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Vampyr - Before You Buy

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Vampyr (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is a vampire RPG that may have slipped under the radar for some. What's it about? Is it worth it? Let's talk. DISCORD: https://discordapp.com/invite/gameranx Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv Jake's twitter: https://twitter.com/jakebaldino Instagram: https://goo.gl/HH6mTW
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Text Comments (1710)
gameranx (16 days ago)
Favorite video game vampire?
Clifford Gardner (2 days ago)
Pokemon Trainer (5 days ago)
gameranx Would you consider this a horror game sort of like bloodbourne ?
Uwj (5 days ago)
Cheese Burgah (6 days ago)
gameranx Cole from infamous
AlecEccentric (7 days ago)
Vampyr is my favorite Vampire Game!
Alvin Mason (13 hours ago)
morally gray area lol me playing, look i am surrounded by happy meals on legs! lol
shadow0106 (20 hours ago)
I've beaten this game and i really liked it, it's good and the story keeps you going, it's interesting. Game's heavily plagued by technical problems though (like random FPS drops, indicating a bad optimization for the PC port), Dontnod should release a patch fixing these problems in the PC version.
argel1200 (20 hours ago)
Just finished it last night. Great game, hope we see more from the setting. Amazing job for a AA title. Never killed anyone outside of combat. Ended at level 30. Upgrade your weapons and boost your stamina!
Luka Hays (22 hours ago)
This is a really good game so far. The writing is great, the voice acting is on point, and I even think the combat is pretty solid. It did take but to grow on me, but once you unlock a few abilities it’s really quite fun and a lot better than combat in VTM (which is otherwise a fantastic game). Also, this game has the dialogue system that Fallout 4 should’ve had.
Bryan Ingram (1 day ago)
My only complaint with the game is the long af loading screens.
mrturboman tench (1 day ago)
looks fun but wait for sale
Sheldon Dankleberg (1 day ago)
Honestly I don't care much for vampire stuff, I just need a good single player rpg. I mean in the mass effect or dragon age way, decent gameplay, but the dialogue and choices are the best parts.
Timothy Hillis (1 day ago)
God video bro! Gonna buy it now that u recommend it! Single player games are only dead to people that wanna monotize games and make casual and new gamers believe they are dead!
Zac Richmond (1 day ago)
Combat was pretty sick compared to what everybody had thought.
SuperKinahead (2 days ago)
Tbh i think if this was in first person it wouldve made the game 100 times better. And also no stealth? Whats up with that? It just feels weird not being able to hide around a corner, and sneak past. I mean when you kill an "innocent" or embrace em that choice affects the game. But human enemies dont affect your choices aswell?
Hextin (2 days ago)
You lost me at "combat is the weakest element .... a lot of talking".
Average Bro (2 days ago)
vampyr is simply piece of shit!
vegzmaster (2 days ago)
Before you crack
Theo Carter (2 days ago)
Formation American surprisingly during normal marketing finish change wedding click medical.
Torc Soulburn (2 days ago)
The game took me out of any immersion i could experience by a loading screen in the middle of combat or just walking around in general. Maybe if they fix that it would be a better game to me
fountainhead (3 days ago)
So, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines is still the reigning king of vampire games, I take it?
J. C. (3 days ago)
I believe it's pronounced "VAMP-er," like you're a southern redneck.
anand altantsog (4 days ago)
basicly penny dreadful meets vampire masquerade
ICrackButts (4 days ago)
Wow the Blood and Wine DLC changed quite a bit
JMega007 (4 days ago)
The game is shit
Kane Templar (4 days ago)
Loved Vampyr, so much so I played it through 3 times, got the Platinum, saw both endings and I am longing for more vampire games of this type, though hopefull with slighlty more polished combat and some bug fixes. I loved how characters reacted to certain deaths, and how districts we're impacted by the choices made. It made me feel conected to thr situation and like the reviewer made me very selective (on mt free for all playthrough) about who and why I chose to kill, on occasion the dialogue felt long winded but overall kept me engrosed and interested, as doughtfull as DLC or a sequal would be I would find either/both most welcome, and even though this title had a low budget they produced in my opinion a great triple A game, more deep narative single player games are needed.
cmoneytheman (4 days ago)
I dont kno why this wasnt on the list of games like souls i been playin it week now looks like in cutscenes same style as life is strange but the regular angle looks like a closer angle of nier or neverdead and the world looks and plays like souls game this is the first souls type with a story no other souls knockoff or souls game had one and the story is not to good only in parts but the actin is good
Ronnie Neill (4 days ago)
Agree with you 👍 what's the point in playing a vampire game AS the vampire and not drinking blood of certain individuals? It is fun carefully selecting who plus experiencing the powers levelled up 👌🎮 great game 😎
Goastoid (5 days ago)
I pre-ordered but have yet to play it, the combat is definitely whats keeping me away from this game :/
Pokemon Trainer (5 days ago)
On a scale 1 to 10 how would you rate: Main story Side quests Dialogue choices
Bouncer related dialogue?
CommanderCody (5 days ago)
I'm loving this game so far, but holy shit, it is slow.
Alex (5 days ago)
I never understood why people were comparing this to VTM:B. I mean besides it being about vampires the two games have nothing in common.
The Logo (5 days ago)
I actually really like the combat in this game
Raider Nation (6 days ago)
The combat leaves a lot to be desired tbh.
Milad Eydelkhani (7 days ago)
Mermaid Gypsy (7 days ago)
I love it so far just started playing it myself. I agree with most of what u said the combat couldn’t been better for sure. Overall, I’m enjoying exploring and biting folks 😁
Highland Silverback (7 days ago)
So combat is terrible but you can talk too heap's of npc's, thx for warning me how shit it is.
Raider Nation (6 days ago)
Highland Silverback Go back to your CoD newb
Jonathon Roth (7 days ago)
Vampire: masquerade!!!!! Soild reference! Best vampire game ever made👏🖒
7DragonEyes7 (7 days ago)
The combat make you feel like a predator playing with you food, you can kill and eat them at any moment but you just dance around dodging.
Joshua Chow (7 days ago)
You probably meant hematology instead of phlebotomy? Phlebotomy just means puncturing a vein. But since he is a vampire, you could technically say that he's a phlebotomist. However, his specialty in medicine would be surgery and hematology.
Tomek Żyła (7 days ago)
I downloaded the Hunters Heirlooms pack. How do I get back to my previous clothes? I don't want to be stuck with clothes from the dlc.
Mihai Onet (7 days ago)
I want Kain back :(((
Bien Fernandez (8 days ago)
Rocksteady type combat wouldve really worked in this game but all that aside im enjoying it so far
Baltasarmk (8 days ago)
Nah, I will wait for "WTF is Vampyr"
Rob G (8 days ago)
It's a very good game atmospheric and storywise, but I find the combat twitchy and frustrating. The lack of character control and camera angles are my main gripes. But, if you are used to combat RPG's, like Dark Souls, Witcher, Shadow of Mordor ect., it likely won't be much of an issue.
Jennifer Bibi (8 days ago)
They should have had a fast travel option like Fallout. It got to be a drag after a while, running between areas.
Brady Burns (8 days ago)
Yeah, whenever it came out I thought you pronounced it Vam- Pier instead of Pyre so it got of got etched into my brain so it took a while for it to go away, lmao.
Onni Tammenoja (8 days ago)
Actially just bought it. I'm still playing God of war which I'll definately finnish, but I think today I'm going to start a new game in Vampyr as well
Rap Obsessed (8 days ago)
Combats alright. Nothing to wank over. I just like killing everyone
iN3ff4BL3 (8 days ago)
Since you intimated knowledge of arguably THE best and most memorable vampire RPG to date: _Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines_ (2004) , you earned a subscriber! Nice interview as well. I think I'll be getting this one. Thanks!
Lenoxious (8 days ago)
before you torrent*
Mind Of Virtuoso (8 days ago)
Free downloaded from nosteam. No need to buy it
jones1234567891011 (8 days ago)
Funny enough, you'd pronounce it "Vampeer" in German, so I'd be like "Vampeer", no, it's "Vampire". Just the other way round :D
Andrew Taylor (9 days ago)
ive already beat this game lol
The Great Chimera (9 days ago)
did u just say "Dotnod entertainment"?
Devin Thomas (9 days ago)
Straight garbage regret even playing it
Karan Brahma (9 days ago)
Hmm, wasn't the response I was expecting, looks a bit too generic for my taste but since you say it tried some novel systems, I'll try it out.
KillerBoots (9 days ago)
They should’ve named him Dr. Acula. Lol
Fidel Trujillo (10 days ago)
Jurrasic world evolution
Henrik Kolbu Andersen (10 days ago)
Vampyr is a Norwegian word
Utopian Gaming (10 days ago)
Just passed 10hrs into it and its unique but I cant stand the back and forth up and down dialogue, sometimes I feel that I am spending half the total time just talking and clicking for questions and answers. Its not entirely a fun aspect for me personally. The story setup is dragging for me and its too repetitive.
Scriptosaurus rex (10 days ago)
I am really enjoying it. Problem is the load times.... Combined with the investment in the story, it is difficult to sit down and just play for half an hour, rather than two or the hours a piece. Not a game for people low on time.
Mort Napolino (10 days ago)
I have to be honest, I don't usually leave a comment on your videos mostly because I don't think, what I think matters; that said I love vampires Blood lines, Redemption, and even world of Darkness I ran for years and years. This game doesn't really hit me in the right places. I have it on console, character models are iffy if not just straight up sad, it has a mass effect face issue for me. Combat is fluid but the pacing is off. The core story is interesting, but the side stories feel a bit "Story of the week" if not a little less. The Powers are the stereo typical "Video game" powers of a vampire, and 9 times out of ten I feel like this game is a conversation sim. That said I did pay nearly 60 bucks for it so I'm still playing, but this game is three steps above "Dark" which is a vampire game.. So I'd wait on it until it's anywhere between 30 to 19 dollars to play.
John Klein (10 days ago)
I had the opposite reaction. I had way more fun fighting then exploring in this game. I didn’t kill any interactive NPC for experience and was living off of mission exp and had a wonderful time fighting. After running around the map for the 100th time and sometimes to give out medicine to the sick, I got tired of how difficult the map was to get around to the various groups of civilians. I also had a lot of loading issues on my Xbox One S. Long load times and a lot of loading screens mid map.
mwahahahahaha-guy (10 days ago)
i suffered from loading screens and some bugs playing this game.
Jove Joved (10 days ago)
"Made by Life is Strange company." Welp, there goes my support...
Zero Curvature (7 days ago)
NICK (10 days ago)
This game is really good & I completed yesterday ! Recommended
zzerвerυѕ (10 days ago)
There is also a looot of running around, backtracking, no fast travel to the hideouts. Locked doors everywhere so if you forget to open a door from one district to the other you are in for a lot of running through respawned enemies. Combat is simple but a pain in the ass against groups especially with keyboard and mouse cuz the target switching is not working. Very limited movement since you can not jump at all and the teleport only works on predefined locations. Other than that, its fine so far.
Snake is Legend (10 days ago)
I’m loving it so far. I think they did an amazing job with a limited budget. Hopefully it does well and they do a second with a larger budget with more cities to explore. London, Paris and throw some early Nazi’s in there? Whoa!!!
Moodiepie (11 days ago)
I finished the game and it's worth playing. Loved it!
TheNinjaGamingBear (11 days ago)
I was really looking forward to this game, but for me. In a game like this, the combat system will somewhat make it or break it. Playing as a vampire, I don't want to use weapons, I want to BE a weapon. Using weapons made me feel like a weakling, so I couldn't have much fun in this game.
paka stin (11 days ago)
Vampyr o 2018 ripuli
INSIGHT GAMING (11 days ago)
Useless Review
goro majima (11 days ago)
i want a dlc to fight geralt and regis
The 9ine God (11 days ago)
I think the combat is great. It feels fresh and new. Adding in new moves from upgrading with XP points. It's a nice form of gameplay combat it's really really good in my opinion.
Mike Carlson (11 days ago)
Did you get paid for this trash? I played it based on your review and if I could force you to return my money for me I would.
Eclipse (11 days ago)
Jonathan...such an overused generic vanilla name
White Guy (11 days ago)
Alisa Kaminskaya (11 days ago)
I wish the combat system was better. Unless you're killing civilians, you're getting shit for experience.
overpriced but id gladly play it
RushInNinja (11 days ago)
I'm definitely enjoying it! I thought I wasted my money when I started it up, but being patient really paid off. The story is good, I'm particularly partial to Dr. Reid's monotone Victorian English accent, and I think all in all the voice acting is superb. The combat starts off a little weird, yes, but once mastered becomes pretty darn enjoyable. Definitely glad I stuck with Vampyr, awesome game.
Julian Lewis (11 days ago)
Do not buy this game at full price. It will come down faster than a prostitutes panties, then buy it.
Josh cramer (11 days ago)
I have pre-ordered, played and beat the game. I did NOT get the damn pre-order bonuses that it promised. Otherwise the game is great. Also holding P down when in a specific skill tree gives you unlimited exp depending on how long you hold the button down. You can do it on any system. I've confirmed it. It's no troll. It does work.
Josh cramer (8 days ago)
Thomas Raines?
Thomas Raines (8 days ago)
Josh cramer what do you do on PS4?
Kami Tenchi (11 days ago)
When you fuse elements of Vampire the Masquerade - Bloodlines, with elements of the Darkness games and Darkwatch, you can call it an original idea? Okay then...
harrythebarry (11 days ago)
wow you think this looks really great? It looks like a ps3 game
vernon col (12 days ago)
The games great especially for the budget it has. It's not an AAA......... game guys, i'm getting sick of all these overly critical critics talking about this gem almost like your trying to find something wrong.... rather then appreciate the innovation. It's a shit ton better then any COD or alot of the trash that came out within the last 8years like mAss Effect Abortion, it is a game some might not want but a game we all Badly need!! 8, 16/32 bit shit is cool but yeah.... I would love to see them or even Ubi dump make an Assassin creed like game just like this but on a bigger scope with more $$ (A bigger budget) behind it with the Creed mechanics and a bigger sandbox with alot of "inspiration" from Infamous 2 Festival of Blood DLC. Support the game guys so they can have a chance to rejuvenate this dry, plain, paranoid unoriginal lazy greedy gaming industry.. if I was to score it, i'd give Vampyr a 7.8 out of 10
kevin porter (12 days ago)
I understand it dude, I just disagree...Im loyal to, and support people I care about. I just make a significant distinction and feel zero affection and loyalty to someone who charges me for a service or product. Thats business...
Jack Madness (12 days ago)
The soundtrack was a shock for me, reminded me of Bloodborne
Sum Dood (12 days ago)
It’s pronounced Vampeer you jerk
salxor W (12 days ago)
Definitely love that game haven't had much time to play due to work but would say its story is right up there with horizon zero dawn. Have recommended it to 4 friends already
Achy ka (12 days ago)
The way you want to pronounce is correct. Almost everybody is pronouncing it the English way ("Vampire") but it's the more Slavic way ("Vampyr")
Games .vs. Spencer (12 days ago)
I think vampyr is ok i bought it but it’s nothing to great, it feels like it will be a free game on xbox someday
Behind You (12 days ago)
Id dont look like you realy a superor beeing! i would like to play with mankind like pets and not try to defeat them with mortal kombat, guns and some fancy dodgeing mechanics. Humans are realy vulnerable to near anything and they have shitty self-awareness! Maybe in lategame you handle humans like cattles but a vampire should realy overwhelmed like a handling a pupett.
shanedragonsteel (12 days ago)
For me i just love to max every soul and then feed on them , untell i messed up at white chapel and just want to murder all of white chapel
Bold Counsel (12 days ago)
Still a better love story than Twilight.
David (12 days ago)
$60 seems very high for a 7 out of 10.
Alexander Bryant (12 days ago)
The combat in this game is garbage
leoct1985 (12 days ago)
Been waiting for this game sense before they announced it at last years E3
RarneElf (12 days ago)
Waited for this game for a long time. Now I'm down on cash and cannot afford it. If it has future dlc / bug fixes maybe I'll get it assuming I have enough money then.
Dude Brah (12 days ago)
The T-posing npcs are intentionally made to support memes and Jesus
Lukášovy šílenosti (12 days ago)
The only issue I have with this game is the endgame cuz it includes a lot of runing which made me not care about the enemies and just rush it. This game is based on it's story and the story is amazing it's definetly worth a shot.
mrgreenisthestuff (13 days ago)
Does anyone else feel like there's TOO much combat in games? Like it's just filler for lack of something else?
Naeira K (13 days ago)
The spelling of Vampyr is the swedish version of Vampire. :) It's pronouced VAM-PYYYR.. difficult for non swedish people thou. Not saying it's a swedish game, just that it's pronouced that way

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