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Richard III The King in the Car Park Full Documentary

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Fi Jones (2 hours ago)
Greedy, ambitious, the scrabble for fame and ownership, from Leicester Uni, the disgusting and callous behaviour of the Queen basically disowning him, the complete way his will was just pushed aside. I could write pages, but this is all so wrong. They didn't need to further despoil his body. They actually admit that to prove he was who he was, all they needed was a tooth and a bit of femur, but no, they had to further despoil his remains. They make me sick to my stomach. This wasn't an episode of Waking the Dead or Silent Witness, he was an anointed king and he was treated with very little respect. About as much as a lab rat. Shame on them all - and yes, as soon as they got what they wanted, Phillipa Langley vanished into the midst of time and they did everything but bury her in the space from which they'd removed King Richard. The flag episode was sickening - and even more sickening when you watch the unholy glee from the University team.
Gabrielia 69 (1 day ago)
3:20 No. Henry’s grandfather, Edward lV, was known to be fat as well.
Heather McFarlane (3 days ago)
the lady archaeologist/osteologist has a really joyous/smug expression that maybe the skeleton is not Richard's.
Gabrielia 69 (1 day ago)
Heather McFarlane They tested it and it is Richard’s
Current Bun (3 days ago)
'if that's not Richard III, that's one unlucky monk'. Hilarious
justPaul oftheWWW (4 days ago)
Good for you Dr. Jo for refusing to treat newly discovered remains as being Richard III. She obviously has enough respect for herself and the sciences rather than jumping to conclusions for the sake of TV.
RADIUM CLOCK (4 days ago)
She's in love with him. This is an act of passion.
Idahosuz (4 days ago)
Shouldn't they have gloves on?
Charlie Chan (5 days ago)
excellent work.
Lisa Kilmer (5 days ago)
I really enjoy this story and the multiple documentaries resulting from it. It is one of those which will go into the school books of how a dedicated amateur can prove a theory right. I thought that Simon Farnaby, while laughing a little at the Ricardians on a teleconference, was remarkably kind to Phillipa Langley, who came across as rather fanatical and overly emotional. Many viewers seem to think the academics and scientists were too dismissive but I didn't get that sense at all. It is poor scholarship to jump to a conclusion but everyone seemed quite "cautiously optimistic" about the results. Incidentally, the documentary called "Richard III: The New Evidence" is wonderful because a young man with identical scoliosis shows how able Richard would have been.
Irza Kautsar (5 days ago)
Funny how Richard's fans are denying his spinal condition then the bones and lab analysis prove it all.
Gabrielia 69 (1 day ago)
Irza Kautsar I’m a Richard fan and I’m not soooo
Lucyenne Martin (7 days ago)
Amazing !!!
Diane Campbell (7 days ago)
Best I have ever seen on YouTube..........wonderful
Donald Polson (8 days ago)
Wow what are all these strange errors in the subtitling? It's like this person cannot interpret/understand accents.
Lisa Kilmer (5 days ago)
Funny, aren't they? I gave up on them a while ago as I think they are using a computer to subtitle, rather than a human. It's too bad because many more people could enjoy the video if the subtitles were correct.
Pete G (8 days ago)
Phillipa is definitely obsessed, and occasionally obsessed people end up being right. Without her efforts, he wouldn't have been found. She gets credit for that. Million-to-one shot. Great story. But I agree we shouldn't overly romanticize these historical figures. Medieval power politics was cruel, bloody and ruthless. Murder, torture, intrigue and revenge was the norm. I'd consider Richard III a typical player of the time. Willing to do almost anything to have his power consolidated and his political enemies defeated. Henry VII was no different. But he won, and Richard lost.
Sasha Styles (9 days ago)
He looks like Jamie Vardy for me
McAVIT Yourway (9 days ago)
R.I.P Dr Pamela Tudor-Graig ( Lady Wedgwood)
david bennett (11 days ago)
Katie Victoria (11 days ago)
I admire her passion for one of England's royal historical figures, but I cannot understand why she is so emotional. I felt quite embarrassed when she walked out of the room crying like it was one of her own relatives lying there. Yes completely get the fascination and the urge to find out what happened to him, but the emotions I cannot connect with or understand. He died 500 odd years ago and she didn't personally know him. Failing to see why she is so upset.
Lucas Laconic (12 days ago)
The lady seems unhinged. Crying about a 15th century king....
john smith (13 days ago)
Well, I started watching for Richard, ended up staying for the lovely Dr Appleby. :)
Andrew Palframan (13 days ago)
How pathetic reading all these YouTube 'experts' opining their stupid thoughts about his so called crimes.No one knows for certain if ANY of it is true!! and yet you idiots carp on as if you were there.GET A LIFE.
Robin GSNR (14 days ago)
he should be buried in York not with those that murdered him violated and abused his body after death and buried him in a unmarked hole he will never rest until he is home in York
MysticMavi (15 days ago)
Why would she cry for a historical person???
Halcyon (12 days ago)
Why not, if you had spent years researching them? I've cried over TE Lawrence for his such unjust death.
Dave Kinghorn (15 days ago)
So... WHO painted the 'R' above the very spot?
Simone Schultz (16 days ago)
Wow, this is really freaky how Phillipa felt that she was standing over his grave and the “R” on the tarmac! Doo di du doo (enter theme from outer limits)
Aylbdr Madison (16 days ago)
Worst sub title job ever.
Eddie Caplan (16 days ago)
Thank you so much phillipa langley, god bless you for having the courage to follow your feelings!, Finally after over 500 years, richard plantaganet is now identified, buried with the respect he was denied in life xx
Emily Steffensen (16 days ago)
Philippa’s a mess!
Emily Steffensen (13 days ago)
Andrew Palframan, my question is “why can’t you spell ‘cunt’ correctly?”
Andrew Palframan (13 days ago)
Emily Steffensen And yr a cnut,what's the question?
Sarah D (17 days ago)
Phillipa and Simon seem to have a very sweet, caring connection with eachother. I'm wondering if there may be something there, or if they may be long time colleagues?
Suzie Anderton (18 days ago)
This is HUGE story. I do believe the translation could've been more on target. I could've done a better job of that.
Zoë Lunn (18 days ago)
Comedian, actor and Greek emperor in horrible histories
Julie W. (18 days ago)
These people who are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that Richard wasn't a hunchback, and he didn't kill his nephews, are absolute idiots (the ones who were talking on Skype) - I'm sure they're ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that Heaven & Hell exists, God exists, etc. - it's the same type of putting blinders on your common sense - turning "belief" into fact, simply because you WANT it to be true, or you've been indoctrinated from birth to believe something is true; yet, in reality, it IS a belief. "If he was a hunchback, how would he EVER put armor over a hunchback?" HE WAS A KING! They would have simply MADE armor to properly fit him, for God's sake (only a common phrase) - use some common sense. And if his nephews just disappeared when the king Richard declared himself king, and the king made absolutely no mention of what happened (in fact, even if he had, but ESPECIALLY if he didn't), and especially if they found two skeletons of young boys (which they did in 1674, near the White Tower - buried together, in the same box) . . . Hell, use some common, fucking sense people! OF COURSE it is MORE than likely that King Richard murdered his two nephews (who were quite beautiful, if their painting was correct). It shows you how horrific some, in fact most, of royalty were. TWO YOUNG BOYS who did absolutely nothing wrong, except being born in line for the throne. It shows Richard as being especially selfish and cutthroat - especially after declaring himself their "protectors". I don't remember hearing of any other Royals who murdered children to be in line for the throne - it's horrific. I remember that Queen Elizabeth I, if the history I learned was correct, was extremely upset with the death of her cousin Mary (who she signed a death warrant for, but, according to what I heard, it was only supposed to be carried out in a specific situation, but her protector just did it right away, which I actually agree she should have been killed asap). But unlike the two boys, Mary had threatened her, was an adult, and actually plotted to have the queen killed, ACTUALLY had her own husband killed, and then MARRIED the murderer even when Elizabeth wrote her a letter strongly urging her to separate herself from the killer - so, she wasn't close to innocent, and this was obviously a very different situation. And the queen STILL named Mary's son as being her successor. So, it ISN'T understandable in any way that King Richard would do such a horrific thing, but history has shown us how cutthroat many of the monarchs were (especially the men, no offence to men) when it came to gaining their own power.
Gabrielia 69 (1 day ago)
Richard had scoliosis, not a hunchback
Julie W. (18 days ago)
Strange sensation? They had research AND there was an "R" there. What was the reason? I've heard no actual reason for why they'd put an R there - if I couldn't find a reason (for why the R was there), I'd think that was the place to look too. It sounds like whoever put that parking lot there, knew he was there (but perhaps thought the jerk king, as he was known, deserved to stay there - based on the legend - but needed some marker). "Strange sensation" - SMH. And "it doesn't look like the face of a Tyrant." WHAT??!? That is the most ridiculous remark she's ever made on this show (and there are some doozy's). Does Ted Bundy look like a vicious, and especially sadistic serial killer? Does Jeffrey Dahmer look like a VERY sadistic killer & cannibal? Seriously - SMH. Not to mention that the skull won't show you any wrinkles (frown lines), and at 32, it's doubtful his looks and life would have shown on his face yet (or barely). What a stupid statement. Boy, many, or maybe the majority, of the Tudors were really evil. King Henry the VIII certainly was, as was his daughter Mary (Bloody Mary), but not Elizabeth. People who met Richard III probably didn't mention his hunchback because he was king, and they didn't feel like being either killed, or looked at poorly, or all of his clothes helped cover it (King's cape, etc.).
Katha Rina (19 days ago)
This was quite enjoyable But it really bothered me that they were always complaining about how biased the depiction of Richard was based on playwright that wrote plays for his enemy's granddaughter. I mean.. duh. But they were just as biased. The host looks at some theories on a website and is all like "THIS PROVES EVERYTHING" After this much time you can't do anything else than speculate, and claiming things as facts is just so unprofessional. The only way to prove anything would be to exhume the little boys found in the tower. But because that won't be happening anytime soon, one should refrain from stating theories as fact. I, for one, think that it's definitely in the realm of the possible that Richard did kill the boys. Just based on the fact that Henry VI (conveniently died just after deciding battle?) was also killed under his family. He wasn't a child but mentally ill/disabled.
Michael Reacher (19 days ago)
horrible murders he did , murdered his nephews berried them in the wall of the tower of London claimed the throne for him self , hope that bastard suffered a horrible death no king in my eye burn in hell ,, whats she talking about not a face of a bad man , so ted bundy not look a bad man and look what he did , should of burned them bones from car park bastard king
Andrew Palframan (13 days ago)
michael dixon Get you, Mr Angry.
daguard411 (20 days ago)
I really liked this production. I have told my Sons repeatedly that Shakespeare put the withered arm and hunchback in the play simply to make Richard III appear more evil. Yet my question is simple; did they look into who painted the "R", and how they knew it was marking a 500 year old grave of Richard III?
william spangler (21 days ago)
good hes dead a coward
Tomáš Bouzek (22 days ago)
No surprise for me. I suggested the same place in May 2006 being only student of history at that time.
patrick allbright (17 days ago)
For anyone who questions how a person with a deformed back can fight in armor, just look at me. Due to not sitting up strait when i was a child at the TV after school and on the weekends, I formed a deformed back. I have a hunch and a curve on my upper back/spine. I do however not have trouble lifting objects, or doing anything else. In terms of armor, I fight in a sport called Armored Combat League. We wear real armor and use real weapons from the same time period as Richard III. I am telling you this, because the people who claim that you can not fight in armor with a bad back are wrong. I wear a full suit of about 80 pounds, and I don't have any problems.
Halcyon (12 days ago)
patrick allbright Swim (crawl) regularly and find a good osteopath or physiotherapist to help align your back. There are 2 kinds of scoliosis, functional (muscular) and skeletal. Do all you can to help yourself at this age. Don't carry heavy weights because as your spine is not straight it cannot distribute the stress like a normal spine and you will wear cartilage.
patrick allbright (12 days ago)
21 close to 22. I've been trying recently fix it by sitting up straight as possible and to stand very straight at work, but it takes time, as it does hurt after about 10 minutes.
Halcyon (12 days ago)
How old are you now? Anything that upsets the bilateral symmetry of a body will lead to usure and problems.
Andrew Martin (22 days ago)
666 comments here when I watched this, so thought I better comment too 😂. I’ve sat through Turi King’s talks on this, and happened to be at one of her public talks the week it was announced. Really enjoyed this show, and I think the respect that Simon gives Philippa through most of this is great. Thanks for uploading
Janet Walker (22 days ago)
Where was he reburied
Lost Mind (20 days ago)
You're welcome
Janet Walker (20 days ago)
Thank you
Lost Mind (20 days ago)
Leicester Cathedral, Leicester, Leicestershire, United Kingdom.
Caleb Grill (23 days ago)
Love him or hate him Richard The 3rd deserved a proper burial.
sheilla nyakato (23 days ago)
12;44-12;58 what did he say???????
Phil Ellingham (23 days ago)
Give rich a ticket
Iain Botham (23 days ago)
Someone left a big Richard in the car park
arg38 (25 days ago)
Gotta love the archaeologist- who knocked a giant hole in the skull- whining that it was inappropriate for Phillipa Langley to place the standard over the box. Maybe get off the high horse if you've irreparably damaged the evidence? It's not like it would have done any harm if the standard temporarily went over the wrong skeleton. Or at least considerably less harm than a shovel to the head.
burrichgrrl57 (25 days ago)
Wow, the misogynists are out in force in these threads. Amazing how a passionate, emotional woman who has actually managed to do something others couldn't gets under their skin.
OGSpaceCadet (27 days ago)
If you're interested, Richard III: The New Evidence, here on yt, is great. They actually found a young man with nearly identical spinal curvature due to scoliosis as Richard, and did some fascinating work with him. He looked normal in clothes, unless you looked very closely and noticed his shoulders weren't perfectly even, and made custom armor, taught him to ride a horse, etc, all the things that Richard would have had to do as a warrior king. It was more interesting to me than even this doc, more of a personal insight.
johnnyjrotten59 (27 days ago)
Well there was an R on his tomb - pretty straight forward really. The rest of the carpark was dug up to make this doco last more than 5 mins.
RowanTree (28 days ago)
Another great upload. Best channel on YT, thank you
Boy Freitag (28 days ago)
this melodramatic woman with her crocodile tears every 10 minutes is a shameless dolt.
Eilish McCahill (28 days ago)
After looking at the scan of the skeletal structure it looks like he had minor scoliosis like I do. Not a full on hunched over back. So of course he could fit into a suit of armour.
Zaphod Trillian (29 days ago)
HRH was and IS a  deceased CATHOLIC king of England. Like all before him and up until Henry 8th He was a Catholic King of England.... respect his wishes. He would not have been a protestant  bury him according to HIS religion not the Anglican heresy
XXLYS (29 days ago)
Huh, theres a slight resemblance between the model and Aneurin Barnard who played Richard in the White Queen. An amusing coincidence.
Ryan B (29 days ago)
All that ceremony and then they stuff him in a cluttered mini-van. Lol. Philippa's as mad as a hatter! Everybody was trying to be nice for the cameras, but you could tell they all thought she was a whack job.
Steve Cox (30 days ago)
What kind of clumsy idiot puts a mattock through a skull? She should be banned from every archaeological dig... And that drama queen Philippa is a psychological wreck - what a self-serving creep.
ElCid48 (26 days ago)
Shakespeare was an arse-kisser to the Tudors. And just read the comments of mostly frustrated females, jealous at the woman who directed the effort. They wish they were in her place but they just can't hide they are green with envy and most likely are nothing but a bunch of bloody, ugly hags. I hope they die alone. So be it!
Stephen Prince (30 days ago)
The completed reconstruction of Richard's skull shows an uncanny but logical likeness to the portraits of his brother, King Edward IV. This and obviously the DNA match prove without doubt that the body in the car park was Richard III. What I do not buy is that the metal object found in his spine during the excavation was allegedly a Roman nail. How the hell would it get there in the first place? It looked more like a bodkin arrow head of the type used by English archers of the period and a metalurgical examination would prove it one way or another.
shirley lane (1 month ago)
He played a brilliant part in the Detectorists. Check it out if you don’t know what I’m talking about.
rob b (1 month ago)
An English rose discovers the last true English King.
Hammy Cats69 (1 month ago)
All history from Richard III onwards now has to be re-written. 😋😋 It was a very exciting and intetesting find, well done to the guys and gals who worked so hard on this project. 👍
Sphinx Rising (1 month ago)
What this is, is a society based on chosen false beliefs with absolutely no historical facts to back up said beliefs. BTW, they found the two dead princes bodies under the Tower, so they never legt, at least not breathing.
Andy Jackson (1 month ago)
I still can hardly believe this happened.
Deeench 91 (1 month ago)
Is she slightly autistic?
Deeench 91 (1 month ago)
Woman is annoying as hell makes it sound like lord of the rings get a grip please
Tom (1 month ago)
That woman is cringe as fuck
reginol invincent (1 month ago)
reginol invincent (1 month ago)
how appropriate
reginol invincent (1 month ago)
he received his reward for dusting the little princes.
Ross D (1 month ago)
Ol' pube head definitely definitely wanted a bit of Phillipa
Adam J (29 days ago)
@11:23 Whom is the actor that face reminds one of? Hmmm... Oh yes!! DRACO MALFOY! I think Tom Felton is free for the part https://imgur.com/gallery/gWglndE
1seansouth (1 month ago)
that was an incredible documentary. The access they got at the key moments. really, one of the best historic documentaries I have seen, well done to all involved.
JERI Kingsbury (1 month ago)
"R" for repair or repave?
john jones (1 month ago)
they say the victors write the history, no supprise they painted richard as a cunt
James anonymous (1 month ago)
RIII was hated and lost by the people who knew him, 500 yrs later He was found and loved by the people who did not know him. Destiny thy name is "???????" To be finished later.
James anonymous (1 month ago)
did you notice evidence for the DNA match was not actually shown. Just a smile!
Bookish Encounter (1 month ago)
Just read an article from last year that the Church of England wasn't allowing more investigations of the supposed Prince's bodies. DNA wasn't done if I read/skimmed the article right. Would be nice to solve that mystery if possible. And all those Richardphiles are in some serious denial or something. Like that black haired lady denying that he was a hunchback when there was his skeleton with the evidence for all to see. If she were American she probably would have voted for trump. And just because somebody writes something nice about you after you are dead like the Phillipa lady said was done about Richard III doesn't mean anything, just look at the trump supporters he could kill and eat his children and they'd ask for the recipe and want him to have his own show on the Food Network. That Phillipa lady really needs to calm down. She's really made up a lot of stuff in her mind.
Lancer-GB (1 month ago)
Would have been a far better documentary without the middle-aged nobhead, dressed as a 1st year Uni nerd, presenting it.
Steven Cassidy (1 month ago)
I saw this on TV at the time. its an amazing show. And as for the girl? Everything she believed for so long has been turned upside down
Aylbdr Madison (16 days ago)
@ Julie W : Yes, of course it's best to never assume. But have you never been wrong, or never cried about something others might deem _irrational?_
Julie W. (18 days ago)
Steven - That's why you use common sense, and realize what you DO know, and what you don't. She wasn't alive then, everything she "knows" is through a haze of another person's viewpoint (a person, perhaps with very specific loyalties either way, and you also have to remember people are writing about kings - they would want to write nice things about the king when he was alive, and perhaps bad things about him once the new king was in place), for anyone to be absolutely sure of what an old king was like sans actual proof, is really quite ridiculous.
Diana B (25 days ago)
Wrong, how so?
Greg A (1 month ago)
Those berating her for her emotional reaction to finding him are NOT historians... They have no clue what the unlocking of a 500 year old mystery of the past would mean to someone who has made the truth and lessons of history their life's work. If you honestly believe someone unjustly assassinated the character of a good man and you see no meaning or feeling in his redemption.... Good for you I guess... As a huge fangirl of British Mediavil history... Specifically the Tudors.... I LOVED this story... This is my favorite documentary... watched it several times!
Henry VII (1 month ago)
Tajinder Lamba (1 month ago)
These people are ridiculous at 28:00
Jungleland33 (1 month ago)
That woman needs a kick up the hole.
Linda (1 month ago)
Saying that the lady, number one fan of Richard III, is "highly strung" is a bit of an understatement.
s13rr4buf3 (1 month ago)
"If that's not Richard III, that's one unlucky monk."
Melanie Herbruck (1 month ago)
Amazing that the woman from the Richard III Society knew EXACTLY where to begin the excavation process. She was very much in-tune with him emotionally and connected with his essence during the entire process. She was at times over-whelmed by her own success.
Raymie Deans (1 month ago)
Richard 111, nah Blackadder111 probably. Historians are fools who read and then believe the written,rewritten,written, rewritten and the total nonsense that is historical fact! Not to mention translation errors. I'M CRYING,BOLLOCKS. It's all about funding.
marc1uk (1 month ago)
Word has it ATOS passed him fit for work.. ?
denver oficiar (1 month ago)
did the experts who tested the bones knew already that they are dealing with a potential Richard III bone.... would it be better if it was tested anonymously? just saying
denver oficiar (1 month ago)
dna testing should also been done anonymously....
denver oficiar (1 month ago)
did they do carbon dating with diffrent independent labs?
Mobius Strip (1 month ago)
Yes, her attachment seems strange. As if she knows him personally. The grey haired guy has a lot of patience to deal with her so kindly. I side with the Dr trying to hide her reaction. Also, notice when they show her his face with the hat. She looked at him as if she knew him intimately.
Amnesia Haze (1 month ago)
quasimodo king
stelun56 (1 month ago)
Henry VIII was a psychopathic mediocrity. This land would have been a far better place if Richard III had remained king. Shakespeare's spin doesn't wash anymore. Shame about the neurotic woman, though
gina2190 (1 month ago)
looks like john holmes the porn star a little bit hahaaaa
Ricky Rickon (1 month ago)
I can't put a name to the Music......anyone? Please......
maxiscoozu ba (1 month ago)
Everyone hating on phillipa but she put everything into this and did something truly amazing. Joe is a dumb ass. This is phillipa's achievement let her put the colors on the box.
Jiminy Cricket (1 month ago)
maxiscoozu ba 🎯👏👏👏
Ramalho Urtigão (1 month ago)
If this was in america, half of the posts were like "Richard the III was a black man, an afro in reality, like all man in england were afros before." LOL
Dustin (1 month ago)
Jo was quite the bitch when asked to have the honors to put Richards colors over the box.
MrPoupard (1 month ago)
20.08 "What we're actually seeing here is that this skeleton has a hunch back" You'd remember that moment for the rest of your life. Richard wanted to be found.
ociriszues (1 month ago)
that stupid bitch that cries at every turn... doesn't she realize this man had his nephews murdered? I swear I dont understand why the UK allows them selves to be subjugated by another human that calls him or her self king. Peasants, the lot of them.
nenabunena (1 month ago)
what kind of an osteo doctor thinks scoliosis is equivalent to being a hunchback (Kyphosis)? and thinks people with scoliosis shouldn't or wouldn't be able to wear armor? I've seen many with scoliosis and it's not evident with clothes on or unless you pay very close attention to them

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