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Good Teen Rated Games - Part 3 - Xbox 360 And Playstation 3

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Good Teen Rated Games For Xbox 360 And PS3. Part 3. Ten Likes For Part 4! Please Subscribe To See Part 4, 5 And 6. Also Check Out Part 1 And 2.
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Darthspock81 (2 months ago)
Where’s part 4
DillonYalvis (1 year ago)
Hey guys. I've been busy lately, but I'm gonna make part 4 in a couple days. Part 4 is still going to be Xbox360/PS3 games. I'm not sure yet about what consoles part 4 and 5 will include. Thanks for subscribing and check back in a few days!
Exported Gaming (1 year ago)
nice vid!
DillonYalvis (1 year ago)
Why thank you
Jerry Ray (1 year ago)
*says I'll make a part 4* *never does*
DillonYalvis (1 year ago)
I posted part 4 recently. Although, I'm not sure if I'm going to be making part 5 due to very few views/responses on part 4. I didn't make a video for so long that all these kids that were playing T games have grown up and moved on.
Jérémy Turcotte (2 years ago)
part 4?????
DillonYalvis (1 year ago)
Posted it
angeu na (2 years ago)
Weres uncharted and destiny
Hey dude, I subscribed and liked your channel since March 18, 2015 and I just want to say that I hope the future videos Good Teen Rated Games - Part 4, 5 and 6 are for Xbox One and Playstation 4. I hope you like the idea!
DillonYalvis (1 year ago)
Thanks for the feedback buddy. The reason I haven't made an Xbone/PS4 video is because I don't have those consoles yet. Although, if I get them anytime soon, I'll be sure to make a couple videos.
n.ikula (3 years ago)
thanks i just watched all 3 parts lots of them look cool i have to check them out few games i hade from my brother or me and thats what got me interested
DillonYalvis (3 years ago)
Thanks for watching, buddy! I'm going to make more Good Teen Rated Games videos soon.
Aidan Esker (3 years ago)
please andother one
DillonYalvis (3 years ago)
Hey Aidan Esker, I will be making Part 4, Part 5 And 6. Please subscribe to me to see those videos. Soon I'm going to make Part 4, so be sure to check it out.

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