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Worlds Adrift - Official FINAL Trailer (New Open World Online Game) 2018

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Worlds Adrift - Official FINAL Trailer (New Open World Online Game) 2018 Get the game here: https://store.worldsadrift.com/ Like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief/ Get partnered with Empire Collective (like me): http://www.empirecollective.la SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/14hihfM Like my page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mathchief/ My email for business inquiries: mathieuofficial@hotmail.com My twitter: https://twitter.com/MathChief11
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Text Comments (150)
Kanakht Aanesyt (4 days ago)
This would be easy to hack.
Hikari Rock (6 days ago)
что это за говно?
Gee (7 days ago)
So nice that IGP is having lines in the trailer
A Stereotype Guy (7 days ago)
Sea of Thieves + Spiderman Games + Avatar: The Last Airbender (+ Quote of Over the Garden Wall in minute 1:12 to try to be "cool")
Filip Norberg (8 days ago)
Hopefully both so acceptable moral frustration purple German assist strategic institution care.
katoblepas (8 days ago)
this game..... its not going to work well on the internet....
soc montances (8 days ago)
Oh, wow... The trailer is good, but, wow. Is that Kiwo and IGP doing some of the voices? They sound so like them!
ShadowLegend (8 days ago)
This kinda reminds me of Myst online for some reason, but with action and stuff
La Quenelle (8 days ago)
This game look soooo bad
Alfons Yoggy (9 days ago)
Sea of thieves without sea
JoOnDy Bapaylo (9 days ago)
im not gonna lie the game look so fun at least they r creative not battleroyal crap
ark13700 (9 days ago)
Skyland: The Game (feat. Spiderman)
Mr Niater (9 days ago)
So no console?
ArthaxtaDaVince777 (9 days ago)
No man's sea of World's Adrift
Easy Cheese (9 days ago)
the return of the *C U B E*
Fort Blocks (9 days ago)
Looks really cool! I'd buy this.
k m (9 days ago)
game is actually fun and too much to do that you wont get bored playing alone, its just this trailer is...cheap crap. when i watched it im already expecting some negetive comments.
Marcus (9 days ago)
Is that Kiwo I'm hearing at some points?
Ruston Toups (8 days ago)
Marcus Yep!
KAP 111 (9 days ago)
looks amazing but need alot of polishing
Juan'sTheName! (9 days ago)
I mean it was fun for the first 10 hours at least
Moon Knight (9 days ago)
Summit1g played this a year ago, it was fun while it lasted but is really grindy and you can easily grief.
Andrew_Proudfoot23 (9 days ago)
Is that TJ Miller at 0:38
Gonzalo Hernandez (9 days ago)
Where is the almighty CUBE??
BT taylor (9 days ago)
If this isn't on Xbox I'm crying
Jay Scuderi (9 days ago)
this looks just like dark souls. Or is it fortninte these days?
Skipper (7 days ago)
Mummy Long (9 days ago)
oh heck thats kiwo
Elliot H (9 days ago)
Be cool to see gig fleet battles in this game, curious to see more
Luis kpi (9 days ago)
looks good for me
user 14555 (9 days ago)
Excited for this one, the concept is unique
Izo Khan (9 days ago)
This is the first I've seen this...I find it interesting. I hope it works out. I wish them all the best.
Nugget (9 days ago)
Doesn’t have crazy graphics=insta crap L O G I C
DrLeo (9 days ago)
Looks dope. Let’s see how it comes out in the world
DrLeo (9 days ago)
Moon Knight just like pubg and millions play it every day.
Moon Knight (9 days ago)
Basquette Summit1g played this ages ago, it was really fun for a while but got super repetitive. Its really grindy and when you die. You lose everything to someone else.
Ben Stott (9 days ago)
Post- Apocalyptic Spiderman
Jacob Storm (9 days ago)
Is that IGP's voice!?
George McFly (9 days ago)
This is going to be an awesome console game on release
Drez Garancho (9 days ago)
Ivan Lyutiy (9 days ago)
looks boring
GamerHeadX (9 days ago)
i like it i would buy it wonder why others don't
magnumx70 (9 days ago)
crap game and the community is very toxic
Super Spice (9 days ago)
Pre-Alpha, $60.
JOSUEPLAYZ 77 (9 days ago)
The man sounds like IGP
normal human (9 days ago)
Kenchaus Nigga (9 days ago)
Why crap?
No Mans Sky 2.0
DragonInferno99 Ω (9 days ago)
Wow, this doesn’t look good at all... xD
MrTarot (9 days ago)
I do truly enjoy when children compare every game to their favourite fortnite game just because the player models are somewhat similar, that is a classic. Game looks interesting, like guns of icarus only more creating your own ship instead of pre-set list.
ark13700 (9 days ago)
+michael pichardo If they optimise it and it has a populated online world, Exploring the world, building and battling ships >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> winning a fortnite round.
undra walls-reed (9 days ago)
Ill play this
michael pichardo (9 days ago)
MrTarot looks like fortnite but boooooooorrrrriiiiing 😂😂😂😂👌👌👌👌👌💯💯💯💯💯💯💯😝
VinBr0 (9 days ago)
Air of thieves.
BLACKB3ARD (9 days ago)
I like the concept, but I'm not sure how I feel about the art style. I'll be looling into this more.
Maniac Magge (9 days ago)
That IGP?
- Ronfy (9 days ago)
comanderthe1 (10 days ago)
It's gonna flop...
citizen1994 (10 days ago)
items never disapear in this game so if you have a reckage from a ship u lost it will be there forever
Juan'sTheName! (9 days ago)
Mantalice well what "sounds" like is not always true. I have the game and the only thing that I absolutely hate is the amount of grinding needed to find 1 item. Again completely opinionated but that's why I stopped playing. Oh and also the God damn flying pieces if shit that phase into your ship and knock you off it.
Mantalice (9 days ago)
citizen1994 sounds like lots of lag, constant server crashes and an unplayable game.
Mish0Picka (9 days ago)
citizen1994 false
vishnu aravind (10 days ago)
No man's sky with more crap
Valkirian Reborn (10 days ago)
This channel's community is absolute shit. Always complaining about everything...
Ivan Bishop (4 days ago)
To be honest the games they complain about usually look pretty good
ark13700 (8 days ago)
We know that there won't be any black ops campaign for this entry
exboi (8 days ago)
ark13700 Activison definitely isn’t a good company. But we shouldn’t judge in a trailer, especially if we have no real reason to criticize the game itself.
ark13700 (9 days ago)
+exboi Because Activision has shown time and time again their incompetence in making a quality game over the last 5 years, and they have blatantly lied to their consumers for the sake of money. And in the end they make insane revenue compared to every other game company.
exboi (9 days ago)
ten tail madara For what? How do they all deserve the hate? There were many good Call of Duties, and you don’t know shit about Black Ops 4 except for Zombies, Multiplayer and Battle Royale.
Omega Destroyer (10 days ago)
This has been in development for ever now. Looks amazing so far. Strikes a nice balance between fluid core mechanics and sandboxiness
El Jonez (10 days ago)
Skies of mediocrity.
Sam Palen (9 days ago)
El Jonez dude look at yourself. Mediocre isn't even the word for it.
Luke Sowers (10 days ago)
Roblox but like in the sky
Amaan Mehra (10 days ago)
Copy of fortnite
IGP (4 days ago)
See the problem with your ridiculous comment is that Worlds Adrift has been in development for many years, long before Fortnite was even thought of, likely. At least, Worlds Adrift went public in closed beta long before Fortnite went public. There are so many differences between these two games it's insane, and saying they should sue is absurd. How naive are you guys lol
Dr Doom (9 days ago)
Amaan Mehra that’s a stupid comment
MilkIsDaBest (9 days ago)
Amaan Mehra the islands are user created. What are you even saying
Benjamin Ale (9 days ago)
Amaan Mehra alright, first of all. NOTHING of worlds adrift is even CLOSELY similar to fortnite. Secondly, this game was out even earlier then fornite. This was out mid July 2017. Fortnite was out late July 2017. And last of all, the animations are also not even close to be similar to fortnite. Check your facts before talking kiddo
Zhen Ning Nge (9 days ago)
Just because its animated similarly doesnt mean its a copy ya know. Btw fortnite looks nothing like this pal
MOhamed RAafat (10 days ago)
Is that IGP's voice?!
Jordan Ahamed (9 days ago)
He does a lot of low key voice acting
roopesh panwar (9 days ago)
Yeah thats IGP's voice and one of the character is what IGP uses when he plays the game
lordmichael 203 (9 days ago)
MOhamed RAafat you hear it to
Angry Cat (10 days ago)
"A safe heaven " ,,, "DANGER IS EVERYWHERE" .
Corgilizard (8 days ago)
wtf cat no they meant some islands,
Drez Garancho (9 days ago)
wtf cat lmao
tophat joe (10 days ago)
Worlds adrift...... Now available in the vbucks expansion pack.
Black-Reaper (10 days ago)
Fortnite low Poly Edition
Mantalice (9 days ago)
PadCrew yep
PadCrew (9 days ago)
Mantalice Okaaay. If you say so, I guess... 😂😂😂
Mantalice (9 days ago)
PadCrew fortnite looks like shut compared to this
PadCrew (9 days ago)
Mantalice Say that one more time?😂😂😂 With your eyes open this time, please??
Mantalice (9 days ago)
Black-Reaper fortnite looks like shit compared to this
Sterben (10 days ago)
Crap... crap never changes
Edwin Kaburu (9 days ago)
You get to be spiderman in this game !!!
maaz322 (9 days ago)
still more content than Sea of Thieves
Drez Garancho (9 days ago)
Sterben lol
Singularity Raptor (10 days ago)
are u in steroids or something
Eysox (10 days ago)
Welcome to 2002
Kenshigo (10 days ago)
i couldnt imagine that anyone still wants to play this....
undra walls-reed (9 days ago)
Kenshigo i do
connor stoyel (10 days ago)
I've played it for a bit now and I'm not worry about how it's going to develop but how it's community will
Tom Brown (10 days ago)
FORTNITE: Open World Edition
Benjamin Ale (9 days ago)
Tom Brown that's simply coincidence, as this game came out before fortnite. Also, the graphics aren't similar, or at least, not that similar. And you do know this type of graphics has been used before fortnite was even in the making? I mean, fortnite is a copy of every battle royal game before it, because it's ftp mode is based on battle royal right? See how ridiculous it sounds?
leo flint (9 days ago)
Literally die
Mantalice (9 days ago)
Tom Brown lol fortnite is already open world, you need to get your facts straight.
Nugget (9 days ago)
Not even close. Look, it has a crafting system cuz it wants you to build your own ship not because it’s fking RIPPING OFF fortnite It looks cartoonish but half of the games out there are cartoonish so what’s even similar between two?
reaverbad48 (9 days ago)
Tom Brown it isn't because the style is cartoony that it is a fornite rip off And world adrif is not even a battle royale
Rupi (10 days ago)
wow, this looks crap
connor stoyel (10 days ago)
that's where your wrong buddy
Jeffrey Croft (10 days ago)
Love <3
Yeti (10 days ago)
After years and bad jokes, we’re finally getting it Edit: first I suppose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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