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Far Cry 3 - Citra (All cutscenes)

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Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=4177227 This video depicts all cutscenes with Citra Talugmai, a supporting character in Far Cry 3. The text under the screen is in swedish. Citra Talugmai is Vaas' sister and one of the few people of the island who appears to be on Jason's side. She is leader of the local tribe on the island and will help throughout the game by giving you missions to complete. Later it is revealed that she is mentally unstable, as she kidnaps Jason's friends and attempts to force Jason to kill them. It is also revealed that Citra desired to conceive the "perfect warrior" with Vaas as her mate, though the result of her desires are not elaborated on.
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Text Comments (185)
Dedfat (1 month ago)
Jir bahasa indonesia
Seto Simply Her (1 month ago)
Tumbs up for sexy nipples👍 or you🖕 up
That Memey Boi (2 months ago)
“Hey, at least I’m not a virgin. Or incest. Oh, yeah, and Citra? Your panties were on. Car didn’t go in the driveway. No kids.”
Marcel Muñoz (2 months ago)
Finger up if you kill you friends first just to have sex with Citra xD
Sean Gavin (2 months ago)
Citra is based on Annabella Lwin from Bow Wow Wow. Prove me wrong
Maximus Phallius Erectus (3 months ago)
Can someone explain to me how a Latin woman ends up as a cult "goddess" in an island somewhere in the Pacific?
18:18 ''. Jas.on.. use.. condom..''.
Mas'an Anwar (4 months ago)
This Game Is Sex
Sentinel (4 months ago)
Wht d'a fuk? Does Citra Forgotten how to get sex? Apparently yes...Because (generaly 😏) you dont kill your mate After having sex...hum hum generaly...
You are wrong about indonesian's text. It should be "Senapan ke bawah" the english is "Lower your guns" or "put down the gun"
Valorene (5 months ago)
Citra. More like Bitchra! GOT EM.
Le Grand DarK (5 months ago)
FUmarc (5 months ago)
She’s basic b.
Jacob Carlisle (6 months ago)
She killed jason because he was being like vaas
Kyle Huber (6 months ago)
Jason will be fine. All he has to do is snap his wrist back into place.
Kenia Muñoz (2 months ago)
They Call Me Chainz&Sawz (5 months ago)
Kyle Huber 😂😂😂
Gary Busey (6 months ago)
Imagine busting a nut as your nut gets busted.
World in Peace (7 months ago)
How does he has tattoo on both the hands?
Dante Eliasson (10 months ago)
I wonder how awkward it was to moan in a microphone when they made the sex scene.
idot lord (1 year ago)
at 9:54 auto generated captions say "rakyat our guns do no not stop at your boss balls and our feet we are the warriors" man i love captions sometimes
yamaneko lunardragon (1 year ago)
Never. Fuck. Crazy.
muhd fatullah (1 year ago)
citra speak bahasa ... she is nusantara
Arvid Linzie (1 year ago)
True Arceus (1 year ago)
well... at least he went out doing what he loved
XxSkeleton LordxX (1 year ago)
Beginning your not worthy. End your worthy fuck me
WhoTheHellIsK80 (1 year ago)
Ghastly Gaming (2 months ago)
WhoTheHellIsK80 Ikr so triggered
Jake Tryon (1 year ago)
Citras tribe looks pretty Polynesian to me.
Megalo_Maniac (1 year ago)
Jake Tryon Indonesian
BarbieQ & Gaming (1 year ago)
Oh Sexy Citra. So big and important character. And a good one. I liked her. But seriosly I think she did'nt liked Jason. She just wanted him to kill Vaas and Hoyt. A big question is: Is she good or bad? Maybe both. In The End I choosed to save my friends. They are my family. Citra kind have been an bitch some times.
Jasons last words: Doesn't matter had sex :)
CraZy ShiT (1 year ago)
hey please it far cry 3 deluxe edition ?
DreadedGhoul575 (1 year ago)
Why did she kill him?
DreadedGhoul575 (1 year ago)
8:37 Nice.
TheLittleBoy (1 year ago)
(English) "save your friends is the best choice" (svenska/swedish) rädda dina vänner är bästa valet"
Mariana Tufar (2 years ago)
When you are an adventurer she lets you live, when you are a survivor she kills you, and when you are a warrior she makes you a powerful warrior. I don't get it!
Hampus Lundin Jonsson (2 years ago)
ja svenska är ju fan det bästa
vivianca (2 years ago)
Wha waht heppend at the eend
Why did she kill jason
Eat Micin Everyday (5 months ago)
Thesmellyboy Up your ass revenge for vaas maybe?
HookemHorns972 (2 years ago)
Women are the damn devil man. That's why Eve was able to speak to the snake.
balikati (11 months ago)
Eve was in on the plot with the snake.
Ron Jeremia (1 year ago)
HookemHorns972 I get the feeling you've been doing more than speaking to the snake
Samantha Harris (1 year ago)
are you gay?
jon kidd (2 years ago)
vaas warned him she even drove him away I personally would of gotten off that island
lule Blag (2 years ago)
Why she kill Jason ?! I don't understand!
TheLittleBoy (1 year ago)
lule Blag Vaas was brother to Citra
lule Blag (2 years ago)
Mark Steven #21 (2 years ago)
Maybe some sort of ritual
MrBallPython (2 years ago)
I would rather be with liza then citra I don't really have a thing for dark skin girls or girls with mohawks :p
Sarken (1 year ago)
It's called a preference.
alim hafeez (2 years ago)
ABrosPlay (2 years ago)
Citra Talugmai is the same voice-actor as Faith connor in Mirror's Edge catalyst?
Calen (2 years ago)
haha jokes on you Citra, Jason had aids
Citra is not fertile on that time. then Jason dont have less sperm count becuse of the cyrange.
Xanatos712 (2 years ago)
+jeremiah goh Pretty sure Jason went sterile from injecting all those jungle drugs.
Ege Bodur (2 years ago)
fucking final
Jesse Tiemissen (2 years ago)
You did a really good job of completely fucking up the audio quality.
FuckMeDaddy11111 (2 years ago)
He did a good job on not getting a copyright strike you fucking retard
Airmax 90 (3 years ago)
That bitch is crazy
Katniss (3 years ago)
I hate Citra :/
SSJ- ROSE (3 years ago)
they where the best Jason ajay and sabal were cunts
Obey (3 years ago)
"You are so fucked Jason.."
Loviedede M (3 years ago)
she looks like cassie
White Irena (1 year ago)
oh man you're right
DasNeueFeuer (3 years ago)
I am so glad I went with the "Save your friends" option. Friends > Boobs
DasNeueFeuer (2 years ago)
+Mike Carr Yeah, those douchebag non helpful friends. Those people that you save, so you avoid getting your chest impaled by a dagger after sexing it up with a religious nut. Oh right, those friends.
SSJ- ROSE (2 years ago)
those douchbag non helpful friends
Connor Flasker (3 years ago)
Wait, did i just watch porn?
toxictwig1 (3 years ago)
10:04 I LOVE the fucking guitar background music!! It's so awesome :D
Aleksandar Savevski (3 years ago)
yeah me too the song is called brian tyler I am sorry
karel thomas (3 years ago)
jason fucks citra gets killed afterwards via impalement by big ass knife... totally. fucking. worth it.
airton kyo (2 years ago)
priorities my friend!!!LOL
Eric Frost (3 years ago)
Lol You can't do Citra Cause she doesn't exist in the real world Savvy?
Cunt Paul (3 years ago)
Citra try just to kill Jason the drinks , the ending, and the fucking religion
Occifer Jehons (3 years ago)
....Umm.... What?
Cunt Paul (1 year ago)
What fucking religion kills its own people? I know its a game lol. It reminds me of islam
Cunt Paul (1 year ago)
+Sarken why should i?
Cunt Paul (1 year ago)
+Sarken did someone piss in your cereal?
Cunt Paul (1 year ago)
+CloudStrife_Ex "fuking"
Cunt Paul (1 year ago)
+Sarken salty much?
Spikey Senju (1 year ago)
+Sarken ikr lol
Fanste Kiko (3 years ago)
I went for better boobs and ass and that choice killed me.. i was blinde.. Will not make same mistake in far cry 4 :D
Fanste Kiko (3 years ago)
Yep , but i wanted to bang Yumma and that bitch Amita at start again cant think with all that ass and boob on screen.
:Honest Brian: (3 years ago)
doesnt happen in farcry 4
Vincent Choi (3 years ago)
Could happen in real life too 
Adensgameadventure (3 years ago)
duse he have sex ;]
Adensgameadventure (3 years ago)
noob gust noobs
yo 876 (4 years ago)
Wow. I can understand few words of what Citra saying. Its Indonesian. I understand it cause I know it :D
Abdul Majied (3 months ago)
Supreme Nova you forget to hastag #doneclaim #wkwkwkland.
Supreme Nova (6 months ago)
Surely I'm Indonesian so i understand everything what everyone said
alif farhan (7 months ago)
yo 876 yea its indonesia
LadenWolf hjalmarsson (4 years ago)
you had swedish subtitle so i think you are swedish
jj king (4 years ago)
Lol miscarriage
DasNeueFeuer (3 years ago)
+HuduYooVudu Me too! She doesn't even know she's pregnant yet, and Jason (as far as we know) could also be sterile. Citra should've just waited until she knew she was pregnant - THEN killed Jason. But noooooo! Religion, you know!
HuduYooVudu (3 years ago)
Was thinking the same thing the first time I saw that.
Maxley (4 years ago)
From Jeffrey Yohalem, Far Cry 3's Lead Writer. “Sex, violence, and the player is killed. Here are the things that satisfy our animal side as men, but they’re subverted because it’s a female doing it. Here you’re thinking of the princess in the castle. It’s like if Princess Peach stabbed Mario.” Yohalem laughed. “Now that I’m thinking about it, that final scene should have been Citra castrating Jason. Seriously, that’s the point! It is like, ‘You win, motherfucker!’ It’s totally like, ‘Fuck you, you misogynist idiot!’” So if you chose this ending because you wanted to stay with the tribe that the game  so often tried to force on you, the writer calls you misogynist and idiot too, nice one Ubisoft.
Migrxine (1 month ago)
Emperor Swagatine She saved Jason bc she considered him a perfect warrior.At the bad ending she kills Jason for several possible reasons 1.Maybe because Jason was going crazy with all the violence. 2.Maybe bc in the ceremony,Jason had to be sacrificed.That would explain why Vaas left the Rakyats.If Vaas was the best warrior,he should have sex with Citra and be sacrificed. Or maybe being killed at the bad ending is a punishment from the creators for killing our friends lmao.
Migrxine (1 month ago)
Maybe he said that bc so many players chose that ending just for having sex with Citra.A lot of players get angry in Far Cry 4 for not having sex with Amita. And yes,seeing a woman as a sexual object is mysoginist.
@c30f$p@d3z (2 months ago)
Its been clear for years that "big tech" breeds ideological mungs. Theirs is a twisted moralist culture where constantly vocalizing your _goodness_ makes you 'good' while wishing ruin, harm & death on ideological "others" reinforces your claims of 'goodness'. Progressives have reached the point of a new age cult, their ideas are absurd, their belief is top notch "listen & believe", their (faux) logic circular (as to support the same pre-conclusion regardless of choice) and their either/or ' _good_ ' (them) vs ' _evil_ ' (not them) zealotry and ever escalating grade of "convert or be terrorized" is inching toward "convert or die". These are the same grade of belief obsessive prone people that wound up calling for their community members to be burned at the stake for witchcraft and "consorting with the devil". They are wired for fanatical belief, where those that dont believe are ideological heretics. They've just convinced themselves that they're different because their god is group consensus and a man hunting lynch mob to enforce it, rather than being directly attached to the word "god" or the term Christianity. They're a twisted lot that think 'hate' is wrong, except toward certain groups chosen as the scapegoat class, and that hating ones own racial demographic (while teaching this to young children of the same group), home region and history is ' _moral_ '. ..and if you outright object, you're a 'bigot' worthy of personal ruin and gleeful hopes that said ruin will lead to you self terminating.
Spector (4 months ago)
Alexander Hamilton The odd thing is that I'm a woman, so if I chose Citra would it mean that I just hate myself? I agree, it is definitely bullshit. I love the game and I'm willing to separate the creator from the work itself, but damn if that isn't the stupidest thing to say. And also shitty to say to people that spent money on your game. Like yeah, just call your fans misogynists. That's a good and totally appreciative thing to do.
Emperor Swagatine (5 months ago)
My problem with that interpretation is that it makes Citra a totally different character just based on which ending you choose. In the 'good' ending she's literally willing to die to save Jason's life but in the 'bad' ending she just views him with sneering contempt as a disposable sperm donor? It makes 0 sense from a character standpoint. The only reason the writer pulled this explanation out of his ass was because SJW's were giving Far Cry 3 shit for being a white male power fantasy. I think the more likely reason is she kills Jason is so he is never tarnished by time; he dies a perfect warrior and will never have the chance to become corrupted like Vaas did. I'm sure Jason possibly becoming a threat to her leadership of the tribe also had something to do with it.
TheBlackDemon1996 (4 years ago)
Seeing the way the bad ending ends and citra say, "he has given himself in the place of the coward vaas."  Does that mean... what I think it means...
jaysfan89 (3 years ago)
I know your post is old but technically they aren't siblings Vaas even says this in the game that she was brought in as a toddler Citra and Vaas were raised like siblings but they aren't actually siblings.
TheBlackDemon1996 (4 years ago)
+Isaac Rorison Ew...
Isaac Rorison (4 years ago)
Incest confirmed...
Alex Undiscovery (4 years ago)
is citra indonesian? she use indonesian language and citra is most common girl name in indonesia, but the language seems to be wrong berhenti means stop, senapanka bawa is so wrong, senapan (gun) (never use this words anymore) ke bawah (low) it means low your weapon, berikansa herba (wrong), berikan (give me) herba (herb), it should be "berikan saya herba" saya means "me / i am" rakyat means people, tatau is tatoo.. and the temple design is balinese temple as a native, its pretty awkward when i hear it
balikati (11 months ago)
Rook islands are actually in Indonesia but in the game they're in South Pacific and they're Polynesian. The developers just chose the words from Indonesian.
White Irena (1 year ago)
now i know what different between malay and indon words
Polymath (4 years ago)
are you really gonna look up the language of a character in a gung ho shooter like Far Cry 3?
The Insane Gamer (4 years ago)
10:22 Citra: Vaas is dead. Me: AW HELL NAW! AW HELL NAW! AW HAIL NAW!
George Detsikas (4 years ago)
Jason's last dying words: Citra.......I....have.....AIDS.....
Gay #Faggot (2 months ago)
I have erectile dysfunction
Ghastly Gaming (2 months ago)
Jason I have herpes......
Blue (5 months ago)
“I...got a....VASECTOMY!!!”
matbfire (5 months ago)
Or "haha...you thought...my pull out game is on ... point
Tiaz_M ! (5 months ago)
hahahahahha i cried laughting
William Mo (4 years ago)
She's such an attractive character.
Migrxine (1 month ago)
balikati They're indonesian,lmao. You can know it bc the language. Before insulting someone,read information about the game. Fact:"Rakyat" means people,is an indonesian word.
Colin Clayton (9 months ago)
Jason's old girlfriend was hotter honestly.
balikati (11 months ago)
White Irena No they aren't you stupid dork. They're Polynesian.
White Irena (1 year ago)
there are indonesian
Samantha Harris (1 year ago)
William Mo she's black and vaas is Spanish. is there something I'm missing?
Illuminati Cat (4 years ago)
So someone count and tell me how many times Citra prolly raped him before he woke up...
Ben Garrison (3 years ago)
Zbroja Mecha (4 years ago)
Citra Rządzi ;~}
Robert Dobek (5 months ago)
Zbroja Mecha nie
SKETO (4 years ago)
Eagle6355. Please, how pc graphics ? Nvidia, or AMD and number :)) thx.
J Serna (4 years ago)
I think we all know that one cutscene we're all looking for
Kenia Muñoz (2 months ago)
I dont
RedSlug (5 months ago)
yeah m8 the when where jason kills the ink monster.
mad doctor17 (6 months ago)
J Serna lmao!
Elise De La Serre (4 years ago)
Zacor (4 years ago)
This game is crazy,fun,and boner growing
MrDavid8439 (4 years ago)
citras got big tits (id like to do her)
PrincessDiva4587 (4 years ago)
Ask a Physicist (4 years ago)
Yeah, I think you should. Why don't you just skip to the end of the video and see what that's like
Polka Soppa (4 years ago)
Liam Lightfoot (4 years ago)
So phyco
Septiyas Alfianto (5 years ago)
berhenti! senapan ke bawah berikan saya herbal That all is in Bahasa, Indonesian Language even Citra is Indonesian name anyway put your heart on Indonesian and proud that shown up on this game. Excellent!!!
Shamil Ameer (7 months ago)
Septiyas Alfianto done claim
Christian Umboh (1 year ago)
Septiyas Alfianto and also cinta untuk anak-anak kami And rakyat
Goodnight (5 years ago)
well he's a guy so... unless he was sterile you were talking about
Goodnight (5 years ago)
Adam Wiśniewski (5 years ago)
8:27 Sauron's Eye 0.o
Tristan New (5 years ago)
Citra: Our child will lead the rakyat Jason: (last words) Surprise Bitch I can't have kids.
MrAIMright (5 years ago)
I'm black,I live in Jackson,Ms and I am surrounded by my fair share of ratchets my friend. ;/
99thJediWarrior (5 years ago)
MrAIMright (5 years ago)
and they won't put sex scenes back in GTA. :/
MrAIMright (5 years ago)
sounds like black women!!!!!!! xD
Erik Ekblad (5 years ago)
Jag är också svensk
Mr. Schrader (5 years ago)
tack för att du svarade, som belöning prenumererar jag nu på din kanal.
99thJediWarrior (5 years ago)
Citra's a black widow to me. You kill the man you love, even after he kills his friends for you.
Mr. Schrader (5 years ago)
tjena svensk, visst är far cry 3 ett bra spel, jag är också svensk.
Luke Jakeway (5 years ago)
Please sub
BewareTheShinigami (5 years ago)
Who gives a shit? It's a game o3o
TheNightAssassinsDA (5 years ago)
I had sex before I got killed, (Will Smith: I ain't even mad)
DietCombOver (5 years ago)
Doesn't matter had sex
Dan Williams (5 years ago)
I have 2 accounts
Dan Williams (5 years ago)
I got top comment? Achievment gained
A Communist Squirrel (5 years ago)
A Communist Squirrel (5 years ago)

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