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24 FPS vs. 60 FPS Gaming

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Frame Rate comparison in "Video Games" between 24 FPS and 60 FPS. Games list: 00:00 Fallout 4 01:14 Hearthstone 01:40 Need for Speed Payback 02:35 Overwatch 03:06 PUBG 04:35 The Witcher 3 05:27 GTA 5 ► Grab games here: http://bit.ly/1cIcjel ★ Website: http://gameshunt.net
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wolfgang (7 months ago)
Hey guys. Please watch this video at 60FPS, otherwise it will be useless. Games list: 00:00 Fallout 4 01:14 Hearthstone 01:40 Need for Speed Payback 02:35 Overwatch 03:06 PUBG 04:35 The Witcher 3 05:27 GTA 5
Karan Brar no bro this this is crap shit low end PC now u req 1060 gtx 6gb graphics or all CPU ram is ok
× SushiException × (4 months ago)
Blank Blank (4 months ago)
wolfgang Basically, but you'll still see difference between 24fps and 30fps
MLG_ m8 (4 months ago)
wolfgang II
wolfgang (4 months ago)
@Nauval Ahmad Faiz ShadowPlay / Capture Card + Second benchmark rig.
Prathmesh Badle (1 minute ago)
Bruah! Awesome video now compare 60 FPS vs 120 FPS.
Yoshi gamer yt (35 minutes ago)
Entertainment Only. (54 minutes ago)
Change resolution to 720p in Mobile, then you will see difference.
Anandha Krishnan (4 hours ago)
Both are same
Adam Saint (5 hours ago)
Now I fully appreciate what you're trying to do here BUT - the problem is - watching it at 60fps will only make the video on the right appear as it does IRL. The reason for that is that the 24hz video will have some frames delayed in order to fit into the 60hz refresh rate - 60 div 24 is not an integer. Watch this on a 24hz display (some TVs can do this - most only do it automatically though and can't be switched) and the effect will be different. Try recording 20hz/fps instead, then watching at 60hz - although the frame rate is only 83.34% of 24hz it will appear much smoother because each frame will be displayed at a continuous cadence - exactly three refresh cycles. Films are still recorded in 24hz - purists would accept nothing less. For sure, it's still no good for gaming BUT nowhere near as bad as what's displayed here.
INFAMOUSxMUFASA (8 hours ago)
And once u start playin at 144fps, even 120, you wont ever want to go back to 60
Amigo, você pode me dizer algum aplicativo que grava em 24 fps?
monde hadebe (19 hours ago)
After all these years I finally get it. Thanks.
MusicForHours (20 hours ago)
Honestly i cant play on 60fps since i have my 144hz monitor..
Obuzābā (1 day ago)
Jesus my left eye hurts
Wiz (1 day ago)
Honestly, movies are cool in 24 for, but games just look so choppy...
Clayton Hernandez (1 day ago)
You know, for some reason I always found the graphics to "pop" more at low framerates like 15-20 fps and I never knew why. Even if the resolution and graphics were left the same and just locked the framerate with MSI. Like the image appears slightly more crisp and clear...maybe because the image flashes slower on screen so the image gets a slight moment to sit there and unveil its full clarity? And when it's higher framerates the image kinda meshes together instantaneously so you'd have to imagine a little clarity could get lost in such rapid flashing high framerate images. It just makes sense to me like that.
Clayton Hernandez (1 day ago)
Why 24? That's a very specific number. I know movies are shot at that but still...
wolfgang (1 day ago)
Why not?
vanchester united (1 day ago)
Console gaming vs PC gaming
Rahul Choudhary (1 day ago)
Whats the name of outro song??
Rahul Choudhary (1 day ago)
What is the name of the outro song
Atakan KNG (1 day ago)
ne farki var ben anlamadim
Karriouser YT (2 days ago)
it's the same...
Лайкните типо я крутой коммент написал
Jondatorials 550 (2 days ago)
60 fps is better rawr xd
Mushegh Babajanyan (2 days ago)
Didn't notice any difference, watching with phone though. Anyway I'm used to play at around 25-30 FPS (low end user) so it's completely okay for me.
Un1234l (18 hours ago)
Mushegh Babajanyan Change YouTube resolution to at least 720p to unlock 60 fps video
kritiv playz (2 days ago)
Is it just me that I can’t see any difference ??
Un1234l (18 hours ago)
kritiv playz Change YouTube resolution to at least 720p to unlock 60 fps video
Bruno Murari (2 days ago)
All on pc ?
Kevin D. Neri/Falk (3 days ago)
The difference is in the speed of the image formation in the screen. 60fps it's faster than 24fps :)
Lupuantoniuqwe T (3 days ago)
What to prebuy bf 5 or ac odissey?
CloudMaker (3 days ago)
God 24 fps looks terrible while 60fps looks perfectly smooth
Weird Music Everyday (3 days ago)
No difference for me
Un1234l (18 hours ago)
Weird Music Everyday Change YouTube resolution to at least 720p to unlock 60 fps video
ElTomy LiderYT (3 days ago)
Hey Bros no veo cuál es la diferencia entre 24 FPS y 60 FPS. Me podrían explicar??
Ken Matharoo (4 days ago)
wOw 24 FpS sUrE dOeS lOoK bEtTeR
heckin' dang (4 days ago)
Ken Matharoo looks more cinematic and like a movie :)
Pilly27 (4 days ago)
Pero si en yt solo admite 30 fps :v?
Exequiel Solar (4 days ago)
It's depend. Vsync 30 or 60 fix variable or estable vs hz monitor.
Eu não vejo diferenças. I dont see diferences.
Un1234l (18 hours ago)
Alguem que Entende do Assunto Change YouTube resolution to at least 720p to unlock 60 fps video
Aryan Upadhyay (4 days ago)
Add 120 FPS
Yuishima Neko (5 days ago)
With 24 fps ... that enough for me...
nomercy8989 (5 days ago)
But 24 is more cinematic! -Ubisoft
KEVO DAMN (5 days ago)
Like it, if you saw it in 24 fps, 60 fps & 3D
Aníbal beer (5 days ago)
No diference
Un1234l (18 hours ago)
Aníbal beer Change YouTube resolution to at least 720p to unlock 60 fps video
Octa Boy (5 days ago)
How about , If 1000 Fps , Maybe The Gpu Meter Is 1290
MarioPlay (5 days ago)
LOS 60 fraps estan en calidad de 720 o superior realmente estan viendo 30 si lo ven en 480 o 360 o 240 xd
Israel Ruiz (5 days ago)
Pues no encuentro diferiencia entre 24 y 60 fps
RulingCS (5 days ago)
But the human eye cant distinguish above 2fps.
Raggedy Exynos (5 days ago)
Watch this at 144p for full cinematic experience
Emre Tayurak (5 days ago)
And ı watching this video at 360p
This might be a retarded question and excuse that, but is there any console that can run 60 FPS?
Un1234l (18 hours ago)
Dovahkiin KhajiitMaster All consoles can run games at 60 FPS. They already do, it just depends on the games. For instance, all fighting games are run at 60 FPS.
Poop Emoji (6 days ago)
What's the difference? FPS...ms?
60 fps= console , 144fps = Pc
Mᴇʟᴏɴ (6 days ago)
* Cries in intel core i5 7200u @2.5 ghz.... *
Ya boi (6 days ago)
24fps is a good thing? Wtf...
toprakd ' (6 days ago)
This video is 30 fps so u dont get the difference tho, hovewer there is big difference
toprakd ' (6 days ago)
i didnt notice, u were right but my opinion didnt change there is big difference
wolfgang (6 days ago)
Kieran Putz (6 days ago)
I can't tell the dif.
Un1234l (18 hours ago)
Kieran Putz Change YouTube resolution to at least 720p to unlock 60 fps video
Ad. PhotoGraphs (6 days ago)
24fps 🔥🔥🔥😍
YefranG4LG (6 days ago)
what about 60FPS vs 59FPS ?
Kristijan Jozić (6 days ago)
My advice for people that dont see the difference: 1st advice: Watch video in 720p60 / 1080p60 / 1440p60 / maybe ur under it 2nd advice: If you still dont see the difference go git sm glasses 3rd advice : if u still dont see it... well then... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qWvl017ub3I&index=58&t=0s&list=PLFojjdZEV1Lj56HKTCC7bBTbndgZm_EVr 4th advice: If you STILL dont see the difference... then... well... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNoPVmqIpnM
Karan Takalkar (6 days ago)
A burning fire in 24fps vs 60fps would show a prominent difference
Ákos Horváth (7 days ago)
buT 24 FpS iS CIn3mAtiC aNd th3 hUm4n 3y3 cAn oNly s3e 30 fPs
berkay bilgin (7 days ago)
Ayni amk milleti kandiriyo
Mr Techo (7 days ago)
Can i take yoir video clip ..
wolfgang (7 days ago)
Sorry, you can't.
Hacker YT (7 days ago)
Dont see any different
Un1234l (18 hours ago)
Hacker YT Change YouTube resolution to at least 720p to unlock 60 fps video
Wave Music (7 days ago)
Only a true gamer will understand the difference between 24 fps and 60 fps
Manish Yadav (7 days ago)
If you can't see any difference then you should watch Overwatch and GTA 5 gameplay again. These two games in the video are good for knowing the difference easily but it's not all about eyes. It feels good when you play with 60 fps rather than with 30 fps for a long time.
The Average Churro (7 days ago)
Why would i want to play in 60 fps when everyone obviously knows the human nose can’t smell above 13 FPS
Alan Gassmann (7 days ago)
YouTube = 30fps
Alan Gassmann go to 720p60fps quality
Jason Kim (8 days ago)
There's almost no difference if you watch this in 144p 😂
Jason Kim yea 30 fps is in 144p
208Tsuna (8 days ago)
Meanwhile... I need my 200fps gaming please.
Growbyskov1ch (8 days ago)
Even by watching this you have to be pretty bone-headed or have really bad eyes if you're not seeing a difference
A guy from Nowhere (8 days ago)
Maybe because i didn't know that much but to me it doesn't make much difference and if this is because i have problems with my eyes it will be a blessing :)
Un1234l (18 hours ago)
A guy from Nowhere Change YouTube resolution to at least 720p to unlock 60 fps video
kakalokin147 (9 days ago)
This is stupid, human eye can only see 1 FPS
Am I the only one who does not see the difference as important?
Sean (10 days ago)
I'd like a 12fps video to represent my pubg gameplay, thank you.
mrak408 (10 days ago)
I clearly see the difference so that rumor is fake
EZs bro (10 days ago)
Developers who say the human eye can't detect 60fps are full of shit
A Jar Of Mayonaise (10 days ago)
Why does 24 fps not even look that bad in this vid?
Şafak Ceylan (10 days ago)
I finished Far Cry 2 around 11 fps on my old pc. It was... ...OK
Şafak Ceylan (10 days ago)
Then I bought a new pc and when the fps drops 60 to 59, I start crying. I'm serious.
Axax Naji (10 days ago)
Guys stop tellind than you see the difference betwen 60 fps and 144 fps it's just impossible
wolfgang (10 days ago)
Incredibly huge difference.
Clickbait Central (10 days ago)
But the human eye can only see 2 frames per minute
Kris Ftd (10 days ago)
So basically the thumbnail is telling me Xbox vs pc
Diamond Gamers (10 days ago)
I think it is no differend
Larry (11 days ago)
24 fps looks surprisingly playable
Pássaro Azul (11 days ago)
60fps is for gameplay, while 24fps is more for cinematics and movies, this is why you NEVER see any type of movie in 60 fps, and those low-budget ones are really weird to watch.
YA YEET (11 days ago)
I have adapted to 30+ fps bc that's how my PC plays at Max settings.
CafeZin (11 days ago)
my computer is 10 Fps
Leviathan - PS4 (11 days ago)
“tHe HUmaN eYe cANt sEE OVer 19 fPs aNywAY”
RACER™ (11 days ago)
24fps is crap, but i can handle 30 fps
Jiggy Wit It (11 days ago)
How can u not see it? Are you watching it with 720p60 or nah?
RecallSuper (12 days ago)
As a console gamer that is now full time on pc... 60fps and higher is godlike, especially with you run a 144Hz monitor, it's amazing.
Bharath Somayaji (12 days ago)
I can’t see the difference 🤨 Jfk lmao anyone who can’t is a brain dead console nigga
I get 80-100 FPS on PUBG but it doesnt feel like it, idk its weird
большенный ниггер I dont think your monitor can show over 60 fps
s l (12 days ago)
when you watch in 360p
KalebGames (12 days ago)
I locked Rocket League to 24 FPS and it was simply unplayable. Even 40 FPS was too low for me.
Mohd Aiman (12 days ago)
I can't see the different
Un1234l (18 hours ago)
Mohd Aiman Change YouTube resolution to at least 720p to unlock 60 fps video
4aLse (13 days ago)
This is stupid. Our eyes can only see 5 FPS.
TextualPack2882 (2 hours ago)
You mortal fool. You do not understand. Our eyes are only capable of seeing one frame. No, not one frame per second. Just one frame.
Davide Vescovini (1 day ago)
Wiz my answer was a kinda joke itself
Wiz (1 day ago)
Davide Vescovini holy fuck, can you not understand a joke?
Davide Vescovini (1 day ago)
4aLse so why you can see a difference between 24 fps and 60 fps? Mhh something is wrong
I'm sure it's 69 fps
Ali Javed (13 days ago)
We get it 60 fps is smoother you don't have to taunt us about our pc's
The Ultimate Irishman (13 days ago)
What is Frames Per Second? My pc only knows Seconds Per Frame
Lucky Hugs (13 days ago)
How to trigger PC players
Vince (13 days ago)
Hmm.. PC players had thinking 60fps would be indistinguishable from real life and Jesus himself would come through the TV and make all of my dreams come true.
Vince watching in 24 fps isn't bad but playing in 24 fps sucks
Vince (7 days ago)
21person // Roblox and more! 21person // Roblox and more! I see the difference, it's just not something I'd pay money for. If I played VR or something it might be worth it, but just playing battlefield, I'm totally fine with 24fps.
Vince watch in hd
Alpha Gaming (13 days ago)
whats the difference?... can't the human eye only pick up 25-28fps anyways...?
Alpha Gaming (6 days ago)
i know i can see a slight difference i'm watching in HD i'm just saying the difference is almost unnoticeable
Alpha Gaming theres an obvious difference, watch in hd
Sunray (13 days ago)
Lmao i have 240 and the difference is brutal
QuangAnh (13 days ago)
I has top 1 in 25fps :<
15 fps!!!!!!!

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