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Arrow - Narcissistic Cannibal

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Since I first heard this song I thought of Slade. Season two of Arrow just tore my guts out and meagerly tried to sew them back together...I don't usually upload videos, but this one I just had to do. ; ^ ; Hope you all enjoy. Song is Narcissistic Cannibal Cover by Earlyrise. Show is the CW's Arrow. All rights go to their respective owners.
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TheBarleyHorrorShow (2 years ago)
nice i've recently uploaded a new video and would love to hear what you think! please also subscribe if you enjoy :)
SitaraSeven Lac (3 years ago)
AWESOME love Arrow
TheOneShortGnome (3 years ago)
That was AWESOME!!!!!! I loved it!!!!! Great job! XD
FruitBatsLyra (3 years ago)
+TheOneShortGnome Haha, after taking so long to finish it too...Thanks! XD

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