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Borderlands 2: Won't Get Fooled Again (The Correct Answer)

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Text Comments (72)
Zcoding (11 months ago)
Cyanporo (1 year ago)
Damn it i picked the physically rendered shield guy, i got fooled!!
Mr. Reanu Keeves (1 year ago)
Hey, did you get any achievement for this? I'm just wondering because I got the wrong person lol. And doing so, I notice the only difference is the gun reward which was mine, was a shorter scope compared to yours!
Thiefs Cats (1 year ago)
Mr. Poopchillan jśrg
JoaquizzleTwizzle (1 year ago)
I accidentally accused the wrong one by walking by and hitting the reload button. Fuck.
CaptainAltek (1 year ago)
It's not like you fucked up the whole story lol
TheAquaDrache Gaming (1 year ago)
That was a bad joke
p0r ssd (1 year ago)
wa haha, WRONGGGGGG.See you idoit.
Aigred1 (2 years ago)
If anyone didn't know this, name of this quest is same as CSI:Miami theme song's name, also that final monolog of his is related to Horatio's sunglasses... I wish there could be some "YEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHH" after he said "long shot"
Aigred1 (2 years ago)
If anyone didn't know this, name of this quest is same as CSI:Miami theme song's name, also that final monolog of his is related to Horatio's sunglasses... I wish there could be some "YEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHH" after he said "long shot"
Sloth Bear (1 year ago)
Or a song by a british rock band called The Who.
James Wilks (2 years ago)
I got mad when I got it wrong
H20 XxFaze gamerxX (2 years ago)
Michael L. (2 years ago)
the FPS is rediculas are you playing this on a toaster? lol
eric blood (2 months ago)
It was probably the video production & not the Game Play, but who knows & who the fuck cares?!!
cralo (9 months ago)
+Devon Pennartz i still don´t know why people even do that. it just takes more time and effort to write something you could write normally.
Devon Pennartz (9 months ago)
Its ridiculous just like you capitalizing the first letter of every one of your words
cralo (10 months ago)
u mom xd
Callum Fisher (1 year ago)
Michael L. Its Ridiculous Just Like Your Spelling.
Tyz The Phoenix (2 years ago)
The fact that Barlo is Android 17 and Handsome Jack is Cell
CaptainAltek (1 year ago)
Tyz The Phoenix No
Nicholas Wyatt (2 years ago)
The video doesn't actually show it well, but when you hover your reticle over a person it shows how much health and shield strength they have. You do this for each guy to see who's shield and health has been depleted. Because Moxxxie shot him you know?
Super1di0t (1 year ago)
Has shield, full health, and gun.
Isengard (2 years ago)
And Zed healed him up.
Isaac Berto (2 years ago)
Wow, i did the right answer without google. Thats cool
IzRyu (2 years ago)
Hahaha same here
Jessica Basey (2 years ago)
Well with mine on second playthrough, the assault rifle brother had a visible shield equipped, full health and a full shield bar. Bit dodgy me thinks.. Still picked the sniper brother after I triple checked he was the one.
Qwerty Uiop (3 years ago)
Barlo thought he could snipe an innocent man and get away with it. But that... *put sunglasses on* ... was a long shot. *YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH*
santey man (2 years ago)
+Mr Bruu yeaaaaaahhhhhh
Qwerty Uiop (2 years ago)
CSI Miami? :P
santey man (2 years ago)
lol yeaaahhhhhh that show I forgot the name some Miami show I thino
Norn Iron Niall (3 years ago)
God damn it, I chose one by mistake before I even got to ask any questions :-/
Facts Over Emotions (2 years ago)
+Norn Iron Niall If you close out your client immediately, you can reload Borderlands 2 and get another shot at it. You can do this until your character is "saved" and you can't do the reset trick anymore.
Bruno Travassos (4 years ago)
gimmethunder (4 years ago)
For those saying it doesn't make sense and the clues didn't help, it does make sense, and the clues help.  Moxxi said she shot at him and the shield  absorbed 2 bullets, so if you look at their health, the guy on the left doesn't show a shield bar. He died of a bullet shot, so it wasn't the guy on the right with a rocket launcher.  Of the 2 remaining, one has a full health bar and the other has half a health bar.  Zed said he fixed him up good as new, so it was the guy with a full health bar.  The sniper guy.
eric blood (2 months ago)
WRONG! This is the stupidest mission in any video game on earth! I'd rather chase the dragon South Park Style! Sheriff fuckface talks about the assailant running away, NO SIGNS OF ANY FORENSICS ON ANY OF THE SUSPECTS SHOES, THEY'RE ALL IDENTICAL! Says victim shot in the neck, well three of the 4 suspects have guns & one has a Rocket launcher, but this is Borderlands! Just 'cause the guys got a Rocket Launcher on his back doesn't mean he doesn't have a Gun on him somewhere! Moxxi says she Shot the dude a few times with the Rubi, A Special Moxxi Mission Gun. There are no Forensic signs of blood etc on any of the 4 Suspects. Zed says he pulled a bullet out of one of them & patched him up, AGAIN no Forensic signs of any medical triage or treatment to the 4 identical testicle head quadruplets! The clues don't add up to shit unless there's some visual Forensic Evidence & as you stated with the Health Bar or Meter but in my game, it's Hark, the Suspect without the Sniper Rifle that's missing some health, everyone else has full shield & Health! So Barlo is always the guilty one & the only clue is that he has a Sniper Rifle! I originally had wanted to pick Barlo Years ago when I first played, but instead I chose the guy missing 1/2 his health as that lines up with the only Forensic Evidence the game provides! BUT IT'S THE WRONG GUY??? If they'd had us go to Marcus & ask who he sold what kind of gun too maybe that would have helped. Either way, the clues as given don't tell you shit! The only eyebrow raising question is that there's only one Suspect with a Sniper Rifle & the victim was shot! He could have just as easily been shot with a Hand Gun unless the shooter was 400 yards out!
VerlorenZieltje (10 months ago)
i had 2 with full hp & shields, 1 with full shield & half hp & 1 with full hp but no shield.... so i accused Shin because he was the only one with no shield, but it was barlo after all who had full shield & full hp
Doom's Way (10 months ago)
Oh okay , Sherlock
gimmethunder (2 years ago)
Well... I can't really fault you for that logic
Douche Bag (2 years ago)
+gimmethunder Damn, I really didn't have the right mindset when attempting this. I picked the guy on the right because he had that extra thing on his chest and I thought he must have been using it to cover up the bullet wound!
Markesh ouYeah (5 years ago)
3:12 just say the 3rd... ¬¬
bluezac2021 (5 years ago)
there are many similar snipers
Albert Lee (5 years ago)
Thanks for the vid
Killua (5 years ago)
so ..what do i have to do to start this mission? is it a story mission that triggers this side mission or what?
Preston Garvey (2 months ago)
After Bright Lights Flying City
gs-SM0KE- (5 years ago)
3 times accused a wrong guy. Now decided to look for the truth from youtube! Haha! BTW that pistol you get from this mission (even if you guess wrong) is actually really hardcore! Good´ol Jakobs badassery +100% melee damage!
RADICAL (5 years ago)
I have that type of shield when I did this mission today and that class mod and that exact same gun and I'm using Zero as my character wut
P-Town Hero (5 years ago)
I know this is a long time for this, but Moxxi did say that there was three shots, and the guy had a shield, and Zed said that he patched him up good as new, meaning hes back to normal, and then the Marshal had said that there was a bullet hole in his neck, eliminating the other two brothers, the rocket launcher guy was also out, meaning it was the sniper rifle dude. If you hover your crosshairs on each brother, you can see their health and shields.
Jackmoro17 (5 years ago)
the first time i did that mission, i just saw the guy with the sniper and thought i could get that sniper (i was playing as Zer0).So i shot him and what do you know...i didn't get my sniper and had to respec for bloodshed because of the filled law melee damage :P
vidmuncher (5 years ago)
He did. check his readings at 3:09. He has TWO gauges. The thing is, Moxxi shot him three times and he got injured. He then went to Zed who healed him. So he has to have a shield, full health AND a bullet weapon. Only the guy with the sniper rifle has all three.
ALittleLyzdexic (5 years ago)
That moment when you realize the Marshall referenced CSI Miami... and the mission is called "Won't Get Fooled Again" which is a song by The Who...
MrTreard (5 years ago)
Well sort of. But then again.. would the killer really run and try to get safe haven at moxxi? that sounds more like a witness running for his life. 1 Shot to the neck suggest its either a pistol or sniper. And since the witness got away its more likely the slow firing sniper and not a pistol/repeater from short range.
thefilipezampolo (5 years ago)
I came here for WHO. haha
rvbCabooservb (5 years ago)
I choose the guy with the shield and the pistol. Reason why is because since he had a sniper rifle he would have done it long range where no one should see him. I choose the guy with the pistol for the fact because the sheriff saw him running.
Validus (5 years ago)
He had a shield if you looked at his health.
jetfoxproductions (5 years ago)
Lol, that was great, the sniper confesses and the sheriff just simply shoots him, that's how the law works in pandora. :) But i should have figured it was the sniper, a single shot kill that is difficult to pull off, while being out of sight. That alone is proof enough. And i choose the rocket launcher the first time.
Andre Roman (5 years ago)
Reference to Horatio Caine's One Liners in CSI Miami. lol
Lucas B. (5 years ago)
the marshall has the most badass way to shoot people *swing* shoot
Kappa Koopa (5 years ago)
The Law is awesome. Used it til the end of the game
ryanice92 (5 years ago)
exactly what i thought
Shiny Wolf (5 years ago)
glad i could help :)
Exilled1 (5 years ago)
That sure helped, thanks!
Hyoukasui (6 years ago)
Ty xD
Haloprogamer1996 (6 years ago)
What the ? The sniper guy does not have a shield. Only the one with the rocket launcher and the one with the pistol in the middle. The sniper guys does not wear a shield. Maybe they aways admit it so you never feel being incorrect but it doesn't seem logic to me why you chose the sniper guy when everything speaks against him.
Lim June (6 years ago)
What are you talking about ? the sniper guy have a shield , so the culprit is either the sniper or the guy with a rocket launcher who also have a shield , but Marshal said that there is a bullet in him, so the sniper did it
zombiegamer234 (6 years ago)
its funny cuz the reference is actully related to csi: miami
708914 (6 years ago)
Bugged mission? When I did it, the culprit didn't have a shield.... -_-
Abyss Watcher (6 years ago)
Marshal:That... (puts glasses on) was a longshot yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Shiny Wolf (6 years ago)
Yeah your opinion make a sense But i sow that Moxxi and Zed didn't say anything about the murder And than the Marshall said that it happened by a shot to the neck It was obvious to me when i sow one of them with a sniper xD So i choose him and he admit it

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