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Anthem was announced a while back, but while we were given broad information, we've eagerly awaited specifics. Kicking off Gameranx's E3 coverage, we got the goods. Finally! Find out more about Anthem's classes, open world, gameplay, game modes & more. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Imnotarobot Iswea (3 hours ago)
Noooo why next year!?!?? I get it they dont want to rush it. BUT A WHOLE YEAR?!
TheKazeen (6 hours ago)
Can we press 5 and leave the suit? I want to see customization before buying
ANIME SERIES (14 hours ago)
What are the requirements of this game for pc
Hugo Baumgart (17 hours ago)
Really good video!
Lord Alucard (22 hours ago)
I will be using all javelins but storm is my fave.
De Poynter (1 day ago)
So online only? God I hope not the reason I didn't get destiny and fallout 76 both look like great games but 😑 still internet is not 100% reliable
Slacker 28 (1 day ago)
2:34 or 4:39 Where did that footage come from?
Marc141 (1 day ago)
It looks like Destiny and Monster Hunter World in one game.
PaPa MiDniT3 (2 days ago)
Wait I don't understand. You will be able to see other players while exploring the open world but it isn't multiplayer?
Formoka (2 days ago)
I keep watching these information videos, hoping someone will tell me you can play offline. I don't have wifi, but I really want to play this game.
Formoka (1 day ago)
Norrskenn Thanks for informing me! Even if that information makes me sad, I appreciate it.
Norrskenn (1 day ago)
Formoka so sorry, it's already been confirmed that you won't be able to play this game offline. It's an online-shared world game
Torg (2 days ago)
Never played a bioware game before so I don’t care if it doesn’t have bioware elements, it just seems like a fun game
I’m cautiously optimistic but not hopeful
Samothewolf (2 days ago)
Why cant we get An open world iron man game that looks like GTA the mods made for it are fun but i want to have all the Suits from the films a story Line Good flight like this game but also unlimited flight instead of oveathing playing as tony Stark being Able to drive sick cars chill out in you're mansion Explore the world fly around. I would verry much like to see that Anthem shows An open world where you can fly around its cool and show that it can be done
Marlon Fortes (2 days ago)
Is it only online?
Paul Rusby (3 days ago)
Just be quiet and take my money already!
Label07 (3 days ago)
Romances would have been a dumb idea for a MMO-lite like this. What happens after the month long honeymoon phase and you two breakup? NPC is not interact-able for the rest of the game? haha
Diarmuhnd (3 days ago)
point 11 : its EA , they can suck on a Thermal grenade with no Bantha spit. They screwed over everyone who loved playing Star War's games & Mass Effect & C&C , etc ... Seriously F*** EA.
Fox Moulder (3 days ago)
i may actually respect this enough to buy it. just as long as lootboxes stay out.
Georgie Boy (3 days ago)
I think it looks fucking sick
SuperTyrannical1 (4 days ago)
An N7 javelin skin. I assume thats just a nod to mass effect and the universe isnt the same?
FISH (4 days ago)
"not a destiny clone" destiny is a warframe clone, thats like saying a paladins clone
UnformidableWolf (4 days ago)
Being published by EA is bad... But having no PVP is also very very good
Gracie Westmoreland (4 days ago)
Everyone seems to have pretty mixed opinions, but I have hope that Anthem is gonna be great! I did love the traditional Bioware style of game; the changes they're making to the game style seem to be okay though. Still the same flavor but unique at the same time. I'm excited!!
JUANDRÉ UYS (4 days ago)
hehe it launches on my biffday
Crimson (5 days ago)
pvpve would be a great mashup in this game, while we try to kill each other and happen to be in the wrong area the environment would jump in to kill everyone and anything that isn't fast enough, and if you survive you can call it eco assist. :P the map looks fucking amazing and huge, guaranty that pvpve would be something fresh with what they have so far.
Adriana P (5 days ago)
There is a lot that reminded me of Mass Effect Andromeda. Although they're really minor things. For example, the hitmarkers are pretty much the same and the relics of the Anthem of Creation remind me of the vaults, not the gameplay but the concept.
Gabe A. (5 days ago)
Is it safe to say that pre ordering would be a worthy investment?
Alvin Keota (5 days ago)
It's EA.... i have a feeling youre going to have to throw money for ammo... petty bastards... but in all looks great... too bad ive been screwed so many times from EA.... i know better.
MaverickDoesEveryhing (5 days ago)
I refuse to buy this game I was burned by destiny and I’m gonna learn from it.
Eli Francom (5 days ago)
The mmo or not mmo aspect is a lot like MHW
Aldon Davidson (6 days ago)
the most uncool thing is that it said 2019
Franky man (6 days ago)
You better check yourself before you wreck yourself you better check yourself before you wreck yourself cuz EA and microtransactions are bad for your health
Sean Guan (6 days ago)
I’m hoping it doesn’t disappoint us like battlefront :/
6'2Saki (6 days ago)
ok EA pay attention, LOOT BOXES BAD, pay for cosmetics in a full price title, ALSO BAD, but alot better than a tacked on RNG loot box system. but still, we should all give you a swift nut kick because it is STILL MICROTRANSACTION. BUT i guess since it is open world, and MMO.. ish... and requires a server to host it, and you have to pay for continued server maintenance. it's fine... maybe.. if it changes i hope you get another PR hit like BF2
Tuomas Na (6 days ago)
YES! Now we have second game with ”you buy what you want” type of games other one being Titanfall 2! Revolutionary
Morgan BALDWIN (6 days ago)
I have no enternet at my house so my question is will there be an offline mode( If your wondering how i'm doing this i'm in a house with enternet)
Kyle Funderburk (7 days ago)
This game clearly takes place in the same universe as Titanfall right? Both EA games that take place in the future and utilize mech suits.
Rafael Basquens (7 days ago)
You say it isn't like Destiny, but it looks a lot like Destiny on the gameplay
So, I know that it requires an online connection to play, does that also mean that a PSN or XBLG subscription is also required?
Anthony Bermudez (7 days ago)
Was gonna write off but these 10things put me back on the hype I can’t wait for this game now tbh
Rice Ball (7 days ago)
Sounds like futuristic monster hunter
Orion Dust (7 days ago)
grouperslayer20 (7 days ago)
New Ironman game
Felix Belanger (7 days ago)
If it holds up to it's promises it should be a great game. It would be cool to get passive creatures too
Peik Keinänen (7 days ago)
Pvp like in borderlands, you challenge people to duels
TrashBoat (7 days ago)
*please don’t be another destiny* I really hope this game is successful
GXM Productions (7 days ago)
I still want what BioWare promised with Romances for ME:A. They said that Romances would be more realistic if you wanted to pursue one. It ended up being the same thing that every BioWare game has. Talk to the character. Do loyalty mission. Bang. I want what was promised. If you want to romance someone it would be bc of what you say and do.
Owen Culver (8 days ago)
I’m excited for this game I’m Just nervous because EA is involved so I would want to see more gameplay before buying it
Random To Pointless (8 days ago)
Ok can someone please tell me where the music is from on the voice over with falcon talking its so peaceful
ITALIAON gamer (8 days ago)
Now I know I’m getting anthem.
Misga (8 days ago)
But you can get demo right?
Eiliestl (8 days ago)
No romance!! Preorder canceled.
lhalls9116 (8 days ago)
8 more months:(..i wonder what bungie will cum out with once this game drops to compete. What was it d3..dlc 3. Year 3 season 3 idfk anymore haha!
CCCGamer 52 (8 days ago)
everything sounds and looks great but i'm worried for the class types
Psycho-Kid JB (8 days ago)
Is it gonna be an optional online game???
the keeper (8 days ago)
Is it online only, if so on Xbox, would you need a gold membership?
PMW3 (8 days ago)
I'm sorry, but I'm not seeing anything that isn't EA: Destiny
Spencer Drury (8 days ago)
Why does falcon sound so downtrodden? Is it the game? Is it life? I just want featherdaddy to be happy
Cutie cartel (8 days ago)
i can't decide between interceptor or storm any suggestions?
Will Roberts (8 days ago)
Remember, no pre-orders.
Joshua Hamilton (8 days ago)
Part feels like the Borderlands series of games
Nick Jonathan (8 days ago)
1:20 gam
Aydan Wells (8 days ago)
if i get anthem i will choose either the storm class or the green and white dude (no racisim intended). just an F-Y-I , i love your vids and i am trying to cheer people up on almost all platforms if they are down by doing art and making them laugh with corny jokes ;). if u could give me a shout or some art supplies aka copic markers to keep the dream going plz reply to this plz and thx bro. like and share love ur vidz catcha later ;)
Madelineblooddoll (8 days ago)
there's only one thing i need to know, ea is behind it. not buying it but also not into games that put cosmetics in loot boxes. I rather outright buy the item i want not gamble for it even if it is just cosmetics.
packbh (8 days ago)
I don't know how to feel about this game yet... today everything has to be multiplayer or coop. I miss Bioware making games like Dragon Age Origins, KOTOR and the original Mass Effect.
SubXero (8 days ago)
Jurassic World Evolution please
Eliseo Benitez (9 days ago)
Grant Pray (9 days ago)
I won't be pre-ordering the game at the least. I'll wait until after launch and see what people are saying.
Jonathan Simpson (9 days ago)
Finally! Companies are starting to learn. I'm guessing that they don't want to be paying huge fines or serving jail time 😁
oluwafemi lawal (9 days ago)
the flying is beautiful
AlphaLinkster (9 days ago)
I wonder if the pvp will be kinda like a battlefield game, with mechs, a the division-like DZ, or if it’ll follow more of a planetside kinda pvp. Honestly I hope it’s like planetside
RezaQin (9 days ago)
I'm glad there's no romance options. They're pixels, not people.
Dat Guy (9 days ago)
This will be incredibly disappointing
Juicy Orange (9 days ago)
Why is it that I'm getting a case of deja vu and all I'm seeing is Andromeda? I'm seeing a similar world and theme with same mystery Andromeda had.
High Aces Clan (9 days ago)
I can see the Clan already all black exo suits a bit of red a badass name oh man the High Aces will thrive on this game. My god it’s beautiful
AJ Zebadua (9 days ago)
I think maybe a better comparison would be Warframe, not Destiny...oh wait, Destiny is just Bungee ripping off Digital Extremes in the first place...carry on.
This game is releasing on my birthday! Wow.
AnonnymouZ (9 days ago)
Whoa, no romance and gimped dialogue?? Hmmmm. Oh, nvm, fully voiced. That will make up for it
Bobby Sandhu (9 days ago)
Can I play anthem completely solo like by yourself or do u always need 4 people
Jeremy Nachtman (9 days ago)
No comments about how gorgeous this game is. Speaking of gorgeous games, Ghost of Tsushima, sucks it isn't available for PC, but omg, so gorgeous!
- Extreme - (9 days ago)
Everyone is pissing me off saying it looks like warframes fck off warframe is random and makes no sense the characters in warframe has magical powers and sht like that i think this is stupid tho Anthem on the other side is very physical whit the suits having their own ability, movement and fire power.
Gundamguy 2112 (9 days ago)
I’m neeeed my Bioware alien poontang... where is my Bioware alien poontang?!?
Brian Johnson (9 days ago)
It'd be great to play entirely alone without other people. Kind of a pain in the ass if not.
Hunt (9 days ago)
I'm guessing EA are going to make everyone pay for PvP content!
Cheshire Cat (10 days ago)
If would be cool if you could change your character....
ImTropixz (10 days ago)
Is anthem coming out on pc
Madmonkeman (10 days ago)
I can't tell if I want this game. I can EASILY see it sucking, but videos like these keep exciting me for it. I'll just have to see reviews first.
bzrkmaniac (10 days ago)
Feel like I heard similar stuff when Destiny was being developed....
THe_reAL_ An0nyM0uS 1 (10 days ago)
A lot of things that I love about the Borderlands series seems to be in this game I am fucking hyped for this
Forza Martini (10 days ago)
Never played bioware games, no particular reason. But it does leave rather unbiased. What i do want is a better take on Destiny, because i’m fed up with Bungie.
Jerard The Bacon (10 days ago)
I really hope they put sheep and chickens in the game.
SLIQ6 (10 days ago)
Remember, do not preorder
Sam Hall (10 days ago)
Great details
Jerry G. (10 days ago)
Sounds like this game is going to play like Guild Wars (original) with mechs.
Zevastian 1991 (10 days ago)
I like BioWare, i always liked their games, problem is that EA is involved, and honestly, those guys are trash. Hope the game can go well and at some time gets free from EA pay to win ideals.
ALI ABU Farjad (10 days ago)
Maxi Moxie (10 days ago)
I'm getting some serious Division vibes from Anthem, and I like that. I really enjoyed the Division for what it was and how it operated.
anthony bell (10 days ago)
A bigger budget warframe? I'm down.
Jhay-ar Perez (10 days ago)
Spencer Minton (10 days ago)
why does everyone think lootboxes is a bad model if its done right its a great model for making money. most games that implement correctly have made alot of money nad have had very little effect on player progression. in this day and age where games are getting so expensive to make they are either going to have to raise the base price of games, add in subscriptions or loot boxes advertising alone for games is hellish expensive

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