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The GTA 5 Downfall | How Rockstar Destroyed It's Own Masterpiece

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Gta 5 and online create one of the most influential products that gaming has ever seen, even in 2018 and rockstars next money maker is right around the corner. With red dead 2 about to make its way on to screen, gta 5 has seen a resurgence with online booming. But the reality is that rockstars magnum opus is extremely flawed, and incredibly great regardless of review. No gta 5 review no amount of online play or shark cards is going to change that reality. Today we look in front of red dead 2 to see what came before.
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Cleanprincegaming (2 months ago)
What do you guys think about what you’ve seen of red dead redemption 2 so far? What do you want to see from red dead 2 online? Do you want it to be similar to gta? Would you be disappointed to not get single player dlc this time around? Non cap clip credits below! Twitter: cleanprincegame Patreon: clean prince Non cap credits: ketegazo, IGN, mikel, the deli
aes0p (3 days ago)
Kaptn Kush it's fairly easy to imagine a world without gta when you don't play it
Tilitus (3 days ago)
Im a PC gamer and havent even looked at the time. I loved the first RDR and will only tear up like a bitch if i see somehting i will never play.
D (3 days ago)
Cleanprincegaming it's all facts
Kaptn Kush (4 days ago)
Maybe because san andreas didnt had dlc.. they didnt put dlc in gta 5 san andreas... but in stead of that they have put gta online... with many many dlc's... crazy how ppl try to find shit on rockstars gta... just appriciate the game people.. if you like me played gta 1 gta london and gta 2 hardcore... i think you would have stop talking shit on gta... cause they come from a far way man without your guys help.. or dlc's.. can you just imagine a game world without GTA? Just the same fuckin COD or BF or FIFA or whatever every year? I think there would be lesser gamers... just let them be and enjoy there games... JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A CONTROLLER IN YOUR HANDS AND CONTROLL THE GAME DOESNT MEAN YOU CONTROL THE COMPANY AS WELL...... ( sorry for the spelling english isnt my first or second language).....kush out
Kaptn Kush (4 days ago)
Cleanprincegaming did san andreas had dlc?
Democrats are cunts (2 hours ago)
There shouldn't be an online GTA. I don't know anyone besides myself who bought it to play the game(story mode) instead of for the online gameplay. I'm sure there's people out there but I know it isn't common because I tell people I don't play online and I get shit for it. ALWAYS.
Jordon Little (4 hours ago)
All the content released in game is free and if you buy shark cards to get it then your ruining the game for yourself part of the fun is the grind doing missions/heists with friends to get the cool stuff you want, also what do you want them to do about the balance online you give people the chance to annoy others and they'll do it and you can't take powerful weapons and vehicles out that ruins the fun I just don't see why people can complain the campaign alone is worth £50 so anything online is a bonus, the reason companies like ea get shit is because every year fifa is the same and you get fucked over by content online that you can't get unless you buy microtransactions
Distarate (4 hours ago)
Great commentary, I agree with you and hope Rockstar won't go in the money grabbing direction like they did with GTA Online.
N!Mm0 (5 hours ago)
Remaster MW2 please
Earl Francart (6 hours ago)
one of their biggest mistakes is not bringing more to the single player aspect of the game, not all of us gamers give a shit about online play, and most gamers period want pay to win, or micro transactions, thats gonna bite rockstar in the ass, give us more of the three main characters, its not like they cant afford it, give us DLC for them, if they continue with world building, im sure they can bring in other areas from the GTA franchise, which again im sure they can afford to do, add patches to make the world destructible, they took a great game and made it a money pit for gamers.
Grobsop (8 hours ago)
Name an entertainment company that hasnt gone to shit.. and I know why the most fake and soleless entertainment in my life 2018 and it gets worse every year..
AFMakers (8 hours ago)
So, in conclusion, blame EA
TheSandboxTramp (8 hours ago)
Two weeks ago I started replaying the singleplayer and was blown away by it once more, so I decided to check out the online version, which would be my first ever online experience. I payed 7.99 euro for one month PS Plus, which by the way I think is a fucking disgrace. At first I was impressed, the fact that this world that I had come to adore was now populated by real people you could see walking and driving around, and vice versa, was amazing to me. The first time I stepped into a car with three other players, total strangers, to go on a mission I was nervous as hell, it was so exhilarating, not knowing what was gonna happen, it felt almost real. That feeling sadly disappeared shortly after when I discovered how shallow and repetitive almost every mission was. And the game throws its shit content in your face from the second you arrive, making you feel at loss for the lack of structure. Then I ran into a flying car that blasted me to bits from above ten times in a row and I said my goodbyes. GTA online to me feels kind of like the singleplayer after you've finished every single mission and start goofing around because you don't wanna leave yet, except this time you really do wanna leave. At least I did. Playing online for too long would probably ruin my chances of ever enjoying another replay of the singleplayer, and that I can't allow.
OfficialEpic222 (10 hours ago)
You know you've made a great game when it's still relevant and can somewhat hold it's own with brand new titles five years later, but this video is spot on, the economics in-game is just retarded... When it was first launched, apartments and hot cars were actually affordable, grind out a few missions and be able to purchase that supercar you wanted... Now it's like everything costs hundreds of millions of dollars... Which makes me clueless as to how so many players can legitimately afford those things without cheating for the money, I've played countless hours of missions and still haven't come close to the hundreds of millions, hell I can barely break the single digit millions to begin with...
Gaming Goof (11 hours ago)
Screw Online, everyone says SP sucks well guess what no it doesn't, good story and fun characters for one.
gann 72 (11 hours ago)
This video should've been 7 mins long and more succinct to the point. I lost what you were trying to get over when you rambled on about the story, which most already know. I then got bored and started jumping to the end.
nO tHANKS (12 hours ago)
Red Dead REDEMMMPTION 2 for crying out loud
DarshUK (12 hours ago)
The single player is incredible, the online is disgusting. And they chose to add to online instead of single player because of money instead of good will towards the fans who kept the company alive for over 20 years :/
nelson velasqueZ (12 hours ago)
They destroyed it by adding waaaay to many dlc’s, they could’ve used that time to make gta6
Tyler McCarthy (12 hours ago)
Great video, I cannot agree more with you about everything that’s ruined what was once the best game on Earth. Take care. ✌🏼
crazyrebl (13 hours ago)
Fuck R* greed
deathTo tusk (14 hours ago)
That's why I play CDPROJEKTRED games
Limey Figdet (14 hours ago)
GTA 5 is one of the most amazing and detailed open world games.
Quinton Kirk (15 hours ago)
Kids ruined gaming...anyone who actually works for their money isnt blowing it on in game transactions...(while some might) most ppl understand the value of money...but kids don't gaf they just blow money on in game stuff giving gaming companies the impression that they can get away with it
Brandon Gammon (16 hours ago)
I mean u do know they do not care at all about the game and at this point are just trying to stay relevant and squeeze money out of ppl like a sponge right?
fab u (18 hours ago)
8:27. Background chatter Wayy to loud i couldent understand what you were saying.
JustBrk (18 hours ago)
Well i just bought a ceo office import export werehouse and a bunker in 1-2 week if u know how to play it's not really hard
Joshua Bates (18 hours ago)
GTA V was insanely fun when everyone had cheated money and everybody had the option to have insanely cool vehicles, then they took it all away and I stopped playing.
First name Last name (20 hours ago)
The only thing I like about gta online is the fact that u can run a business but even that isn’t that great considering that u have to spend so much in game money to start one
KevinCS (21 hours ago)
I used to play GTA Online when it first came out on PC, i quit in 2016 though. I ended up making a few hundred million and I had the 5 most expensive houses at the time, as well as 50 cars, so I didn't really feel like there was a lot for me to do after that and that's why I quit. It sort of got boring after about 1,000 hours on PC as well as a few hundred hours on console before I had a PC that could run GTA 5 at decent settings. I never spent any money on shark cards though, so it was mainly a lot of grinding. *A LOT of Grinding*
Adrián Skultéty (22 hours ago)
It is not destroyed it is just no longer a casual game
Button Pusher (1 day ago)
Still playing it since launch😯
Craig Thomahawk (1 day ago)
Flying Deloreans ruined GTA online
Justin Kahananui (1 day ago)
40 mins to get 4 people required for heist, one guy DCs game over. wait another 40 mins just to start over.
ShumaiAxeman (1 day ago)
I play games to avoid interacting with other people. Stop making me play online game publishers! Lol
You are so wrong about GTA online being the most exploitative with new content you pay for. Madden Ultimate Team (MUT) is way worse. I spent $4000 on Madden 18 alone. Look at some of the competitive community comments. People wind up addicted, have trouble not spending $ and their lives become ruined. Oh and the depreciation is something as well. Not only are you paying up to $300/week if you want a bundle of each new content with only 3% chance of actually getting said content, in the form of “packs,” you then wait a month or two and it is not worth 1/10th of the original value. You need to talk with ppl on Muthead if you really want some horror stories. Ppl losing families, spouses, going bankrupt. It’s all there...
BigTex182 (1 day ago)
I remember being 14 and amazed at the game when it came out and the potential things they could add. Like a casino etc. But they didn't listen to fans at all and fucked it up.
Skye Murphy (1 day ago)
My first experience of GTA Online was around Christmas and I was on the server with a hacker who would spawn Christmas trees at people's locations and collecting them would give you $2k, it was a lovely time and I ended up with $6m which basically allowed me to get the stuff I needed and not have to worry about money which was neat.
lll Blood Goat lll (1 day ago)
You and many others need to learn what gta is and what gta classifies as greefing the carnage and chaos you see isn't greefing it's the very backbone the DNA of what gta is greefing in gta is a player sabotaging a job not what happends in freeroam as the core of gta has and always be anarchy. As for red dead lol it will do as it always has done kill the market. With that said yeah the microtrasactions are dumb as shit but I have never bought one I don't condone modding and I have just under two hundred million I own everything and I grinded all of it.. The micro crap is for lazy players not for real gamers.
SewerCat (1 day ago)
If we are gonna blame anyone for DLC and pay-to-win content ruining games blame the people buying the stuff. We complain about it but every year you see people throwing their money to the same companies that just screwed them over. Just don’t buy it. There’s CD projekt Red, there’s Santa Monica Studio, there’s Naughty Dog, there’s Nintendo and a whole army of indie devs just trying to make something fun. You can have fun without paying Rockstar and EA and Bethesda and Ubisoft a single cent. They’re not ruining gaming, we are by continuing to enable them not only to screw us but to buy up small, successful studios like Mojang and turn them into subscription or pay to win bullshit.
Curtis Newton (1 day ago)
gta5 is boring beyond belief
Richard Gesegnet (1 day ago)
Too ambitious to copy paste?
karilyin (1 day ago)
I've been playing GTA5 since launch but only this week tried online for the first time. What a shitshow. I'd rather play the single player again but shame there's no new story content.
Evžen Vargaa (1 day ago)
Lets be honest CJ, Tommy and most importantly Niko are better characters than GTA 5's characters.
Gacsam (1 day ago)
Destroyed it with the micro-transactions? What sort of a retard plays a single-player game online anyway XD
S. BEATS (1 day ago)
Single Player is slept on, if it wasn't for online more people would play it. Take my word its more interesting to play. I just wished it more focused on a gangster like story like VC and SA
Dozerduncan (1 day ago)
*It is own masterpiece*
@13:00 your an actual idiot gta VI is gonna make so much more money because of this
Lmfao I'm a multi million dollar person in gta online I started last month and I have never spent a cent on the game (other than when I bought it) maybe just get good at the game???
Milly Mahinra (1 day ago)
I wasn't supposed to say this; but here goes.... The Last of us (2013) has an online mode that 96% of the people completely ignored. It is better than any COD bullcrap in stores!!
jaevon jackson (1 day ago)
What gta5 had a online mode ? How did I miss this ? Please don't let any of the new games have microtransactions .
Jayco (1 day ago)
Excellent video! You hit the micro transaction problem right on the head and it’s sad to think this is now the way forward. GTA V was an awesome single player experience, but the online side turned into a narcissist’s wet dream.
Jay Ali (1 day ago)
Your wrong, gta online is not fun anymore because of modders(the pussy's)
lebasi prado (2 days ago)
What would have been cost to spend a quarter of the time that they spend in things for the online, to make the DLC sp that they promised so long ago ? I mean yeah okey, the multiplayer is good for business and maybe you will enjoy it, thats respetable but what about the people who play (and buy) the game for see the story, the carismatics characters, the crazy missions (All the old ways the singleplayer) ? They don't deserve even a little spot of your time in make them happy with more content like in the online ? You can have a better online and at the same time have a better SP mode, maybe even getting more money cuz people would be interested in buying a game that gets new content in both ways, Online AND Singleplayer , leading the power of choice to you and your preferences. Rockstar suck it up a bit or maybe a lot, forgetting where were they in the first play and what took them to the top. Hope the company meditates about their choices and changes things.
Sszarkk Theburning (2 days ago)
gta 5 is best from all gta games i played
Skyler Francis (2 days ago)
GTA had so much potential with amazing characters and story but was so empty. Fake stores nothing felt real or interactive. You couldn’t go into any buildings that weren’t usable shops. It could of been so much more. It was really fun but there was waaay more they could’ve done. Red dead 2 is the real game they wanted to make and GTA 6 will be rich and dense and will be the best open world game they’ve ever made.
Krupp Stahl (2 days ago)
The business updates were all great imo. But in terms of vehicles its going more and more towards Saints Row. Things like Insurgent were sill ok. With Stromberg, Khanjali, Oppressor and Deluxo they fucked it up big time. Gta was always like a real world crime simulator for me, but if i enter a lobby now, tons of sci-fi vehicles are flying all over the place. I dont mind some unrealistic race modes, but in free mode i hate to get this shit slapped in my face ! Fully agree on this shark card shit !
Kyongsuk Ri (2 days ago)
That TPain beat at the end tho; memories
JimiJop Woodstock (2 days ago)
Yeah a lot of those free games on game pass then expect money purchase when you try to play them. Fucking games are shit most times , grammar way off in this blah
JimiJop Woodstock (2 days ago)
Or go outside the house...
JimiJop Woodstock (2 days ago)
If in doubt , play retro consoles
My Name Jeff (2 days ago)
All you have to do to go to the good old days is just switch to nintendo. By a switch and you have all your old games portable plus your pay to win games
Holden Caulfield (2 days ago)
I thought I found someone who shares my mixed views on the single player mode, but I guess not...
eugene hutchinson (2 days ago)
What's the song or beat at 5:00
Andrew Cassell (2 days ago)
If you arent having fun still with all the things this game is, just play another game. All of you will do the same sh*t with the next GTA, you just want it your way, in that fase learn to code and program and make your own game.
Thomas Davis (2 days ago)
I think 2018 has been a year of companies getting away with trash titles that burn out in a month riding fortnite success, I'm so ready for another gta 5 worthy game
Nounkimitsu (2 days ago)
I wouldn't Say GTA destroying their own masterpiece but all other games as well, this gaming generation is all fucked up compared to the 2000s gaming
xXGhoustXx boi (2 days ago)
I don't fucking understand this game companies now
Johannes Murre (2 days ago)
The sad thing for me is that abusing the game's engine for money has become a common practice (not against it, just saying that r* should've kept the community away from it (funwise))
Thraazon 1976 (2 days ago)
Heck, i would have been happy if there would have been a "build your own character and play offline all the online stuff, completely alone" game mode. But nothing for singleplayer since the release fo the game... really sucks.
Thraazon 1976 (2 days ago)
It is sad that the gaming industry went that path. Nowadays everythings focussed on Multiplayer and micro (lol) transactions (p2win). As someone who palys computer game so i have NOT to deal with other ppl. (hate the drama) there's almost nothing to play left afaik.
Pharaohthedawg (2 days ago)
From a business point of view it makes sense what rockstar did and i honestly dont care about shark cards cuz i just make a solo public session so i can sell car on import export
roccprofit (2 days ago)
Well, the review did just what it said the game did and was a great review and at the same time fell short of explaining the actual problems with gta 5 online. Yes, Rockstar went in the direction of a blatantly outright cash grab. No argument there. In this pursuit of cash they have let the single player fall into disrepair, my current solo game has been bugged for about 4 year's now and despite numerous complaints in thier forum's they don't seem likely to fix it anytime soon. The intricate, vibrant world is still there, it's just hard to enjoy when you have to constantly be on the lookout for the guy with more money than brains who blows up all you have just because. This certainly was not helped by Rockstar granting experience and money for screwing up someone else's game play. The cash grab is there no doubt about it, but what people miss because of the problems that causes is you can make what you need to get what you want without ever buying a shark card. If you can get around the try hards. The single biggest factor to destroying the enjoyment of the online game is the unchecked, and all to often encouraged, griefing. I have recently found a way around this and I find myself in what is truly a remarkable game. This may sound a bit stupid, but I recently was able to enjoy a few rounds of golf in which is a extremely well done golf simulation mini game and I am not a fan of golf or thier simulations. With the addition of the nightclub and the terabyte vehicle as well as the ability to get an empty lobby I am finding a new enjoyment of the game that is normally unattainable in the public lobbies. I am glad that Rockstar is finally taking measures to reduce the mod enabled cheats, but it is most likely to little to late.
D (2 days ago)
Tnh I don't think grockstar s gonna stop getting money and deff not if they keep making new dlc for gta
Sammy Afe (2 days ago)
I thought Franklin was the conservative, very good video
Adam Stankard (2 days ago)
now they are giving 2mil in gta if you preorder red dead 2. it's the model they will use from now on
dauntedear5 (2 days ago)
*Boycott EA and Rockstar*
Mark St Jean (2 days ago)
Hater games the best out there still stfu
SkynzorsVariety (2 days ago)
*If RDR2 online or GTA 6 online will be the same as GTA 5 online, we have to show them with our wallets, like we do to EA. Game breaking micro transactions are a NO GO, FOR ANY AND EVERY STUDIO!*
Lord Joker (2 days ago)
Umm you do realize this is one of, if not THE biggest game out there, it made over 100 billion dollars
HungryLoki (2 days ago)
Dude, your background music makes it really hard to understand you.
GroteZwarteJongen (2 days ago)
Since all those science fiction stuff came in online i stopped immediatly flying bikes and cars is for saints row. Not GTA but hey thats what the kids want i guess. And im getting old i guess
Juice Mamoose (2 days ago)
As long as the RDR 2-single player turns out to be as dense, gigantic, detailed and re playable as its shown so far, then the children and hypebeasts can have their shitty online I won't be paying any money or attention to it.
Red Juice (2 days ago)
Calm down buddddyyy
Christian Hucks (3 days ago)
How bout we stop crying about micro transactions , there not going away. Get used to it.
Andrea M (3 days ago)
Snake (3 days ago)
Well they just added a flying bike and drones Fuck my life.
Jonathan D (3 days ago)
GTA 5 singleplayer+Menyoo trainer can give you loads of hours of entertainment. I gave up on GTA Online a long time ago.
itsVolkee (3 days ago)
you gotta be kidding me...
Zachurroni (3 days ago)
I don’t agree about the pay to play since the game made it easy to get money in the first 2 years of gta if your just now buying it your hella late and most of the people on gta have 207 billion dollars.
ARMAGEDDON (3 days ago)
Rockfag ruined this franchise by creating gtgay online and all the fagboys who played online and bought all the microtransactions helped ruined this game and gaming in general. I used to respect rockfag for their dedication and professionalism compared to all the other numerous gayfag companies like activision, 2k, ubisoft and ea. But now I see they're all cut from the same cloth, they're all fag companies made by faggots who love engaging in faggotry. Fuck those faggots, I hope they live short lives.
Mario Hernandez (3 days ago)
I think gta is still badass but I feel like people play less that’s it ...it’s still hella fun so ur wrong bitch.
Rick D. Sanchez III (3 days ago)
You talk way to fast
Charlie Wright (3 days ago)
How is it disappointing? I never really played it that much but it's been out for fucking ages, of course you'll change your opinion after so long. It was something fun I could play every now and then, I enjoyed the story. My biggest annoyance with GTA V was that so much of the buildings weren't even accessible
WC FINESSE (3 days ago)
Rodney Jackson (3 days ago)
Loved everything about this video just need to discuss more about story mode content which for me was the best
alex anderson (3 days ago)
Rdr 2 gta 6 no euphoria no buy.
RAWDRIX (3 days ago)
Song at 9:00?
Chase Viking (3 days ago)
GTA 5 didn't destroy anything. Just because you don't like what is currently happening online dosnt mean its being destroyed. The game is 5 years old. No game last forever retard.
reggie gimmix (3 days ago)
I've never paid for online content...I will for map packs etc... but the amount they charge for basic graphical fodder is silly money.. its getting ridiculous and for many, it's putting them right off multiplayer. This seems aimed at little kids mainly who arent strong enough to resist wanting the next and newest. I have about 5 close friends who are mature gamers and regularly game but only one of us has ever purchased DLC and that was for Battlefield 1 map packs. I didn't buy Battle-afront II and if Red Dead 2 is going down this route I won't be buying that either. With the rising cost of broadband and subscription services I'll be damned if I'm gonna pay 10,30,40 quid or whatever just for a stupid 3D rendered item in a game. I maybe daft but I'm not stupid. If company's are going to go down this route of releasing a basic version of a game with minimal content then they should be selling the base game at half retail price...maybe then some will be willing to purchase the bits they want. However in the end there is a stopping point before you just move onto another game altogether.
Levo GAMES (3 days ago)
Los Santos felt alive when it came out. If you look at it now, it's not that great. The game logic is stupid, the AI is incredibly dumb - cars don't even follow traffic rules. It's bad! GTAO sucks because of its DLC politics. It's a grindfest. Or you can just dump truck loads of money. Missions are badly designed too, it takes ages to load, ages to find players, those players fuck it up and now you wasted half an hour for nothing.
27 club. (3 days ago)
trevor got beat up by mike in better call saul hahaha
Roman Cíagar (3 days ago)
Dude you didnt pay for all the dlcs stop bitching and enjoy the game because it wont last forerver.
TheOne TrueBrodstar (3 days ago)
I want gta 6 to either be liberty state or all the three gta 3 maps combined or transport through into other states etc. like get a plane from ny to la to London even

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