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Space Engineers Multiplayer - with the Asdfs

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Space Engineers, Two Titan capital ships, lost for hundreds of years in deep space have just been found. Their names Marge and Homer.. Available in 1080p* Twitter: https://twitter.com/BedBanana Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BedBananas Other Asdfs, BurritoBrian: https://www.youtube.com/user/BurritoBrians Dokudoku: http://www.youtube.com/user/Dokudokus Breaddystack: https://www.youtube.com/user/breaddystacks Grravy: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeWrZUGIDAZgU7wW23ZFYbA MrCatButts: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5MYxjdFhX0s_x_T3gB7DgQ Music: XYCE https://soundcloud.com/xyce
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Text Comments (283)
KugelBlitz (20 days ago)
EasyTargetWolf (2 months ago)
Was that real pewdiepie
HammerStar GameZ (3 months ago)
Was his ship named yoga cast like the YouTube channel
D6vils D6mis6 (4 months ago)
Simpson episode of just marge and homer trying to kiss.
Boof Animations (5 months ago)
That’s someone’s face after the reverse beartrap
Flame lash (6 months ago)
Wrath of klang be upon thee
Uncle Chris (7 months ago)
It sounds weird when I say that I laughed so hard at the part when Marge penetrated homers ass and demolished his torso’s bottom half
Anotheremptychannel (7 months ago)
Wonder what crazy things they would do on this game now, especially with the new planets, alien lifeforms, and pirate drones added to the game
Apex (8 months ago)
"Aww, you're just dead on the ground like a little baby." -Bedbanna 2k14
alpha derp (9 months ago)
anyone else hear "get in my belly" - shrek
Reinhart Arts (9 months ago)
Got this game a year ago and it crashes my potato 🥔 R.I.P you will be remembered.
Enoro (10 months ago)
6:29 Top 10 Anime betrayals
Blueblue Cat:3 (11 months ago)
My friend sent me this on discord I regret it and I don’t at the same time
Jimmy Davis (11 months ago)
This would be perfect with the music from 2001 a space oddity
Hat05 (11 months ago)
Homers dick exploded
Mr.Gooch The Third (1 year ago)
"youre dead on the ground like a little baby" s'cuse me waaaaat?
Space Anmations (1 year ago)
Wow a collab with pewdiepie and the yogcast xD
JACK123101 (1 year ago)
Damn, for the first time in over 10 years, I literally shit my pants. Not a joke or exaggeration, thankfully I'm at home alone where it can be easily and secretly handled. This video had me laughing so hard I actually shit myself, what am I doing with my life?
Cobra (1 year ago)
Homers crotch blew up XD
Pajamapants Jack (1 year ago)
the white boy (1 year ago)
please do.more
Cody10184 (1 year ago)
Does anyone know which xyce song this is?
Cody10184 (1 year ago)
suaire de turin (.xm)  That's what it is called. Fuck I spent 40 minutes looking for it.
Itz Jeffro (1 year ago)
is this game ever coming to PS4/Xbox One?
TacoRalf (1 year ago)
I don't think the hardware will support it. It's a really cpu instensive game.
JkMenttonet (1 year ago)
Deleted scene for the beginning of The Simpsons
Mike B (1 year ago)
Beds outro song sounded like jermas
Cody10184 (1 year ago)
Yeah xyce is really good. serious good stuff
Dass Boot (1 year ago)
whos the geara girl????
Symph The Healer (1 year ago)
Am snekeh
SwiftJoey 794423 (1 year ago)
do more of space engineers
SwiftJoey 794423 (1 year ago)
anybody notice nipples?
ChromatiKosm (1 year ago)
it's cold in space
A n o n (1 year ago)
Dex (1 year ago)
why couldn't the ASDFS stay together its just not the same but the new gang is amazing
ChromatiKosm (2 years ago)
Atlas (1 year ago)
Grand Heresiarch Dave (1 year ago)
HelloYesThisIsGuy (2 years ago)
Heres the mobile Keyboard :Qwertyuiop Asdfghjkl Zxcvbnm:
Salt Detected (1 year ago)
HelloYesThisIsGuy (2 years ago)
Wait really?
HelloYesThisIsGuy (2 years ago)
I know
EmuEdwards (2 years ago)
?? that's a keyboard not just a mobile
HelloYesThisIsGuy (2 years ago)
Copy and paste to extend People's Knowledge!
I guess you can say Homer "blew" a load.
greg l (2 years ago)
omg i laugh so hard i spit out my soda at 6:00
Legendary Waffle (1 year ago)
+greg l It's OK we forgive you... just don't do that mistake again or me and the entire Internet WILL hunt you down.... We Will Find You, And We Will Kill You.
greg l (2 years ago)
5:55 sorry
jack15b (2 years ago)
ily <3
Juice Demon (2 years ago)
Dick so big it blew a hole through the front of him. Damn, Marge...
Wombot (2 years ago)
"it snapped in half" ;)))
Connor R.r (2 years ago)
Jacen James Hale (2 years ago)
Duff just crashes
Nick P (2 years ago)
That Dude Guy (2 years ago)
Don't you hate it when you're drinking beer and then the beer can explodes, ripping off your jaw and half of your face?
Satou Kazuma (2 years ago)
This was back when Bed still had his sanity
SwiftJoey 794423 (2 years ago)
talk about major penetration. ..........
kira64 (2 years ago)
Oh my...
Nikolai Rennock (2 years ago)
Kurt Dreddy (2 years ago)
"Megamillions Jackpot and me sitting on my balls."
Satou Kazuma (2 years ago)
did you guys seriouslt put nipples on marge
SwiftJoey 794423 (2 years ago)
tennisdisaster (2 years ago)
Please play more of this
SwiftJoey 794423 (2 years ago)
Patrick Adams (2 years ago)
Spawn Hybrid (2 years ago)
That intro never gets old for me.
Spawn Hybrid (2 years ago)
That intro never gets old.
what game is this?
Thomas Xeon (2 years ago)
Man... I wish I can find some one play with me like this...
Red_Is_Okay (2 years ago)
You ever get fucked so hard it blew a hole in the front of you? Yeah, me too...
That Dude Guy (2 years ago)
+Waffle_Burger I also hate when i try to drink beer, it blows up my face. aw man i'm getting tired of that
random circut (3 years ago)
Lol do it again plz
Mirai (3 years ago)
And do the...
Tchousssman54 (3 years ago)
Dat level of creativity xD
I'm taking a shit right now in the toilet while watching this
Bird (2 years ago)
Some say he's still shitting to this day
Yummy Alex (2 years ago)
+Mr. Money shmuckin theifing Krabs Same
Victor Sullivan (2 years ago)
must be a long shit
Miner9000 (3 years ago)
I laughed way to hard when Marge penetrated Homer and fucked him up xD
Cat (3 years ago)
I feel like it would take forever to make those... Am I wrong?
Mula Kkhan (3 years ago)
The music is very cool
bootes (3 years ago)
so fucking romantic
Don Killuminati (3 years ago)
epic hahahah
TheOrgasmicOrange (3 years ago)
my face hurts
Gabriel Maisonet (3 years ago)
Why does she sound so adorable at 1:23?
Gabriel Maisonet (3 years ago)
+JustAnotherGaian Looking back, her voice seemed more musical than anything.
JustAnotherGaian (3 years ago)
+Gabriel Maisonet Didn't seem like anything special
Gabriel Maisonet (3 years ago)
Sir Kane (3 years ago)
Haydens laughter cured my cancer.
Aurelion Sass (2 years ago)
TheMissfitTestSubject (3 years ago)
Worst Simpsons episode I have ever seen ( clicks like button)
Pp Jin (1 year ago)
TheMissfitTestSubject o3o d
MaxOS (1 year ago)
Worst profile picture I've ever seen
Lucas S (2 years ago)
+TheMissfitTestSubject o3o no theres been worse
-Bluee- bRos- (3 years ago)
He got penetrated
TheSpaceTimeGamer (3 years ago)
Mowee Ollie (3 years ago)
Wait they were playing with: Yogscast Strippin & Pewds... WHAT THE F@*K!?
Mindroix (3 years ago)
Best porno
Kelvin wU (3 years ago)
Comrade Tom (3 years ago)
check out fnaf 2 song by aluey angle
Cooper7024 (3 years ago)
Fire Shots (3 years ago)
at 4:37 that penetraction doe
harrysboylan (3 years ago)
You guys should write fan fics
NiciTiger (3 years ago)
Who is the girl in this video? Does she also have a channel? :)
Andrewstown (3 years ago)
Did they makea asdfmovie
Stratratrob (3 years ago)
...and starring Homer as Old Bonnie.
Nignoggins (2 years ago)
I mean, he is right, it's not relevant to the video. But hey, I don't care.¯\_(ツ)_/¯
BondedBlade (3 years ago)
Stratratrob (3 years ago)
All he said was "no" and then later he said " this is not relevant to the video" or something like that.
BondedBlade (3 years ago)
+Stratratrob what'd he say?
Assblast USA (3 years ago)
+Topcat Gaming Then delete the comment.
Max K (3 years ago)
Bedbananas, when will you do a facecam video?
Fatboy 1209 (3 years ago)
The Great Bobby Hill (3 years ago)
4:37 omg!!!!!!!
Natalie Reading (3 years ago)
I can not breath after this vid
mitchell muzevic (3 years ago)
This video man :,) so good. Keep up the good work
Kefik Leradine (3 years ago)
Penetration on a GALACTIC LEVEL. Jesus, every sentient male in the universe just collectively winced and clenched. MAH BALLS MARGE
Calswei (3 years ago)
Anyone else notice Marge's nipple at 3:06 ? hahaha
Teddythe Youtuber (4 years ago)
Fucking more plzzzzzz more. Homers ass is destroyed lol
Comrade Pingu (4 years ago)
Haven't laughed that much in a while!
Steven Sepulvado (4 years ago)
Do you play with pewdiepie
bullet nose (3 years ago)
Rallinth (4 years ago)
Did you guys find Homer and Marge on workshop, or did you make them yourself?
Insane3DCheetoBag (4 years ago)
Play moar
Koala Oto (4 years ago)
does marge have nipples? O.O
SchuerKen (4 years ago)
why did it say Yogscast something at the beginning?
Tomas V. (4 years ago)
4:20 lol :D so funny...Homieee :D
baublittr (4 years ago)
SOSA TIMBERLAND (4 years ago)
Lmao every time every vid u should hav ten times more subs then pewdiepies bullshit
Crumbsly (4 years ago)
Zachary Harrison (4 years ago)
5:43 what shrek will do to you if you dont believe in him...
Zachary Harrison (4 years ago)
5:43 what shrek will do to you if you dont believe in him...
Lex Disselkoen (4 years ago)
Do more
коlоиеl мugi (4 years ago)
This vid is so funny, and I think you deserve more subs xD your vids are funny as heck I couldn't stop laughing :D

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