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Check this out! "SUPER MARIO HALLOWEEN ★ BLACK OPS 3 ZOMBIES MOD" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bt_sdCW6LLY -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- VISIT THE SOG BLOG TO SIGN UP, http://www.sogknives.com/blog/sog-youalwayswin-videogiveaway.html VISIT SOG'S YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND SUBSCRIBE, https://www.youtube.com/user/SOGKnives YAW WEBSITE, http://www.youalwayswin.net/ FACEBOOK, https://www.facebook.com/OfficialYouAlwaysWin TWITTER, YouAlwaysWin - https://twitter.com/YouAlwaysWin VISIT CAN WE SURVIVE CHANNEL, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy713YpSicEprFZogbZVdMA
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Text Comments (824)
Adi Adi (23 days ago)
wtf, why did video just end there???
joshua moore (1 month ago)
whos watching in 2018?
Connor Huffman (1 month ago)
You're teammates are allways making better choices than you listen to them makes me mad 😤
Connor Huffman this is 3 years old. Don't comment
John Quillen (3 months ago)
hay my names loren im a big fan
Roro CLugo (3 months ago)
I love you guises videos keep up the good work I subscribed.
Gameboy11 88 (3 months ago)
I have some knifes form sog
Barbaraa (3 months ago)
this entire game I was just screaming why don't you use your gun and stuff then I realized knifes only xD
What is max ammo for in a game only for knives
fagglebag (30 days ago)
It resets the uses.
Brandon Najera (3 months ago)
Knife is even harder than pistols
Brandon Najera (3 months ago)
Why you need to sharpen your knife
Melinda Grace (3 months ago)
How are you doing
Blondie (3 months ago)
It u
John's Vids (3 months ago)
My grandpa was a part of the sog group in Vietnam
R J Jackson (4 months ago)
My cousin kill himself and his last name was Bowie
fnafking puppet (4 months ago)
good job sog
Keith D Wilson (4 months ago)
i love you guys
DeathBringer (4 months ago)
Did you notice the YAW sign on the wall in the first room?!?
Marc Fun time (4 months ago)
I can
Adrian Hensley (5 months ago)
How do u sign up
some weird content (5 months ago)
I never told when it came out but I bought 3 sog minis
Jamie Morgan (5 months ago)
You are Cool
Savage Wolf (6 months ago)
Do a dog man map plz
Xander Burroughs (6 months ago)
i wish i could scribe 100 times to guys and sog
Alex (7 months ago)
Dull is better than sharp
kingw-xp -gop (8 months ago)
I did this map I only survived to round 21 but I was going for 25 this map was hard this was by far my most fave map ever
Matthew Thibodeau (8 months ago)
You. Are. Cool
Jesus Sanchez (8 months ago)
Do minegun
nohaters night (8 months ago)
I wanted the Nife im 10 but my father said i could have it for flaying fish. 🙇
Ashley Smith (8 months ago)
You And gunsforhire are the best
Aubrey Wright (8 months ago)
Whata bout a official gun company sponsored zombie video
Creeper TNT (8 months ago)
I wish they had the Karambit from CS:GO Counter strike
wesley garay (9 months ago)
I remember watching this when it came out I am so old now
Jacob Lee (9 months ago)
Do a bony zombies yaw just do it
DieZombie97 Minecraft (9 months ago)
I think his was the coolest zombies map I've seen
anime freak (9 months ago)
Dallas Haring (10 months ago)
This video was awesome mostly cause dog is my favorite knife brand but I especially love this video
Paul Grenier (10 months ago)
it was cool to watch this video.
CyberMemes (10 months ago)
I wanna play this map where can i find it?
Noah Mckinney (11 months ago)
22 22 22
Noah Mckinney (11 months ago)
22 22 22
Amanda Smith (11 months ago)
you best
Double Bros (11 months ago)
I have 10 sog knives their good
AsianWithout Rice (1 year ago)
I still cannot believe i won a knife from this, thank you guys, ur awesome
Well it was Knife too meet you zombies
Luke Abbott (1 year ago)
Justin Bush (1 year ago)
I paked the nife it was cool
WhatThyFuck (1 year ago)
Soggy knives?
Davion Crowder (1 year ago)
Sally Quibuloy (1 year ago)
Chubby Whubby (1 year ago)
do cod infinite zombies spaceland
minekiller21 (1 year ago)
I want it
Ethan Nystrom (1 year ago)
They need speed cola
nikki davis (1 year ago)
I was singed up and I did not get my knife
Alex Kay (1 year ago)
Y is there ammo on knife
Le pvp Master (1 year ago)
Lol the video is 21 minutes 59 seconds long
Le pvp Master (1 year ago)
Sooooo close
I want plz
coolantz 8 (1 year ago)
how can I get this map ?????
Jason Chant (1 year ago)
can I have one pls I'm 10 in November
Dadede (1 year ago)
Jason Chant this was made two years ago, its over big time
Powerpanther (1 year ago)
mini sog
zombie King (1 year ago)
damn no pack
Maria Perez (1 year ago)
did eny body her the things of the video
keemstair lol (1 year ago)
i wanna play it
keemstair lol (1 year ago)
i have a krambit
Caleb Eidlebach (1 year ago)
lol that machete was the SOG bolo not the kukri
Fnaf bros ! (1 year ago)
Why does it just end like that?
Samantha Gammon (1 year ago)
how can you survive with a nife
Cory Loria (1 year ago)
I want a knife
Dale Mahan (1 year ago)
It will be my brithday in 8 days
JRBG scar (1 year ago)
nice map
Cole Roncali (1 year ago)
Jesse Beers (1 year ago)
You guys are amazing at call of duty
REpZshot REpZshot (1 year ago)
U guys. Are the best
It's JohnCena (1 year ago)
Hi I'm squidward And Patrick
Julien Porch (1 year ago)
O I have all my figers the knife gos chop chop chop and if I hit my figers my figers will come off
Christopher Vaughn (1 year ago)
HE SAID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha XD
Haleena Murphy (1 year ago)
I love you
Kandice Carroll (1 year ago)
My dad has the Bowie knife
Guns376b Galaxy (1 year ago)
They should add mule kick for more knifes
Guns376b Galaxy (1 year ago)
Love the map and gameplay
Captain Cookie (1 year ago)
Damian (1 year ago)
OMG a butterfly knife my favorite
Diana Weaver (1 year ago)
please play ding lite
Trevor Bourgeois (1 year ago)
I signed up
SwEeTsAsSyNsExY1 (1 year ago)
I don't have my stuff
Rosmattila (1 year ago)
Levi Kimmel (1 year ago)
I subscribed 😀
Olivia Loushin (1 year ago)
Demo Ranch had a hilarious video with SOG tomahawks and spears.
Rohan Brant (1 year ago)
IS this game playable to the community
Wildcard (1 year ago)
I still need to sign up
DemonSlayer 1022 (1 year ago)
I actually have a SOG Machete and its GODDLY! For rabbit hunting with my grandparents
Steph hoving (1 year ago)
So old
Johngirale 2600 (1 year ago)
I remembered this two years later just from thinking about there old vids when I don't even watch om any more
Sam_ Sk811 (1 year ago)
Love the videos
Romeo Robles (1 year ago)
The Bye Bye Man Trailor
young boy Savage sav (1 year ago)
hi my name is Jesse and I have a good idea for a game that has. and I will be in the game if you. can tell me where. I. find. we. name and address of your house. I am 7. in a. have. I. Play on. PlayStation 4 and. my. please. is. 549. kick litr
Alex Brock (1 year ago)
Shawn Thomas then why does your YouTube name say Shawn
does sog stand for super orange gaming? probly not
My favorite knife is the balisong(butterfly knife)
RIOT Apex (3 months ago)
Xgolden Xfreddy Mine is the Balisong pretty much the same lol.
Tony Bust (1 year ago)
why does he sound like seth rogen when he yells lmfao love thes guys
King Quay (1 year ago)
Anthony Jimenez i was bout to comment that 😂😂😂
Mark Buchanan (1 year ago)
that knife you won at 13 mind I bought yesterday

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