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WOLVERINE vs PREDATOR - Super Power Beat Down (Episode 9)

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WATCH BATMAN vs DARTH VADER!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qv6saLrn3UY like us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/batinthesun vote online for WHITE RANGER vs SCORPION http://superpowerbeatdown.com/SPBD.html follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/batinthesun WOLVERINE vs PREDATOR Directed by Aaron Schoenke The series is produced by Aaron Schoenke, Sean Schoenke and Nikolay Zamkovoy The concept of the SPBD web series is to take two super powered legends and make them battle! Every month we will release a new episode, where viewers will be able to vote to determine the winner. The show is hosted by Marisha Ray, with three debaters, Damian Beurer, Andy Liegl and Jennifer Wenger. Together they battle with their sci-fi/fantasy knowledge and comic wit to see who they think the winner will be. Be sure to check out our special effects artist channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Stalmation and Damian's and Andy's comic websites: http://www.thecomicbooknerd.com/ http://comicattack.net/ check out our stunt choreographers site! www.shaunpiccinino.com costumes provided by... Wolverine Cowl provided by ReevzFX Predator outfit created by Gene Emory - Sculpt, mold, cast, paint - overall suit construction. Damon Silva - Suit assembly and painting Carl Toti - Sculpt, mold, cast - cannon and backpack Jerome Kelty - Animatronics - cannon and backpack Julie Spehar - Electronics - computer/ bomb gauntlet Clay Williams - Dreds on cut-away mask artwork provided by Lucas Ackerman Albert Hulm look out for out next episode!!! White Ranger vs Scorpion
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Text Comments (24224)
Adzack CC (1 day ago)
The predator wouldn't be using his shoulder cannon cause he only fight melee with enemies who only have melee weapons!
Kaesyn Bell (1 day ago)
In love the predidor
Carson Schubert (2 days ago)
I hate wolverine Predator is way way way better!!!!!!
Itz Vscoh (2 days ago)
i call bs
superpooch channel (4 days ago)
Predator is hero
Brayan Pros (4 days ago)
This pretetor is aming like a skull trooper
Mark Hard (4 days ago)
wow , hard to believe anyone would really thing Predator could win, hands down wolverween
Charlie Dallachie (5 days ago)
Super predator would win by baiting wolverine
Paras Xtha (6 days ago)
i just came here for cosplay tits
Dena Tayeng (6 days ago)
Predator wiiiiiiiiioiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin
Njasang Nji (6 days ago)
These shouldn't be based on what the fans think, but what the history in comics & movies & other first appearances were.
KevinC2916 (7 days ago)
Theres a alternative version of Wolverine thats been killed by King Hyperion from exiles comics. With one blast heatvision he melts all flesh of his body leaving only his adamatium skeleton.
Smokey 420 (7 days ago)
Please do Batman vs Predator
daldan66 (8 days ago)
Bro some of these people are so retarded lmao
Taitafola Sofara (8 days ago)
Wolverine slashed off Predators annoying gun,and Wolverine won.
I think Pretitor will win
Michelle Baez (9 days ago)
Predator (takes off his mask) Wolverine: And I thought beast was ugly Me: (dies of laughter)
Acher Rave (9 days ago)
is predator born with dreads or do other predators dread it for each other. i have questions lol
Kay_lister 47K (10 days ago)
2:05 What s her ig
SIOW YAW WAH (10 days ago)
wait wah? wolverine can survive the explosions why need to run?
deathray55 (8 days ago)
SIOW YAW WAH he won’t die but he can still feel pain
JCG (10 days ago)
I think we found our MCU Wolverine 😆
hot2warm (11 days ago)
People keep talking about Wolverine regenerating. Obviously some bullshit that came along well after I stopped reading comics, but he had a HEALING factor, not a REGENERATING factor.
We Are Venom (12 days ago)
Can't call Wolverine the best X-Men. Before Storm had BlackPanther killed and became Queen of Wakanda, she destroyed Wolverine. True Story
cool (12 days ago)
I remember watching this when i had no account
Sam Choon Keong (12 days ago)
Enrique Maisa (12 days ago)
Buena batalla de wolvorine y depredador desde argentina.
Connie Brock (12 days ago)
Abel Lopez (12 days ago)
The predators blaster should have torn a whole in wolverine. An he got hit like 4 times. He shoulf be in peices. This fake af. Lol
Magik Fox (13 days ago)
Хищник посильнее ! Видео говно!
akmalany prak (13 days ago)
There's no way in hell, Wolverine would've survived any of the cannon blast. He would've been destroyed, like Blain (Jesse Ventura). These aren't bullets to heal from. Stupid beat down so unrealistic.
batinthesun (13 days ago)
and yet Arnold was shot with a cannon blast and survived... maybe you should do a little more research? And further more, Wolverine has survived much worst, maybe instead of complaining you should assemble a little more knowledge on the subject :-)
_EnderUnkownYT_ (13 days ago)
atomic muffin (13 days ago)
So stupid just cuz people voted doesn't mean that one person win if it was in real life Predator with a one
Rocky John (14 days ago)
In this movie, the wolverine here is not a skillful wolverine we know. More like above average joe.
Rocky John (14 days ago)
Wolverine will win. Not the hugh jackman type. But the anime wolverine. Wolverine can smell the predator. He can outwit the predator. Wolverine will set a trap for close combat. Wolverine's adamantum claw will tear apart the claws, armour of the predator.
Xavien Xav (14 days ago)
2:56 I hope he's not disabled
Mauricio Buritika (14 days ago)
Que locos están Los amo
Rob An (14 days ago)
Go team Wolverine! Predator bites the dust. Well Predator is strong and all but no match for the Clawed bub
SuperGoatOfJoy (14 days ago)
That laser normally puts a huge hole through anything. Plus, that bomb has a much bigger blast radius.
jankogo (15 days ago)
If even Arnold could kill a predator surely the fight wouldn´t be a problem for a regenerating mutant with enhanced strength and adamantium skeleton. Wolverine has faced and survived much more dangerous super villains in the Marvel comics.
Panda 266 (15 days ago)
6:59 fuck😵😵😵😵😵😵😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😧😩😩😩😩😩😩😖😲😲😲😲😲
SIEMPRE OTOÑO SAS (15 days ago)
legogamer melvin (15 days ago)
Yes I voted for Wolverine
Silvio Cesar Costa (15 days ago)
Why so Serious (16 days ago)
i want watch Predator vs The Mask 🤪🤪🤪
33 Official (16 days ago)
33 Official (16 days ago)
VesuviusCat (16 days ago)
Zaine Irie (16 days ago)
logan wins
Cutedge (16 days ago)
4:13 Hey wait, this isn't canada!
Petzold Ebai (17 days ago)
Víctor galáctico (17 days ago)
Movimiento naranja !!🎶🎶🎶🎶
Reuben Sutcliffe (17 days ago)
Wolverine won who voted predator because you was rong yes wolverine won ha ha ha 💀💀💀💀
Blake Cromley (17 days ago)
I think Wolverine should fight against Rorschach. Because they're both ruthless vigilantes, and they're both Antiheros.
Cinex Annihilation (17 days ago)
This how Wolverine should look in the MCU.
Welsh Guy (17 days ago)
Would have been so awesome if Wolverine had said he didn't have time to bleed.
Oton663 Get rekt (18 days ago)
I love the predator and I hate wolverine but wolverine will win because he has regenerations
Joseph Neeley (18 days ago)
I need a beer!
OliverPaxon (19 days ago)
Emma Frost was so chill. ....see what I did there
Ray RayRay (19 days ago)
wolverine got melted in a volcano vs wonder woman he didnt die but yeah wasnt much left he looked like darth vader prior to the suit
kuririn1975 (19 days ago)
That girl at 1:30 I question her knowledge of comics. Wolvie would destroy the predator
AxeKick80 (19 days ago)
“Kelly, who would win in a fight?”/“Kelly Hu would win in a fight.” 😂🤔
Aryen Ganesh (20 days ago)
The real legit Kelly Hu as in the one that played in f13 part 8 btw wolverine wins nothing predator got is gonna put wolverine down
Wrath Child (20 days ago)
*sigh you f'*cked up, the predator would always be able to see wolverine because adamantium like vibranium is an alternateing frequency metal therefore it puts off a heat signature so the only way he could hide this is in a sheilded suit which of course he wasnt wearing
Harry Walker (20 days ago)
7 : 47 i thought it was 50% and 50%
Jenry Lainez (20 days ago)
Wolverine will win because he never dies
just for fun 190 (20 days ago)
You should do hulk vs wolverine
just for fun 190 (20 days ago)
The Flaming Arrow (20 days ago)
Bull shit.
God Save America (21 days ago)
It just dawned on me that while wolverine has virtually indestructible bones, what’s to prevent someone strong like the hulk from tearing him apart limb from limb? He’ll probably regenerate a new limb but one without adamantium right?
Tonyf is me (21 days ago)
Predator has not chance against Wolverine. Predator is strong but Wolverine has adamantium skeleton, don't forget.
That one lonely guy (22 days ago)
These guys are getting stabbed in the chest numerous times but I can barely keep myself from crying when I get a splinter.
Kenneth (16 days ago)
Well yeah because they're both tough
Korgee (22 days ago)
I think a more balanced fight would've been Kraven the Hunter vs the Predator.
Skred 679 (22 days ago)
Bubble gut Wolverine ftw
kenny hall (23 days ago)
Wolverine Would because of his admantium skeleton and healing factor.
SuperCar Official (23 days ago)
Gunsandrosalina Padtwo (23 days ago)
wolverine is not a wife beater! and the predator has been beaten by ordinary men.
eman odacrem (23 days ago)
dead even on these guys abilities. concludes to shoulder cannon,vs healing factor
Darker Star (25 days ago)
pretty cool. though wolverine would have probably ripped through predator alot faster in close quarters. would take a pack of predators at least for a fair fight.
harish kumar a (26 days ago)
wolverine is best angry young men
nike nut73 (26 days ago)
Ok jackman is out. This guy should be our next wolverine!
gilberto de la torre (26 days ago)
Seth Nicholls (26 days ago)
Well that was stupid add. Wolverine would learn the espionage tactics, smell, and traits of a hunter as far getting a hard Predator lesson at 1st. In the end , Logan owns that of the Predator without a doubt, but its gonna be an epic battle. No doubt.. *Snikt
MAYJA PLAYJA (26 days ago)
Why can't marvel make a wolverine movie with him actually wearing the mask and suit like that?? Does marvel have the rights for it yet properly or is it still fox?
Scott's Wood (26 days ago)
Marisha Ray is my favorite character in this video. Especially since she is wearing a Russ Meyer T shirt. My take is that if they both just stand still, the predator will eventually die of old age, soooo score one for Wolverine.
Marie Lucas (27 days ago)
Wolverine won
Ricardo Lopez (27 days ago)
This better than movies
Wolf Predator Werewolf (27 days ago)
I’ll pick predator
Jar Ahed (27 days ago)
Gay as fuck
Julio Hernandez (27 days ago)
I knew that wolvrin will win
coolbronoon ward (27 days ago)
Ello Oku (28 days ago)
8:26. I need a beer. Lolz 😂😂😂😂
Michael Myers (28 days ago)
edy mac (28 days ago)
Porque wolverine siempre está sucio asquerosos se supone que es un lobo no un puerco o jabalí 😷😷😷
scdriver007 (28 days ago)
Juggernaut vs predator
Tom Allen (29 days ago)
predator would win 2018
alfa01spotivo (29 days ago)
If anyone thinks Wolverine's costume wouldnt work in live action, show them this. It can work!
Me gusto porque uso de escenario las selvas colombianas se gano su like
Omar Ortiz (29 days ago)
How did he know the bobm

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