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The Day A High-Class PROSTITUTE Came To Church!!!

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Lust played an integral part in Kelly's upbringing. Pregnant at the age of 15, playful promiscuity soon graduated into full-blown prostitution. The young Cameroonian abandoned home to the brothels and bars of Lagos, becoming a high class call-girl. She had not seen her family in three years when a sudden, intense prompting pounded her conscience - 'Call your mum NOW!' Reunion with her estranged family and subsequent repentance of her past was NOTHING short of a miracle - a miracle that happened at The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations (SCOAN) after a pinpoint prophecy from T.B. Joshua. Here is her story...
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Text Comments (562)
Yung Loot (5 days ago)
She is so beautiful💙💙💙 and i love her personality😂😂💙
Joy Oriwo (12 days ago)
Glory be to God
Rosemary Simon (14 days ago)
Glory to God
dorcas Acquah (16 days ago)
I love the kelly lady thank God for her life
Oghene Ese (18 days ago)
You are a product of Grace
Jacob Makono (20 days ago)
..tears almost on my cheek!imagine how a devil can drive such a beautiful girl!thank you Jesus..Kelly serve God now!!
Hawa Ali (25 days ago)
Theresa Mabvuu (1 month ago)
Like u kelly ua such a good strong person . Th devil is a crazy liar
Princess Ebusetala (1 month ago)
God please come deliver me out of this life style I'm living now, I'm tired God help me Lord Jesus.
Caroline Chelangat (2 months ago)
Really God is great,his love is wonderful amen
Jesryl Austero (2 months ago)
Praise and thank You Lord Jesus Christ...
Christie Sheila Grant (2 months ago)
I bless God Almighty for this great testimony, I will love to visit SCOAN , BUT am trusting God for the way . Thanks to prophet T.B Joshua ...
Mirriam Mwelwa (2 months ago)
Shame on you Satan.. Glory be to the God of Prophet TB Joshua
Thandeka Daliel (2 months ago)
Kelly's such a joyful character.....you really couldnt be mad at her forever lol
Lwandle Mavolo (2 months ago)
God is Good
Christine Muthoki (2 months ago)
Thank you Jesus for the deliverance of her.am still waiting for my day of testimony.
Alma Daley (2 months ago)
I cannot stop shedding tears my burn within me just lessening to those testimonies,God is good all the time,hallelujah
Urmie Pinas (2 months ago)
That thing that satan used to ruined you is that same thing god used To lefft you up.thanks too the the man of god. You shall live longue man of god.
Sam Richo (3 months ago)
please pray for me to be realeased from porn masterbation and lust in jesus name amen.
elija mgburuma (2 months ago)
Sam Richo...haha me too bro...
Joy Sezy (3 months ago)
Glory be to god
Felistus Sakala (3 months ago)
GOD you are wonderful
Felistus Sakala (3 months ago)
More Businesses really 😂😂😂😂
Felistus Sakala (3 months ago)
GOD of TB Joshua arrested you Kelly Kelly Kelly
Felistus Sakala (3 months ago)
Felistus Sakala (3 months ago)
Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly I really love this girl
Chenwi Irene Lum (3 months ago)
Our God is a true God never will he abandoned us no matter what thank u Jesus for her delivence
Sally Arusei (3 months ago)
Glad to see your comments Moureen. I am also watching this touching testimony. Let's pray for Kenya to get such a ministry in Jesus Name.
Boris Kouakou (3 months ago)
Thanks to God
Nakintu ProxyDivine (4 months ago)
likunda1967 (4 months ago)
Ilike the girl very happy really all is new, if u want to remember the past, its upto u, the entire family loves her
Charity Nyamuromo (4 months ago)
She is so cute god is able
Christel Keeri (4 months ago)
I pray God u never go back to ur past life.where things seem hard,that's where God works. Thank God 4 TB Joshua.
Oduma Friday (4 months ago)
Kelly I like ur smiling
Sayly Ball (5 months ago)
this jus made me cry ..i love you so much lord father lord jesus for your amazing love amen!!!!
Sayly Ball (5 months ago)
thank you beautiful jesus!!! thank you my father in heaven,,,please help her and help us all ..i love u so much from houston texas
Poonam mukhya (5 months ago)
Thank you Emmanuel you're really man of god ..im so blessed ... its make me cry o....
Poonam mukhya (5 months ago)
Really our lord so grt.. thq jesus for save her life..
SO SO SO WONDERFUL! Praise the Lord, He loves even those who are running away from Him!
Akinmolusun Olumide (5 months ago)
Okojie Vincent (5 months ago)
I receive my own BLESSINGS in Jesus mighty name amen and amen
Faith Atim (5 months ago)
Glory be to Jesus
georgina Okojie (5 months ago)
Thank u lord for delivering her
Claudia Soare (6 months ago)
I WOULD have liked to see her more remorseful because her mom suffered a lot and she still doesn't realize
Karimoh Pleasure (6 months ago)
man of God is performing.
shiranee Fernando (6 months ago)
Kelly is a vibrant girl,sadly went in the wrong direction but God had a better plan for her... Hallelujah!!
Stephen Cash (6 months ago)
Yeah I loved Kelly The way she shared her testimony So good
Tshirundu khethani (6 months ago)
God is Good
Marsha Marsha (6 months ago)
Kelly's dad have a look a like Jamaica's Horace Burrell
Marsha Marsha (6 months ago)
Kelly i love you 👧 you brought 😂 to me you're full of so much energy glory be to God he's worthy to be praised
Nangula (7 months ago)
oh, and the way the evangelist highlight the video: High-Class, is there such as thing as high-class prostitutes?... Anyway, praise the Lord for her deliverance.
Super Guy (7 months ago)
Please help us in our financial situation
New Violah Mbatudde (7 months ago)
I pray that God does the same to my elder sister in jesus name Amen
Emily Aye Aye Khine (7 months ago)
Kelly is so Lovely with smiling in God's grace and mercy.
vincent august wenandu (7 months ago)
Praise the Lord, Heaven rejoice when one lost soul comes back. Vincent, from Papua New Guinea.
Marie Pierre (7 months ago)
the God we serve is real
When will you break your mental chains of religion and be free?
Emma forster (8 months ago)
so nice that they raised money for her to look after her children and her mother. I pray she can look after them and remain free
Cross Roses (8 months ago)
Prophet tb. Joshua the great messenger of Jesus Christ, praise the Lord, i m from north borneo
Esther Chesoro (8 months ago)
Are they advertising this morning water?
Walter Solomon (8 months ago)
What a great God we serve
elisa mphela (8 months ago)
Her energy 🤔God pls make sure she doesn’t go back to her business 🙏
Thequeen Tee (8 months ago)
God as you did it for this families so is myself and family free too forever 🙏🏾
Tatah Mero Wiykem Wiykem (8 months ago)
Thank you Jesus Christ for deliverance
Arhim Richard (8 months ago)
i have not seen my family for 16 years now I'm the last bone of my family please man of God i want to see my family this year with great achievement
Serah Momanyi (8 months ago)
Arhim Richard Please may God bless you in your endeavor to be united with your family, life is short. Good luck.
samuel dazy (8 months ago)
God is great
Dave West (8 months ago)
I will worship God , our Lord Jesus till i die.
Dave West (8 months ago)
Please dontTell me God is not real. God is the greatest!
Pamela Spicer (8 months ago)
T B Joshua...can you please take me under you wing to mold and shade me in to what God will have me to be.......i will come to you .....im poor and don't have the money to get to you...but i want desperately to live for God and for God to Work through me....i am dieing because u am a dead chuch.....God said these work I do you shall do alsoand greater works then these.....i want to be like Jesus....wil you please take me under you wings so i can learn so i can let God Work through me.....im dieimg im drinking because thete are so mean fault teaching ...please seek God on my behalf...and if He asks you to take me under your wings...please hurry....i am here to do Work for the kindom......i love God and i want to be like JESUS...help me please asap.....please...time is wringimg up....i want God to use me foe His living Word...Help me teaxh me Pastor T B Joshua in Jesus name amen...my phone number is 7709050361...text me to know its you...im only living to fulfill God's Word...help me ask God did He send me dor you to teach...i love God and i only want to be used by Him.....please help me...i am dieing.....i love God...i have got to be busy for God or i will die of depresssion...im not lieing...please help me man of God TB Joshua
Imafidon Olaye (8 months ago)
Awesome God
Suresh Ranapheli (8 months ago)
God love evryone
Bryan Verveer (8 months ago)
Amen I like she
Special Edition (8 months ago)
Amen 🙏
Rhema Ita-Toyo (8 months ago)
I was here when this happened God is good
soccer6394 (8 months ago)
emmanuel you will know me one day
soccer6394 (8 months ago)
i have a job for the ones who don't believe in god and the ones who are troubled by evil
Ifeanyi Ukawuba (8 months ago)
Thank you Jesus Christ
Lisa Gwoleh (9 months ago)
lischen tjaveondja (9 months ago)
Luke 15, The Prodigal girl went back home with her parents
lischen tjaveondja (9 months ago)
Kelly is confidence about her deliverance. She is really a good girl who was just possessed. God is good. Kelly is a never mind girl, innocent in her spirit. She was not herself by the way
Cyprain Nweke (10 months ago)
Young mummy 😍
Ginger Boudreaux (10 months ago)
Why is Someone in the background telling that Girl in black what to say?? NOW I know this is fake. Cause how are You gonna tell Someone Their life story??
Zarmi Broslin (10 months ago)
The Lord is great. He indeed deserve our praises
Ayeni Rashida (6 months ago)
Man of God,all the glory and honour
Annalyn Alabata (10 months ago)
She is so beautiful....Thanks God for saving her. Shame on you SATAN trying to destroy our sister......
monica george (10 months ago)
God deliver my young sister too. 😭
Caroline Mvundla (10 months ago)
Thank yu JESUS save me as you deliver m sister.
Jainaba Njie (11 months ago)
I am so happy for her and her family. I wish I will be delivered by Tb Joshua, I am a Gambian and I don't know how to reach him because of finance
GADO ISSAKA (11 months ago)
M'y dream is to be like the man of God for m'y génération
ndana mudini (11 months ago)
Our God knows no boundaries
Previous Ndlovu (1 year ago)
Wow glory to God what a salvation in our sister 's life glory
Marvel Kargbo (1 year ago)
Amen in jesus christ name
Nantume Annet (1 year ago)
Thank you Jesus for delivering our sisters through prophet Tb Joshua
Robert Kevin (1 year ago)
I believed God will raise lot of TB JOSHUA around the world...the kingdom of darkness will be trampled and defeat because the kingdom of God is influence the earth with gospel of Lord Jesus Christ.... I am standing with you in pray God blessed.. Robert Kevin..PNG..
Missy Ancele (1 year ago)
Did the mother introduce the father as her one and only brother? I'm confused.
Prad Bit (1 year ago)
I see right through this man..."pastor" TB Joshua you are lead by satan himself and I will oray for you tonight. Ive been in the MUSIC INDUSTRY A LONG TIME....I KNOW ABOUT PROMOTION TACTICS AND ALL!!! You use edited clip cuts, repeated/edited sound bites, fake acting, deeply studying American produced youtube videos and titles to copy from, PAID FOR YOUTUBE VIEWS, paid researchers to learn about occultism,sickness ANYTHING to use as SKITS. the strong holds of living in that part of the earth and using the WEAK minds, POVERTY STRICKEN and sicknesses against those POOR people who truly believe you....ITS SICK MAN.....I tell you God has granted me Discernment and I know in my heart you are led by the devil himself and you KNOW IT! What is a man to profit if he gains the world but looses his soul! Even worse all the comments about people not believing this and turning them away from TRUE Christianity!! We will ALL stand in front of the TRUE LIVING GOD and be judged INDIVIDUALLY! GET THIS COMMENT TO THE TOP SO THESE PEOPLE CAN SEE THE LIE AND HAVE A CHANCE! I PRAY FOR YOU TB JOSHUA!! TELL TELL THE TRUTH BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!!
Gladisse Silva (1 year ago)
She is very pretty
Graciela coronel (1 year ago)
It obvious, everything is fake! The Joshua is doing for money. Watch 👆
Mazolo taddy major (1 year ago)
wowww ,i can't stop to thanks this God of mighty ..Lord Jesus Christ please keep this humble instrument you are using our Daddy " TB Joshua " for many years ...and more favor and Grace in Jesus Christ name ...
hersheythebody (1 year ago)
God is so awesome
asoh vincent (1 year ago)
denise hampton (1 year ago)
That bless me Amen!

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