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Death Stranding - E3 2018 4K Trailer | PS4

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From legendary game creator Hideo Kojima comes an all new, genre defining experience for the PlayStation®4. Besieged by death's tide at every turn, Sam Bridges must brave a world utterly transformed by the Death Stranding. Carrying the stranded remnants of the future in his hands, Sam embarks on a journey to reunite the shattered world one step at a time. What is the mystery of the Death Stranding? What will Sam discover on the road ahead? A genre defining gameplay experience holds these answers and more. Starring Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux and Lindsay Wagner KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS Official Website: http://www.kojimaproductions.jp/ May contain content inappropriate for children. Visit http://www.esrb.org for rating information. (In development for PlayStation®4 system Captured from a PlayStation®4 Pro. 4K images require a 4K display. ©2018 Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. Death Stranding is a trademark of Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC. Created and developed by Kojima Productions. “PlayStation” and the “PS” family logo are trademarks of Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.)
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Text Comments (13987)
Sam Cole (1 hour ago)
Mon Him (1 day ago)
Is this an open world game ?
Sunny Senpai (1 day ago)
I watch this video daily lol
xooperz (1 day ago)
I'm not sure what to expect. Could be a puzzle-like game.
Ashanty Normil (1 day ago)
I like ps4,s more than xboxses and I can,t wait to see the ps5
CR Seven (1 day ago)
its that Daryl Dixon??
RaveSamurai (1 day ago)
Can’t wait !! Love not knowing much about the game
Branny Cedeño (1 day ago)
Truly beautiful but I still don't understand what this game is all about.
Tiger Tank Gaming (2 days ago)
I would be very skeptical about this game, if it didn’t have Kojima behind it
Watchers Review (2 days ago)
Mission failed. Well get em next time.
Gamer Samlali (2 days ago)
Ok I'm definitely choosing ps4
wail gamer (2 days ago)
i trust kojima im sure this will be a great game
*francisco hernandez* (2 days ago)
"You have to break two companies to make an omelette" - H.K. -
Sean Gannon (3 days ago)
Woah I'd say I've watched this like 10 times Today
Jack Attack (3 days ago)
Norman reedus and the funky fetus
Sara Stone (3 days ago)
This game looks weird af! But it piqued my curiosity :)
fluffy tail (3 days ago)
ADAM (3 days ago)
Sam: I got an idea 💡 .. Then got eaten 😂
Dlones (3 days ago)
Honestly. I am buying PS4 Pro just so i can play this game in future. I love PS exclusives.
Luis Silva (3 days ago)
Que trailer bizarro ;-;
Gregory Albritton (3 days ago)
The biggest blank check in gaming history.
Zed (3 days ago)
Delivery Simulator 2k18
jamie de jesus (4 days ago)
james green (4 days ago)
Did not feel like 8 minutes at all
Rian Alves (4 days ago)
Quero um ps4 na promosao
Geno Footer (4 days ago)
I'm converted.
Freddy De La Torre (4 days ago)
Uber eats in the future simulator
Kaji Phoenix (4 days ago)
Y el gameplay??
STΛMP (4 days ago)
I don't know why but sound mixing in every trailer is astonishing.
Jomallo27 Spacelight (4 days ago)
Norman Reedus is a leg
Christopher Ramirez (4 days ago)
I hope this game has a very intersting story
chivalry (4 days ago)
the baby looks like the guy whose carring it
Southhs5115 (4 days ago)
The ONLY scene that disturbs me is when Sam pulls out his toenail.
Modern Hippie (5 days ago)
Graphics are top of the line great detail, you dont see that on the xbox
Prof!t & Lemon (5 days ago)
Beginning tho 😂😂😂👋🏾🙈
Лев Судаков (5 days ago)
че за хуйня блядь?
flightlesssky (5 days ago)
I watched to get some answers but I left with more questions than ever
Vince the proud (5 days ago)
haha same
Aloysuis (5 days ago)
“The man who delivers”..that’s what she said 😏
Alrick Telfer (5 days ago)
This game is weird, lol!
Squid Sh0t (6 days ago)
The frick was The intro
J DOG (6 days ago)
Não entendi nada KKKKKKK
Val Fashion (6 days ago)
Pena que imitam
Val Fashion (6 days ago)
Xbox foi o primeiro a conseguir a forma de jogabilidade 4k do mundo
Jhemp12 (6 days ago)
Sam Porter Bridges. Amazon employee of the year.
Crishelle Underwood (6 days ago)
I'm perplexed. 😭
Caio Portella (6 days ago)
lea seydoux lacradora sempre
Farahhh (7 days ago)
Cyril...<3 improbable urbex guy...
MARWANZ (7 days ago)
i watch this trailer everyday this game is a masterpiece
Maiz ma (7 days ago)
They need to bring pt back true horror game
RatedRLoquender (6 days ago)
Pela quantidade de imagens imagino como deve ser o restante do jogo
TubbyGeneration135 (8 days ago)
We in full ruse ride now bois
jojooh #NTC (8 days ago)
Why have i sold my ps4??
loser (8 days ago)
i still think kojima smokes pot before making a game
Ivan M. (5 days ago)
loser kojima san not loser pothead like u
Ryzze (8 days ago)
Darrell from walking dead
Max Null (8 days ago)
What the rain 😭😭
yashty100 (8 days ago)
Walking simulator with man that can become pregnant and occasionally has to avoid monsters. I think that's what this game is about.
Pablo Gómez (8 days ago)
Porter mexican band?
Jason Glenny (8 days ago)
Is this hitler on the picture,
WE WUZ 4k n shiet (8 days ago)
Turtleproof (8 days ago)
Kojima may have written his share of eye-rolling plots, but the characters convey genuine pathos.
大城春弥 (8 days ago)
so i heard kotaku's voice,right?
Chris Morgan (8 days ago)
Why carry a dead body? Just bury it.
Damian Valverde (8 days ago)
watch the previous trailers
David Ha (8 days ago)
So they decided to use what they kind of dropped the ball on with Silent Hills. I like this.
Ben Himmel (9 days ago)
This is what mail delivery people go through
comedeyzone (9 days ago)
This is a game Squidward would make.
L AG (9 days ago)
Tahmid Arnab (9 days ago)
Better than Last of Us II
Oppressor B (23 hours ago)
Tahmid Arnab The Last Of Us is overrated, that's for sure.
Gio Kise (10 days ago)
A world where dimension are being collapsed into each other?
John Dearing (10 days ago)
This trailer is showing off the different terrains or environments you will encounter while playing the game. For those who keep saying they are confused about this game, I suggest you go to the company's website and check it out a bit more. There are also other trailers showing other game play besides this character's. I'm looking forward to this games story.
David R. (10 days ago)
SOLD!! 😨😱
F J G (10 days ago)
OgreOfMontana (10 days ago)
After watching 2,5 hours of conspiracy videos about Kojima and Death Stranding Death Stranding is MGS Zero and realised date is 17. december 2018.
Johnny Varga (10 days ago)
Death Stranding , A game where you can walk.........a Lot.
Luiz Ferreira (10 days ago)
Espero que não seja como aquelas fotos de lanches. (I hope it's not like these incredible photos of snacks that, as always, are never the same for real.).
Emerald Violet (10 days ago)
This is by far way better than the sci fi films that come out now days
Mr. Popo (11 days ago)
I can’t wait to here ocelot making a phone call in the end credit scene bragging about how he used the main villain again
Flayer (11 days ago)
Hi Derail
Klaüs Smooth (11 days ago)
Can anyone explain to me why is this SO hyped? Looks like scripted things and paid actors are enough to satisfy today's gamer.
Damian Valverde (11 days ago)
i don't think you have ever played a kojima game
bad rang (11 days ago)
I'm not a gamer but I wish I could play this game, it's like all my dreams and all I wanted from a movie or a game The soundtrack is amazing too
Sandhi Irawan (11 days ago)
What the hack... map ff15 failed
DarkSonic 06 (11 days ago)
Devilery Simulator 2019
anand altantsog (11 days ago)
it's a post apocalyptic pizza delivery walking simulator dark souls ish
anand altantsog (11 days ago)
shadow of the colossus feels
David Goliath (5 days ago)
Yeah ok for this gameplay. xD
vladislav kozaknight (5 days ago)
David Goliath empty open world
David Goliath (8 days ago)
Really? In what way is this like shadow of the Colosus?
Marco Martins (12 days ago)
Why are we still here? Just to suffer?
Damn Simon (12 days ago)
Козима гений!
Zazla R (12 days ago)
The creativity with games these days is just incredible
Correos de chile simulator
Logan Pirs (12 days ago)
I'll wait it...
Rajesh A (12 days ago)
Lea seydoux .
TURB0_DamnYes (12 days ago)
When the customer wants to get a refund and sends it back...
Faraz Danish (12 days ago)
This looks like a ps5 game.
Constipated Parker (12 days ago)
This game is gonna win the Cannes Film Festival even if it's not a film.
Koba Kareli (13 days ago)
Can't stop watching, love the music
Protest X (13 days ago)
Why not coming to PC!... Kojima respect.
vladislav kozaknight (5 days ago)
Sony is the ones that are publishing the game
Rogue Zombie (13 days ago)
The most intense pizza delivery guy 1.
Michael Thomson (13 days ago)
Romans 8:6 - "For the mind set on the Flesh is death, but the mind set on the Spirit is life and peace." That's what I found when I googled the last words together of each phrase saying give me your hand in.... any thoughts?
TrueSake (13 days ago)
As always, PS4 tends to be greedy and hog the games.
Matheus Gomes (13 days ago)
Only on PlayStation! <3
Melvin Koyuncu (13 days ago)
I think this is going to be one of the best games ever made.
Ryseen (13 days ago)
Did i just see the Boss?

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