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FUNNIEST KID TEST ANSWERS! Just some hilarious test answers that kids put- have you ever done something funny like this? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! HAVING A KID https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_cetekvDDk Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack!
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SSSniperWolf (9 months ago)
HI HI HI you're awesome
Christopher Rodriguez (15 days ago)
Natasepticplyer (1 month ago)
AshleyPlayzRoblox (1 month ago)
SSSniperWolf thxxx
Austo Li (1 month ago)
SSSniperWolf HI HI HI
Undagan Knuckles (1 month ago)
Yo Baby
Trinity W (7 hours ago)
... my mother is a teacher....... My last name is Wilson....... The irony
Jozua Ramlal (8 hours ago)
Your cute when you said bobby the first time😚🙄
Anthony Medina (9 hours ago)
1:34 if she likes winona ryder I can tell she watches stranger things . am I right?😋
Bob Bob (1 day ago)
7:33 my favorite answer xD
Andrew Levy (1 day ago)
A cantolope is like a brain cuz the both have different halves that contrast from one another
Akeelah Bolton (1 day ago)
Paul Brady (1 day ago)
I hate school
Mrpug P (1 day ago)
I did it
Mrpug P (1 day ago)
You’re awesome
Mrpug P (1 day ago)
LaBrea Weathersby (1 day ago)
LaBrea Weathersby (1 day ago)
What’s up
Dominic Dziewit (1 day ago)
Read this sentence Newyork in The The spring.
Oscar the Orange (1 day ago)
2:03 Albert.....stuff?
BlaBla Bla (1 day ago)
8:05 I know Ricky :o I remember him writing that
chimmy jimmy (2 days ago)
Haaha I'm so dead
nickey Williams (3 days ago)
Tell me any
Mia Kuz (3 days ago)
Joshua Edwards (3 days ago)
I had a sniper wolf ad XD
Fireball_6ix9ine (3 days ago)
That's how I met my friend
Kaylee TheKoala (3 days ago)
I’m watching this vid in 2018 and I looked in the description and u posted this on my birthday :D
I'm dying
Mario Valdivia (4 days ago)
“WOULD YOU BEEEE RATHER” 😂😂😂 it’s would you rather lmfao
Midnight Dawn (4 days ago)
actually school is "burning in hell's prison" I know that not one word but still.
Alan Garner (4 days ago)
The question is completely wrong..... Why are rings around Saturn? Not on Saturn
Emma Evans (4 days ago)
i love your hair
Jayla Garcia (4 days ago)
Bro i just.had an add about sssniperWolf playing.a game and im watching sssniperwolf 😂😂
Maia TheYellow (5 days ago)
S: seriosly T: tanned D: di**
Mir Abid Ali (5 days ago)
When I was in 2nd grade I was doing a giant math test and...the last question was...I forgot the question but it was something like"5 people went to the movies, 5 more people came in and then 5 people went out, how many ppl are left?" What I did was, my mom always said i was a great artist so I litterly drew people coming out and into the movie theater😂😂 my teacher must have been so frustrated
Alice Baker (5 days ago)
GWR fan 8&11 (5 days ago)
I miss purple hair lia
PlayAGTH (6 days ago)
Albert- A person who stays home and does nothing. Hmmmm, I am getting Flamingo vibes
Gene Hautt (6 days ago)
your my favorite YouTuber
You were in the ad
Kiwi Mango (6 days ago)
I see you Alberto!
Elijah styles (6 days ago)
Bush Boi (6 days ago)
Last year in 3rd grade we were learning about the government and in my test they asked me to write a sentence with the word government in it and I wrote "The government are shady people." And when me and my mom went to the meeting to turn the homework in when my teacher read it she read it out loud and my teacher and my mom were laughing so hard they both bursted into tears.
Elijah Wessling (6 days ago)
I like scool
Monica Campbell (7 days ago)
me wilson is my teacher she is pregnant. think about her being prev.
Martin Mora (7 days ago)
Anthony Buber (7 days ago)
I am a big fan!!!
Neatrice Bennett (7 days ago)
Unicornbeanieboos (7 days ago)
Hey my name is isabella and I like to dance also there is another YouTube named Albert and he just stays home and plays roblox he is pretty famous
Chiara Sible (7 days ago)
rawr im a scary potato
Chennie Lou Estrada (8 days ago)
2+3=Jesus Thats the answer beacause jesus's name has 5 letters😂😂😆😄😅
Chennie Lou Estrada (8 days ago)
S SS SSS SSSn SSSni SSSnip SSSnipe SSSniper SSSniperw SSSniperwo SSSniperwol SSSniperwolf SSniperwol SSSniperwo SSSniperw SSSniper SSSnipe SSSnip SSSni SSSn SSS SS S
PedsLapChat _0.2 (8 days ago)
They ain't usin there common sense 😂😂😂😂😂 Edited:btw click this 7:12 lel😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sarada Uchiha (8 days ago)
2:23 Me: *A TO G TO THE U TO THE **2:23*
Xariyah White (8 days ago)
Love your hair
Just_ Farida (8 days ago)
I hate When my teacher says show your work to🙄🙄🙄🙄😖😖😖😖
gamingwithdogs roblox (8 days ago)
gamingwithdogs roblox yeah me to
Sims Fourever (8 days ago)
Is it weird if I wish sssniperwolf sister was my mom ? Lol
Blanca Rincon (9 days ago)
When you done cooking your gonna be good looking;) lol I’m not gay
KittenLover Gamer (9 days ago)
Anyone notice after she said school is hell she pronounced detection as direction
vipin goyal (9 days ago)
Children common sense 😂😂
봄 장미 (9 days ago)
Ye guys saturn was not a single lady
봄 장미 (9 days ago)
One word 2 describe school "HELL!!!"
봄 장미 (9 days ago)
5:23 "we bacame friends coz i kicked her in the face and said sorry"
봄 장미 (9 days ago)
2:08 DAT SOOOOO ME!!!!
봄 장미 (9 days ago)
0:35 2 B honest wiv u dat wot i would say
Lilly Cooper (10 days ago)
I love these kids
CoinMasta Playz (10 days ago)
Eat the haters
Oofavacado :3 (10 days ago)
2:06 Albertsstuff
i wish to be a dog too :3
Alicia Martinez (10 days ago)
8:55 that is me. I love kittens
Ashley Ovilvia Holt (10 days ago)
My math is so easy
Bazzarmanxe X (11 days ago)
XJJSavage (11 days ago)
3:22 I fell you. I hate that as well.
NAOMI THE POTATO (11 days ago)
Snake Fire HD (11 days ago)
Write something to describe school HELL
Gabriel Johnson (11 days ago)
7:32 is Ralph wiggum
IAnimate (11 days ago)
i was animating and i made a sketch layer because i couldn't draw a hand and i made the sketch on layer 1 with the other ones and i finished the hand and deleted layer 1 im dead (edit) (if you delete a layer on flipaclip it deletes every layer 1 on the animation ;-;)
Mary Mora (11 days ago)
Jesus Is the answer
Michael Lawler (11 days ago)
Wazzuhhh (12 days ago)
Dest Edits (12 days ago)
Teacher: Why weren't you paying attention? Me: *JESUS*
Bunny lover (12 days ago)
CAROLYN TURNER (12 days ago)
you looked super cute today
Michael Lawler (12 days ago)
So x cute
Momo Terrell (12 days ago)
My math teacher says we have to show all work to get points.
Mr.CookieGuy 12 (12 days ago)
Usualy is purple rain but now i will male my version PURPLE HAIR!
Mr.CookieGuy 12 (12 days ago)
WO WO WO wait a minute didint dang mat smith did it before?with the same title? HUH!?
K Benz (12 days ago)
Love the vid
Dead Inside (13 days ago)
Me as a kid this year: Would you rather have 44 cents or 38? A hundred dolla bills yallll cause I financing people out here
Lauren Sayers (13 days ago)
hi sssniperwolf
Joey Df (14 days ago)
thank you somuch <3 (^<>^) you too
James Carroll (14 days ago)
kanaka shuzuki (15 days ago)
I wish i where sausage
First name Last name (15 days ago)
If I scathed my knee I would get up and deal with it too because I’m not a punk like one time I cut my toe open cause I fell off the bike (I know how to ride a bike)and I just got up and deal with it
eunsung kwon (15 days ago)
5:55 Zombies will say so... as in PvZ (Plants vs. Zombies)
Allison Brianna (15 days ago)
Every time at the end i ooo with her like if u do too
Unicorn Slime (15 days ago)
just write jesus all over your paper if she fails you she going to hell
Rafael Virrueta (15 days ago)
"Me too billy, I wanna be a dog too" *wearing cat ears* seems legit
sans the skeleton (15 days ago)
WAIT THE KIDS THAT SAY "a ballerina fire man because of explosion and cooking" ITS LIKE UNDERTALE ALL OVER AGAIN... except Albert💙💚💛💜❤
IcyPoolz (16 days ago)
I know an albert who does that on youtube..
Katy Freestone (16 days ago)
tracey is wrong cuz shes a woman? is trump taking this test?
sheilah aungraheeta (17 days ago)
Sniperwolf is a woman = sniperwolf is wrong😂 kidding

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