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Sly's Animated Shorts | Ep.8 | The Last Update: THEY ARE BREEDING TOO FAST!!!

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Text Comments (2326)
jeonghands (1 month ago)
aw i remember this
LineBreaker27 (1 year ago)
Jake (2 years ago)
Sly and His Ostriches xDDDD
Sky1369 Gaming (3 years ago)
So funny
Rui Da Costa (3 years ago)
this will forever be a classic i'll never forget this moment so funny
gangstakirby22 (3 years ago)
They sure are loud! Why haven't the wolf family next-door complained?
THE CONDUCTOR (3 years ago)
No fare I wasn't invited to the ostrich orge😢
Michael Wells (3 years ago)
sly is such a troll
It's sex city down there O_o
shay mac (3 years ago)
The original Look at all those chickens 😂
TheLoneWolfe (4 years ago)
alex is lost in the sea of ostridge with no sword 
M Smith (4 years ago)
I timber
The IET (4 years ago)
In this video sly says they fuck when their bored. :3
xXRand0mDudeXx (4 years ago)
flamingrubys11 (4 years ago)
T.ahj (4 years ago)
For the subs!
DudeinBlue (4 years ago)
Cool guy Seamus from 0:14 - 0:24
Cynthia Moore (4 years ago)
best line: "you and your fucking ostriches... literally"
Exjoria (4 years ago)
I watched the last update yesterday XD
Layjack (4 years ago)
What episode is this... I know it's in the descption but it not appearing fully
Rui Da Costa (3 years ago)
the last update series episode 9
Elder Rusty (4 years ago)
when you kill 1 ostrach. 40 replace it. thats how mc works aperintly :P
Fabiola Castaneda (4 years ago)
Homies unite
Fabiola Castaneda (4 years ago)
Have sex
Selena Flores (4 years ago)
HAHAHAHHAHAHA That's Funny There So Making Out
Now I Can (4 years ago)
How'd you get likes by typing in what he said in the video? Srsly.
EnergyBurst2 (4 years ago)
i was laughing so hard at the end of this that it brought a tear to my eye and rarely will anything be so funny as to do that
oy mista (5 years ago)
Jamie Jones (5 years ago)
actually he started this around week 2 of living with sly
Alex (5 years ago)
lol that was one of my favorite videos that i watched a while back xD!
Mntdewmania (5 years ago)
Its so cool if you watch the orgianl ep. there is a albino ostrich :)
Kevin Diaz (5 years ago)
IIInsvne Ace (5 years ago)
I need this song
Miniel (5 years ago)
I miss this Immortal... he's changed lately :c
CarlosN47 (5 years ago)
Why did they give Seamus a wooden sword if he had a diamond sword in the original video
Rory Goodwin-Lachica (5 years ago)
William stop spamming r.i.p quxxn I know she died and its sad trust im a big fan but stop it
Will12Bell Gaming (5 years ago)
Rip Quxxn
Jessa Lara Villafria (5 years ago)
0.49 looks like a sad closed eye ditto
bleachfanmari (5 years ago)
I love the way seamus looks
esli picasso (5 years ago)
oh no its the ostriches RUN FOR YOUR LIFE
Quinn Johnson (5 years ago)
sly congrats on 1 million!
Sazzy Fish (5 years ago)
the homies bread too fast and now there's ONE MILLION HOMIES ♡ Congratulations Sly♡
Cathy Light (5 years ago)
TheWeirdNorwegianGuy (5 years ago)
Hunter Hotz (5 years ago)
oh am? am i?
TheWeirdNorwegianGuy (5 years ago)
HEY! You're cute. =3
Hunter Hotz (5 years ago)
why dont you ask your profile picure
Mntdewmania (5 years ago)
OMG the ep was so funny one of sly's 10 5 ever!
LunaPup P. (5 years ago)
XD i watched that ep XD
Heyyoboyy10 (5 years ago)
XD this is so funny hahahaha XDXDXDXDXDXDXD
DerrickVW (5 years ago)
you and your fucking ostriches litteraly!
Burning Ashes (5 years ago)
Why does Seamus have a wooden sword?
thelegitgamer (5 years ago)
you are the dryest hipo goodbye
Nemesis (5 years ago)
mrgoldfishybo (5 years ago)
what is the outro music?
Vicente Vargas (5 years ago)
Strange seeing my first name on there lol
TypographicalRiver (5 years ago)
This would make a great PETA commercial. Announcer: Remember to always spay and neuter your ostriches to avoid burning their inbred babies alive with lava later...
TheNames FlaRe (5 years ago)
Thank u for makin me laugh
InkedVoid (5 years ago)
fuck it my silver sword broke
Ricardo Rodriguez (5 years ago)
what ep. was this?
Civina Nguyen (5 years ago)
Your always making me laugh thank you
KirraAlexander (5 years ago)
yay they are back!!!
Shadowfright (5 years ago)
The ex-communicated series episode 70... hope it helps.
Too Stronk (5 years ago)
may i ask which episode is nova and the nuke i really wanna watch it without watching all the missed mcd ive missed 100 or more so far so im really behind lol
sirmatt101 (5 years ago)
I bet Sly is like the best troll in the world because he can piss so many off even if he is sick.
The Betrayer (5 years ago)
Seamus in this video reminds me of Neku from twewy, is that weird?
flamingrubys11 (5 years ago)
sly + ssohpkc = awesome
kkatsios (5 years ago)
seamus looks badass
TheLateMrBones (5 years ago)
What episode?
when u n nova get stuck in a ship
cowclone101 (5 years ago)
I miss that series :(
sirsheepy105 (5 years ago)
"You and your fucking ostriches. LITERALLY."
Shadowfright (5 years ago)
Yeah... dont worry i get brain farts all the time. But the Nuke and Nova are really funny.
Magoober (5 years ago)
OH YEAH, the nuke SOUNDS, I thought you meant he used a nuclear bomb, I'm so stupid sometimes...
Shadowfright (5 years ago)
i believe its the newest ex com season like episode 7 or something.
Magoober (5 years ago)
what episode was this?
XDshadow assasinDX (5 years ago)
look in the desc =D
Chelsey White (5 years ago)
What episode is this
hahaguy (5 years ago)
best episode ever
OBlueStreakNGU (5 years ago)
Correct me if Im wrong, but the ending music is older then the Harlem shake...
Fuad Azhar (5 years ago)
TovarichMoose (5 years ago)
You, and your fucking ostriches.... Literally. xD
11SamuelPotter (5 years ago)
Homiecraft animated
this brings fps (fucks per second) to a new leve
Loving Husky (5 years ago)
cassi is cool (5 years ago)
@smjackson24 Oh god... Not the Harlem shake...NOT THE HARLEM SHAKE
smjackson24 (5 years ago)
The ending music is like the next harlem shake music
Speedy Speedable (5 years ago)
Mccsquizzey (5 years ago)
immortal-"wtf sly!" sly-"i didnt do it"
littledonna30 (5 years ago)
You fucking horder dude I didn't do this
marquez wiley (5 years ago)
Jimi Alyans (5 years ago)
seamus had diamond tho
PrincessFluffy Butt (5 years ago)
Typical Seamus not giving fucks
Aaron Hayes (5 years ago)
Whats the song at the end?
Scorrch929 (5 years ago)
The great ostrich massacre of 2012
BurnFireblaze8153 (5 years ago)
I miss these animations and that series
Leftthischannel (5 years ago)
this is so fucking funny lol
Zurren Arrh (5 years ago)
Words of the clueless
julian47000 (5 years ago)
Devontae Crawford (5 years ago)
I love t ostriches derp facs

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