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Agent 47 versus... a porn shoot. A Hitman flick the way a Hitman flick should be. Special thanks to IO Interactive and Square Enix for making this video possible! Tweet! http://bitly.com/TU94G2 Starring Kevin Burke as 47, Joe Fidler as the director, James Mitchel-Clyde as the sound guy, as well as the Action Factory team on stunts. Christie Stevens as the porn actress, Benjamin Franczuski as the pool boy, and Leilo Ismailava, Aima Miley, and Sidnie Miller as the pool girls. Sound by Kevin Senzaki, VFX by us and Kevin Comerford For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (24421)
Josh Phu De Haas (8 hours ago)
Who of you act hitman?
Omar عمر Alhashmi (2 days ago)
Well that's guys dead
Agent Of Chaos (3 days ago)
crap, pitbulls got a gun.
Burlac Iurie (3 days ago)
It's like a real movie it was awsome
NapkiinsAlt (3 days ago)
Why does he put like 3-4 rounds in each guy like chill
The Gawd (3 days ago)
Christie Stevens is bad as fuck.
bebox faeldin (3 days ago)
_!:Ещё ё ёо о о . ..
Arun Jose (4 days ago)
No more games and b******s only MAN tats. . .?
No emotion, AT ALL
OmegaPsych Gaming (5 days ago)
If only this was a mission in hitman :)
El Papayo (5 days ago)
Game Lord (6 days ago)
4:09 fake barcode
camisa 10 (6 days ago)
yes yes i 47 Brasil contract protect
That water is wet...DAFUK!!
Jacob Damron (6 days ago)
Agent 47 bitch
Гава Брат (7 days ago)
Strich Code is Head Hitnan
Fabian Klimek (8 days ago)
Szymon Karwowski (8 days ago)
Rank: Armed Psychopath Emotioness: 10/10 Noise: 9/10
Ender YoutubeGaming (8 days ago)
this is better than the movies
Eduardo Bianchini (9 days ago)
Parabens. Ta muito perfeito.
Ameer Hamza (9 days ago)
I reaLLy like HiTman.... can u pls put more HiTman videos here.... like this one....
whjejejewj dnbdbdns (10 days ago)
3:23 what music name?
December 14 (10 days ago)
Non-Silent Assassin I guess.
Judobadboy (11 days ago)
Someone should tell the producer that those .45 only holds 7 bullets each
Юджин Сехм (11 days ago)
бляяя, нахуй он всех убил то) маньяк блять а не хитман)
AidGor (11 days ago)
Great video! Guys support my channel, subscribe)))
Natascha Klein (11 days ago)
3:17 🤣
Nathaniel Enlow (11 days ago)
He just had a few lines drawn on his head and sloppily at that
kaique almeida (12 days ago)
So tem boludooo nessa merda
KruppaTroopaTV (12 days ago)
I'm not supposed to get chlorine on my hands
Mr. Bl0odySlay3r (12 days ago)
0:25 look this dude
shane micah (12 days ago)
Badass at its PRIME
пиздец (12 days ago)
Бля, пригодно
Stevefication (12 days ago)
better than both movies
SquareSeeker900 (12 days ago)
a youtuber made a better movie than Hollywood film directors lol
Tips &Tricks (13 days ago)
Modern ninja
KingAaron118 (13 days ago)
Actually water isn’t wet
Thomas Mills (13 days ago)
who is that actor and why does he look exactly like 47?
SquareSeeker900 (12 days ago)
The actor is Kevin Burke
Tamia Lawrence (14 days ago)
Mercy is perfect - she have zero expectations from her team and pretty much dead inside, but still trying. That is how I feel when play her.
Hero battles (14 days ago)
Dương Phượng (15 days ago)
The Odyssey (15 days ago)
A silver baller would make a great collectible And *W* *E* *A* *P* *O* *N*
Restless Ghost (15 days ago)
Hacker hitman he have aimbot hack
Apchi hua (15 days ago)
Toothy juggler 150 (15 days ago)
Wow exactly hitman
Mahdi Taha (15 days ago)
بدنا الفيلم كامل ومترجم
Mahdi Taha (15 days ago)
بدنا الفيلم كامل ومترجم
killkick177 (16 days ago)
omg guys, your Effecs are amazing😍
Bug Eater (16 days ago)
Much better Hitman than Vin diesal
Hajar Bouaddi (16 days ago)
4:12 you can see the camera man
Lucky Sniper (17 days ago)
C-OPS_Pelmeņi :] (17 days ago)
The Fun kee Day Family (17 days ago)
Velet Of Turkey (18 days ago)
Hitman is have reload hack xd
Robloxiscancer 3 (18 days ago)
My fav part is at 0:00
65 (19 days ago)
Дайте им средств на кинофильм!
kaua clach (19 days ago)
Sou br
Spero Skoufis (19 days ago)
How much would it cost to produce another one like this?
Franz Pattison (19 days ago)
Well done video but 47 totally fucked that mission up lol
Anjelo De Guzman (19 days ago)
I love the disguse so much though
Wow crazy
Donald Trump (20 days ago)
4:17 I thought he was gonna commit soup aside
Fuck Xxx (20 days ago)
Tinders (20 days ago)
Will there be a Hitwomam?
QuistyQuiet (21 days ago)
*Target Down! next up, Sheria misea*
Flamingo Flame (22 days ago)
Oh it is?
Flamingo Flame (22 days ago)
Is this a porn movie?
Time2Rule (22 days ago)
это же плешивый из BRAZZERS)
Roman Peshehonov (22 days ago)
Gameisyourlife (22 days ago)
HITMAN INVITED TO YOUR PARTY...... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bY-RNmmCM7U
Fix Play (24 days ago)
Mr.proper 😂😂😂
Артур Найда (24 days ago)
О мистер пропер.
Tiffany Smith (25 days ago)
My son has the game Hitman
HoodedFox (26 days ago)
water is not wet
zaid alknani (26 days ago)
Robert Sharipov (26 days ago)
mission failed
시바아!!!!!!!견 (27 days ago)
배긐ㅋㅋ 피가연기같은거 잘했네
W3NDIGO (27 days ago)
3:45 i cant find this soundtrack anywhere
Mishty Singh (28 days ago)
Love the actions
Q-10 (28 days ago)
Butt cheeks😐💀
son nguyenhong (28 days ago)
3:28 OOF
Larry Williams (28 days ago)
THAT was so awesome!
Nivel video man congradulations
Mark Zaikov (29 days ago)
That ending kill shot
GremLin (30 days ago)
can someone scan the barcode
javid farhan (30 days ago)
Anyone notice the barcode ?
Mike Rotch (30 days ago)
I liked this. You kept a good blend of shooty, and comedy. Kudos
The Epix (30 days ago)
Ameer Alapa (30 days ago)
2018? Anyone?
GAMEZONE with Rakib (30 days ago)
Me in pubg mobile
GAMEZONE with Rakib (30 days ago)
Jose Henrique (1 month ago)
Eis que você compra o hitman na depweb
Mr. Mann (1 month ago)
1:48 yeah all water is wet you *DUMMY*
Stag Gaming (1 month ago)
At 4:12 you can see the camera man at the door
Xavier Lugk (1 month ago)
is water wet?

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