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A WAY OUT, Part 5 STEALING GRANDADS TRUCK!!! game-walkthrough

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I'll be doing a full game walkthrough of a way out, join me on my journey to escaping prison and getting revenge on the man that put us here. The best thing you can say about the cooperative nature of Hazelight Studios’ new digital revenge thriller, A Way Out, is that it ensures you’ll always have someone else there to help you cope. A game so beholden to its jailbird movie roots that it shamelessly and haphazardly lifts scenes from The Shawshank Redemption, Scarface, and a dozen other classics of tough-guy crime cinema, A Way Out manages to squander the riveting potential of its co-op premise at almost every juncture, leaving behind only a few weak spasms of brilliance and the mild camaraderie of knowing you’re not suffering through its missteps alone.
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