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|MAYBE SPOILERS| What happens when you visit Dutch’s bunker and Joseph’s Church after the “good”end

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This video is going to show you what Dutches Bunker and Joseph Seeds Compound looks like after the nuke ending in Farcry 5!
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minutemuse (3 months ago)
"You have *defeated* the FATHER and *liberated* all of Hope County." Did we really, game? Did we really?
Gamersick Dk (1 day ago)
I don't get why everybody thinks that Joseph is some holy man just because he saw the collapse coming if you listen to the news on the radio it pretty much makes sense
Legologan 08 d de
Matthew Mickles (7 days ago)
Well Joseph does disappear from the truck only to come pull you out of the truck all cool & collected. The flag had been changed to eden's gate & few other things. Then you go back dutch is fine the flags normal. So Joseph is not dead he just escaped again leaving you in the bunker to wake up out of your bliss filled high.
Michael scalia (9 days ago)
It could of had a better ending like if you had 2 choices to rather join the cult or save your freinds just like in farcry 3 where you rather save your freinds or join citra
Einar Figueras (20 days ago)
koolerpure the Russian nuked America in game
Alien00000origin (2 hours ago)
I have to start out by saying I'm actually sorry for generalizing this bad... ...but is it an American thing to whine every time something doesn't go your way? Or is it just a general consensus by now, and the American gaming population just is the loudest one? Every time there is a game (or a movie or a play or...) where you can't get a pitch perfect ending, there is a bunch of American players whining about how the ending sucks and they wasted their time. If I knew from the get go, that every game you play always will have a happy ending waiting at the end, I wouldn't honestly bother top play them. Why the hell the same people, who can't bare even one bad ending to a game, are at the same time whining, that writing of game stories is lazy? Of course it is! It's your own damn fault, if you go into some depression rage every time a game doesn't reward you with all the joy you want from it, just because you wasted time to play it. The irony of it? People raging, that endings have to be happy for them to be happy, would get their happy ending by just standing still for a moment before killing even starts, but they're too busy jumping to the part to shoot innocent, Bliss intoxicated civilians. You know, because that's what being a hero is all about. :)
Jeremiah Freeman (2 hours ago)
The nuke ending was just a delusion. It never really happened
Dashock Pixle (1 day ago)
Imore reason to believe it's just a Bliss hallucination
YeetIveMcFallend (1 day ago)
What it didn’t let me do the walk away I had to do the nuke Well it let me do it but the quest wouldn’t go away after so I just did both
Billy Chams (3 days ago)
A video which isn’t sponsored by skillshare
The Roy4lty (3 days ago)
Billy Chams thank you means a lot!! :)
Billy Chams (3 days ago)
The Roy4lty bro you will get huge one day
The Roy4lty (3 days ago)
Billy Chams really damn people must be desperate for the moneys. As you can see none of my videos are monitised as I’m not a good enough YouTuber :(
Billy Chams (3 days ago)
The Roy4lty I know I just watched a fuckton of skillshare sponsored videos
The Roy4lty (3 days ago)
Billy Chams not sponsored at all buddy :)
Sam m. (3 days ago)
Those damn dogs right lmao
The Roy4lty (3 days ago)
Sam m. Yeah man pissed me off lmao
Edison Sahputra (6 days ago)
I have a question where the father if he did not die ?
B Shepard (6 days ago)
The news reports also said Moscow was bombed. Who bombed them?
Richie Beck (7 days ago)
If Far Cry 5 was a film, the nuke ending would have been more enjoyable and maybe even compelling, but because this is a game I wanted to replay, the ending ruined the enjoyment of replaying the sandbox. It honestly felt pointless. Why bother saving anyone or anything? Why bother getting to know the rather well written side stories? Who cares about liberating remaining outposts when they're going to be reduced to a pile of burnt apples and despair? Mind you, I have nothing against endings that rip the rug out from under me. In Far Cry 4, we learn that both Amita and Sabal are both different shades of evil. Amita goes for a totalitarian drug state with a dose of child labor; Sabal brings a theocracy dosed with fanaticism with a side salad of child marriage. We could argue about whether or not Pagan Min was a true villain, or whether he was driven to evil by events earlier in his reign. Far Cry 4 did a damned good job, in my opinion, with exploring the potential for good and bad in everyone, and how power can corrupt. Playing the sandbox post game felt good regardless of the endings and who you sided with; the other missions and stories felt like unfinished but worthwhile business that went towards a greater good. Exploring and collecting was also a lot of fun as it opened up Kyrat and made it feel like an actual place with interesting history and culture. True, the fact that Pagan Min gives you Kyrat, if you spare him, doesn't really mean anything; the Royal Guard are still on your ass, and the game world doesn't react to you now being anything other than Ajay the Golden Path member. There are still people to rescue. But that wasn't immersion breaking. This bullshit? This Everybody Dies bullshit? No. Boomer's dead; Mary Mae's dead; Pastor Jerome's dead; that random guy you hired to help you save a woman who was trying to fish is dead; the woman you fished with is dead; all of the fish are dead. Going back into Hope County, knowing what's going to happen or did happen, feels meaningless for me. And spare me the 'well the game reminds us that we will all die someday' argument I've heard. I don't play such games to be reminded about inevitable horror. I've also read of the ending being a possible drug trip, and while that's cute, it's not realistic. Ubisoft loves a good drug trip in the Far Cry series, but we're usually aware of it being exactly what it is. Meh. Beautiful game, great side stories, good content to collect, and solid gameplay. But everything involving the Seedlings and Eden's Gate is rubbish.
The Roy4lty (7 days ago)
Richie Beck. Hello Richie! Thanks for this amazing comment that I enjoyed reading. I agree completely with what you have written as Farcry 5 has an awful ending that should’ve been changed near launch or at least the developers should’ve delayed the game so they could develop the ending even further. The game in itself is to short for my liking and is generally the same thing over and over again as in each region you do missions to level up resistance which ends up in you killing a member of the seed family. Although I liked the map and how big it was. There were many aspects of the game that I enjoyed for example the scenery was beautiful but other aspects I hated. For example, hunting was utterly pointless! Yeah you could sell the hides for money but I hardly used money anyway as I used one gun throughout the whole game which was the R4-C (that’s why in the video I was using shit weapons and also why I got hate on the video, oh well). Hunting I thought was a big aspect of the Farcry series but in this game, hunting is shit on. I preferred it when you could use the hides to increase the amount of ammo you could have or increase the amount of bait or grenades you could throw. Things like that should be kept in the game as they made the past games amazing and made people enjoy it more! Would love to hear what you think! :)
Richie Beck (7 days ago)
That all being said, though, I do respect that a lot of people did enjoy the endings and have no issues with replaying the game post ending. I'll stick with Far Cry 4, though. Hell, even Far Cry 3's bad ending, you know which one I mean, was a little easier to digest.
ironmike955 (10 days ago)
This is why you use the Ak..
The Roy4lty (10 days ago)
ironmike955 I agree. I was using these weapons as for the whole game I had been using the R4-C so I wanted to spice it up a bit which evidently I chose the worst weapons lol
Jesse Casey (10 days ago)
wait there's a nuke endong? this game even has multiple endings? wow. I must be retarded
GG (10 days ago)
So its lame?
Zach Tracy (10 days ago)
I just tell myself the entire nuke ending is just from the bliss BC the father can control what you see so he uses that to get away and the nukes never hit, I just tell myself that to make the ending a little more tolerable
GTFORDMAN (12 days ago)
maby the Nuke ending was a hallucination theory was indeed true!
Saurfang (12 days ago)
Next game, FarCry Fallout
Templar Nox (15 days ago)
There was a nuclear war in the end. Clearly outside news sources state multiple times about the unease that was occuring and the bomb that went off in Moscow. It happened it wasn't seed that caused the nukes and it isn't a bliss dream, not everything in life has a happy ending despite the right actions people make. Inb4 seed controls the radio stations, clearly these came from outside radio sources and not from hope county.
Scruffy656 (18 days ago)
Mention of nukes and "Kids break your heart" (Deputy is a child of the Father in nuke ending!!) "Evil in the garden" (a Biblical reference to Adam and Eve). Dutch, what?! Does he predict the ending?
ShadowSlayerX87 (19 days ago)
I Think the nuke ending was a bliss hallucination
Hmmm hmmm (21 days ago)
Bro the nuke ending is the bad ending
XoRandomGuyoX (7 days ago)
Considering that in the other ending you kill your friends due to Jacob's conditioning song playing on the radio, the nuke ending is just 'an ending among endings'.
D. Pedro II (13 days ago)
there's no good ending
Ruuod (21 days ago)
peggies are at josephs church before the ending too
I'm a bitch! (24 days ago)
I already know this, that's the first thing i do after clear on the good ending, visit Dutch's bunker...
D. Pedro II (13 days ago)
there's no good ending
2bad 4you (24 days ago)
Its not called dutch its Walter White for fuck sake
2bad 4you (24 days ago)
The Roy4lty Welp you're welcome
The Roy4lty (24 days ago)
2bad 4you no joke you just made my night XD :)
2bad 4you (24 days ago)
The Roy4lty XD
The Roy4lty (24 days ago)
2bad 4you Love it!!!!!
The Drunken Clam (26 days ago)
**SPOILER** With the nuke ending, if you're locked in the bunker with the father, how is it that suddenly you can progress in the game and he's "dead/defeated"? Isn't this kind of dumb?
Tae Asling (29 days ago)
Guys it’s all fake Joseph ran away when he knocked over the two bliss barrels and got u guys drugged the nukes never happened
CMANIAC1 (29 days ago)
So...nothing happens....cool..
Jack *Will* Kill You (1 month ago)
Far cry 6: Fallout
Jack *Will* Kill You (1 month ago)
I did’t see Dutch when I visit the bunker
Snowleopard 1256 (1 month ago)
So you can continue after you beat the game?
The Roy4lty (1 month ago)
Snowleopard 1256 thanks pal means a lot :)
Snowleopard 1256 (1 month ago)
The Roy4lty yea sure no problem
The Roy4lty (1 month ago)
Snowleopard 1256 made a vid on that if you would kindly check that out :)
Snowleopard 1256 (1 month ago)
Oh ok can u use the guns for hire after?
The Roy4lty (1 month ago)
Snowleopard 1256 yes
Nazhari Fhairan (1 month ago)
So i think after the good and the bad endings you can still play the game and roaming around and the endings doesn’t affect the gameplay?? Maybe a little?? Or am i wrong??
The Roy4lty (1 month ago)
Nazhari Fhairan no worries buddy. You can still free roam and do side quests after main games finished. If you have any questions just commment in recent videos or this! :)
Nazhari Fhairan (1 month ago)
The Roy4lty wow that’s great, i mean i already killed all of the three Seeds family and at last Joseph want me, so i just chill and keep myself from the last mission for a pretty long time and doing side missions because i heard you can’t play the game anymore no matter if it’s good or bad ending, but now i got the answers so i’ll try to do the last mission, anyway thanks a lot
The Roy4lty (1 month ago)
Nazhari Fhairan no your 100% right pal
The Random Guy (1 month ago)
If you know what happens It's all a hallucination so he can escape but you end up killing him before he can get anywhere. Because when he knocked over the bliss barrel's it affected everyone except him and once he dies you drive to the bunker and the tree knocks you out. Dutch can only save you because the others died and because you're still hallucinating it seems like the father grabs you. Don't try and argue until you prove me wrong
Christopher Pierre (1 month ago)
Christopher Pierre (1 month ago)
The Roy4lty at least do a warning shot but I understand.
The Roy4lty (1 month ago)
Christopher Pierre hey man it was attacking me alright I wouldn’t do it normally lol
Colin forever (1 month ago)
Only you.....
anthony000izt (1 month ago)
there was no good ending. you get fucked either way
Guitar LBE (1 month ago)
the ending of this game made me to scratch my head like the season LOST ending
The Roy4lty (1 month ago)
Guitar LBE haha I don’t get it but the comment made me laugh lol
Robert Linton (1 month ago)
Your weapons suck get some new ones
The Roy4lty (1 month ago)
Robert Linton I. Was trying out some new weapons as throughout the whole game I used 1 gun and nothing else :)
NMC2006 (1 month ago)
Seeing people in the comments having any sympathy for Faith because he has a pussy is beyond retarded, buncha captain save a hoes here, Jesus. Oh she's innocent though, WHAT?!
XoRandomGuyoX (7 days ago)
While there is no sympathy for her, the background for 'Faith' is fairly messed up though. She's not even a real part of the Seed family. They conduct tests to turn Angels into a Siren, called Faith. Those that fail are disposed of, and you can find info on them throughout the Henbane River territory. Some literally have their skin boiled off by a geothermal heated river found in an underground cave. The Faith seen in the game is just some drug addled nobody that managed the transformation successfully. Prior to that she was probably just Angel #234.
Kody Nowicki (1 month ago)
My guess is there is going to be a DLC
Adam Coelho (1 month ago)
Looks like he’s been in the bunker the whole time so he doesn’t know John,Jacob,faith and Joseph are dead
Why you should use good guns
Did I beat the game or did the game beat me?
The Roy4lty (1 month ago)
Have to wait 90 days to change my name. - thanks pal! I try to do what’s best for the viewers. How long it take you to come up with that name?
The Roy4lty thanks mate. Put a lot of effort into it. Like your channel!
The Roy4lty (1 month ago)
Have to wait 90 days to change my name. - can I just say that your name is awesome! And yes the game beat us....
xxsnpiedvv snip (1 month ago)
In terms of takedowns kills and weapons this far cry really sucks....im going back to 3 & 4 my favorites..
crazygecko963 (1 month ago)
How did you get the “you defeated the father” thing?
The Roy4lty (1 month ago)
crazygecko963 ?????
Joseph Hock (1 month ago)
Possibly one of the most wasted opportunities for a story with great game dynamic such as this one. Why would you leave the Joseph alive in both endings and make it so the Deputy loses??? Whoever thought to make the endgame like this is a complete total fucktard.
idkrdb (1 month ago)
I think that all the stuff with the nuke was all in the bliss or some shit like that. It sorta makes sense. We get to play all of hope county but there’s no sign of the father so I think that you killed him during the big fight thing but everything after was all just a massive trip or some shit
SuperCoolGamer8 (1 month ago)
What if the Nuke ending was just a BLISS allusion
BEST ANIME EVER (1 month ago)
What good ending?
The Roy4lty (1 month ago)
dead meme (1 month ago)
The nukes where not bliss
professorchaosX94 (1 month ago)
The ending was shit. No way to win. There should always be a prize at the end of a game. Not this crap. Other than the ending the game is great.
Good Boy (1 month ago)
professorchaosX94 ikr why didn't the you get to stay the dragon and save the princess this game is so stupid and gay
dead meme (1 month ago)
professorchaosX94 “There should always be a prize at the end of a game” well I take it you really like simple stories
The Roy4lty (1 month ago)
Devon Bradford I actually love that
D.T. BRADFORD (1 month ago)
professorchaosX94 I thought of a stupider ending everything was a new police training simulation for hope county deputies.
The Roy4lty (1 month ago)
professorchaosX94 I completely feel you man :)
The Popcorn Avenger (1 month ago)
Fun fact if you listen a radio sometimes you can hear the news man talk about nuculer relationship with North korea
TrueBlue137 (1 month ago)
I was honestly disappointed with how the transaction turned out. I imagined that Dutch would actually be dead and the flag would've been the Eden's Gate American flag. Of course, I do see why the map wasn't changed in the end to it being a wasteland as if you're someone who visited Hope County a few years later after the radiation stopped, with the trees being ash or ashy looking. Back on topic, they did this so it'd be as if nothing changed and you have a sandbox for yourself and for side missions. Still disappointed they didn't make it this way, they could've had an alternative way around it though, such as "'good' ending world" for it to be a wasteland for a continuation, and a "sandbox world" where it is as it is now. Just a suggestion for them, though they won't ever see this. Lol
The Roy4lty (1 month ago)
TrueBlue137 lol yeah but it’s a good idea pal. There could’ve been a tab on the main menu saying like wasteland or something like that
Biswajit Guha (1 month ago)
Breaking your heart? Jess is a good kid
Valorene (1 month ago)
"The world is a diagonal, I am the balancing point." Vassssssss~?
Ehunkel (1 month ago)
Console aiming hurts my brain...
The Roy4lty (1 month ago)
Ehunkel I’m used to it now. Would get a pc but there very expensive
E L (1 month ago)
hardcore clickbait kys
The Roy4lty (1 month ago)
E L bro not trying to do that many people in the comments thought that this was spoilers and I put spoilers in the title just in case. Not trying to be a channel of clickbait I hate those types of channels
E L (1 month ago)
If you're looking at gaining subscribers, I'd refrain from things like |HUGE SPOILERS| when your video revealed absolutely nothing at all. Upon further inspection, the only two videos above 1,000 views on your channel have ridiculous header text much like this one. Your video revealed that, of course, the devs chose to reveal nothing about the fate of the characters. What Dutch says, if you paid any attention at all, he says at the start of the game. Look I'm sure you enjoyed the game a lot like I did. But if you have to gain views in cheap ways you aren't going to make it very far. My two cents.
The Roy4lty (1 month ago)
E L it’s not really is it. The video does what the title says. What happens when you visit them places and I visit them.
prostreet bullet (1 month ago)
5:12 why does that guy sound like Raymond Kenney from watch dogs? Is it the same voice actor?
tigertom58 (1 month ago)
Sacrifice the weak!!!
Julian Antuna (1 month ago)
I did the second walk away ending but when I press continue it spawns me right before the ending
JFJ (2 months ago)
The ending was a bliss and Joseph actually escaped that’s the only believable explanation Every one was drugged and even if you choose to turn around and leave he still controls you with the song so you can’t actually believe anything you see in the ending for me it was all a bliss thing and he run away
Anukii (2 months ago)
I use this place now to farm peggies for challenges because they now seem to be so rare and it makes completing challenges difficult.
The Roy4lty (2 months ago)
Anukii great thinking!!
Florian H. Wave (2 months ago)
4:30 That's the classic American flag! In the ending cutscene Joseph replaced it with a cult flag! Something's not right here...
Devin Smith (2 months ago)
Secret Prepper stashes
Devin Smith (2 months ago)
The beginning with dutch is exactly the same as the ending with The padre
Devin Smith (2 months ago)
Roy 4 Italy
jasmine Torres (2 months ago)
I have more subscribers 😭😭😭😭😂
jasmine Torres (2 months ago)
The Roy4lty lol
The Roy4lty (2 months ago)
jasmine Torres with no videos?!?!! 😂😂
ReeLoy Kenjins (2 months ago)
Why does everyone call the nuke ending the good one?
Elijah Alcoba (2 months ago)
If you visit the jacob’s mansion when you go near it only you will play and you pass out
Cryoid GamingTW07 (2 months ago)
Wait now thinking of this does the world still have a Nuclear Warfare after you click walk away when the father gave you that chance.
Carl Hamilton (2 months ago)
This was a waste of time, congratulations after you finish the game you go back to the state of right before finishing the game.
a regular viewer (2 months ago)
you mean the BAD ending ?
CarpRunner (2 months ago)
That nuke ending was awesome, but I wish at least one of the endings involved me blasting Joseph's head away with a shotgun.
Dude Cole (2 months ago)
How the fuck do you not have rifle ammo?
okaysoph (2 months ago)
he says the nuke thing before all of this. i wish he would've said something else
The Roy4lty (2 months ago)
okaysoph me too!!
Dion (2 months ago)
Far Cry 5 could have added a text after the credits when you go into the world again saying “Sometime earlier...” like it did in Watch Dogs 2. P.S. I loved the ending.
Heck (2 months ago)
Soooooooooooooo... nothing ineteresting?
Tushar Markam (2 months ago)
So nukes really did happen, it was no hallucination.
ALEx Lordul Cartof (2 months ago)
i swear to god,after you finish fc5,and after a couple o'days without it you hear the word "Peggie" you get the gaming equivalent of vietnam flashbacks
JuggyBohab (2 months ago)
so....nothing....end result is there's no difference
PatoLoco (2 months ago)
Something weird happened to me, after doing the nuke ending I went to the Father’s compound and after some minutes I heard the “Help me Faith” soundtrack in Piano for some seconds
NLrenzo (2 months ago)
Let’s just say the nuke ending was the real ending but the nuke was fake bc of the 2 bliss barrels he tipped over so we just arrested the father after the boss battle and everything went back to normal !!
Ibrahim Adam (2 months ago)
First,i love this game.But after i defeated john seed.I get bored on the main quest,Cuz the quest is just too simple,The Boss fight is boring and not exciting,and the worst scene is when the ending. I think the bad ending is better then good ending it's self.because the good ending is does not make sense,and we tired to destroying father group and kill all of his lieutnant,but in the ending we must help father to make his new cultist group.Fuck man,So i think Far Cry 5 is the worse of all Far Cry series (except the far cry 1,i havent play far cry 1.And far cry blood dragon)
Master Dan (2 months ago)
After the game ends you die (presumably) but after the end you go back to before you and the father died as if it never happend
stuckerfan 256 (2 months ago)
I have a theory I think what the game is trying to say that the world is ending not in the game but the real world and the developers created this game to try and warn the people that our world is ending and I think the nuke ending is what they think how our world will end being nuked
Mx. Insane Writer (2 months ago)
I now doing the ending where i walk away (since i did the nuke ending) i remembered about nick ryes baby so I CANT BLOW IT UP IF THERES A BABY, THATS SO SAD 😢😭
Paweł J (2 months ago)
I have better thing: If you talk yo Pratt after saving him from Jacob he would say WHAT IF WE DIED IN THE CRASH (heli from the start of game) AND NOW WE ARE IN PURGATORY?
Canlex Gaming (2 months ago)
These comments are retarded. “Is everything rly stil intaked? Ther wer like 7nookes. (Sry for bad english I 12)” The last mission never happens in the given sandbox after completing the game no matter what ending
Sterling Ca (2 months ago)
Huge spoilers my ass
Say my Name (2 months ago)
4:46 i swear i almost threw my Phone
The Roy4lty (2 months ago)
Say my Name .😂 scared me too!
Dawn Griffin-law (2 months ago)
Lol 😂😂😂
Robert Blakely (2 months ago)
So, nothing that was worth taking note of or making a video about happened and I've wasted 6 minutes. Nice.
Jon K. (2 months ago)
Can anyone tell me what are the parameters for activating the 3 different endings without spoiling it? Maybe not go into extreme detail....? I’m restraining myself from watching YouTube vids about the ending(s). Only watched 5sec of this one. Thx!
The Roy4lty (2 months ago)
Jon K. Will check now
Jon K. (2 months ago)
The Roy4lty did mine go through?
Jon K. (2 months ago)
The Roy4lty sent u one
Jon K. (2 months ago)
The Roy4lty ok, 1sec
The Roy4lty (2 months ago)
Jon K. Bro tried adding you but it won’t let me due to your settings
Tomis092 (2 months ago)
What a waste of time. Nothing happened in this video to warrant it being as long as it was, and the hell of it is that it isn't even that long of a video! But it was so pointless that I will remember how you wasted my time on my death bed; thank you.
The Roy4lty (2 months ago)
Tomis092 No worries buddy!
jonny lomj (2 months ago)
I wonder if fc3 and fc5 are connected in any way
Dylan Espeseth (2 months ago)
I did like the ending but it would be GREAT if it ended in a way that playing the rest of the game....you actually won and you rE cleaning up the rest of the mess. And the 'good' ending is bad because the assumption is the song turns you all Batshit and you kill all your friends. Or at least don't simply imply it. Let it play out. AGGGHHHHH
Owain Snydainer (2 months ago)
My nigga's half retarded
NamelessDreadx37x (2 months ago)
What's the huge spoiler?
simbionte de la luz (2 months ago)
Nothing happens
SIR EMERALD (2 months ago)
*whispering* You think we should tell him that the ending doesn't effect the world or the character and everything goes back to how it was before you do any of the endings?
Emil Madsen (2 months ago)
Where is the ending were you team up with Rex Power Colt? :)
Logan Harris (2 months ago)
How cool would it be to be able to explore the nuked map

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