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Agent 47 versus... a porn shoot. A Hitman flick the way a Hitman flick should be. Special thanks to IO Interactive and Square Enix for making this video possible! Tweet! http://bitly.com/TU94G2 Starring Kevin Burke as 47, Joe Fidler as the director, James Mitchel-Clyde as the sound guy, as well as the Action Factory team on stunts. Christie Stevens as the porn actress, Benjamin Franczuski as the pool boy, and Leilo Ismailava, Aima Miley, and Sidnie Miller as the pool girls. Sound by Kevin Senzaki, VFX by us and Kevin Comerford For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (24172)
Marvin Rainey (1 hour ago)
He is a talented hitman
Projektant (1 day ago)
Для любительского кино попросту выше хоть какой похвалы. Им бы снимать кинофильм "Хитмэн", а не этим бездарям. Только жаль задушенного оператора, можно было же вколоть снотворное ))
roaster today (1 day ago)
this hitman looks like jhoony sins
vasilis alexopoulos (1 day ago)
02:00 cristy steves pornostar
ISteal RandomVideos (3 days ago)
better than the movie
Jake S (4 days ago)
Its actually cool to see johnny sins doing another thing that is not fuck a hot women in the making of a porn movie
mike pro (4 days ago)
mike pro (4 days ago)
He looks like john cena😂
Gözlüklü Astronot (5 days ago)
Asın bayrakları leeeeen❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷
Abelardo Lopez (5 days ago)
The bluehawk (6 days ago)
Beautifully done
Foratti Show (6 days ago)
Fuckk Face (7 days ago)
This guys had looks like the tip of a penis
Primary (7 days ago)
"no one cares about the net" "well, I do"
Filmovie (7 days ago)
This is freaking awesome!
Leo KaKa (8 days ago)
DE silence
Waqas Ali (8 days ago)
🎩 😁 👕👍Great! 👖
_B_e_n_Z_ (9 days ago)
Начинаешь стелсом, и будто вечно все чрез жопу
RED SPARK (9 days ago)
0:22 how much for sale?
Ashton Silver (10 days ago)
Johnny sins mod
Meeduegamer Reh (10 days ago)
The line on hitman head is so long but in the game and the movie is short
Dmitry Ivaniuk (10 days ago)
This is america...
onkar sarfare (11 days ago)
This is great work!!! Btw Agent 47 is a legend and cant be described in a short movie...or even a film..he deserves a series
OPULENT (11 days ago)
3:23 music?
Eddy Morra (12 days ago)
Icarus (13 days ago)
2:56 BODY FOUND 3:13 SUSPICIOUS 3:18 COMPROMISED 3:25 NON-TARGET KILL 3:36 BODY FOUND 3:53 COMBAT 3:54 NON-TARGET KILL 3:56 NON TARGET KILL 3:58 NON TARGET KILL 4:03 NON TARGET KILL "Unusually amateur 47. I hope you know what you are doing."
Me,when I want to win some extra money
GM GAMERS (13 days ago)
Num43 (13 days ago)
The video had 22,222 comments so I had to ruin it. also, this was the best Hitman movie ever made.
Noob Frame (13 days ago)
hitman vs john wick?
Eddie Gall (14 days ago)
Better than Agent 47
lovely video clips (14 days ago)
Wow lovely nice video.😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😍😍😍😍
life is the new high (14 days ago)
The hitman looks like my dad
Gage Puyear (15 days ago)
The first thing I thought was "why isn't he cleaning the pool with a net?"
NoobmitMut (15 days ago)
4.1 how about loading a a Magazin in your pistol
Dnice1906 (17 days ago)
Water isnt wet though wassup with that
Wait is that Jason Statham as the third security guard that got killed
Fiaz Ahmad Fiaz Ahmad (17 days ago)
Full movi all in Hindi please send me
SkeleticDragon (17 days ago)
bottomless mag: on
Dean Strydom (18 days ago)
3:23 So much for the Silent Assassin achievement
Xá Bệnh (19 days ago)
3.23 what is song name please
Женя Пилько (19 days ago)
Рейтинг: Серийный убивец
Shellshockolade (19 days ago)
That is so unrealistic, in a real hitman game this disguise would have been too perfect to raise the guard attention
Sezai ÇAĞDAŞ (19 days ago)
Çok iyisniz
Skrillex . R (19 days ago)
Killed one person undetected the second victim gets killed without anyone noticing but yet police arrive to the scene in one second
jimmy kimmel (19 days ago)
is water wet?
Purple Guy (20 days ago)
暇人どもの集い (20 days ago)
daniel26213 (20 days ago)
0:58 that face seem familiar... John Cena OOFFF
Doge A Lots (20 days ago)
not hitman its SHITMAN
Simon Cruz (20 days ago)
89CoMeDiaN (21 days ago)
this guy nails it as 47, way better than any actor in hitman movies
un_mec oklm (21 days ago)
3:23 that's the song that plays on map villa in r6 siege
SplinterMonkeyBF3 (21 days ago)
The only good "hitman" movie is day of the jackal.
ImProfesional (21 days ago)
Sharpie barcode
Legoman10w (22 days ago)
Lol that smile didnt fool anybody xD
younes samadaa (22 days ago)
4:00 but he shoot the legs wheres the damn blood!!! are you kidding me WTF
younes samadaa (22 days ago)
mission failed he killed evryone
Hassan Alnuaimi (22 days ago)
pokemon. master (23 days ago)
What is that muick at 3:26
BIG SHAQ MANS NOT HOT (23 days ago)
Chihaya Gunzou (23 days ago)
In gaming standards, this mission is marked as... poor. Killed unmarked targets, 1 hidden unmarked knocked out target, should've been additional points if the marked target got hidden.
The Real Potato (24 days ago)
I’m still wondering what Walmart item he is
max king (24 days ago)
W T F !!!!???????
Why did that guard have a gaming headset for an IPhone
Valentin Popescu (12 days ago)
Hitman is a game
Dung Pham (24 days ago)
Cho xin tên phim vs có ai pk ko
فدوه اروحلك المكان وين
Super Original Bleach (25 days ago)
Lazy Gamer (25 days ago)
Somebody get the guy a net! lol
Asian Sheep (26 days ago)
whitewolf 101 (26 days ago)
Hope you get ban me infinite ammo
ZuRriX (26 days ago)
Yeah, not very Silent Assassin-y nor Stealthy.
ZuRriX (26 days ago)
Sniper313 313 (27 days ago)
Hi gays 3:21 what is name music
Annie Goudi (27 days ago)
Please make more i want to see more please 😀
you should make a legit movie
Red Menace 0 (28 days ago)
Freddie works on Pornos?
Dan DCC91 (28 days ago)
I expected it to be more about more of the unrealistic game mechanics. Instead I got a well made short film with pretty decent action. Disappoint!
Zaman Shojib (28 days ago)
1:18 connected to headphone but roll sound in Mic
幻想人 (1 month ago)
Icky Cosovo (1 month ago)
Very stealt
Fxfrank TGA (1 month ago)
Is water wet?
MrHapples (1 month ago)
Can john wick beat him?
Ricky’s Channel (1 month ago)
Post mroeb
Charles McFarlane (1 month ago)
Awesome and the actor did a great job. That barcode big as fuck tho lol
Chris Bru (1 month ago)
SmolFlare (1 month ago)
Mr. Clean
AlejandroRace69 (1 month ago)
r.i.p. X
THE BEAST (1 month ago)
Трябва конечно добавиш в надписите български
nikolai (1 month ago)
Hitmen are like US marshals if they’re told to get you they’ll get you and they don’t care they get the job done.
Mohan Kumar (1 month ago)
How he change clothes too early....
Mobile Aov (1 month ago)
Is it just me or the hit man look like John cena
Fire Flow Blob (1 month ago)
Isnt this actor in Stormargeddon?
Galaxy Guy (1 month ago)
Music at 3:23?
Xlectro Z (1 month ago)
I haven’t watched Rocket jump in a long time I didn’t even know this was Rocket jump
Fight Club (1 month ago)
#Johnny Sins taking revenge for not getting the contract...but anyways,, its really cool...

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