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American Civil War in 10 Minutes

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HELP SUPPORT THE CREATION OF MORE HISTORY VIDEOS BY DONATING ON http://www.patreon.com/JohnDRuddy Any donations are welcome!! Like John D Ruddy on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JohnDRuddy Follow John D Ruddy on Twitter: http://twitter.com/johndruddy Subscribe on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/c/JohnDRuddy Enjoy! Please share! Manny Man Does the American Civil War in 10 minutes. It's a quick and easy way to get up to speed on what the Civil War was about, as it laid so much of the foundation of USA today! Of course it's ten minutes so not every single detail is in there but you get the general gist of what happened! Enjoy! Please share!
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Text Comments (4311)
Someone On Earth (1 day ago)
This pretty Northern bias in my opinion.
Either Or (3 days ago)
Very high quality work
Ssar1702 (3 days ago)
5:36 dat poor warship :(
Politicrat (3 days ago)
Genocide? Killing 90% of the native population involuntarily due to diseases brought over by the Europeans hardly constitutes genocide. I’m not arguing morality, I’m just pointing out that genocide is a international crime....therefore genocide is not a proper way to define what happened to the indigenous people in America.
Stephen Southwell (4 days ago)
You pretty much just called the Republican Party sell outs even though they supported the civil rights act and called cops racist. *How America is misrepresented in 2 sentences*
Martin Olsen (4 days ago)
People can't have a god given right sins god do'ent ecsist...
Shashank Sriram (6 days ago)
Goosebumps. Great ending.
Pictures move too fast.
American logic If they don’t agree with us declare a war on them we are the good guys anyways 🙃
PunchPlay (11 days ago)
I find it extremely sad that this video tries to put the cause of the war on slavery when slavery was a very minor topic of the war at the time until Lincoln ran out of things to motivate the union to fight the confederate states
PunchPlay (10 days ago)
+John D Ruddy The war was caused by northern industrial superiority and oppression of the agricultural south. The northern states taxed the southern agriculture to the point they were making no profit and the southern states saw this as the same thing that Britain did to them years before. They tried to negotiate but Abraham Lincoln did not want southern negotiation and felt that the north was far more superior to the south. I feel that right now would be a great time to say that Abraham Lincoln said himself that he had NO interest in freeing ANY southern slave when he was elected and even owned slaves of his own. the south did the same thing the United States did in the 1700 and declared their independence. Slavery only became talk of the war because Lincoln was having trouble keeping moral in the north up. many people thought that fighting their own brothers and sisters was not worth keeping the United States one country. He got those people on board by saying that he would abolish slavery in the south despite him not having any interest in doing so.
John D Ruddy (11 days ago)
PunchPlay I find it extremely sad that there are so many people who refuse to accept that the war was about slavery. If it wasn't about slavery, what caused it?
DrKiller Lets Play (12 days ago)
Thanks, I'm a foreigner living far away, but I do care about your country history, I hope one they we can all learn that there is no such thing as "birth right" ..you are nothing when you born, what you are is what you made of your self, if your argument to be right is your race or your last name or anything that has nothing to do with your own choice.. ..then you know you are wrong
lol lol (13 days ago)
basically south: fuck you north: fuck you south: fuck you north: fuck you south: fuck you north: fuck you south: fuck you north: fuck you south: fuck you north: fuck you south: fuck you north: fuck you south: fuck you north: fuck you
Karl (15 days ago)
No one listen to the biasy at the end, cops aren't racist and this is a lie created by leftism. Blacks commit more crimes than whites. That is statistically proven. Also an unarmed white is 18.5 × more likely to be killed by a black than vice versa. No leftist, no democrat, no progressive acknowledge that. That is bad and that is a big problem. We need americans to know that the black community is in trouble and many blacks are being killed by other blacks. There may not be old racism like in the old times but still blacks are treated like children in the left as if they cannot do anything. Also this is small racism but there is now a big which is Reverse Racism or Racism. The racism against whites and the descrimination by the left.
Karl (15 days ago)
At 10:17 , that is because our ancestors have already fought for it and there isn't racism today at least institutional racism. Police aren't racist, whites don't have "white priviledge" (It is just a tactic to bully whites and be ashamed)... Today's concern, our concern, is the islamic tyranny and if you know history WE ABOLISHED SLAVERY , WE GAVE BLACKS CIVIL RIGHTS and it was the democratic party which enslaved and gave nor right to blacks. Of course we still care about blacks and other minorities and that is why we are concerned about "business" or specifically economy. If there is more jobs, more people will get out of poverty. Also I am sorry you said BIG BUSINESS, no we actually care about small businesses. Ask any conservative that and he will laugh. Small businesses are very important to the economy. They have 2/3 of all job creations. That is why we are against taxes because it corrupts the business and destroy them and employ less employes. That is also why we are against the minimum wage 15$/h. Also we like school choice because that will help minorities especially blacks so really economic is not our #1 problem but there is Islam and there is healthcare cost and there poverty in minority groups. So technically we care about blacks. If you know history then you're against socialism because you communist china, the cold war... BUT YET the left wants socialism oddly despite it's history of failing.
John D Ruddy (9 days ago)
Karl no im just enjoying some time off on my holidays. Watch this video: https://youtu.be/8r6GBo_7UNc And then get back to me
Karl (9 days ago)
+John D Ruddy I have won definite answer.😁😁😁😁
Karl (12 days ago)
It has been one day since you have not responded to my response to you. Guess you lost or maybe you are working on a video or searching topics over to comment obviously:/ This is also the first time I am talking to a youtuber 😁😁 and chating with the youtuber. To be more positive Ireland may be a future trip to go thanks to a video of yours. I really like to see the beauty! It is now in my list of countries to visit. Edit: I think you have lost the debate or maybe my responses aren't being recieved
Karl (14 days ago)
+John D Ruddy Before responding, may I ask that you don't respond quickly because there is a lot of subjects here so I won't respond to all subjects at once. 1)Institutional racism doesn't exist. Let us took examples: A- Cities are more diverse than ever and even if there were less diverse that doesn't prove racism. New york has 50<% of the police departement black and over 40% of the city is black. Of course some states have more white population than other but never IN HISTORY have blacks speared all around the US. Anyway, you have to consider that whites make up the majority of the us population and that some places may have more whites than other places. This isn't any proof of racism but of preference of people to live in some areas and of migration where people CHOSE to live others places. Give some clear evidences. 2) I am sorry to say but many people ignore the horrors of communism and what what it did and I really thought that you were right because again SOCIALISM. But anyway, purest and partly is destructive. Now I know like every one you are going to show me the scandanivian. Well.. how are they doing? Norway taxe over 50% of their citizens and now cars are twice expensive and many other products. Also the countries' economy are failing. That is why in the last decade the people are electing right wing politicians. Denmark also says that it is a market country and not socialist and how it is doing huh? Great (Not so) Socialism always fails countries and I will link you to a video explaining better than me. Medicare fails, medicaid all of those fails and there is data and from your eyes see the prices going up. Socialism gives the governement to own propreties of all the people. That isn't freedom that is tyrrany. Also the scandanavian countries are commiting suicide. They have the highest rate of suicide. Myth of scandinavia: Link: https://youtu.be/PY27TBAFqBE 3) You clearly don't listen to the right but listen to the left about what it says about the right?! Let me explain you: We care about small and big businesses but especially small.How? Well by deregulating detaxing the business owners, more jobs are created and therefore better economy. Take the example of the minimum wage. When governement forces businesses to pay 15$/h then businesses will bankrupt especially the small which actually make 2/3 of all job creation. How again? Well the project also forces in that way employees towork less hours or business owners to higher labor costs and products for he/she to be able to pay to his employees. So higher wages, higher the bankeruptcy and lesser will the employee to be payed. Again I will link you to a video. Link: https://youtu.be/aFtjXorYjqU 4) White priviledge doesn't exist and is discrimination against whites to be ahsamed. My character and my actions determines who I am. I am my actions. So having my skin white doesn't make me evil in any sort. Blacks have enslaved more blacks than whites did. Does that mean they black priviledge?? Also asians are more smart in maths and hard sciences and have better lives so they have asian priviledge?? Priviledge is non-existence and Idk how you can prove it? Regarding police, blacks are more violent and more murderous than whites are. This isn't racism, this is the first step to face the problem in the black community, violence. In an other comment, unarmed whites are 18.5× more likely to be killed by a black than vice versa and that includes police. Of course police have and sometimes shoots blacks because they are threatened by armed and violent blacks (that doesn't mean whites can't be)and of course because they commit crimes more often. To more details see this video: https://youtu.be/gBxROPwxtwE 5) healthcare is a problem because of medicaid and medicare. These systems higher costs. Now I don't have info on your country but I have on mine. There is a lot to explain but just see this video: https://youtu.be/gBxROPwxtwE I have looked outside of the box and actually was before. Sometimes the laws and chaos can be outside and sometimes not. It was chaos. I look to other opinions and side and find the right right. The question here is: Are you going to go to the other side and see it's values? And if it is right? More over don't say I am smarter than you. Everyone is smart in something. I enjoy your videos a lot and I litterally don't have good info one history. You are smart in history. Continue the work!
John D Ruddy (15 days ago)
Karl institutional racism still exists, its just a bit more insidious in spotting it. Many cities in the States are still segregated, not legally enforced segregation, but white people live in certain neighbourhoods and black people live in others. These black neighbourhoods often have basic problems with living conditions leading to all sorts of social problems leading to heavier policing of these areas. White privilege is very much a thing! If you are white, there are certain things that you don't need to worry about than if you were black. It doesn't mean white people can have their own difficult life problems, but the veil or race may not come into it as much. If a black person is stopped by the police, they are much more likely to end up getting shot. If a white person gets stopped by the police, they don't need to worry half as much about the potential for getting shot for reaching for your drivers license. White people are less likely to get stopped by the police in the first place. Regarding big business and conservatism, there is a trend, both amongst Republicans and Democrats (neoliberalism) to give more and more tax breaks to big corporations. You have huge stores like Walmart swallowing the market where smaller businesses used to be. More people are employees (if even) and less and less are business owners as it's too difficult to compete with big corporations who have such an advantage. If a smaller business begins to move up the ladder, a corporation can afford to buy them, making a short term money for the small business and all the long term money for the corporation. People in the States have been very much turned away from Socialism due to capitalist machine and decades of propaganda. Yes it failed in the Soviet Union Ns many other places, but they were attempts at absolute socialism aiming for communism. Elements of socialism can be very good, allowing the state to run services which the people need such as health, education, police forces, environment programs etc. I think it's insane that in the States, people can wrack up massive medical bills in hospitals which they'll be paying for the rest of their lives. I live in Ireland; our health system isn't perfect but we charge €75 per night in the hospital for the first ten nights, anything after that is covered by the state. The hospitals aren't run for profit. Cancer care is free so there's no need to become a crystal meth drug lord! I implore you to look outside of your box. You seem smart. Sometimes life sucks and sometimes we need to accept that we may be part of the problem. That's how we can effect change. Thanks for commenting!
Veritas Aequitas (15 days ago)
TeamJella (15 days ago)
I love how the comments are full of people refusing to accept the south as racists wishing to keep slaves, or people claiming BLM isn't a movement starting a race war.
dale (17 days ago)
so many people in these comments refusing to believe historical facts. The war was definitely fought over slavery, the Democrats and the Republicans DID switch platforms sometime around the 1960s and the BLM movement most definitely are not racist. I'd love to see what all these right wingers would say or do if unarmed white people were being continuously killed by black people. From what they're saying about the BLM movement, I guess they'd just put up with it and wouldn't fight back.
Kenny Ben (2 days ago)
Lol, are you really that stupid? BLM literally celebrated when a white guy got killed. The don't like the Police, the people who protect you. The fact that you deny this shows that you are on the gar left, swallowing everything CNN tells you.
B4ckFire (20 days ago)
You are very fair and not politically leaning to any side unlike other civil war videos, I must say that you left out the fact that one of the reasons the war started was the south made 30% of the population in 1859 but 80% of the taxes were being paid by the south. Great video though!
RonPaulHatesBlacks (19 days ago)
If the Civil War had anything to do with taxes, the rebels would have said so in their own declarations of secession, all of which are free online. https://www.battlefields.org/learn/primary-sources/declaration-causes-seceding-states
Chloe Davis (23 days ago)
Omg do you make fly guy books 🙀🧐
no (23 days ago)
Where is Jackson's Valley Campaign and Lee's Cheat Mountain Campaign?
Ninja LoGic (24 days ago)
Grant Heeter (24 days ago)
You are a ass
TeamJella (15 days ago)
StoopidAnimul (24 days ago)
The Civil War was about money, not slavery.
Charles Bullins (25 days ago)
Lol civil war wasn’t about slavery at all, it was about the south not wanting to become industrial, Abraham was losing the war so he said if the slaves fought they would be free, so in other words the north didn’t want the south to separate so they used their slaves to fight a war they couldn’t win, don’t listen to this fucking idiot.
TeamJella (15 days ago)
Mind providing sources for this outrageous claim? Also the south was industrializing (slower than the north) and it was helping them greatly. Why wouldn't they even want to industrialize? And Lincoln was losing the war? They had a greater population and never fought in the north, if anything it was mostly a stalemate that was leaning in the Norths favor.
RonPaulHatesBlacks (22 days ago)
The rebels cited "slave" and "slavery" a whopping 80 separate times in their own declarations of secession, but didn't mention "not wanting to become industrial" at all. That's hilarious tho. https://www.battlefields.org/learn/primary-sources/declaration-causes-seceding-states
Team Mongoose (25 days ago)
It was not the "Arizona territory", it was the New Mexico territory long before Arizona was a state.
思皓黄 (26 days ago)
See? US wasn’t so free. Independence from the Federal leads to a war.
George Washington (27 days ago)
9:20 And that's how the Original Rush b was born
Andrew Pepper (28 days ago)
I quite after 10:37
Why do we have to go to school when we have you
Alexey Souvorkin (30 days ago)
Why is every character suffering from Proptosis?
TheAngelAbandoned (30 days ago)
Very informative video. Thanks
Riley Klote (1 month ago)
Why do you make it sound like all Trump supporters and republicans are racists I'm a Trump supporter
TeamJella (15 days ago)
The extremists always have the loudest voices. Not every Trump supporter is racist, not every Republican is racist, just as not every leftist or Democrat aren't crazy BLM/feminist supporters. It's just these extremists hold the most power and blind people from the majority's true intentions.
StarryKnightGames (1 month ago)
I just moved to the US from the UK, this is so helpful as I live in a historic area in the civil war!
CutieKawaiigirl11 MSP (1 month ago)
Dang.. No wonder Canada always apologize... they’re so used to apologizing to the rest of the world about their lousy sibling...
Ian Bulge (1 month ago)
You could easily argue that slavery was not the main issue that started the civil war, I wish he would’ve elaborated more so upon the other more present matters that afflicted the state at the time, causing the schism between north and south
Connor Wilcox (1 month ago)
Teachers in a meeting: Sean: These wars are way too quick, how in the world are we going to make this long enough to last a day? Bob: Simple, just make it last a month by repeating the same thing over and over, only getting 10 seconds more of information a day! Jennifer: Your a genius Bob! We will be able to teach more than a years worth of stuff for schools now, we could have twelve years, as well as an additional pay for college! Mark: Oh yeah, don’t forget, we should leave out the important stuff, like taxes, real life situations, social life, etc., so that we become smarter than those kids! CEO Jessie: From this point on, school will be useless, I will go send a message to the FBI immediately, explaining not to arrest us for non-educational purposes. And that conversation was the reason I was dumb enough to put ice cream in my backpack, (sadly it did happen).
jond2614 (1 month ago)
Wow! Way to make cops look like murderers. Thumbs down!
John D Ruddy (1 month ago)
jond2614 not all cops
DM 777 (1 month ago)
A LOT of BS slipped in with the facts
John D Ruddy (1 month ago)
DM 777 such as?
DM 777 (1 month ago)
Like how you slip genocide in there
Shad0n3 d (1 month ago)
"tHe CiViL wAr wAsn'T jUst abOuT slAverY"
Turkknight123 (1 month ago)
What if the UK funded the south? (Just like the French funded the American revolhtion).
thundergas007 (1 month ago)
im not american... but i believe that confederate states would have turned america into the greatest country in the world....now....it. is shit...literally bottom of the list of all countries..in america whites are slaves ..blacks are kings..
Joe Citizen (1 month ago)
Is there any way of finding out how many white slaves there were in the United and Confederate states pre and post war? All I can find are negroid slaves.
RonPaulHatesBlacks (1 month ago)
This fat racist SIW is still on his knees slurping a lunatic HOLOCAUST DENIER!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!
Joe Citizen (1 month ago)
RonPaulHatesBlacks ... Haha Haha... it's a book you moron ... what a silly little sjw you are
RonPaulHatesBlacks (1 month ago)
The pamphlet by the Holocaust denier? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! This dumb racist cited a lunatic who denies the Holocaust and believes in "cryptocracy" and "twilight language"!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Thanks for removing all doubt about what a fucking idiot you really are!!! https://www.opendemocracy.net/beyondslavery/liam-hogan/%E2%80%98irish-slaves%E2%80%99-convenient-myth
Joe Citizen (1 month ago)
RonPaulHatesBlacks ... I will suggest 1 book out of many. "They were white and they were slaves". If you don't know what you are talking about ... just stop talking ... no doubt that the idea of white slaves would not fit your SJW JWO agenda.
RonPaulHatesBlacks (1 month ago)
America never had white slaves. Slavery was a horror reserved for black people alone. Good luck with your klavern.
We are disgusting
Bradiyo 24x (1 month ago)
Mississippi was one of the most rasict state in the 1990s
Blocked User (1 month ago)
This is the Liberal version that pretends it was the Democrat that fought to end slavery and that Lincoln fought the war for the slaves. When in reality the beady eyed cut throat New York City scum bags wanted to take over and control the resources of the South.
Anyx B (1 month ago)
Anyx B (1 month ago)
But I subscribed to your video so don't worry I'm not a hater I'm not a hater please don't please don't please don't make me a hater I subscribed and I hate it I like it reels
Anyx B (1 month ago)
So much Flags when they saw this I had to click it cuz it has way too much American flags on it it looks like you went crazy and went to go buy American flags up the store and then they like
Dr Crow (1 month ago)
There were 2 civil wars, one against British and another against confederates
Southern Gentleman (1 month ago)
He forgot to mention the tariffs of abominations, the uneven taxes, the north shot first at Harpers Ferry, secession isn’t in the constitution, that Confederacy was extremely diverse, and in 1865 the Confederacy started freeing slaves and allowing them to officially enlist.
marshall lowry (23 days ago)
+John D Ruddy it's part of history, you should put it in...
Southern Gentleman (1 month ago)
John D Ruddy You did mention native Americans though. Bravo 👏🏻 https://www.history.com/news/who-was-stand-watie
Southern Gentleman (1 month ago)
John D Ruddy https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/confederacy-approves-black-soldiers
John D Ruddy (1 month ago)
Southern Gentleman how kind of them
Chris p (1 month ago)
more people died in the american civil war than ww1and ww2 combined!!
warlf f (1 month ago)
John D Ruddy you responde to a lot of comments
John D Ruddy (1 month ago)
Chris p more Americans*
Maverick Marley (1 month ago)
U wish the confederate reunited but without slavery or any other sick things they did
Think Ing (1 month ago)
WEST VIRGINIA was created during the civil war.
Is this for 10 grade
Why Not Subscribe (1 month ago)
If you ignore the slavery the north was is the wrong makeing people who don't want to be ruled by you do what you say by force. the south didn't seem to want to go to war they tryed to leave and make there own country on there own so they could do what they wanted.
Why Not Subscribe (1 month ago)
John D Ruddy well yea but we only see that that was bad using hind sight they wouldn't have seen it as wrong. look at things we do today that will be seen as barbaric like eating meat. If the USA wanted to ban meat from being eaten and some states didn't want that to happen don't you think they should be allowed to go and govern them self. At the time there was more than one difference between the north and the south there culture and attitudes where different and as a result what they wanted different laws.
John D Ruddy (1 month ago)
Why Not Subscribe unfortunately, doing what they want involved enslaving human beings.
lil molly (1 month ago)
I remember a video on the civil war and apparantly mclellan was thinking about peace talks with the confederates
Can you do a vid on the "patato famine"
Can you do a vid on the "patato famine"
Titanic55 (1 month ago)
The Marching Through Georgia reference was cool, lol
Michael Carolina (2 months ago)
And in 2018. We are going back to separation of the races: colleges now holding separate graduations for blacks; blacks/Spanish protesting against Gentrification; affirmative action gives special treatment to all who are not white; and then liberals saying only white males can only be racist...
RonPaulHatesBlacks (2 months ago)
This snowflake needed a trigger warning!!! Boo hoo people are protesting gentrification -- what a whiny bitch!
One Sad Boi (2 months ago)
There's not separation of races above the middle-middle class, First fix the socio-economic status of poor blacks, whites, and hispanics. That solves an enormous part of racism.
Michael Carolina (2 months ago)
10:15 I am pretty sure it was the democrat party that came up with Jim Crow laws...
Michael Carolina (2 months ago)
8:22 my great grandfather brother fought in cold harbor and one of the last Confederate soldiers living in Mecklenburg county... http://www.26nc.org/History/Rebel-Yell/rebel-yell.html
Michael Carolina (2 months ago)
8:30 Sherman burned Atlanta. Raping and killing all in the South as he came to it and leaving it...a very big deal to all southerns.
One Sad Boi (2 months ago)
Michael Carolina good
Michael Carolina (2 months ago)
There where many Confederate soldiers who was black as 25% of all slave owners were black.
RonPaulHatesBlacks (2 months ago)
[Citations do not exist.] Hilarious lie, though.
One Sad Boi (2 months ago)
Michael Carolina [citations are needed]
Abbey Roadster (2 months ago)
That was pretty good. Thanks
Steven Beauchamp (2 months ago)
Black Lives Matter... more like... Race Doesn’t Matter. (rimshot)
Ryan Long (2 months ago)
So we have the confederacy to blame for income tax
Veshallavan Kanapathie (2 months ago)
Do Sri Lankan civil war Like if u agree with me
Veshallavan Kanapathie (2 months ago)
Do Sri Lankan civil war
Bhutt Hert (2 months ago)
Your knowledge of American history is a little false.
The Prodigal Champ (2 months ago)
You really should put "As Told By A Retard" at the end of your video. Otherwise, it is a click bait title.
John D Ruddy (2 months ago)
The Prodigal Champ duly noted
Kalvin Martinez (2 months ago)
The Republican Party NEVER gave up civil rights for anyone. Lies like these try to rewrite history and are the reason everyone thinks republicans are racists when they never have been. It's always been the democrats who use and abuse minorities, from political bosses in the north taking advantage of the Irish and Italians to the democrats in the south using blacks and Hispanics.
The Ripped Reaper (2 months ago)
God bless Abraham Lincoln, the savior of mankind. The true martyr of freedom and equality.
Admiral Yi (2 months ago)
1:54 *o o o o o o o o o f*
mr. blank (2 months ago)
Good cartoon, strong leftward spin, but still good.
No Bozos (2 months ago)
Northern Democrats were opposed to freeing the slaves. Only Northern Republicans wanted to abolish slavery.
Erik Manning (2 months ago)
yea im just gonna leave this here. Your video gets plenty wrong, but this is just glaringly obvious. Its a myth... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_TuuL9z_js
67 cuda (2 months ago)
This is what comes from foreigners giving history lessons on America, school type, twisted propaganda from brainwashing text books.
67 cuda (2 months ago)
OSB, do your real homework. I was better to be a black slave back then, than a poor white unfortunately ! Slaves used to sing songs about it. Poor whites did the dangerous jobs, and starved. They had no way out either. Slaves were worth money, and if a poor white died, there were plenty more to take his place. Blacks and whites got along. It's the democratic elites who used us all, and still do. They created division for a voting block. They lied to us all, and taught to us in school for generations now ! Slavery was on it's way out. The war was unnecessary, and was a political move. Wise up, others are ! This video was no more than a propaganda piece ! Life was hard back then for all who didn't have money, property, and connections ! France, england, and soon to be america was stopping slavery by force if necessary ! It's because of western civilization that slavery was outlawed worldwide. Otherwise it would still exist on a major scale.
One Sad Boi (2 months ago)
67 cuda >racism is propaganda You gotta go back >>>/stormfront/ >>>/pol/
67 cuda (2 months ago)
The real history of lincoln is far different. Lincoln was pro slavery until 2 years into the war. The north was loosing the war, financially, morally, popularity, and physically. Racism is a propaganda creation of the totalitarian socialist democratic party. As with every country, pockets of people with similar backgrounds form, and also intermingle with others. After loosing the war, groups like the kkk were created using gorilla tactics, creating jim crow laws, and finally another civil rights movement had them flip opposition to attrition for voting numbers and much more. True history is not taught in order to create a narrative differing from the truth. So much was wrong about the premise of this video I could go on, and on.
One Sad Boi (2 months ago)
67 cuda tell me where he was wrong? :)
67 cuda (2 months ago)
Aahhh, another narrator, pushing the designed narrative they teach in school. Skimming over the real causes.
Arnieus (2 months ago)
Lincoln didn't give a crap about slavery or the Constitution. What Lincoln did care about, was retaining the cash cow that was the South which contributed something like 70% of the federal budget. And, the Federal budget was largely used to improve infrastructure in the North. Less than 4% of southerners owned slaves. Ending slavery was just a slogan to get northern men to die for corporate profits like every American war since. More densely populated northern industrial states gained control of the Federal government and passed trade laws which benefitted them at the expense of southern states. Rigged tariff policies protected the North while the southern states had to compete with foreign agricultural imports. After only 60 years after voluntarily joining the Union they realized no benefit to being part of the United States. It was quite the opposite. They exercised their constitutional right to leave the Union and were conquered by northern gangsters.
John Brown (2 months ago)
WOW!!! I didn't know Stonewall, was killed in battle by Friendly Fire!! Great Video, The South would all be happy if we let them all have their Sidearm and Horse.
John Brown (2 months ago)
So the South is like Extreme Terrorists or those jackasses at Bundy Ranch Oregon? With Pride and money they got all their families killed and even shot and killed their own brothers and fathers!! Ummmm Please Don't be a redneck and get that cancer removed. The Union is the Jetsons the South is the Dirty South for a Reason. Time to evolve people... They should kick all white people out of the South and send them to Wyoming.
MrMadraMhor (2 months ago)
But What About Schrute Farms?
John Wayne (2 months ago)
Your content is bullshit! You perpetuate a false narrative at best, and blatantly lie at worst. You steal graphics from more honest video makers and distort reality. You are a disgrace, sir.
John D Ruddy (2 months ago)
John Wayne all my illustrations are hand drawn sir. And which blatant lies are there?
Rabbit (2 months ago)
What you failed to mention is the fact that Abraham was the first government representative to push for a federal coin. Something that was considered undemocratic and American. You forgot to mention how Robert E Lee himself freed his slaves because "such a thing to own a person as property is simply wrong". You also never mention, the victors write history, something I know all to well. The war did NOT break out because of slavery, though it IS the reason many men fought in the war for either side. Also, many slaves did in fact fight for the Confederates, a simple google search would have told you this.
You're correct that Major General Leonidas Polk led a Confederate "incursion" into Kentucky, but it was actually General Braxton Bragg, while in command of The CSA - Army Of Mississippi which launched the first "invasion" of Confederate forces into Kentucky. However, Major General Leonidas Polk was a Corps Commander under General Bragg (Interesting Bragg fact: He argued with everyone, was indecisive in battle, wrote orders that his subordinates couldn't make sense of, and in the occasions when he seized the advantage "Cough, cough...Chickamauga" he refused to press on for maximum victory. He fought with General Albert Sidney Johnston who was the highest ranking General killed in the war, and was commander of all Confederate forces in the Army of Mississippi which operated in Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, and basically anything west of the Army of Northern Virginia and east of the Mississippi until General Johnston was killed at Shiloh. Bragg then quarreled with General P.G.T. Beauregard, General Joseph E. Johnston, General Leonidas Polk, General John C. Breckenridge, etc... The Confederacy's best Cavalry commander [at least in the West, as some will say that J.E.B. Stuart was the best, but he was in the Army of Northern Virginia], General Nathan Bedford Forrest even told Bragg, after Bragg failed to push on for more victory after winning at Chickamauga, “I am not here to pass civilities or compliments with you, but on other business. You commenced your cowardly and contemptible persecution of me soon after the battle of Shiloh, and you have kept it up ever since. You did it because I reported to Richmond facts, while you reported damn lies. You robbed me of my command in Kentucky and gave it to one of your favorites — men that I armed and equipped from the enemies of our country.  In a spirit of revenge and spite, because I would not fawn upon you as others did, you drove me into West Tennessee in the winter of 1862, with a second brigade I had organized, with improper arms and without sufficient ammunition, although I had made repeated applications for the same. You did it to ruin me and my career.  When, in spite of all this, I returned with my command, well equipped by captures, you began again your work of spite and persecution, and have kept it up; and now this second brigade, organized and equipped without thanks to you or the government, a brigade which has won a reputation for successful fighting second to none in the army, taking advantage of your position as the commanding general in order to further humiliate me, you have taken these brave men from me.  I have stood your meanness as long as I intend to. You have played the part of a damn scoundrel, and are a coward; and if you were any part of a man, I would slap your jaws and force you to resent it. You may as well not issue any more orders to me, for I will not obey them, and I will hold you personally responsible for any further indignities you endeavor to inflict upon me. You have threatened to arrest me for not obeying your orders promptly. I dare you to do it, and I say to you that if you ever again try to interfere with me or cross my path it will be at the peril of your life.” And General Forrest was not someone you would want to "tango" with. He never lost, even when the odds were against him and he, and his men, were surrounded on occasion In fact, Bragg was so "weird" that before the Civil War (aka The War Between the States) broke out, he was a Company Commander in the U.S. Army and was also the Chief Quartermaster Officer over the Company he led. He would literally submit a formal, written request for supplies he needed in his capacity as base commander. As the Chief Quartermaster, he would then submit a formal, written response to himself as base commander DENYING his own request to HIMSELF. This went on for quite some time, until he began to threaten to fight himself in the requests as base commander, and in the responses as Chief Quartermaster. He finally took this issue to the officer who was in command over Bragg. Bragg told his commander that he was engaged in an ordeal over supplies that was about to "come to blows" and was "a very serious and stressful matter, which he couldn't resolve without a potential serious altercation" and needed his commander to intervene. The ranking officer General Bragg took it too told him, “My God, Mr. Bragg, you have quarreled with every officer in the Army, and now you are quarreling with yourself!”. And this was before the Civil War broke out. You might wonder, why would such a terrible and possibly "very unstable" person be made a full Army commander and one of the 5 Full Generals in the Confederate Army. It was due to the fact that in the American War with Mexico, Bragg's artillery battery had pretty much saved Jefferson Davis's life.
Also, the Battle of Gettysburg was a huge blow to the Army of Northern Virginia, which never really recovered. That battle occurred on July 1st, 2nd, and 3rd of 1863. However, Vicksburg fell on July 4th of 1863, which was, in my opinion, the larger strategic blow as a "turning point" than the Battle of Gettysburg which the CSA lost only one day earlier.
thegaming spider (2 months ago)
Pizz Uff (2 months ago)
and another ill educated moron posting bullshit proving he has no idea of what the actuality was of which he desperately tries to make plain
One Sad Boi (2 months ago)
Pizz Uff but it's true the civil war was mostly because of the slavery issue, and the rest because of taxes and other issues.
Kyle Tracy (2 months ago)
As well presented as this is, a large part of it is wildly inaccurate and it kind of ruins the video. Doing better research as other creators have might be a good thing.
John D Ruddy (2 months ago)
Kyle Tracy which large parts are wildly inaccurate?
TheSnoozyGamers (2 months ago)
I will admit that I disagree with your politics, but you know your history and I enjoy the videos, can you do a video on Reconstruction or the French and Indian war
Mr Paladin (2 months ago)
Lincoln's war was illegal. The north used "preserving the Union" as the excuse and was ready and willing to make slavery constitutionally legal when the US Congress passed the Corwin Amendment. Two years later, Lincoln tried to make slavery the topic when the Confederacy asked the French and English for help. Northern states cared nothing for slaves as northern emancipation forced free blacks from northern states. Freed black states were not forced out of slave states. The "Free State" title did not mean that slaves were free in those states but that those states were "free of slaves". The union/northern states fought against slavery to keep slaves/blacks out of their states. See slavenorth.com
Mr Paladin (2 months ago)
One Sad Boi The Union would not vacate the fort and South Carolina needed to control its own ports. They tried to peacefully get the Yankees to leave but Lincoln wouldn't do it. You don't allow a foreign government to control the flow of traffic in your ports. Especially since ports were a major flow of income for states. State income taxes weren't used at the time. The Union acted like Russia trying to stop SC from leaving.
One Sad Boi (2 months ago)
Mr Paladin they didn't have to attack it in the first place; Regardless of negotiations. They basically pulled a Russia when they annexed Crimea. If it was theirs to begin with they didn't have to take it by force.
Mr Paladin (2 months ago)
One Sad Boi The fort is on South Carolina land sitting in Charleston, SC harbor. Lincoln would not even seat the SC reps let alone meet with them. SC tried to be diplomatic but Lincoln refused to meet, refused to talk and he definitely refused to order his troops off South Carolina land. In other words, Lincoln was holding property he had no authority with since SC had seceded from the Union and was now a member of the Confederacy. So, what LEGAL authority did Lincoln have to hold Ft Sumter again from SC?
One Sad Boi (2 months ago)
Mr Paladin you don't attack a fort. That's an act of war anywhere. So, not it's not unconstitutional to defend the sovereignty of the land.
Mr Paladin (2 months ago)
One Sad Boi There would not have been a war if Lincoln would have relinquished control of Ft Sumter in the Charleston harbor. South Carolina was no longer a Union concern and South Carolina needed to protect its own harbor. No one died in that fight and the only casualty was caused by the Union during the Union's ceremony when the Union soldiers were departing the fort. If Lincoln would have ordered the departure before the battle the result could have bern the same. As the Yankee troops left Ft. Sumter, the southern troops saluted the Yankees for doing their sworn duty. There was no hatred, no animus on the part of southern troops. Not until they invaded Virginia all because Lincoln wanted his tax revenue from southern states. If you don't see the war as unconstitutional, immoral and wrong, I guess your term of "boi" is accurate.
Jon Bellis (2 months ago)
He got quite a few things wrong or left things out but I’ll cut him some slack considering he isn’t an American
Toasty AF (2 months ago)
You really like Markers, do you?
TramTrane (3 months ago)
Many people see the confederate flag as a racism symbol, When it was actually made as a symbol of states rights, the civil war was about states rights more then slavery, It was the attitude of, If they can take slavery from us, then what else will the north force apon us? Thats why lee never owned slaves, he thought slavery was evil. while lincoln owned many. Btw im a Californian, born and raised. So no im not some biased southerner, if anything im biased towards the union.
Cody Fritz (3 months ago)
And Irishman flipping shit to us at the end of the video? Piss off mc how does your country handle race relations?
Tae Tae (3 months ago)
wow !!good
Idledanman (3 months ago)
I do enjoy these videos you make. Also I dislike the idea of younger people watching these videos and thinking they understand what the topics entirely. I do wish you would mention suggestion of places to research further.
Part time slav (3 months ago)
Lincon died n my birthdate
Ray Hoodoo (3 months ago)
So many wrong facts and incorrect timeline... I'm not even American, but I know it

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