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Richard III The King in the Car Park Full Documentary

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Eric x (2 days ago)
I’m American and am always confused when someone like Lin, surrounded by Brit accents, in something like this has an American accent.
Deborah Crawford (5 days ago)
A terrific story, that nicely builds
JERI Kingsbury (6 days ago)
OMG Phillipa Langley. Get a grip. I commend your amazing find, but this guy was evil. He saw an opening and murdered his nephews, to get to the crown. What a POS!
Fred Heigl (7 days ago)
Well, she saw an "R" on the pavement, and had a strange sensation...that's scientific enough! Dig here boys! Power lines and utilities be damned!
brian rooney (8 days ago)
jo the EXPERT breaks the scull is a bit evasive would not allow the kings colours what a arse elitist piece of shit
John Berry (9 days ago)
So what does the face of a tarant look like exactly?
Kat K (9 days ago)
There have been ABT ballet dancer with scoliosis. Victoria's Secret model Martha Hunt has it. Elizabeth Taylor had it. In most cases those afflicted can still do vigorous exercise!
Hightex 2004 (9 days ago)
They were fnd under the stears in the tower
Jayson Limos (10 days ago)
Where King Richard the Third is buried there was an “R” where he was buried that’s fascinating, whoever put the “R” on the parking space nailed the right exact spot where he was buried. Just wondering whoever put the “R” on the parking space?
gary fletcher (21 hours ago)
Well the so call Bone expert is an idiot if she did t think a pick axe would break a skull , wtf was this idiot doing with a pick axe on an excavation of this importance? ! She should be shamed out of this career! Especially after knowing the remains WERE THERE,! TOTAL IDIOT! ,,, im glad she isnt in the bomb disposal business!,, it makes me more furious the more I think about it.
Sonodre (10 days ago)
Hide and seek rekord holder: Richard III 1485 - 2012
david groves (16 days ago)
bit much with the old flag i think and im English
John Wedeward (17 days ago)
Exciting as he is my 21st great granduncle
KingRichardIII (17 days ago)
13:29 It is good to have my own global fan club. But... 41:20 they kinda creep me out.
Lucie Gundlach (18 days ago)
Philippa has no chill
Trailing Arm (18 days ago)
These Ricardians are like deluded children who cannot accept the obvious. Richard killed his brother's (the late king's) father-in-law, brother-in-law, closest adviser and his two innocent sons in a desperate bid to secure his own kingship. What the hell are they worshipping? He was so feared and unpopular his army didn't want to fight for him despite heavily outnumbering Henry's rag-tag forces at Bosworth. He had to risk a death or glory charge because he knew that a tactical withdrawal would only delay the inevitable. He fought bravely to his end, that's the best and the most you can say about him. Nevertheless, I do congratulate the Ricardians for raising the money and finding his body, it was a fascinating development.
Anj Khar (20 days ago)
The lady was portrayed as a bit of a nut as I expect the direction of the documentary was meant to be that she was crazy and barking up the wrong tree. I don't think they expected her to get it right - even if by happy accident.
The king in the boot of a VW Bentley BMW Rolls Royce in the car park
Broken India Range Rover Land Rover
Ford Jaguar India Jaguar
Veronique Ramirez (20 days ago)
Idk if you throw a body in a hole for 500 years I'm sure the spine will curve. I don't think a man with a curved spine could have been a soldier. He would have been in so much pain.
Cazz Marie (22 days ago)
RIP John Ashdown-Hill. But that woman seriously needs to chill. Acting like the former king, is her kin.
Gabriella T. (22 days ago)
I think the King looked like Meghan Markle quite a bit.
John Camaney (23 days ago)
Every time you got a lead female scientist doing this kind of a job, or investigation, the whole story becomes a tear and drama filled "telenovela" Can females do a job without pouring all this drama on it? Can they perform anything without losing control of themselves and turning to tears? This video reminds me of another one I watched about a female archaeologist digging in Treblinka, crying and sobbing the whole hour long. At some point the other scientists abandon what they are doing to console the afflicted archaeologist because she lost herself to tears. Unreal! Minute 49:46 was it; can't take this drama anymore. Done!
Amy Bee (22 hours ago)
John Camaney You're sneering at someone crying when they're discovering murdered bodies in a concentration camp.....that is fucking low....wow try to get your hatred for women in check asap please
SimpleLivingKim (23 days ago)
You guys need to look into someone else to do your subtitles. Some of them are down-right hilarious.
Jeff Bozo (23 days ago)
found in a car park? was he driven to it?
Deplorable D (24 days ago)
Autism wins again.
Dodged a Bullet (25 days ago)
Subtitles are really messed up...a lot of errors!
Miss Synthetic (27 days ago)
Richard III was a great King and I'll fight anyone who says otherwise.
MrsRosencranz1 (28 days ago)
Screw Jo. Doesn't seem appropriate. Glad the others agreed.
Ljoshy X (30 days ago)
This was a really good documentary! I thought I was going to hate it when my History teacher put this on in class but it was so exciting 👌
Carla Allen (30 days ago)
So sorry to hear of the passing of John Ashdown-Hill on Friday 18th May, without him, all of this would have been impossible. May you rest in eternal peace, John.
John Anthony Fingleton (30 days ago)
The subtitles are great..He killed the printers in the Tower.....Now that's censorship!
Reichieru1 (1 month ago)
Not pleased that the guy needed to remind the others that a curved spine does not mean he was a bad person.
This Face Believes You (11 days ago)
Reichieru1 His framing their distress like that was totally unfair. They’re not upset because they think scoliosis equals evil. Whether or not he actually had scoliosis was one of the major pillars in their argument that Richard’s portrayal was mere “Tudor Propaganda”. And that had just crumbled right before their eyes.
Crysomandiaz (1 month ago)
Jeeezuz, woman, get your feelings in check!
metallitech (1 month ago)
Dr Tudor-Craig died in 2017 sadly.
Michele Kirsch (1 month ago)
My god woman pull yourself together!
jacob bennette (1 month ago)
I mean.. the real question is who wrote the “R” in the parking lot??
This Face Believes You (11 days ago)
jacob bennette I know, finding an “R” in a parking lot with reserved parking is mind blowing!!
Amalur Alure (1 month ago)
why the woman is so sensetive abour Richard 3? most kings of that time were not better than modern chavs - ignorant, cruel and vain.
Jumin Han (1 month ago)
I have acute scoliosis. I can feel it and it does give me some back pain but you would never know I'd have it as it's not visible.
Blind1 (1 month ago)
The stab wound to the pelvis is more likely to be the first strike taking him off his horse with a sward or the point of a billhook , the other wounds were then subsequent blows to insure his death on the ground
g0dbel0w (1 month ago)
This Phillipa broad, christ. There is passion, and then there is lunacy.
Michael Houston (1 month ago)
the old guy with the teenagers "curly haired mop top" needs an "adult" hair-cut., he looks ridiculous with that hair ., reminds me of "Buffy" in that old Sebastion Cabot TV series in the '70's about an executive bachelor ("Brian Keith"), and his "man-servant"(Cabot),...who adopts his niece and nephew twins after their parents died or something like that., the little "boy",( "Buffy"?), had the same hair do. :-)
Adrian Chan-Wyles (1 month ago)
Probably one of the worst attempts of making a history programme ever made. Sentimentalism nonsense of little intellectual import designed to rekindle respect for a thoroughly discredited and corrupt parasitic royal family.
Christine Still (1 month ago)
What kind of ninny won't put the flag over the box of bones until DNA confirms the identity? Anyway, head injury, scoliosis, location, etc. I will bet it is Richard III. 1470's wow.
Krabby Kat (1 month ago)
"Doesn't look like a face of a tyrant!" Well what exactly does the face of a tyrant look like? Caligula is considered the craziest person, yet he's depicted handsomely!
Ian Turner (1 month ago)
Take that Shakespeare
Gavin MacNeish (1 month ago)
I think that this was a great project, just a shame that the woman in charge was such an irritating obsessive.
Travis Friedland (1 month ago)
So Did he kill his nephews?
Travis Friedland (17 days ago)
Okay thank you
Dave Mustaine (17 days ago)
Travis Friedland beyond any reasonable doubt, yes.
sidehatch69 (1 month ago)
This looks real boring theres no treasures 👎🏼
chuysmum (1 month ago)
Good Grief is that woman trying to get an acting oscar..
Mike Brownlee (1 month ago)
they paved paradice and put up a parking lot. bop bop bop ps that isn't richard.
FocusLady2008 (1 month ago)
I really enjoyed this. However, I'm a little bummed that none of them mentioned that two skeletons were found under the stairs in the Tower of London. They were evaluated in the 1930's and where believed to be around the ages of the two lost princes. They were interred so cannot be further examines but a historic account said that Richard had them murdered and buried under the stairs. It's not definitive proof but it's compelling evidence that Richard really did have them murdered.
Celtic Whisper (1 month ago)
She's an open borders Progressive Liberal loony.
thejudge 1897 (1 month ago)
Fantastic history. Once in a lifetime. I do wish Langley would calm down a bit though. Makes it difficult to watch at times!
Jack Daniels (1 month ago)
Did anyone give a damn about the two young Princes that Richard III most likely had murdered? I care poor children they were innocence!
kennashan (2 months ago)
What, exactly, does a tyrant look like? He doesn't look like a tyrant? Idi Amin was jolly looking as hell, and it didn't help his victims. I also think Philipa was that stunned by the cold, hard, facts being contrary to her long held beliefs; she was just that emotionally invested in her theory being completely correct, must have been a BIG slap in the face.
beerborn (2 months ago)
Now that she found Richard III, can she find the missing body of Jimmy Hoffa ?
JudgeJulieLit (2 months ago)
"[A]ll who draw the sword will die by the sword." -- Jesus (Mt. 26:52)
JudgeJulieLit (2 months ago)
Researcher and fundraiser Philippa Langley, likely a Ricardian as herself likely (like Richard) a descendant of Edmund of Langley, Duke of York, fourth son of King Edward 3 and Queen Philippa.
xephorce (2 months ago)
she was so shocked/moved it rained lmao its England it always rains
TheRimbaldine (2 months ago)
I respect that woman deeply (and let her feel and display emotions, by the way, from my French perspective there's nothing wrong with that). In my teen years I had an actual crush on Alexander the Great and dreamt of discovering his resting place.
Erick J. (2 months ago)
Richard also means dick
David Gillett UK (2 months ago)
Really interesting documentary. The intrigue over the death of the nephews will never really be bottomed out but my own theory is based on how courtiers and politics work. Richard probably wasn't responsible for their disappearance but someone close to him who was more politically scheming and determined to keep Richard on the throne unchallenged (thereby retaining their own position) would have seen to their dispatch.
Sarah hardcastle (2 months ago)
King Henry viii son Edward was supposed to have had one shoulder a bit higher than the other, he probably had scoliosis.
Regatta (2 months ago)
What is so extraordinary is this whole documentary was commissioned to laugh at the cranks searching for Richard III in the car park. Probably why they had the guy from Horrible Histories present..........and low and behold they found him............
Diana B (2 months ago)
Philippa Langley is the only one who put herself on the line...the rest jumped in and took over as soon as it was proven. She was soon pushed to the background.
Zeba Blay (2 months ago)
she is doing the most
United we Stand (2 months ago)
The reconstruction of the face should have been done in the blind. The person doing it should have no idea of the identity of the subject. Let's do it right.
United we Stand (2 months ago)
All the English are so inbred a DNA match is inevitable. These people were determined to make a match regardless of, or lack, of evidence. It was the most unprofessional archeological dig I've ever witnessed.
DSP (2 months ago)
What about the guy in Australia that Tony Robinson visited ? He was a descendant of the Plantagenet line as well.
TheSpoiler001 (2 months ago)
What a namby pamby bitch crying on like a little brat gimmeabreak! The guy died over 500 years ago! & most likely killed his 2 nephews for cripe's sake!!
Violet Kirk (2 months ago)
a car park was the best place for him should have left him there
Jimmy world (2 months ago)
Shes quite nutty isnt she?
Michael Moore (2 months ago)
Is it also called a parking lot
Michael Moore (2 months ago)
Yeah Simon
iam1ina1000000 (2 months ago)
An interesting documentary, bizarre to see how conveniently events occurred, but the over the top behavior of Philipa is disturbing. Either she is being overly dramatic to keep focus on herself or the show's producers chose to advise her to follow a more sensational script. I really cannot grasp why there is a global, social network of thousands, focused on Richard the 3rd... seriously, those people need to get a life.
Maria Grazia Leotta (2 months ago)
The moment she looks at him in his eyes is so emotional!
Sally Siegel (3 months ago)
the osteologist made a huge hole in the skull while she dug with an axe!!!! Total incompetence, unbelievable unprofessional. And the woman swooning emotionally. What is wrong with these people?
Mickey Bitsko (3 months ago)
If you were Joe Commoner you judged "good king" or "bad king" based on what you perceived as the benefits or detriments to your own circumstances. If you were well-fed, prosperous and not taxed overmuch then you have a "good king." What he did or did not do to achieve and maintain his own station wasn't your concern. Killed the Princes? A rope maker in York didn't care. Not only didn't it concern him but he also knew that sort of thing was a standard tool of statecraft. The truth? He had the boys killed. One of them was the rightful King, and the other was at least a witness if not his heir. Richard wasn't the first usurper, nor was he the last, but he had to do what all usurpers have to do: Eliminate the REAL King. So he did. Standard procedure. He was a ruthless warlord. But they all were back then. Again: Nothing new. You have to look at the guy in the context of his times. Even the most beloved Kings would separate you from your head if you looked at them sideways. They all waged war on flimsy pretexts. They all suppressed or killed rivals. I think it likely that the common people viewed him as a good King because, at the very least, he didn't make their lives WORSE. Beyond that he did what he had to do. Nasty stuff.
Dane Hart (2 months ago)
the 2 boy may have been killed by a man . a boy raping killing homo sicko guarding them . or by friends of one or the other king for future gain .English history is filled with inlaw's killing of each other for the crown.Mary Queen of Scots to note here , nice to see the work done on a king . the last warrior king .... his need to be on the horse to fight better was very cool . the line a horse a horse . my kingdom for a horse . may have been the way of saying . i can win if i had a horse to ride . not , i'm a coward and need to flee . he did not die like he was a baby killer or a coward. he die like a king blessed by God to rule . to bring God's blessing on the kingdom . his body was cursed by God .per 1300 mindset ,so he was evil and not the true servant of God . point i find on this the lack of facts we think we know .this is a big part of world history .20 %of planet speak English .it is a big deal . going back even more in time the gaps are more massive .man wisdom is foolish
Chilly Jacks (3 months ago)
they should have gotten ancestry DNA to do those tests only 4 weeks and they go back 1000 yrs so like it could have told them lol
Humphrey Reader (3 months ago)
45:20 - the mediaeval equivalent of Photoshopping - the tools change beyond recognition over 500-odd years, but the motivation doesn't.
Grace y (3 months ago)
What i don't get is the R in the car park .. The R that marked the grave .. Someone had to had know it was the grave even before the dig began .... Right?
Maria Grazia Leotta (2 months ago)
R stands for Reserved, she just took it as a sign
ANNO DOMINI (3 months ago)
The woman archaeologists needs to be fired, she put a huge hole in the skull, then said the bones definitely were not part of the skull, then said she didn’t like Phillipa putting the standard on the box because in all probability it was not Richard III. How many mistakes does someone with such an important job need to make?!? Talk about incompetence...
Rose Stewart (2 months ago)
ANNO DOMINI how could she think that skull didn't go with those bones? There was no reason to rule it out like age of bones or sex
Maobum (3 months ago)
I've watched this program more than just once, but it just occurred to me that the Tudor propaganda regarding Richard's spine wound up being a major boon in finding his body if you think about it. Imagine how much harder it would be if Richard didn't have that scoliosis--it would have more than likely been much harder and took much longer to identify him, wouldn't it?
Santie Loubser (8 days ago)
People seem to forget that this man, for his own selfish purposes, and in all probability, was a cold-hearted killer of two innocent children. They should have left him in that car park to rot away into oblivion as far as I am concerned. Even afforded the wanker a semi state funeral! What's wrong with you people! Having him excavated, only serves to glorify Ms Langley.
Alan Craig (3 months ago)
Let me reiterate, I think Philippa is absolutely beautiful! Everything about he is perfect. The more I watch, and see of her, the more smitten I become.
Alan Craig (16 days ago)
Dave Mustaine (17 days ago)
Alan Craig she's smacked off her tits lad
Alan Craig (3 months ago)
Philippa is friggin' hot!
trudy White (3 months ago)
That lady is totally over the top with her reactions.
Sarah Gray (3 months ago)
Speaking as a person with mild scoliosis, I've always had a bit of a thing for Richard III. After all those centuries of being vilified and having a car park built over his grave, he's finally going to get a somewhat more fitting resting place!
Ramey Zamora (3 months ago)
The only unpleasant character in this documentary is Jo, the osteologist. First she smashes a big hole in the skull, then she refuses the honor of putting Richard's colors on his remains, then she makes faces when Philipa is overcome with emotion. For those who have comments about Ms Langley, here are her shoes. Step into them. What, you can't? Well then, imagine standing in a hot room having violent physical injuries and brutalities on a human body described to you. Think you won't get faint? Then you're not someone I'd be comfortable around anyway.
Miss Synthetic (27 days ago)
I had tears in my eyes when she smashed that skull. It really offended me.
Lauren T (2 months ago)
Reactions do depend on how someone looks at the case, as she says she sees a man in the table. I'm quite scientific, and I saw a skeleton, and a puzzle, but surely being able to separate emotions from something doesn't make you a bad person, and I don't believe I am a bad person to be around!
Rose Stewart (2 months ago)
Ramey Zamora I was done with her when she smashed the skull. Completely unforgivable no matter who it was.
Tran Linh (3 months ago)
I know ThIS GUY!
David Waller (3 months ago)
Jo messed up royally and you can tell she knew it.
Joanie Jett 71 (3 months ago)
What a bautifully produced documentary IThis gives me goosebumps that I from childhood have been brought up by Shakespeare, Tudor and Laurence Olivier versions of Richard the III. There will always be questions unanswered about the princes in the tower, but I have a whole new perspective on King Richard III to the point of joining the society. Truth will out, and hopefully before I pass, the whole truth of Richard;s life will be revealed, through some found document not yet known of the princes in the tower. I salute Phillipa, and love her tenacity , perseverance, intuition and unyielding journey to find truth and justice. The ironic thing of this all is that there is overwhelming evidence of Henry VIII being a tyrant and murderer, more so than that of Richard III thank you so much my friend for posting this documentary I was riveted. my only question, not answered here, was the current royal family reaction, and where Richard now is at rest?, unless he is still within the University jurisdiction, Blessings and thank you for posting this
Bob Marshall (3 months ago)
Would have been good without all the soppy stuff!
Liz Tukenmez (3 months ago)
If I found out I was a descendant of a Plantagenet...I would Immediately change my name :)
mpking1374 (3 months ago)
It's obvious that mainstream history didn't take this dig seriously. If they did, they would not have sent a comedian historian to accompany the making of the documentary in real time. But they stole the show! I like it when the underdogs win.
Simon Richardson (3 months ago)
I think Philippa is lovely :-)
Heru- deshet (3 months ago)
His highness of car park.
Ryan Cole (3 months ago)
I’ve always thought Richard III got a bad rap, but after an hour of this woman’s narcissistic melodramatics I’m feeling more fondness for the Tudors.
Christopher Tudor (9 days ago)
Ryan Cole To be fair, this woman had invested a huge chunk of her life into researching and eventually locating Richard III.
moon h (3 months ago)
why is this woman doing that? is Richard III her lost father?
Erick J. (2 months ago)
moon h she’s white

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