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★HUGE SLOT WIN★ $5 MAX BET & LIVE CASINO SLOT MACHINE BONUS Goldslinger! NEW SLOT machine game from Bally's! HUGE WIN as we also had one of our Arizona Followers, Chris slot play with us at Lone Butte Casino! #SlotTraveler #slotTravelling #SuperBigWin #slotmachine Welcome to my Slot Machine Video Channel on YouTube! I really appreciate you talking the time to watch and go ahead take a minute and subscribe using the below link! https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=manny268 Did you do it?! LOL! I want to hear from you! Leave a comment! Facebook? Got it! Go like my page! You'll get new content and enjoy some Live Facebook events! https://www.facebook.com/TheSlotTraveler These are my Top 10 Line Hits! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0hpyTzUZE8 I LOVE The Walking Dead Slot! This is my biggest baddest win in Atlantic City! Jackpot! https://youtu.be/iHrxingLquY Oh BUFFALO SLOT! This game treats me so nice! These are my top 2 wins! Almost a HANDPAY! https://youtu.be/TJRa8cJoi7w JACKPOT! https://youtu.be/TJRa8cJoi7w You can find me in my home state of Arizona, or in Las Vegas, or even Atlantic City! If you see me say hi! Thank you once again for watching, subscribing and letting me know your thoughts!
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Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
This game has a lot of potential! I'm really happy that Chris found me and we could do some live play together at Lone Butte! If you see me say hi! I will def play this one again for sure!
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Yeap, this last Friday! :)
Julio Rivera (1 year ago)
Slot Traveler this was friday?? I thought I saw you but wasn't sure now I know it was you
Maria Perez (2 months ago)
I Love watching this video Manny! I play this at my local casino. I do win on the girl then I do on the guy slot machine. Best of Luck to You! 😱😉😎👍💟👍🌈
Slot Traveler (2 months ago)
Thanks my love!
Shon Knight (7 months ago)
I'm always at the nugget. I will be looking for this game!!!
Maria Perez (10 months ago)
I'm just watching a video lucky Manny. 😋😎
cada cuanto vas al casino y en promedio cuanto gastas y cuanto ganas?
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
A veces una vez en semana, pero todo depende. A veces gano y muchas veces pierdo
Carrie Gartin (1 year ago)
is it just me or does the theme for this game sounds something similar to a song from Muse? I can't think of the name..
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
+Carrie Gartin Hmmm, I'm not a big fan of Muse, so it didn't ring a bell on my end.
Katherine Hawk (1 year ago)
This is a really exciting game I can't wait to find it! Thanks so much ST for keeping us up on new game play!
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
I really like this game!! There is a lot of potential at any bet like buffalo! If you play it best of luck!!
BFF, that first bonanza bonus was awesome!!! This game looks so fun, I must find it! We'll search for it in a month! :)
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
You will like it, Max Bet is only needed for the progressives but they adjust at any bet and who knows maybe we find it at $2.50 max bet. My local prices are high at times.
Great hit and very interesting and fun to watch. I'll be trying this one as soon as I spot it. Thanks Manny!
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
You are welcome Diana! I like the potential, as those wilds can lock!
Susie Smith (1 year ago)
Manny you sex pot. Love watching you play that game. I thought it was handpay time! Congratulations on great bonus. Hi Chris. Manny loves Chics with .. cowboy hats lol 😘
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Susie Smith lol!! I love chicks with cowboy hats that pay hahaha!!
Wow this game plays nice with you.Congrats
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
I've been looking for a nice break in it! I think it has good handpay potential!
slotman777 (1 year ago)
Awesome hit! Good session
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Thank you sir!
Excelente victoria!!!! Felicitaciones!! Muy buena esa maquina.👍💲💲🍀
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Gracias Edu!!
Jennifer Goodwin (1 year ago)
I am so glad you found this Goldslinger game and filmed it with Chris. It a new game I've never seen, and It was SO good to you, retriggering so many time, giving you 35 total free spins and a $675 bonus for a $684 cash out. What a beautiful bonus Bonanza you bought for $5 a spin. I'm proud of you, Manny.
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
+Jennifer Goodwin Yass!! I always like when you are proud of me :) it was really a nice surprise!! Now I really want 3 columns wild!!
Betty Camacho (1 year ago)
i have a question if you are not legal what do you need if you want to play and win at the casino? or can you?
Betty Camacho (1 year ago)
Ok thank you
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Betty Camacho I'm not sure! Your players club I'm sure can answer that. One time at my local I had a while couple, European they sounded, maybe german based on the accent ask if I could collect a handpay for them, I said no. Based on that I am sure there are some limitations.
Noodleheads2 (1 year ago)
Congratulations on the win! ❤️ how kind you are to others ! 😍😍
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
+Noodleheads2 Thanks! I love to have fun!
Amanda Flores (1 year ago)
I love watching your videos. Thank you for making them.
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Thanks Amanda! I really appreciate your support! :)
Chris Estridge (1 year ago)
2:30 no habla espanol senor. 😉 Very nice hit. Havent seen this game in any casinos yet have to keep an eye out for it. 👍
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Haha! Well the lady next to me seems she was upset I was winning, and funny thing she is a sub of mine, so we cleared it :) Best of luck when you try it!!
I need to change it up! Good on you for trying new games!
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Well you took a 2 month break, so I am sure there are many new games in your area! :)
Liliana Alvarez (1 year ago)
welcome dear friend nice video very interesting and wonderful bonus congrats for this slot
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Gracias amiga!! :)
don gotti (1 year ago)
yaaaas slot traveler you make my day
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Well, you make mine! :)
Ann E. (1 year ago)
Great video SlotTraveler Congrats on your wins As always thanks for sharing 🚶🏻
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Thank you Deb!! :)
Erica's Slot World (1 year ago)
That was awesome! I'm eating popcorn and pickles catching up on my vids! Loved it! So entertaining!! I'm looking for this game for sure! Fun!! Great pick, Slot Traveler!! WTG! Congrats!!! 😁😊🍾🎉
Erica's Slot World (1 year ago)
lol! Oh no! I guess it's just a Texas thing! It's delicious! Try it sometime! I like sweet and salt and also put MM's or Sour Patch Kids in my popcorn and Jalapenos when I have no pickles! So weird, huh!!!? 😁😂😋 Its so yum!!!! 😋😋 Grreat when watching movies! Oh Oh and my absolute favorite is CUCUMBERS WITH LEMON AND SALT!!!! 😍😍😍😍
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Darn it! Now I want some popcorn too!! :) Hmmm "pickles"... are we "expecting" some news?
LadyLuck (1 year ago)
YAY there you are!!! Awesome game and Awesome wins!! Keep up the max betting!!
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Haha! I took a little break! :) Thank you!
Valarie F Randall (1 year ago)
Great win.....you were almost broke!
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
+Valarie F Randall lol!! I was!! I'm glad it was a good bonus! Thanks for watching :)
Christine Jones (1 year ago)
You start at $20.70 & end with $809.00 !! Fantastic win and thanks for the laughs with "girl girl" Congrats to you! You deserve it for all the great videos that you put together. Hoping for a Jackpot soon 🎰
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
+Christine jones Tjank you!! It took about $80 to get the bonus so I'm glad I stayed! Thanks for the well wishes!! Hopefully we Jackpot Soon! Best of luck to you as well!
Dixie Chick Slots (1 year ago)
Awesome !!!!
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
+Dixie Chick Slots Thanks Love!!
Windy City Frenzy (1 year ago)
This is a 🔥 one! What a great run and incredible first bonus. So many free spins! Love that! 😎👍🏽💰💰💰💰
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
+Windy City Frenzy Thanks guys!! :)
miss nisha (1 year ago)
👍🏽 very nice win Manny
miss nisha (1 year ago)
Likewise. I'm so excited. Maybe you can show me how to get this recording thing down lol.
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
+miss nisha Thanks!! So looking forward to meeting you in June!
Timothy (1 year ago)
That was massive... lol good job!
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
+Timothy Thank you!! You are always so nice!!
The Slot Whisperer (1 year ago)
"Baby-like" feature confirmed on this game...gives free games, big win or the progressive coins...one of my new faves! I give this one a shot every time I hit the Butte now. Looking forward to cracking max bet on it this weekend!
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
+The Slot Whisperer Best of luck!! I've not been as successful on the progressives but I like the play on it! :)
WOW! Congrats ST!! What a wonderful run on this game! Thank you for the shout out. When I recorded this demo at SG in Vegas last year, I had absolutely no idea you would turn out to be a huge fan of this game! I still haven't seen it here. Keep on winning! :)
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
+Albert's Slot Channel - Slot Machine Videos Thanks my friend! I love Buffalo style games! The potential of the 3 columns wild is insane!! Thank you for showing it!
that was great
You bet one also. Alot of Long Shots
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
My dad loves horses! Growing up we were around them, but I never really got into it. Good luck on your Derby bet!
That was a cute machine. I just watch Big Paycheck. They found a Bonnie and Clyde machine. Have no Idea where they play. I bet on the Ky Derby Saturday. That what I like Horses.
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
+Rosemary Leonetti Thank you!!
Ross Sohappy Jr (1 year ago)
good machine. hello Manny.
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
+Ross Sohappy Jr Hi there!!! :)
Jill Homa (1 year ago)
Your Channel is so much Fun to watch!! Love it!!
GoldFinger (1 year ago)
Hey Bro....be careful gaming law says the casino MUST pay jackpot to whoever PUSHES THE BUTTON.....even though it might be your game and your money....If the casino reviews the tape they pay the pusher...then you gotta fight it out.. Bad shit has happened and friendships ruined over that. Be Warned!
Rene Vogt (1 year ago)
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
+Rene Vogt Thanks!!! :D
patricia machado (1 year ago)
WOW NICE WIN ! hey was the person next to you mad that you were winning . WELL ANY WHOO GREAT JOB MANNY KEEP THEM COMING and thank for sharing maybe I will try this one next month in Vegas.  Oh another thing this will be my first time gambling  for 2017 having a late start this year lol, can you give some tips on the best new machines  so far.
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
+patricia machado Next time do say hi! FYI my second last name is the same as yours lol
patricia machado (1 year ago)
Hi Manny lol sorry I didn't say hi first but I was very happy for you and your win .
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
+patricia machado stop!!! Why didn't you say hi! I was like why she mad at me, I wasn't playing her machine! OMG I'm sorry you are having a rough year! I can tell you that has been my best hit in over a month! I can't even tell you tips, we just got to keep trying girl! Next time say hi! :) best of luck! This game is good so don't give up on it!
Slot Guru (1 year ago)
Very cool game! That first bonus kept on giving. Very nice buddy!
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
+Zowamba Slot Guru Thank you!!
DaveyDude (1 year ago)
Nice bonus Manny! Great positive attitude! Class act ....yer folks must be proud...
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Thanks Davey!
Dejavu Slots (1 year ago)
That was a nice win congratulations
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Lisa Silva (1 year ago)
Yaaaaaas! I will make sure to give that one a whirl when I land at the butte! Great win!
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Best of luck!! One of the things I really like about this game is that it's not stacked crazy, meaning it doesn't tease you like other Bally games!
beach side (1 year ago)
Buen trabajo como siempre Manny. Me haces orgulloso. ¿Quién era ese tipo? ¿Un suscriptor? Lo hizo bien, pero tienes el toque mágico ............................... paz
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Yes! He is one of my followers that is local! Friday nigh was a lot of fun! Gracias a ti por el apoyo!!
that was wonderful good Bonus YEA
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Thanks Rosemary!!
Socal slot king (1 year ago)
Nice win! Excellent return on investment. #LotsofRetriggers, #Lookslikefun
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
#MoneyinTheBank lol! Thanks for watching and for always commenting! :)
damatriarch06 (1 year ago)
I like to watch!😜
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
I want you to watch! :) LOL!
Jarison Johnson (1 year ago)
cool game & win. Do you ever played at Twin Arrow casino up north?
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
You are welcome! We try to max bet a lot of the times, but we mostly are middle of the range and up :)
Jarison Johnson (1 year ago)
Cool man! Keep them youtube coming in, enjoying all the max play.. thx...;-)
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
I have not been up north as of yet! Hopefully later in the year! :)
What an awesome hit, congrats!
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Thank you BP!! :)
Looks an interesting and fun game :) Fantastic win for you there as well! Congrats!!
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Thanks Rod!
Gladys Fenick (1 year ago)
Nice win...get out while your ahead .congrats.
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
I did! :) Thank you!
Tony Siragusa (1 year ago)
THAT WAS A GREAT MACHINE,.....You have to win once and a while to keep you in the game...Fun to watch the wins...You were in to this !!
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Thank you!! I was surprised as well! Overall it was in a good cycle :) Gotta love those moments!
zee43al catch (1 year ago)
expressive win never seen this game your excitement make me look for it at Golden Nugget n Lake Charles La hope to wn like u congrats 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
I hope you find it and get those wilds during the free games!! This game has a lot of potential!
AJ (1 year ago)
Congrats!! out of your slump!!!!  there yaaa gooooo
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Thank you! We are slowly getting there :)
KURI Slot (1 year ago)
Awesome win Manny ! This Slot name is Goldslinger ? I want to try it !!
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
+KURI Slot What did I call it? Lol! Too many blue moons my friend!
azkid480 Videos (1 year ago)
Great to finally meet my slot idol! Haha great win, I will give this game a try next time. 🤘🏼
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
+Chris P T Yass!! Thank YOU for coming over, saying hi and playing with me! Friday was a lot of fun!!!
OKslots of_fun (1 year ago)
Oh, that was a super nice win!! I like the looks of this game! Congrats on your win!
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Thank you for lending me some of your good luck! :)
Lonesome Dove (1 year ago)
Fun machine and video...well done on your winnings ! 🐱
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Thank you! I wonder what would have happened had I picked that Joker!
Dr. Nick's Slot Hits (1 year ago)
That looks like such a fun game! Awesome win, Slot Traveler!!! I'd def give this game a go sometime! 😀
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Hopefully we can find it in Atlantic city! I really like this game!
2SlotDivas (1 year ago)
Cute video! Lots of fun to watch you win BIG!!!!
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Thank you ladies! :)
ROBERT T (1 year ago)
nice win!! my friend I've won 990.00 the machine next to it
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Nice!! These games do have potential!! Congrats on your win Robert!
Lisa Huie (1 year ago)
Niccccce Win!!
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Thanks Lisa!!
Leigh Ellington (1 year ago)
Slot Travellers such a cutie!!! OMG!
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
I do not mind it as long as it makes sense, and it usually does when I've had a couple drinks ;)
Lisa Huie (1 year ago)
I like being able to see the person who I am watching play, but a lot of the channels don't show themselves.. you only know them by voice.
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Well, Thank you! I am blushing ;)
Date night Slots (1 year ago)
That was beautiful!! Congrats
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Thanks Renee!!
iluvboobies94 (1 year ago)
Slot Traveler (1 year ago)
Yass!! We did it!

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