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Agent 47 versus... a porn shoot. A Hitman flick the way a Hitman flick should be. Special thanks to IO Interactive and Square Enix for making this video possible! Tweet! http://bitly.com/TU94G2 Starring Kevin Burke as 47, Joe Fidler as the director, James Mitchel-Clyde as the sound guy, as well as the Action Factory team on stunts. Christie Stevens as the porn actress, Benjamin Franczuski as the pool boy, and Leilo Ismailava, Aima Miley, and Sidnie Miller as the pool girls. Sound by Kevin Senzaki, VFX by us and Kevin Comerford For licensing and usage inquiries please email licensing@rocketjump.com
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Text Comments (24540)
Thomas Prince (17 hours ago)
6 Year's. Wow
SchrodingerIsAlive (1 day ago)
If we're going by in-game lore, 47 would never fuck up this bad. He is always persistently flawless. That's kind of why it'd be difficult to make a movie about him. He goes through everything without seemingly any challenge.
Califlower \, (1 day ago)
So that’s how he got his suit
MrB8 (1 day ago)
1:34 when your father's came in
Look athatdingo (1 day ago)
Fantastic. It’s very tempting to just do a film about a perfect hitman mission. But it’s embracing the game’s weird humor and doing something new with it that makes this video memorable.
Happy John (1 day ago)
cool 10:56 AM 11/17/2018
gavin (1 day ago)
Not silent assassin. Didn't delete recordings. Rookie mistake
Nathan Mclaren Diaz (1 day ago)
Bar code
Flamingo (2 days ago)
I just think I can buy him.
OMG fuckers
Naruto Uzumaki (4 days ago)
Definitely this is porn
Iftekhar Ahamad (5 days ago)
Goddamn this video is sick
سمو امير (5 days ago)
اللهم نسألك محو الـذنوب ، وستر العيوب ولين القلوب وتفريج الهموم وتيسير الأمور واكتب لنا يا ربنا خير الدنيا والآخرة
Dantist (6 days ago)
Честно, полная хуйня!
- GMB248 (7 days ago)
How did he get his suit back when he had disguised at one of the entrances?
Viyrtessv Ofrtlzxcv (7 days ago)
Shitman Absolution
Aditya Khope (8 days ago)
I got to say a single word COOOOOOL
Sam Rai (8 days ago)
Awesome clip full of action and hitman role is mind blowing
Gloss R.A. (8 days ago)
YeBoiSoul (9 days ago)
“Be careful down there, the water is wet.” I’m laughing hard now, then it gets to the fucking pool and I 👀 Oh shit I think the guys de—- Oh shoot am I ne—
YeBoiSoul (9 days ago)
Why not just a sniper mission with the rest just assassinating and sneaking
TVMovieMakers (9 days ago)
I’m glad Ramon cares about the continuity in the porno, because I would care
Cernea Alin (9 days ago)
hit man is hacker ro infinite ammo
Speed Demon (10 days ago)
If they released this in theatres instead of the latest hitman film it would've done better. I didnt find Mr Olyphantastic's version to be that bad
SURPRISE MFKAA (10 days ago)
P1911 ?
Night Lock (10 days ago)
PUBG graphics:realistic.
THÚY TRẦN (11 days ago)
Zero zero seven : 007
Dodo (11 days ago)
3:18 phone ddddd
lenny face (11 days ago)
Hitman more like shit man am I right cus he's shit on stealth
musicvideosforyou (11 days ago)
Hmmm how is hit man so good hmmm I guess I'll never no maybe he dose trick people more then I think Read more
Psiberzerker (12 days ago)
I just loves how he blends in as a soundguy, holding that boom mic like a fucking Halberd, and staring right at the target.
Alexandra animations (12 days ago)
Cool it's video!
jorjo lol (12 days ago)
The Bored Theorist (13 days ago)
This scene requires only 2 bullets. RocketJump logic: Add 10 more will you!!XD
safrizal ical21 (14 days ago)
Pubg player detectted
CharmingCecil (14 days ago)
*S T I L L B E T T E R T H A N T H E M O V I E*
Vuilnis God (14 days ago)
Why his barcode so fucking big?
Damn that barcode tho :D
Thunder Storm (15 days ago)
Okay the part of the girls with the binki ;-:
Ajay Singh (15 days ago)
Everything's good except the wastage of bullets. Not a single head shot?! Thats like making a porno with 47 in it.
Fadil Basiru (15 days ago)
1:33 pause :v
ryukenb2k (16 days ago)
Anymore Hitman shorts this video was bad ass.
ryukenb2k (16 days ago)
This actor is way better then the movie hitman films.He looks credible
Matt NU (17 days ago)
Whats the music at 3:23
Jean Casseus (18 days ago)
I subscribe
NoCultist (20 days ago)
It's a parody and it's still better than any Hollywood attempt.
Ludwig Cools (20 days ago)
John (20 days ago)
Better than the new Hitman movie.
Sreejit Chowdhury (21 days ago)
Non-target casualty
Luc Sharkey (21 days ago)
3:20 and that was when he lost his silent assassin rating.
filip games (21 days ago)
Ken Kaneki (21 days ago)
I wish they didnt remove the dual silverballers as the starter pistol in Hitman™ instead of the ICA19
Amy (22 days ago)
Mr.Clean really let himself go
Evan moldon (23 days ago)
at 3; 18 the hitman smiled even though he has no sense of humor
ALOVER CAFE (24 days ago)
hitman 🤤❤️
Sony tv (24 days ago)
Hey, I really like your channel, we should do sud for sud, reply if you are interested!!!!!!!!
enigmaburrito (25 days ago)
I like how below the category says Hitman 2016 and this was made in 2012
tailor Durden (25 days ago)
Four minutes and a half long and still better than the crappy movies we've had so far !
PiekielnyKanał (27 days ago)
3:28 epic :D
the last gamer (27 days ago)
the makers of john wick should make a hitman movie ,do you guys agree
السر الوحيد (28 days ago)
move name PLZ ??
sp 356 (28 days ago)
Jet Reacher (30 days ago)
Spikes Officials (30 days ago)
nikhil rajpurohit (30 days ago)
It'll be great if you can make a total overdose video
massee 211 (30 days ago)
How the hell is a fanmade short film/skit better than both movies combined? Especially with the bald head, considering 47 has no hair follicles. Can we make this canon and say fuck the movies?
Long Trần Thành (30 days ago)
Please do Max Payne.
Dr. Andrew Jacob (30 days ago)
why didn't this guy play hitman in the movie :(
kelvin lie (1 month ago)
Who else come from corridor?
Duh Blaster (1 month ago)
Non target kill. That's guna cost him.
Alexandre Charest (1 month ago)
it feel a lot more like hitman than hitman!
iTaxHD (1 month ago)
Difficult: Noob
Ray John Alovera (1 month ago)
6 years later This vid still gives me goosebumps
Jack Donegan (1 month ago)
3:12 he just smirks.
Jack Donegan (1 month ago)
A real hitman “movie”.
criptkicker5 (1 month ago)
This is some good shit.
Joshua Jordan (1 month ago)
"Ramon." You need to clean the pool for me." *Ramon* "yes"
Franco Lopez (1 month ago)
Este corto es mejor que las películas de 2007 y 2015
arijit biswas (1 month ago)
Awesome man... Bt sometimes he reminds me of jonny sins😂😂😂
No Face (1 month ago)
3:16 cling
Fox Ackerman (1 month ago)
2:02 ''we are making a porno, not w documentary!" HAAHAHAH
Mehmedalija Gegic (1 month ago)
Neo Me (1 month ago)
Name the pistol which Agent 47 uses
Terri rainwater-branch (1 month ago)
Kapiszon to ja (1 month ago)
King Bracubear (1 month ago)
Water is not wet bitch
#MAN MVs (1 month ago)
Not Silent Assassin
teh amazing blyatman (1 month ago)
I bet rocket jump cant even market garden someone in tf2
SPM72 (1 month ago)
How did the guards notice that he was killed..... Not even the guy in the door did
3:13 Hitman game logic
伝説のさしみ (1 month ago)
Multiplier fan (1 month ago)
careful guys the water is wet
King Edward (1 month ago)
No silent assassin
rush game time (1 month ago)
Money : 3.876 Spotted - 876 Non Target casualy - 500 Non Target casualy - 500 Non Target casualy - 500 Non Target casualy - 500 Non Target casualy - 500 Non Target casualy - 500 Target escaped - 1000 Subject: find Target Target died from high fall - 2000 Mission failed - 876 Money: - 5876
MR.Dblue 04 (1 month ago)
Rip headphone
Hobo From the Future (1 month ago)
This is better than the Hitman movie
BBMMTR (1 month ago)
Hecc Tic Devil (1 month ago)
Anybody else get the BO4 add for "Hat Attack"?

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