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Leaked Footage - Super Sonic Military fighter plane !! UFO sightings 2014 [ Don't WATCH that! ]

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Text Comments (8)
Shaun Brown (3 years ago)
Terry lift your torch up slightly, your out of sink with the rest!!!!
Shadow Flame (3 years ago)
wow there r 48idiots and 21 super stupid idiots and that is and ufo undenafied frying oger (sry for my bad english)
Shadow Flame (3 years ago)
*an ufo bla bla bla
callasexperience (3 years ago)
its so supersonic it doesn't move
Dallas Rein (3 years ago)
great video of fuzz. 
Dream Walker. (3 years ago)
so the pic that represents your short video that we all wanted to see has FUCK ALL TO DO WITH UFOS.
Soup GDWinney (4 years ago)
More bullchit liars!! Nothing you say is truth. Where is supersonic fighter? Where is ANY type of "military" vehicle in this video? What has been leaked? NOTHING!  Nothing = LIAR!! Frigging hate lying pricks like you!! But, as always, that's just my own opinion! :(((
Tim Horton (4 years ago)
What...no live aliens?

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