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Minecraft | The Last Update w/ Sly, SSoH and Immortal | Ep.14

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Text Comments (814)
oosacu (4 years ago)
Imagine if that was his fan base.
ash (5 years ago)
no it's aleks
ash (5 years ago)
it is
Brendan Fredericks (5 years ago)
Creature (& Immortal) Fan Bases: James-Anal Army, Jordan-Kootra Cats, Ze-???, Sly-Homies, Aleks-Nobs, Danz-???, Seamus-???, Sp00n-???.
lordmins9 (5 years ago)
Arcadia your the ass some peos dont know aleks name
TheEsperanza243 (5 years ago)
I thought it was Aleks.
pacouy (5 years ago)
What are the chances Sly got 2 bones, 2 arrows and an Enchanted unused bow from one skeleton.....?
Jaiden Wichelow (5 years ago)
Is it just me or does it seem and sound like immortal is doing building his house near aly and going in slys chest?
Antoniotrain (5 years ago)
does sly have immortals sound?
Domino of the West (5 years ago)
Also, (=゚ω゚) catz
Domino of the West (5 years ago)
I look down and read through the comments, and start wondering to myself, how the fuck am I doing this?!¿¡?!
Shane (5 years ago)
Alex is an ass
Woozi Slut (5 years ago)
Want some food! -punches cat- Take it!
Katherine Kitson (5 years ago)
Why you no eat and dont starve all the series and episodes
Thomas Mckenzie (5 years ago)
I'm a homie...
Khristian Reed (5 years ago)
I am a nob.
nooberstone (5 years ago)
thats an outright lie*sends nobs assassin clan to kill him*
Khristian Reed (5 years ago)
Immortal would take all the items they put in it.
Max Morrison (5 years ago)
Are you using Immortal's audio for the video?
Jekylln Nelligan (5 years ago)
It sounds like Immortal just doesn't give a shit anymore
ISuckAtAllGames (5 years ago)
Scumbag Immortal would just take it. XD
Billy Bob (5 years ago)
Barbara is a stoned hoe xD
James E (5 years ago)
The "Ostrich Fuck Farm Fiasco" XD great name
Pro Scopez (5 years ago)
They should have a chest on the friend ship bridge to put stuff in to share
locotaco237 (5 years ago)
@ellenbrazier And if there were no ads we'll have to pay money to watch a single vid.
CakeFullOfLolis (5 years ago)
If you look up unlimited sand and gravel generator on youtube,then you can have unlimited well what else sand and gravel.
inoobly21 (5 years ago)
Penguinpoker6 (5 years ago)
Penguinpoker6 (5 years ago)
cliff shay (5 years ago)
My news paper is really close to the weakly news paper from where i am
Petoria (6 years ago)
The ending is kinda weird
leann. (6 years ago)
... OHH. Wow. I'm fucking stupid. I just went back and looked. ._. Neverrrmindd...
Nadejz Parrish (6 years ago)
Sly is not immortal. That comment was talking about immortal being a creature. Sly already a creature and is in fact moving to the creature house at some point.
Abraham Espinoza (6 years ago)
leann. (6 years ago)
Power Level Fridays, I'm about 95% sure he talked about moving to Chicago near the Creatures or with the Creatures on one of the newer episodes
Nadejz Parrish (6 years ago)
The fuck? Where do you get your info.
Abraham Espinoza (6 years ago)
mean he could make immortal throw bricks to the windows and all that shit
bbhhbbhh123 (6 years ago)
weeksy1234z (6 years ago)
thank you for not saying "thumbs up if u can hear immortals sounds"
leann. (6 years ago)
I believe he is, and I think he's moving into the Creature House.
nathanial mattson (6 years ago)
What a stupid cat
john hutchinson (6 years ago)
hahah pussy slapper goodtimes
BluePen (6 years ago)
Has anybody noticed that Immortal's sound is seeping through???
xxTrex3 (6 years ago)
you dont know that Seamus
Jake Albright (6 years ago)
It's not semetrical
LoLx Kiaos (6 years ago)
sly your giggle sigh Just love it so much
Sean McLaughlin (6 years ago)
wow...i officially know nothing about anything....wow...
saint ledesma (6 years ago)
Bro.. This comment.. Deserves a kagillion likes
Mentally Manic (6 years ago)
I was so mad that I mad a video to Nova on how to farm and how to blow off a stack of 64 seeds while making it look pretty! :D Also I made it on how to far melons too.
Mentally Manic (6 years ago)
sadBoi (6 years ago)
sly (scum) + SSoHPKC (Bag) = ?Wut?)
ChaoticDerp (6 years ago)
*starts to harass*
keewievscheewie (6 years ago)
That thing by the stairs at the ending dancing sly butt looks like a cheeseburger
MainEvent (6 years ago)
this cool story has been brought to you by idontgiveaflyinghorseass(dot)org
jayistheway7 (6 years ago)
mating sand... wtf
denal132 (6 years ago)
again pls?
quincee (6 years ago)
@Rio Staff Hey Nan I Got Those Groceries - Grandma WTF Are You Doing!?
Abigpuppy (6 years ago)
you and 17 people
MrBobtehcow (6 years ago)
nah just all the ocd and the ppl who go on server which have limited plots of land still YOU DON'T NEED WATER NEXT TO EVERY SINGLE THING AND U CAN WALK ON THEM NOW.
MainEvent (6 years ago)
You and all the other Minecraft Pros.
Michael Leone (6 years ago)
Why do i get the feeling that Seamus' chicken farm will end up like Dan's chicken farm from Hershel's Land?
Rio Insular (6 years ago)
you still can
Sean McLaughlin (6 years ago)
wait..wait...wait...where did the enchanted bow come from????? :P
Philip Sturgis (6 years ago)
Nope. Chuck Testa's
Amarub (6 years ago)
1:39 HE KNOWS!
Joshua Medley (6 years ago)
Is this Immortals adio or am i the only one hearing immortals shit
shooot (6 years ago)
why? not like a creeper will get mad and explode in it again like last time... if you know what i mean :)
Nolan Lauth (6 years ago)
GAH stop leaving your doors open Sly! askidilf
Rio Staff (6 years ago)
Fuck...My Nan is called Barbra -.-
Rio Staff (6 years ago)
Nomies my friend :)
TheOrionZane (6 years ago)
Is it me or can anybody hear digging and closing doors near Sly's house?? Sly isn't doing it Soo....
TheSepulchure (6 years ago)
DAMMIT! i like to call it an endragon instead of enderdragon
CopyXAndXPaste (6 years ago)
Sphax BdCraft
Stephon Edwards (6 years ago)
hobs kinda sounds like a sexual term than nobody uses :/
Damien Chan (6 years ago)
Wut texture pac is dat?
Remotegod5 (6 years ago)
Hey Ninja! :D -Both fly away into the sunset, Minecraft goes into a black screen and says: The End- Well there you go, If you make a friendship bridge, thats the end of minecraft, the dragon is a lie...
Kuma Kaizer (6 years ago)
:o The server ip! Must invade NAO!
MrBobtehcow (6 years ago)
am i the only person who rages about inefficient farms?
Pewdiepie 3 (6 years ago)
Why do we get sly and immortal audio
Swol Ronald (6 years ago)
Nomies/Hobs, cause we get the best of both worlds
NoctuShift (6 years ago)
Sand fuck farm time?
PlanetRay (6 years ago)
sly u know u can stand on the crops as long as u dont jump
saint ledesma (6 years ago)
-Crosses Friendship Bridge- Hey Remote :D
cN Zaze (6 years ago)
Sly please dear god go spend some MLG farming time with Antvenom so you can farm properly
diego dejesus (6 years ago)
finally for 14 episodes sly finally fixs the top of the door
WolfDreanax (6 years ago)
I've been wondering that for a while now too o.o
derp kerp (6 years ago)
Slys house is not symmetrical WTF!
Sapphire Melody (6 years ago)
15:43 Click for the best outro ever :3
Matt Barros (6 years ago)
Why can i hear Immortal's audio in the background
AquaaPoint (6 years ago)
like if you are a homie
Sophie Gemble (6 years ago)
TheGamerSupernova (6 years ago)
coveruplies (6 years ago)
meowgi not myagi watch more of there videos
jojomou11 (6 years ago)
Mr.Meowgi* and every one heard it lol ;p
Cheese :3 (6 years ago)
seamus's cat
herasucks (6 years ago)
The return of PUSSYSLAPPER!!!!!! the dumb ass big cat!
Remotegod5 (6 years ago)
Friends always make a Friendship Bridge! (----------) (<--- Failed Bridge thing :P)
faintestwolves (6 years ago)
mating sand? maby thats whats happening in shadow of israphel....
vAMFiXED (6 years ago)
@llueafy yeah i totally agree! also! dude ive been playing this game all week its worth a look > bit.ly/NYvUFT?=nhsuj
Charliie (6 years ago)
that's alright man homies unite right? :)

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