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CHEAPEST MOM EVER! Some people are cheapskates, some go dumpster diving- even I can be cheap. Is your mom (or you) a penny pincher? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! PRANKS GONE TOO FAR https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_H-tIVP-44A Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack!
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Text Comments (34035)
SSSniperWolf (9 months ago)
Crystal Marie (5 days ago)
SSSniperWolf HELL NOOO!!!!
Sherrod Williams (8 days ago)
Are you dating someone
kate marinucci (19 days ago)
Omg girl I love your hair
Zak Edgar (23 days ago)
Kammyiag Grant (25 days ago)
500th comment and in Canada thanksgiving in October 8
Henrygaming PH (41 minutes ago)
Ewww other families do not tissue their spoon n fork and i live in Philippines
Ali Holden (1 hour ago)
Omg I love your hair and this was soooooo funnnnyyyyyyy 😂 me and my sister were dying 😂
Sasha Strange (3 hours ago)
This is SOOO gross...
The Clickbaiter (4 hours ago)
I aint cheap I'm rich
Itryhard06 (5 hours ago)
The Stephanie way Is the cheaper way
cloud beats23 (6 hours ago)
What kind.of accent does she have?
Axel Hinderks (8 hours ago)
This is jack 👨 👕 👖 👞 One like = how old he is lol
K N L (8 hours ago)
pls be careful with that knife pls
Josue Deloera (9 hours ago)
Jesus Christ cooking lasagna in a dishwasher is ridiculous. The Stefany way is the idiot way. I feel real bad for the boyfriend. I’d really just stand up for myself if i was him
Ariana Schaeffer (10 hours ago)
My school my lunch is wayyyyy better tb a this!
Majestic Mittens (10 hours ago)
I take like 15 minutes showers and like 2 gallons of water per bath
Melanie Pacheco (11 hours ago)
My mom buys me anything but i don't ask for anything but my mom gets me expensive stuff and act like im happy but im not i don't want to waste her money 😖😖
kaz (12 hours ago)
is it S-S-sniper wolf or ss-sniper wolf
David Hitchings (12 hours ago)
I am not cheap you are cheap boy
Slurpp It (13 hours ago)
This is what we call... I will do anything for my wife..
Fistey The animal (13 hours ago)
I always take a 1 min shower. I chose that cause I don’t like showrs
DayDay dawson (13 hours ago)
hell naw i am not livin like that
Saul Walker (14 hours ago)
I think she.out her mind I feel sorry for the man
The not so lonely flower (15 hours ago)
That dam chunky water almost made me puke like WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SHEET I WAS EATING LIKE DAM LADY YOU HAVE A PROBLEMO
Neža Abram (17 hours ago)
I love ur vids
Mirvete Ibishi (18 hours ago)
"The hole point of making money is so you don't have to live like this , this is a mental illness." NEVER BEEN MORE RELATABLE GIIIIIIIRL.
T Enterprises (18 hours ago)
I FEEL SO FREAKING BAD THAT POORAN MIGHT AS WELL GET A JOB TAKE THE KIDS AND MOVE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!×10000000000000
Cardboard Stupidity (18 hours ago)
Once I was in the shop and a guy just tare off the thing off the banana and the cashier added that
Hailey L (19 hours ago)
That poor man 1like=1 more non cheap stephine
Mammy Beatty (20 hours ago)
My name is Sarah
Suzy Phom (21 hours ago)
She’s found the cure for the rarest disease! It’s growing in those jars... Omg. Brewing bacteria and fungus! This woman... smh...
Stupid women LET THE MAN BEEE
My mom buys me whatever I want
Harry John (1 day ago)
Sssniper wolf Ur fit
sH0CkZz Nellu (1 day ago)
I am so sorry for that man he lives so dirty
aalecea cagle (1 day ago)
She cooked her food in the dishwasher the dishwasher is supposed to clean your dishes your oven Cooks your food so you going to tell me she going to cook her food in the dishwasher and wash her dishes in the oven
Marwan Ahmed Tamer (1 day ago)
This mum is so stupid
Paolo Productions (1 day ago)
Homeless > Stephanie's Way
Brad grima (1 day ago)
Helll noo
THE BOSS (1 day ago)
Wolf you make all your videos funny
THE BOSS (1 day ago)
This is so freaking funny SSsniperwolf:B***h spend yo moola Mama:helll na
Minty Pigeon (1 day ago)
Wow nasty
Edwin Vidrio (1 day ago)
Sniper wolf remind me of Brite Bomber from fortnite lmfao
All those pusheens in the background.
midnight wolf (1 day ago)
She is soooooooo nasssssty💩💩💩
Nathan Boone (1 day ago)
L o L
Crystal Shadow (1 day ago)
Heather Atkins (1 day ago)
Watching this woman's insanity is actually stressing me out. My anxiety has skyrocketed. Wtf.... x__x
Pkthemadgamer 0902 (1 day ago)
00:57 thicccccccc
Heather McWee (1 day ago)
I used to do that in my showers because we had a water issue we only did it for three days
the cheap as homeless
GBS. Jeison (1 day ago)
I take showers for 15m
I would he put more soap with that lasagna
Angelina N (1 day ago)
And I thought my mom was cheap
Tootslover (1 day ago)
how can she afford tattoos and nails if she can’t afford to have more then 2 minute showers
Sophia Stine (1 day ago)
Doctor Phil? Where you at????
stacy flashey (1 day ago)
I ain’t cheap I living large
KingTv :D (1 day ago)
this is freakin sad
Lucid Taehyung (1 day ago)
me: MOOOM mom: whud me: can i bring kevin with me when school‘s over? mom: yeah but tell him to bring his own light bulb I AINT PAYIN FOR NOTHIN
Kai Stafford (1 day ago)
God bless the man
Hasin Mysha (1 day ago)
I like ur hair
Lorie Stevens (1 day ago)
I’m not cheap I do Go Karting that’s $3000 for one
JJ- Family (2 days ago)
Kevin Lucas (2 days ago)
Aye on god she ugly as Mr krabs he fat as Patrick
KC Foo (2 days ago)
Bruv just pay for electricity it's important
Tug Tin (2 days ago)
Bruh she saves 60$ a month, me and my brother get more in allowance 😂😂
Leanna Dawn (2 days ago)
That Stephanie is just selfish. The lightbulb and the banana peel... Ugh.
Journey Hammonds (2 days ago)
Omg lol XD😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
Gacha Cooki (2 days ago)
I'm punching these cheap people just BUy StUfF >:I
Ivwanna Pea (2 days ago)
10:32 anyone else notice the baby shake their head no to her question 😆
junebug savage (2 days ago)
.my sister is a big fan
junebug savage (2 days ago)
Jennifer Rodriguez (2 days ago)
fliper 790 (2 days ago)
My mom has the same hair style!! And color!
jay neyra (2 days ago)
I’m a girl
jay neyra (2 days ago)
I’m not that cheap
warking 101 (2 days ago)
My brain hurts after watching this
The Outdoorsmen (2 days ago)
This is descusting
john close (2 days ago)
No I'm not cheap
Judith Soto (2 days ago)
ssssniperwolf why did she cook the spaghetti on the stove? lol
Arianne Cruz (2 days ago)
I say just plant her plants
Joshua Andrews (3 days ago)
Hell no
Bryan Ovalasiti (3 days ago)
And she saves a whopping $4.00 a month on water!!!!
Bryan Ovalasiti (3 days ago)
I'm just gonna pour this prego in my purse because I'm not paying for the jar!
Bryan Ovalasiti (3 days ago)
He has to turn the tv off during commercials? Wow
Alexandru Stefan (3 days ago)
Hi SSSniperWolf Today is my birthday can you plzz replies with Happy Birthday .O yea i have 13 years old :). O yea nice video :)
Kay Does YouTube (3 days ago)
Poor children!
goldenrobot 123 (3 days ago)
Dude,this was hilarious.
Marissa Kirsch (3 days ago)
This is too much.
Avarcifix (3 days ago)
If she had kids they would steal her credit card to buy a new mom
Nicole Soroudi (3 days ago)
omg she is so cheap
Ella Kramer (3 days ago)
🐺 lmao im poor
Railroad Works (3 days ago)
Mother: It’s Halloween I forgot Did you save the candy from school at Valitines day Kid: Mother you SOO cheap Bunch of kids out a door: WE WANT CANDY SOME Random Kid : These Skittles taste like rotten fruits
Ivan Rojas (3 days ago)
To much bad language
Railroad Works (3 days ago)
My dad bought 4 computers in 6 months
Tanya Maldonado (3 days ago)
Jacob Zoboroski (3 days ago)
Do they reuse condoms😂
Rosa Gorskikh (3 days ago)
Do u know da way? The stefinaey way!
Tessa Thompson (3 days ago)
Some times
young cashingout (3 days ago)
It's sad and funny at the sametime🤣😂😂😂😂🤣
y tho (3 days ago)
*The Holy Light Bulb*
What bout buying school clothes XD or excursions? Is she gonna not let her children be educated? Cuz she just wanna save.
Kid the master Gamer (3 days ago)
If I lived with her I would rather break up with her than deal with that

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