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24 FPS vs. 60 FPS Gaming

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Frame Rate comparison in "Video Games" between 24 FPS and 60 FPS. Games list: 00:00 Fallout 4 01:14 Hearthstone 01:40 Need for Speed Payback 02:35 Overwatch 03:06 PUBG 04:35 The Witcher 3 05:27 GTA 5 #wolfgang #Gaming #60fps
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wolfgang (9 months ago)
Hey guys. Please watch this video at 60FPS, otherwise it will be useless. Games list: 00:00 Fallout 4 01:14 Hearthstone 01:40 Need for Speed Payback 02:35 Overwatch 03:06 PUBG 04:35 The Witcher 3 05:27 GTA 5
cray nelson (2 days ago)
hey man im wondering why you do the 24 vs 60 comparisons? whats the point of showing 24pfs? jw thanks
CarilletaReach (5 days ago)
wolfgang *omegaluled hearthstone can be played with 5 fpss fagg*
Rafael Pereira (15 days ago)
I felt dizzy watching 24fps version😫
Sword (21 days ago)
this video on the left isn't stable 24 frames per seconds. it must be jumping from as low as 16 frames to higher fps. i am not buying it.
Ray Breslin (15 hours ago)
60 looks so satisfying
Nomar Rodiguez (1 day ago)
Los veo iguales.
Clashof Clan (1 day ago)
There's barely a difference man......
apm.designs (17 hours ago)
You blind?
Ахил [LETS PLaY] (2 days ago)
Разница большая
Our eyes can see.
vic twenty (3 days ago)
it all becomes pointless after 5 hours anyway the human eye cannot see past 5 hours that tech spanish guy said so in that gaming industry interview one time the secrets out
apm.designs (17 hours ago)
What? That makes no sense lmaoo
virus detected (3 days ago)
Why they look the same? We can only see difference in -10 fps
WB bLueYe (4 days ago)
But where are the Console Players saying 24 FPS is smooth!!! ? :D
VG Courage (5 days ago)
Pubg on xbox runs at 5fps
teens break (7 days ago)
lvl 24 vs lvl 60 nice comparison, dog how about a honest one, who dafoq has 24 fps, the majority doesnt play on widows vista
apm.designs (17 hours ago)
DeSTroYeR o_0 (7 days ago)
2.2 million views. 22k like. 2.2 dislike There is something weird in this video
wolfgang (6 days ago)
Black magic.
IvoryPuma (7 days ago)
Our eyes can't see over 30 fps, LIES everywhere
Oly1y (7 days ago)
Some games need it, some don't.
This is why I'm not gonna waste extra cash on 60 fps, it barley changes anything
apm.designs (17 hours ago)
Pablo G Casalle (8 days ago)
Yo diria que es innecesario el video ya que no hace falta ni siquiera verlo se sabd con que te lo expliquen
Israel Ramirez (8 days ago)
It's the same
zKartxffel (8 days ago)
Only Gamers can see the difference
Oscar klopper (8 days ago)
24 ia still better than 1 T-T
Dark Aeon (9 days ago)
This thumbnail gives me life
I did not realize the difference
吳聿翔 (10 days ago)
GAMESLOVEMONE Y (11 days ago)
slow mode at 0.5 and the difference will be visible. it `s Magic :)
DjX PopLocks (11 days ago)
More fps is just like fastening and smoothening agame
Muhammad Haris (11 days ago)
I prefer 24 fps because it's much more cinematic. I mean human eyes can't see past 24 fps right? I lied.
•Chaos Breaker• (11 days ago)
I honestly don't see a difference.
Jmodrak (12 days ago)
dumb ass console players can't really tell the difference lol. I almost always complain when I play a game on the ps4 or xbox becaus of the fps. But for console players its the norm for them.
Yeeric (12 days ago)
PUBG mobile is like 24 fps on my phone
quadro beam (12 days ago)
I don’t know, in some games it is more noticeable than in others.
shantanu rao (12 days ago)
*more fps more smoothness*
Tex avery (12 days ago)
I see no difference
Cristian De Abreu (12 days ago)
I can't see the video at 720p60. Only 720p and 30fps. This is stupid
60 fps is realistic 24 fps is more cinematic
Francisco Casas (13 days ago)
This gave me anxiety wtf 😂
Teddy Bear (13 days ago)
Human eye can only see 1fps Oh, it's cause my computer can't see more than 1fps
Саня Тянь (13 days ago)
Вот бесят меня ебланы, кто такие превью делает, будто изображением можно передать колечество кадров в секунду, еблан ты не отесанный
MrDogbrain (13 days ago)
Stop focusing on one thing. Look at the buildings, the foliage & trees in the background. 24 FPS is trash.
Drbluz CZ (13 days ago)
I am 120 fps
Angel Meza (13 days ago)
60hz vs 240hz
Alaric _ (13 days ago)
here i am playing stellaris with 12.5 fps
No name (13 days ago)
Lets fix the title *"Shitty console gaming vs glorious pc gaming"*
J. Gainez (14 days ago)
I get like 5 fps on gta 5 so 24 would be amazing :l
Ezhar Ali (14 days ago)
Levando (14 days ago)
Wyatt Harris (14 days ago)
Fps dosent effect the look it makes the game slower or faster 25fps is slower and 60fps is faster
Swoozle (14 days ago)
The human eye can only see 24fps irl? Lame.
Dingleberry Tech (14 days ago)
24 fps literally hurts the eyes. Add a shit ton of motion blur, though, and it might look pretty good actually.
Aditya Saha (14 days ago)
fake, human eyes can only see potatoes
QuyAndTheTree (14 days ago)
i am disturbed.
Full Tilt (14 days ago)
Exclusives are good and all but... y'all ever feel good when you think about the fact you don't have to pay to play multiplayer on the game you payed for?
Rio Janeiro (14 days ago)
You'll know true struggle and pain once you played a fps game with less than 20 fps, especially if its Multiplayer fps
Ozan Doruk (14 days ago)
Wow 60fps has so much better graphics!1 i cri everytiem on consol =(
PC Fanboy (14 days ago)
I watched it in 144p and was still noticeable.
karma tam (15 days ago)
Disney movie are below 20 framed I think it’s 15
karma tam (15 days ago)
So this is why pubg been giving me headache Game loook good but I get dizzy quickly When I play cod its no problem
ABHI RAJ (15 days ago)
60 fps is better smooth animation and less headache
noonesperfect (15 days ago)
now i get lol
Lloyd Gamimg (15 days ago)
Your eye can see 900FPS
meatbag killer (15 days ago)
How to download more RAM ? Can I download cracked RAM? Can I also download GTX 1080ti ?
MrYellowDude (12 days ago)
I hope I got fucking wooshed
TERAKNOT ANIME (15 days ago)
Watching the video in 360p which is at 30fps so it doesn't matter
Nctrnl Mjsty (15 days ago)
The fact Every game isn't 60 fps makes me so SAD
WarLord (15 days ago)
Nah This comparison doesn’t justify real shit In 24 fps graphics are way too shitty
It’s the same for me
Ranabis Andromeda (16 days ago)
Meitantei Kevin (16 days ago)
I think my eyes are Just broken. I don't See much difference. Well i do See a difference but only when You compare them
Bujtor Zoltán (16 days ago)
I'm happy when I have 24 fps. In most of the games I have 15-30 fps.
Misty Joja (16 days ago)
if you're not watching in 720p at least then stfu
BARON-Rahul 777 (16 days ago)
and i play with 15 fps T-T
Dev Sharma (16 days ago)
You can't see the difference unless you watched it in 720p60 or 1080p60 ..!
VINAY CONNECTS (16 days ago)
But how to change frames per second of a game..On camera i have option of 30fps & 60fps but i dont know about any option in a game
aliobaid310 (16 days ago)
This is stupid, our eyes can onlу see at 1 frames per second
TehMorbidAtheist (17 days ago)
But but but you're eyes can't see past 7 dimensions
Villamor78 (17 days ago)
Back in the good ol' Voodoo graphics and GeForce 1 days, people would kill to have 60 fps at these resolutions. I can't believe this video was even made.
Habadashery Jones (17 days ago)
I don't know why you'd compare 24fps to 60 in a gaming context. No game has ever been made with 24fps in mind. It's strictly a cinema standard. More frames is never a good thing in the context of films.
Ashish Parmar (17 days ago)
45 fps is enough
Shayantan tech vids (17 days ago)
Harry Kurakula (17 days ago)
Playing an FPS game in 60 fps will make me puke
Rest in peace xxx (17 days ago)
Its still playable
rogue angel (17 days ago)
Ive been corrected many times for this but it truly seems like theres something about lower fps that makes you feel the game more. Although higher fps looks prettier and you seemingly complete the game much faster. Thats what I mean though 24 fps feels more in the moment 60 fps is more like everythings flying at you and done instantly if that makes sense. People always talk about how 24 fps looks bad maybe thats just how we trained ourselfs to percieve it?. Either way lifes too short to live in the moment of 24 fps I suppose.
Jordan Vallejo (17 days ago)
My eyes are only capable of seeing 1fps
Umair Khan (18 days ago)
For dummies. Watch the video at least at 720p60fps to see the difference. Lower resolutions on YouTube like 360p and 480p etc are locked at 30 fps. Thnx
Notdaflyking (18 days ago)
You cant see the diffirance here but if you play it you know the diffirence
Oskar Kowlaczuk (19 days ago)
I’ve finished DA: Inquisition at these 24 or something and many other games. I always had trash pc due to other things to buy/pay for. Now finally, after many years of sad gaming I can buy my dream machine, only two weeks apart from that.
XWenom (19 days ago)
I am a console player and man,they put so much motion blur and vsync just to make it look good
Bruno R.M (19 days ago)
21000 likes vs 2,100 dislikes
MarcusofMenace (20 days ago)
But the human ear can only smell 2fps
Screensaving Gamer (20 days ago)
60fps are for console noobs
META 19991 (21 days ago)
60fps puts a big smile on my face!!!
rodli (21 days ago)
It’s so satisfying to watch videos in 60 fps.
Barak Kozia (21 days ago)
60fps is already dead
Nawas Naz (23 days ago)
This is not a real life scenario. You won't get locked 24fps. It's stutters. Stuttering is the enemy of good gameplay.
DARK EVIL (23 days ago)
Both are good
squalo nero86 (24 days ago)
2183 play on 24 fps ahhahaa
supergamer1122 (24 days ago)
The human eye can only see 24 potato's
Samuel Broke (25 days ago)
Lol I was broke growing up so anything above 20fps was playable for me 😂
PC Gamer DttV (25 days ago)
Cancelling my 1080ti. 24 fps is way better
SOHIL G4MING (25 days ago)
u know one thing both are same videos in pubg who is gonna ride same buggy get fired by a enemy and puncture the same tire huh
w h y f l y (25 days ago)
hey, how do you edit a 24fps file and 60fps file in one timeline? may I know the program and setup you use? Many Thanks in Advance! :))
SYFICO • (25 days ago)
You really see the difference when you make the video run a 0,5x slower. 24 fps in 0,5x = frames 60 fps in 0,5x = slowmotion
YeetMode (26 days ago)
24 fps is not meant for games. It's meant for stable camera's in real life or movies.

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