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The GTA 5 Downfall | How Rockstar Destroyed It's Own Masterpiece

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Gta 5 and online create one of the most influential products that gaming has ever seen, even in 2018 and rockstars next money maker is right around the corner. With red dead 2 about to make its way on to screen, gta 5 has seen a resurgence with online booming. But the reality is that rockstars magnum opus is extremely flawed, and incredibly great regardless of review. No gta 5 review no amount of online play or shark cards is going to change that reality. Today we look in front of red dead 2 to see what came before. BIG SHOUTOUT TO LOGIC FILMS WHO I MISSED IN THE CREDITS! PLEASE GO CHECK THEIR CHANNEL OUT!
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Cleanprincegaming (3 months ago)
What do you guys think about what you’ve seen of red dead redemption 2 so far? What do you want to see from red dead 2 online? Do you want it to be similar to gta? Would you be disappointed to not get single player dlc this time around? Non cap clip credits below! Twitter: cleanprincegame Patreon: clean prince Non cap credits: ketegazo, IGN, mikel, the deli
Muhammad Ehsan (7 days ago)
Fuck u GTA 5 is great
James Quinn (28 days ago)
But rockstar didnt destroy this masterpiece lol it is the best GTA since San Andreas
z (29 days ago)
Cleanprincegaming Did you seriously describe Trevor as a ‘radical conservative’? The drug dealing, drug taking immigrant ? I guess you think that conservative just means red neck lol... how about the mission with the border control guys who are ACTUALLY radical conservatives and he hates their guts and murders them for being retarded ? There is literally NOTHING conservative about Trevor you fucking idiot.
Tristan Mixon (1 month ago)
Even if it's somewhat a disappointment to you do you still think it's fun and good?
mnudge (1 hour ago)
If they had added more single player content as much as they did for the online portion of the game it would’ve actually been a perfect game. That being said it wasn’t a terrible game, probably San Andreas had a lot more to offer for its time. Hopefully they learn from that (highly doubt it).
McGremlin (1 hour ago)
Bro GTA is rated M Ea makes games like star wars that are rated E money in Mature rated game is not a big subject big when kids involved its bad i dont know why moms let their 6 years old plays this buy im not the parent so....
Cityzen Blue (12 hours ago)
Masterpiece?? Don't make me laugh. Biggest disappointment in my gaming life. Haven't played it since 2014, boring as fuck. Every single other GTA was better than this trash. So glad I grew up in a time when games were fun, at least I have the memories.
elliot campbell (15 hours ago)
I've never bought anything on Gta online and I'll be honest I still had a good time and had a lot of the new stuff just by playing missions , yer I could of just paid and bought everything but that's just for the lazy kids
elliot campbell (15 hours ago)
Gta online was good when they released heists then anything past that it's just meh, not bad just meh
Brandon Davis (15 hours ago)
I like a private server lobby. Im tired of screeching kids griefers and angry virgins being douche bahs bc they cant get laid. Ive met cool people playing online but most are just pricks with mommy issues. Gta5 has some of the worst people playing. I hope rdr2 will be better.
Screll (16 hours ago)
Its not read dead 2. Its 3 ffs
Patrick (17 hours ago)
Its not GTA anymore since the military bullshit and flying cars and stuff full of rockets
perfect paul (21 hours ago)
Never spent a dime on GTAV and I have earned over $40,000,000 in the online mode over 4 years.
mike cotty (1 day ago)
Flying cars
Lana F. (1 day ago)
The biggest Reason that it’s falling is probably Fortnite which makes so mad.
GTA 6 better be 1 person story line.
WW vdH (2 days ago)
The only reason they get away with it is because they at least delivered a good game to play. Except for the loading times the game handles great. And it is not Rockstar to blaim, but Take Two Interactive who is after the money grind. Just name their publisher more often, since it's their fault and not Rockstars.
what I hate in online? Some freaking trolls ruining a mission when you are almost done or people that want to drive while they suck at it. And lets no forget the dude that will follow you the whole way to kill you but when you kill him either he is gonna send reinforcement to you or set a high bounty like 10k.
Kevin Mason (2 days ago)
I am so done with people crying about how expensive things are in GTA Online. When I first started playing online, back when online was brand new the most expensive thing in that game was the Buzzard at 1.75 million. You know how we paid for it? By running Coveted and Pot Shot over and over and over and over at twenty to thirty grand a run. Now you can run million dollar heists while your coke lockup and bunker passively fill with a million dollars in product. Shit you can even have your nightclub neatly gather it all together for one simple sale. "Waaaah, waaah but shark cards and four million dollar cars". Fuck off. It has NEVER been easier to make money in GTA Online. Don't like shark cards? Neither do I, that's why I don't buy them. As long as people buy them they'll always be there. I mean seriously, you think a company, a business is going to stop producing something that generates profit for them?
Jordan Sanchez (3 days ago)
Yo the majid Jordan in the beginning tho
Kaneki Ken (3 days ago)
I could be wrong but I sincerely doubt red dead 2 online will be anything like GTA 5 online. The biggest reason being is our motivations and what we'll be after in online. I don't think people complained about GTA online because it seemed so obvious there would be micro transactions in a game all about money and living lavishly. Red dead isn't like that at all, its more about hunting people down or playing different game modes with your friends or posse against others or just taking in the world with your friends. You aren't going to be buying houses, cars, horses and pimping them out or dozens of guns with tons of attachments like GTA 5. I can't really wrap my head around how they would be able to suck money out of you like they did GTA 5 and even in GTA 5 I had gotten so much money through legit means years ago that once I bought everything that was most expensive at the time I dropped the game afterwards because it got boring. I really believe the multiplayers of both those series were vastly different and they will continue to be so and micro transactions won't be as big a problem as you or others may think.
Whiterabbit 128 (3 days ago)
GTA 5 is so overrated
Jwill OFE (3 days ago)
Grand theft auto changed since gta5..gta4 was better because everything was original. The guns, cars, etc is what you get. Everyone all had the same access to the same things. For instance... The airport was the best place to hang in gta4. Gta5... No one's really social anymore. You instantly get killed by another player if you get too close.
Steve GG (3 days ago)
$50 bucks huh? I spend more on my little brothers fortnight account....
Donntavius Graves (4 days ago)
They could care less about what we want. Because they want MONEY
Emil Caspiani (4 days ago)
To sum up GTA V great release Poor updating
ForkKnifeSux (5 days ago)
The idiots that spend money on GTA online virtual currency have ruined Rockstar and most of modern gaming.
Dushawn 5 (5 days ago)
Its not rockstar its take 2 putting a gun up to their head forcing them to milk money out of the people who support them
RJPUBG Mobile (5 days ago)
Gta is still the best
iDerekMC (5 days ago)
ONLINE MODE IS more important than single player, single player games suck XD
Justin Thunder (5 days ago)
For me this new documentary format everyone is using now is getting a bit cringey
Anti-HyperLink (5 days ago)
Red dead 2 has been out for years you fucking idiot
Anti-HyperLink (5 days ago)
"Essay" No.
Nooo Disaster (5 days ago)
You're talking too softly in this video. It sounds like you're whispering under the music
Quadcopter Crazy (6 days ago)
Alot of people dont give rockstar a pass for micro transactions. Have you ever gone on facebook and seen the comments on GTA videos, nearly everyone comments on the b.s micro transactions.
Logic-Films (6 days ago)
You could've at least given us credit for using our clips🤷‍♂️ Not to mention that we don't want to connected to anything about a downfall of a mainly featured game on our channel.
TheKaan14 (3 days ago)
You came 3months late lol
MCN (6 days ago)
Logic-Films yeah this guys a fuckstick
MearMan123 (6 days ago)
Why are these “(insert popular game or movie title) downfall or self destruct” videos becoming more and more common? Everyone is entitled to there own opinion but these videos are starting to oversaturate YouTube which just goes to show you they really aren’t that bad...gta V was a great game sure there were problems with it but the story was flawlessish and the multiplayer was cancerous with vehicles that needed to be nerfed but the hype dying down is just because it’s a 5 fucking year old game...it’s a good game it didn’t have a downfall just leave it
Edward Hyde III (6 days ago)
Honestly when I play GTA 5 I can't think of anything to do
box guy (6 days ago)
CammaBit (7 days ago)
Lovin all the dislikes from the GTA soy boys because the game they love so much got critiqued on genuine points. You're all very impressive.
GladiatoR (7 days ago)
Do you guys remember the gun sounds from GTA IV , they were soo good lol
turboboostintsi (7 days ago)
I never paid for money I just play and save.
TheAnimeCommunist (8 days ago)
I don't really care about online, I just hope the single player part of their games are fufiling
JoeRedeemer (8 days ago)
I mean, have you played EA? Rockstar may be profit driven, but they're not EA
MrStickman13579 (8 days ago)
You keep RDR2 outta this!!!!!!
Dcseal (8 days ago)
Really? Did they really destroy it? Seems to me like they destroyed the gameplay for us, but in doing created a literal lisence to print money via every DLC being optimized to the MAX for incentive to buy shark cards. Rockstar is the most brilliant scamming industry ever.
JabberCT (8 days ago)
I lasted until level 52 online. Played solo 99% of the time. Did all the races and skydives, most contact missions, some survivals, bought the weasel 101 apartment and a few vehicles, and got bored. Fuck online.
sungjin008 (9 days ago)
Mafia 3 > GTA V
Eric Nelson (9 days ago)
It's true ..fuck online ..they focused too much on it. I've been playing since 2 ..at the end they turned evil and focused on money...literally someone took everything and tainted it,it's only right gta goes down as well...
Bob Marley (9 days ago)
I fucking hate your voice!
Mista Scott (10 days ago)
They've run out of ideas and still no mansions to buy. I wont hold my breath that I can buy a ranch in RDR2.
Fuck GTA Online! For me, GTA is the singleplayer experience, and the game is almost ruined by one single huge flaw... ...the police! They are everywhere, and they see and hear everything. It's like they didn't want you to have fun like you did in every other GTA before V!!
Selim Sultan Akbar (10 days ago)
Stupid ass video. Fucking geeks.
Dinky Dees (11 days ago)
Is GTA online really to blame for no single player DLC or was the fact that a new console generation started as soon as it was released? I think both. The company doubled sales by releasing the same game twice only a year after its initial release. I've never bought a shark card. However I've bought the same game a total of three times. If GTA IV cost 100 million to produce and number V cost more than double that, can they be blamed for not making single player DLC? I'd be curious to know their true reasons. I'm sure there are analytics they have that show the number of players that have actually finished single player content of the core games and their respective DLC's and they are more than likely laughable compared to how much time players just dink around in them, get bored and hop into online to play with friends and cause grief to others. Is Rockstar to blame? Of course but fault also lays on the player/community as well. I have spent countless hours completing the single player 100% twice and also spending hundreds of hours online earning money "legit" to play heists with friends and the countless other activities all without purchasing a shark card. When I think about the children buying shark cards it just makes me happy about how good Red Dead will be because Rockstar's resources continue to grow five years after their previous game.
iBanz (11 days ago)
They didn't touch the story mode though. That was the masterpiece. GTA online was more like a playground, fuck it all....
KINDLE (11 days ago)
GTA is BORING. Seriously. You work your cut-throat job, try to bang your floppy wife, & afford nice shit to compensate for a unfulfilling life & THEN want to go home & play that same scenario? I'll stick to my Witcher, Titan, Urks & green-grass landscapes all the same! And south park! Gotta love South Park! "I'm not your Buddy, Guy!!
tylerboy565 (12 days ago)
Take-Two are the ones that are money hungry and ruined the game. Stop blaming Rockstar, they develop it. They don't make the marketing and microtransaction decisions.
Raw som (12 days ago)
Something I haven't seen in this yet but notice how they stretch out the driving distance so missions take longer? And its all just Drive or fly to x and back there's not really any substance. Online missions are like a sandwich with just bread theres literaly a nightclub mission where you just hang up flyers! Not to mention the sudden auto aim headshots that the AI does which wrecks the whole heist or setup and thats if you can connect or no one lags out. And as he said the prices are way to high combine that with relatively low payouts and upkeep on things like Businesses are so high demand on time and still cost cash after initial purchase even if you don't buy supplies that are also too expensive. I get Mico transactions paying for the DLC but it should be at most a month grind (Depending on amount of content released) or $20.00 Not more than the game itself is worth.
the GTA nerd (12 days ago)
Hopefully red dead 2 won't be a GTA online jr
Super Saiyan Stoner (12 days ago)
Micro transactios. You're welcome.
You idiots don’t know how business works do you, hit me up and I’ll explain this, because this platform dlc release isn’t by accident. 🤣morons
Franko Schneider (12 days ago)
I think rdr2 is gonna be pretty good and I'm excited to play it. Honestly probably won't even touch the multiplayer to much if at all. These games were always single player experiences. The multiplayer for me feels like a whole different game, and that's how rockstar seems to present it as well.
TheAmericanRedhead (13 days ago)
I loved online because I had a modded acc with 1 billion dollars, after buying nearly everything its down to 500 mil
Ben Robinson (14 days ago)
But lets be honest no one pays for shark cards. And i like the fact you have to work hard to get money. And once you got some business you can make good money so don't think GTA is bad
Golden Eagle (14 days ago)
no they didnt destroy it rather made it even better
Ye4rZero (14 days ago)
after vice city they didn't want to innovate anymore..
MrLarrybill (14 days ago)
You're a moron
jij niet (14 days ago)
Woow 9,7K backwards cunts in the comment section. That should be a record in the virgin community.....
Canyon Larson (14 days ago)
This guy just wants attention
baf.l (14 days ago)
I thought gta 5 stories and characters were really fucking disappointing
Hai Tran (14 days ago)
Looks like they are about to Ruin red dead 2 as well they are putting microtransactions in the single player now too.
Fresh Bluntz (14 days ago)
GTA V is a masterpiece and is not a disaster in any way possible, always got dumb fucks like these that cry about shit
Alex M (14 days ago)
Think about it like this: the more shark cards bought = the more resources can be put into red dead redemption 2. If there’s any company that deserves money, it’s rockstar. They’ve proven themselves time and time again. If people want to help support their next game by getting a boost in gta online, I’m fine with that.
King Allah (15 days ago)
When GTA 3 first came out on Ps2 I felt as if it was the best game of all time
Debomb8 Vlogs/gaming (15 days ago)
I haven’t bought a shark card, and I literally have trouble deciding what to buy next 😂 (I own all money making properties and all the militarized vehicles I could ever want)
Cristian Radulescu (15 days ago)
Trevor was the greatest character
Jim Bomb (15 days ago)
Ads throughout your video. haha. What a joke.
kung puk (16 days ago)
So, you can't play gta 5 without internet on xbox 360?
Doug Seidl (16 days ago)
Create a super realistic world, great! Wait, a car costs how much? The game would be SOOOOOOO much better if it had a real world economy. Make $1 worth $1. It's something you can build on. You work hard, rob a bank and get $15000. K, we have to do that 5 more times to get a decent SUV. Instead, you have to do it 50 times to to get a garbage car. Don't even get me started on motorcycle prices. Why do I have an underground bunker able to create weapons and sell them, only to make $60000 after hours and hours of grinding for materials? Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer is way more fun without all the grinding. Oh yeah, that's the other thing. Normal people can't fly airplanes and helicopters. GTA5 online would be better without them. I'm fine with someone being able to buy a tank, just balance it so I can buy an much cheaper weapon to take out that tank. If you introduce something that's OP, there has to be an inexpensive but specialized thing to defeat it.
David Kaser (17 days ago)
Online was fun when you could mod yourself money, but now you cannot do that. Rockstar has just become a money grab, and you know the trend will continue. I for one will not be purchasing any new rockstar games for that reason. The killed story mode updates for micro online transactions.
Lake God (17 days ago)
Mk2 oppressor. Under powered b11 strikeforce. Game is dead
likaboss7654 (17 days ago)
I thought GTAV was an awesome game, well worth the 20 dollars I purchased on steam. The free DLC helped expand the longevity of the game and the campaign is really entertaining. I enjoyed GTA online, the shark card issue really only pertains to console as I modded the shit out of the game on PC. I know their was an issue with modding on PC at first however the modding community always wins.
timothy limont (18 days ago)
Is it me or was that a ufo at 4:18
Terence Kearns (18 days ago)
I hope they don't fuck up red dead 2. There's always halflife 3 I guess ;) We're spoilt for choice.
We Will Follow Rangers (18 days ago)
The Difference Between GTA IV And GTA V is that GTA IV was actually Good.
We Will Follow Rangers (18 days ago)
When It comes to the Story GTA IV destroyed GTA V In Every Department.
We Will Follow Rangers (18 days ago)
I’d Rather They Remaster GTA IV Than Release gta 6 GTA IV Was The Best! GTA IV was the best, GTA V Sucked Dick!
Joe Paia (18 days ago)
I don't know how it's made and still making so much money that you would say it destroyed itself
Oleg Oleg (18 days ago)
I wouldn't overdramatize
Jack Johnson (18 days ago)
How does a $200 bonus sounds? Sounds like ublock origin
I have always loved Rockstar games but the Online is really fucked up, I mean cmon i'm trying to play a game where i can do things i can't do in real life and the way the game works just feels like second life or job!
Wolff (19 days ago)
Wow they actually managed to fuck up the whole franchise by 1 game. Props! 👏👏👏
Shocke89 (19 days ago)
title is misleading.... should be the downfall of gta online... not gta 5... most true gamers don't listen to little boys crying wolf either so if you watch this video take it for what it is.. a little boy crying wolf about a game that is still fun to play for most but since it doesn't interest him it's is clearly bad.
Who1dat2eat (19 days ago)
I see gta online as a free to play tbh and I paid for the story so I really couldn’t care about online lmao
Joe Way (19 days ago)
LOL thousands of employees... 265 million dollars... the fact that they wanted the three different characters system to shine... Yet all 3 characters punch the exact sme
Logan N (19 days ago)
It's not pay to play, if that were true you could buy a shark card and fully customize a vehicle at level 1, you can't you still have to unlock things. You can make an argument for people level 135 and up but anything under is simply not true. The biggest issue with GTA Online is that it's community cancerous people will fly around in a jet, or ride around in a tank and kill you while youre minding your business, but when you kill them they go in passive mode and go and get another pegasus vehicle. As for prices of vehicles, I'm completely okay with them being that high, the people buying those stupid things are the reason the games cancer, people like that don't even do anything other than free roam so I'm okay with them asking their mom for $50. In all seriousness though it is not hard to make money in gta V I bought a night club and it's literally making money for me, all I need to do is be in online and I'm making money. Not to mention all the custom games rockstar makes double cash, it is so easy to make money in that game, people are just idiots and grind the heists and get bored.
Gareth Wentley (20 days ago)
Great video!
Top Brand media - (20 days ago)
“Greed has poisoned men’s souls” Charlie Chaplin
BLACK JESUS (20 days ago)
Ya all people like Gta 5 is best game Free dlc Story is great More Updates After some years Ya time to shit about it because im bored
MidwestOutsider707 (21 days ago)
Take Two fucked up GTA, Strass Zelnick fucked up Rockstar and were the reason Leslie Benzies got kicked out of the company
Ken Masters (22 days ago)
There is not much to do in the game, it's huge but empty content wise
Alberto Estrada (22 days ago)
Even send the address is better than GTA V GTA V really really sucks I hope they never made GTA 6 because does no hope look at GTA V really disappointment
Alberto Estrada (22 days ago)
Dude GTA V really sucks it is the worst game I ever seen and played in my entire life and a lot of people say that GTA online sucks and really agree two doors people GTA IV has a better story

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