed her Twitter hate on the fact she was female. Saying had she been a male it wouldn't happen. Lovely social justice warrior feminist BS. Untoward insults can be cruel but she brings alot of it on herself then plans male privilege. Whatever
Nathaniel Ranney (13 days ago)
Ed Collins And Marisha actually hates that. It took Matt forever to convince her to speak out against the people saying nasty things to her. She's not as selfish as a lot of people make her out to be. She posted on twitter some nasty screenshots and used it as a chance to talk about cyberbullying. Making her sit out the session would most likely have made it worse. Don't forget that D&D is an escape for a lot of people. She was noticeably better, next week of course. Did you see the wedding present a fan sent? The literal handmade chest? That made her entire week from what she and Matt said.
Ed Collins (13 days ago)
Sorry, but as her fiance' and DM perhaps he should not have exposed her to the public drunk and under a ton of stress. Fiance' mode would be to protect her from that humiliation and to hell with the show must go on BS.
Ed Collins (2 months ago)
enough freakin EMO elf crap
Ed Collins (2 months ago)
be a great white shark they don't need air...killer whales can drown
Lasciel The-Fallen (2 months ago)
Electric eels are fresh water not saltwater. Too much fast and loose with the rules enabling them to get out of this stickey wicket called the Kraken.
Nathaniel Ranney (13 days ago)
Lasciel The-Fallen If you knew your D&D lore, you'd know the Elemental Plane of water can house both fresh, and saltwater aquatic life.
gabthegreat01 (2 months ago)
"JUST TOSS THE NITWIT THROUGH THE DOOR!" Why was that so funny?!?!
Karen Flanagan (2 months ago)
i died when marisha and liam did the final fantasey victory fanfare cause i did it at the same time
Soldier4USA2005 (2 months ago)
Every time Marisha yelled "load stone", as a way to get someone to grab it, I wanted to smack the shit out of her. Half the group is either grappled or swallowed. Why didn't she go for it??? What I heard in my head was, "I know half of y'all or potentially going to die, but we need to get this thing and I'm not going to do it myself."
clara zhang (2 months ago)
This was stressful for everyone... including the viewers!
Matthew Litteral (2 months ago)
Grumpy DM, been there.
Dimitri LK (2 months ago)
i'm just confused rn.. why didn't they do alter self/animal shapes before encountering the kraken, like planned? why didn't keyleth go water elemental? why is this such a... mess
Cardinal Biggles (2 months ago)
Liam manages to be the Emo drama queen without even speaking :D
M Tyler (2 months ago)
This is an excruciating episode. WOW.
Dan Morewood (2 months ago)
Even Percy was getting frustrated with Keyleth during this...
Diogenes Rex (2 months ago)
50:00 Travis is flippin' done right now.
Jinxtah (2 months ago)
It's amazing for how many hours they've played, Marisha is still super shit at her class. I know there are a lot of spells, but at this point they have played hundreds and hundreds of hours. At least research what's useful. Freedom of movement let's say. There are so many options open to her, but she prefers to argue and meta game. Maybe if she didn't spend so much time giggling like a little schoolgirl with Talesin, she'd be useful for once.
Kyouko Tsukino (2 months ago)
Vox Machina versus the TPKraken. Keyleth's final exam killed Vax. I'm sure that happened to some boyfriend somewhere in real life.
space bar jnr (2 months ago)
Didn't vax have advantege in death saving throws?
Ravstar 52 (2 months ago)
I feel like that entire fight would have been easier if they could have killed the kraken. the "don't kill it" was an interesting addition on Mercer's part.
Kody Hobbs (2 months ago)
@geek&Sundry just so you know, the podcast for this episode only lasts 30 minutes
Azurulia Claremont (2 months ago)
This was so painful to watch. A large part of me just wanted to skip the rest of the fight as more and more time went on. Ultimately, I think the biggest flaw that Marisa has is something that might surprise people: She is a poor writer. She doesn't know how to write her character and give it development in a way that doesn't contradict itself often in roleplay and actions. From there her second and third major flaws are pretty obvious: She doesn't prepare or pay attention enough. I don't by any means _hate_ Marisa. However when someone faces such a _phenomenal_ amount of *criticism,* (Not hate. Yes. There is a difference.) there's a _pretty good chance_ a lot of it is rightly placed. Hell. This episode _alone_ is enough evidence to make a court case for it.
latias00latios (2 months ago)
Love how keyleth listens hard enough to metagame but never enough to hear important details that matter like the necklace means you can talk underwater without gargling
legionofacre (2 months ago)
Keyleth druidcrafting a bracelet to make it easier to scry is actually a great idea if they hadn't already met before
hand banana (2 months ago)
4:01:17 so that's why matt stressed her out by saying what do you choose over and over again.
Andrew Allen (2 months ago)
I actually feel bad for both Matt and Marisha during this episode. I get that people are frustrated with Marisha, I understand completely but good lord give her a break. She was clearly panicking NUMEROUS times and didn't have the right mind to operate her character all that well. Was it frustrating? Yes. Very. But at the end of the day, this is a game, she was stressed, tired and knowing the group, probably slightly drunk... I think people expect so freakin much at of these players. As for Matt, he looked like he was absolutely DONE after Sam's comment when Marisha and Liam left the room. From that point on, he seemed incredibly frustrated. Again, I don't blame him. A late night with players freaking out, its difficult. I love this group and want the best for all of them... This was just a rough episode... A rough episode that shouldn't represent all they are.
Nathaniel Ranney (13 days ago)
Andrew Allen She also had a rough day before this, and it carried over. https://www.reddit.com/r/criticalrole/comments/6r29aq/spoilers_e106_the_official_marisha_ama_thread/#bottom-comments
Ellisar Atranimus (2 months ago)
Why... why did she not once go water elemental whilst fighting in water?
owzzyboi (3 months ago)
13:55 Part 1 Begins 56:42 Questions for Uvenda 1:01:01 Vax speaks with Keyleth 1:04:50 Be my Wing-man? 1:13:15 Do you knot? 1:15:55 Don’t bring up the daddy issues 1:18:22 You look really excited 1:19:45 Doty, the modern Trinket 1:25:08 Childhood dreams coming true 1:58:00 End of Break, maps maps maps 2:05:55 Trinket 2:16:35 Lodestone 1 2:23:15 oh no, a nat 1 2:24:04 OH NO, A NAT 1 2:25:25 swiggity swinsitive roll some initiative 2:33:18 heartrates go up 2:38:10 Lodestone 2 2:27:20 belly of the beast 1 3:13:35 summoning, an age-old war 3:34:00 MVP Keyleth 3:41:30 Keyleth, unconscious 3:42:35 Lodestone 3 3:56:32 Frustration begins 4:01:16 & 4:03:30 Frustration pays off 4:26:00 Unconscious and swallowed 4:59:55 Up and outta’ there 5:02:50 oh that’s…that’s bad. That’s real bad. 5:04:22 Game changer 5:07:55 sudden but inevitable betrayal 5:10:45 the best of ‘friends’ 5:18:40 clutch bruh 5:19:41 End o’ game
Bwddodson (3 months ago)
3:21:28 hands down my favorite part of this whole episode 😂 the look Travis gives the camera is wonderful 😂😂
UnboundImagination (3 months ago)
Marisha is starting to ruin the show for me. I have recently started to wonder how an intelligent, talented man like Matt deals with her in their relationship. At the end of the day it is only a game but it is really showing that she is just a bit stupid. At least the awesomeness of Liam, Sam, Laura and Travis is compensating.
Alex Goldberger (3 months ago)
UnboundImagination What a cruel, ignorant thing to say. Yep, you’re a Youtube commenter alright.
hunter559 (3 months ago)
This one was rough to watch. It seemed like some actual anger between a few people here.
arachnophilegrrl (3 months ago)
I’m having flashbacks to the underwater level in Cataclysm. 😋🤣
Blaergh (3 months ago)
Anyone else getting some Fungeons and Flagons vibes here? :)
Andonios Platsidakis (3 months ago)
Marisha you’re drunk....go home.
A P (3 months ago)
i love it when the players do something that matt doesn't expect and he goes "oh shit"
Hibiki715 (3 months ago)
Feeling bad for Matt after seeing Saberpark's video on Leo The Lion.
Wout V.M. (3 months ago)
Always so complicated. Seems more like something Keyleth should do alone or with 1 other person only, instead of the whole party... Turn invisible in mer-form, let one other create a distraction to be sure the creature has other things to focus on and take what you need...
Wout V.M. (3 months ago)
I always wonder what goes through their minds when they're planning. They're everything but dumb players, but they seem to have this impression of the game that it needs to be overly dramatic and difficult, when it can be done smooth and efficiently. When the solution is simple they seem to disregard it, because they think Matt will punish them for the simplicity and directness of the plan. Idk. It intrigues as much as it bugs me. But they'll always be a party that, in the end, does things on the fly and manages to luck their way out of a situation that goes completely south.
Klaus Gaming (3 months ago)
That's right. The objective was just to collect some lodestones and avoid the creature. There was no need to bring the entire party along. I'd say that, since it's her Aramente, Keyleth should have made the decision to take Vax and Vex with her to stealthy search for the lodestones and make the rest stay back, at the rift.
dramasweety (3 months ago)
Great episode! I'm trying to figure out what Taliesin said to Marisha at 2:08:01 that made her laugh so hard. "Someday you're going to," MUMBLE "That face."
NickTheMCMaster (3 months ago)
Jesus, I wish someone else would've just taken over Keyleth at some point during this battle. Sober Marisha is bad enough, but drunk she knew exactly nothing about what was going on at any time. She couldn't even figure out what she had already done the previous round.
Sh'non Roy (3 months ago)
Lol, "I approve of this" nice.

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