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THEY TEASED US AGAIN (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Text Comments (182)
Patrick Fitzgerald (3 months ago)
I am dying right now........its a lightning alarm for the off the fucking water.🤣
Joe Jeep (3 months ago)
What plate meal service were you using? Im interested in it
lilly bazadoni (3 months ago)
survival of the fittest lets go right now lololol
Bryce Mckee (3 months ago)
yo bigt you needa change your skins and pickaxes and all that, shit is not matching at all
Brenden Cox (3 months ago)
Yo BigT I feel like you should switch your last gun spot from the 6 key to the X key. You won't have to look at the keyboard as much. Keep up the vids! Love the commentary!
daaper (3 months ago)
The sirens aren't just for tornadoes anymore; they also use them for severe thunderstorms with high winds. It's pretty annoying and confusing.
Ian Hamer (3 months ago)
What meal service do U use T?
Anthony Tapia (3 months ago)
Wonder what you'll think of the new burst
Ben Quimby (3 months ago)
23:15 left a big shield let’s all yell at him
Victor Lunell (3 months ago)
broooo hes telling the same fucking story in his H1Z1 video abot hes trip
fayekhelmi (3 months ago)
> says he wishes he faked his life commentary >goes on to say pretty much the same exact story almost word for word on 2 videos :D :D just playin bigT
supaswaggerz1 (3 months ago)
rip second shield pot
SGTJBLACK (3 months ago)
The siren is not just for tornadoes, it’s for severe storms. We get them here in Dallas for severe storms, although they are mainly used for tornadoes
Brandon Goat (3 months ago)
Will BigT ever try two shotguns?
Switchy (3 months ago)
7:40 had me fuckin dead man 😂😂😂😂😂🤣
Shadrack Case (3 months ago)
Bro bigt is so funny lmao
TheUrbanLoner (3 months ago)
Are those plated meals tasty at all? Be so busy, not much time for Me or the Mrs to cook sometimes.
John Cesena (3 months ago)
Hey BigT wondering if you could help me out and give a battle pass to a friend if not thanks and start making some more cooking videos you’re always making me hungry
Sycouk1 (3 months ago)
BigT have you noticed that carbide has like feet placements on his back, so may be that could be used as a hoverboard
Conc1601 (3 months ago)
So where was the siren?
chris x rivas (3 months ago)
nibba said the same story twice
KEM-KEM17 (3 months ago)
"BigT story time" needs to be a weekly thing, this man had me dead throughout that storm story :'D
Andre Peoples (3 months ago)
KEM-KEM17 I second that!!
taylor shane (3 months ago)
I don’t think I’ve ever seen big T do as much as pick up a tactical shotgun nevermind shoot one
wheelz674 (3 months ago)
big T i think you need to chill, here im MN the sirens go off all the time and ive never even seen one. the only time you should start to panic is if you see a tornado comin at you
Halim Colson (3 months ago)
Lol. Fucking hell. Wasn’t hungry and then THERE YOU GO TALKING ABOUT FOOD. Ain’t even mad. But I know one thing. Floridians are mega screwed when tornados blow through. Like, where do we go, a closet? Under a desk? Psh.. RIP. Thanks for all the excellent content man.
Quevany Davila (3 months ago)
I miss MLB to be honest :(
OG Criticiisms (3 months ago)
New Baltimore brotha
Melachy (3 months ago)
Why does everyone use that as reference that isn’t what the rifle is going to look like it’s gonna be modeled off of the Famas
Shoot McGoot (3 months ago)
H1 on PS4 is a million times better than Forknife...I only watch the Fortnite videos because Will is the fucking man and I love his commentary
Patrick Grimaldi (3 months ago)
Long live Big-T
ProfessorYadier (3 months ago)
The sirens go off for severe weather, not just for tornadoes
CodeRed 317 (3 months ago)
You went to the blue chip casino. I live 10 minutes from new buffalo Michigan!!!!! And yeah it stormed bad
Bradley Alsup (3 months ago)
Bro, I'm from Jonesboro too. These storms aren't no joke lol. Also when you come back to town i would really like to meet you. Imma slide in your dm's soon about it lol. Keep grinding homie
Thinkbolt Plays (3 months ago)
Some good gameplay!
Emanuel Guzman (3 months ago)
Im getting sick of epic games shit man lol
D'Artagnan Laning (3 months ago)
Idk about you, but id rather play fornite on pc than h1 on ps4
Jared Winter (3 months ago)
Hope u and Nateshot win keems tourney
Luis Rosario (3 months ago)
Dang Big T was putting in some serious work, but dudes was probably playing for 10 days in a row
TheUnarmedMilk (3 months ago)
Can we get the "Wake up BITCH" intro back?
Kameron Spencer (3 months ago)
I think the game is going to trash with the “weekly updates”. I think weekly balance changes would be great, or weekly bug fixes, but adding new guns, new skins, new locations, etc. it’s making the game lag, and with the combination of constantly updating graphics, & new things loading on the map constantly, it’s causing random lag spikes, laggy gun fights, laggy building, etc. it’s becoming unenjoyable, and VERY connection based. I live in New York & my ping at around dinner time (obviously peak fortnite activity hours) is anywhere from 40-220 for the NA region. You’d think with the MORE people playing, the more likely I would be to find people closer to me. Granted the absurd server traffic may clog up the game also? But I don’t know. I liked this game because it got me away from cod. I’m about to go back to MWR or WW2.
ZEKE THE COOL (3 months ago)
No it's out on save the world I don't see why they have any reason to delay it 🤔
ZEKE THE COOL (3 months ago)
VII 👍 thanks
VII (3 months ago)
The new Burst rifle (Razorblade in STW) isnt actually coming into the game, Look at the in game-news section, Its a famas burst instead, Not a razorblade.
Crook W (3 months ago)
need more red dead episodes mannn👀
Oscar817 (3 months ago)
If Big Willy dies I no longer have a reason to live.
Hey Dad (3 months ago)
Smh whataa bout Kansas Lmao
Philip Troy (3 months ago)
You need to start making cooking videos BigT😂 your steak video made me hungry and laugh at the same time lmao
eNiiGMuH (3 months ago)
the way big t thinks about certain situations is amazing i love it! omg
Andrew Garza (3 months ago)
Where is mlb
Austin Perry (3 months ago)
''That's like the main reason I wanted to survive just so I can keep eatin stuff. And I did.'' -Big T 2018
Zachary Collier (3 months ago)
16:09 lmao
andrew Barraza (3 months ago)
Big T be telling the funniest stories 😂😭
guadalupe velasquez (3 months ago)
Try living in Florida where's there's a fucking hurricane every damn summer😂
mike perez (3 months ago)
Skips to kills baaaahahahahaha.
Brad Wriggles (3 months ago)
Final Destination: BigTymer
Beastmodezzxd (3 months ago)
Brad Wriggles I subbed to your chanell could you sub back
mike perez (3 months ago)
Lmao!!! Trap
Stonecold (3 months ago)
damn u needa chill talkin bout food you making me hungry lmao
Wesley Davis (3 months ago)
Hey Big t what ever happened to your tesla?
Sam H (3 months ago)
Where's the froggin RDR
LJSGaming (3 months ago)
Big T gets no hate and I love it
Ben Eckstein (3 months ago)
This is some high quality classic Big T commentary. love you bro
Rico S (3 months ago)
we get a few tornados a year in NW Ohio, fluffin hate em
UpHighFly (3 months ago)
Tommy Begoske (3 months ago)
It was a tornado siren test. They do it once a month.
ben (3 months ago)
Big T’s “I don’t really have an outro” has became his outro lol
Slap Artists (3 months ago)
Michigan woot 💯♥️keep up the great content I enjoy all of your fortnite vids
nizzthe 1 (3 months ago)
Should try mount Olympus indoor park there it's nice
T Fitz (3 months ago)
Dude please tell me you went to Redamaks when you were in new buffalo. BEST BURGER HANDS DOWN 🙌🙌
ClutchSwaggins (3 months ago)
i feel you bigT, i gotta playlist on spotify if just god damn rain
El Pekeno Del Sabor. (3 months ago)
@BigT, can we get a “WAKEEEE UPPPP BITCHHHH!!” one moree timee. LIKE SO HE CAN SEEE
Enrique Jimenez (3 months ago)
the best commentary on youtube hands down, you the GOAT big T luv u
Fatmen Olympics (3 months ago)
here in Iowa sirens sometimes do go off in a storm for very strong winds
Eniactual (3 months ago)
fuck ya you're playing with nade rn
Samwise Gamge (3 months ago)
Lol tornado about to kill big t’s girl in bed and he’s about to go to a hotel and leave her alone sleeping to fend for herself lol ? Come on man
vortega8 (3 months ago)
Please play some mo H1 on the ps4 Big T!
Aztec 1 (3 months ago)
Big T talking about death and food is the best.
mike perez (3 months ago)
Frogman (3 months ago)
Why could you not gamble?
Jamin Abbey (3 months ago)
BigT I live in Michigan if you going to vacation here again check out Taquamenon Falls it's beautiful up there
GreetedSpoon (3 months ago)
Big T out here living like he in Final Destination
Steve Martinez (3 months ago)
Cooking with bigt pleaseeee!!!
Chris Burke (3 months ago)
gas ring, lol
Chris O Cream (3 months ago)
Where’s god of war
MiahDaGreat (3 months ago)
Funniest video I watched today thanks big T
OG UnNoticeD (3 months ago)
Came here for the stories bigT tells gameplay is just a plus 😂😂
Koala Bear (3 months ago)
MW2 Famas? 🤔
Koala Bear (3 months ago)
Ballivares O mw2 has a FAMAS burst rifle. Looks and is described like it. We shall see though. 😁
Ballivares O (3 months ago)
Koala Bear it’s not from mw2 it’s from irl
JEAN C COLON-RIVAS (3 months ago)
My man really considered leaving his girlfriend 😹😹😹😹
BlackMajik71 (3 months ago)
You need to work on your building wall, ramp, wall, ramp ain't cutting it 😂😂😂😂😂 experienced players are putting a foot in dat ass...
Notorious BAM (3 months ago)
I can really hear your love for food whenever you describe your meals. You make that shit sound so good. You got me wanting to try some nasty ass garlic roasted brussell sprouts now.
Jacob Kooistra (3 months ago)
I live in Michigan!
iBallz (3 months ago)
Big T is the best storyteller ever. 😂
Rhino Hawkins (3 months ago)
As I’m watching this the news in on with tornado warnings he truly is from tornado alley like me
Not Applicable (3 months ago)
Big T the Storm Chaser, he needshisa licence and a storm chaser truck, dang H1Z1, PUBG, Fortnite this guys Addicted to Storms!!!
Devin Mitchell (3 months ago)
Big t with a rice gum shot @ 5:10
BuBba KuShInGToN (3 months ago)
We have the same sirens in my town in Ohio for fires and the volunteer FD to know.
Nick Ward (3 months ago)
bigT cooking show
ethan landis (3 months ago)
Oklahoma squaaaaddddddddddd💜
ethan landis (3 months ago)
Big t all you gotta do is whip out the vacuum cleaner and suck up that tornado
RELENTLESSx RG (3 months ago)
Ps what happened tp radical heights
RELENTLESSx RG (3 months ago)
All these events happening around you they might be signs tellimg you tp get your life in order. Christ will return. Better be ready when He does bro
Shoot McGoot (3 months ago)
You're right. I have converted to Islam. Thank you
RELENTLESSx RG (3 months ago)
Call it what you will but no matter what you call it. Its still the truth. God bless u
Shoot McGoot (3 months ago)
Boy, if you don't get your bible thumping ass outta these mf comments
mrmaynard (3 months ago)
The automatics are not AR-15's.
mrmaynard (2 months ago)
I'd probably say m4a1
TheUrbanLoner (3 months ago)
mrmaynard what are they then? You gonna say M16? M4?
DropTheBeat (3 months ago)
Big t it's Thor coming for that ass since you killed both his sons #godofwar

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