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CHEAPEST WOMAN TRICKS GUY INTO MARRYING HER! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and can save without being a cheapskate or penny pincher! Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications! CHEAPEST FAMILY EVER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nBoW-y2iRIk
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SSSniperWolf (2 months ago)
notification squad assemble :D streaming fortnite at 7pm PST on youtube so make sure you have notifications on EDIT: sorry guys i'm supposed to be streaming now but there's a 3hour que time to login...
Dainiichi-P (7 hours ago)
SSSniperwolf Please continue the spoiled people series😂
Catalina Galvan (6 days ago)
SSSniperWolf Hi
SSSniperWolf i love u 💙💚💛💜💓💜💖💞💗💗❤😉
Toni Ajayi (1 month ago)
Jacki Jones (1 month ago)
SSSniperWolf Sorry I’m late 😂
Gaming Lux (37 minutes ago)
Both!, the pain is real!!!!!
Cameron MacMahon (46 minutes ago)
They had no family at the wedding or anything...
sydney mackay (1 hour ago)
the royal wedding is shook
Joan Robinson (1 hour ago)
I do
lily vlogs (1 hour ago)
I got a GoPro there at the unclaimed bagel center for only 40$
Kawaii-cow Kawaai (2 hours ago)
I lick the salt of the nuts
PeacockGirl24 (2 hours ago)
ur not the only one who licks off the salt
Emily Myers (3 hours ago)
I do lick the salt off the nuts
Alexis Marante (3 hours ago)
you're not lonely😤
horvath ilona (4 hours ago)
He is angry cause she gonna waste sone money than waste it on some nice wedding dress at least
Liu Anthony (4 hours ago)
if u watch this like this comment
ciara harper (4 hours ago)
I love to lick the salt off it tastes good
Unknown Alyssa (5 hours ago)
Not a smart wedding
skattergraph (6 hours ago)
"How you going to come to work looking like a watermelon" Lia had cackling on that one. this whole video was hella funny
I_like_food .12 (7 hours ago)
I thought i was cheap😌
Bailey Dickey (9 hours ago)
He is stressed because ALL OF ABOVE,of what you said!
Giana Freeman (9 hours ago)
Over bored
Wolf Savage (10 hours ago)
I do that
Victoria Lambert (10 hours ago)
I lick the salt I suck the nuts then put them back
Acuna Matata (11 hours ago)
My OCD was kicking in when I saw Bow tie on the tux was crooked 😂
April Morgan (11 hours ago)
Me too
Haven McGee (11 hours ago)
I lick the salt off because I don't like eating them xD
Mariel Claveria (11 hours ago)
I lick the salt off of nuts all the time
Payton Miller (11 hours ago)
Not gonna lie those sandwiches look hella good I would eat them if no one touched them but that’s my fat side talking,
Chelsea Flamma (12 hours ago)
Derek Estrella (12 hours ago)
Multi Fangirl (12 hours ago)
dang, the least my mom would do as a teacher is to give me the sweets/chips she got as gifts that she doesn’t/can’t eat..
Yero Bah (12 hours ago)
Dragged he was !!!👍
GuMmY GaNg (12 hours ago)
OML they r so cheap a 100 doller ring that's a good deal and she's a flight attendant and they make alot of money💰.😑 Like BOI
ash wolf (13 hours ago)
i don't eat the nuts either.
Unknown Error (13 hours ago)
Dayyuumm my parent’s wedding ring’s are worth THOUSANDS of dollars...
Miley Hernandez (13 hours ago)
You should do seasons
POLOREAN Decks (13 hours ago)
Both. Fucking. Both.
Princess leia (14 hours ago)
All of them he is afraid of losing the money and she is using his money and he is being dragged to be in the store
thilo deh (15 hours ago)
I’m allergic to nuts, but that I wonder if she collected pretzels too!
cocoamanji (15 hours ago)
Everybody in the comment section is talking about nuts now lol.
Tequila Brown (16 hours ago)
all of the above
Star Wade (16 hours ago)
I saw that couple at the unclaimed baggage center once.
Patricia Tilford (16 hours ago)
They are so stupid
Bad Kat (16 hours ago)
Thats what it is
Bad Kat (16 hours ago)
Brennon Hotchkiss (16 hours ago)
ONE SHOT (17 hours ago)
She gonna get HIV or AIDS
Cintia Veiga (18 hours ago)
I think the guy thinks that shes poor and he has all the money which she is wasting but like she doesn't want to waste the money cause shes poor as you can see she wants the cheaper stuff
Unknown Cast (18 hours ago)
Somthing cool- it's illegal to take unwanted goods from passengers or unclaimed items. The only thing they can do is sell it or throw it away. So in some airports they have a "trashcan" they put the stuff in and then take it out of later. Cause it's not illegal to take stuff from the "trash".
Glamorous Flawes (19 hours ago)
It’s everything!!
Judie Colston (19 hours ago)
I do lick the salt off too
Jayonna Buffin-Pitts (19 hours ago)
Drag in to it
Rebecca Casey (19 hours ago)
Its smart
Chance Pearson (20 hours ago)
Michelle Perez Herrera (20 hours ago)
I feel so sorry for him
Michelle Perez Herrera (20 hours ago)
I do that all the time
Faith Francis (21 hours ago)
It because of the money
Angel Marco (21 hours ago)
You know how you have to much stuff in your mouth and falls out GERMS
Carmen Contreras (21 hours ago)
Not smart definetly not smart
kareen cyrus (22 hours ago)
All of the above
Brenna Renea (23 hours ago)
I do I lick the salt on the nuts
Mia _ Mango (23 hours ago)
A little over board ya no
jools lol (1 day ago)
The white stuff on his tuxedo
DerpyGamer:P (1 day ago)
Your not Alone,I also lick da salt of da nuts.
kalomintv (1 day ago)
She was my flight attendent😑😑😱😨
Ragad Salah (1 day ago)
This dumen shit wedding is so stupid but i liked the video
Heather Reed (1 day ago)
My aunt died this month :'(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(:-(
Ocean wonder (1 day ago)
I also lick 👅 the salt off so you’re not the only one 😂
Rosa Canas (1 day ago)
I think it’s the money 💵 💰💴
It’s smart but weird the way she does it
Devon Basim (1 day ago)
I do 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Erika Castro (1 day ago)
LMFAOO when she talking bout nuts LMFAOOO “I will suck on the nuts”
Cecil Talli (1 day ago)
thought nuts on flights were banned due to allergies ?
Elizabeth Noel. (1 day ago)
Shit I actually shop there
i love bonnie (1 day ago)
To muck mooonnnnnnyyyy
Stupid Stuff (1 day ago)
Drag into it
I've seen her on my plane before and has probly taken my nuts I've licked
blue straw22 gaming (1 day ago)
The dude is like"why is she so cheap and why am I'm marrying her"😫😒
TheFloatingMushroom (1 day ago)
I lick the salt off
Tahlia Hughes (1 day ago)
i lick the salt off
Evelyn Alfaro (1 day ago)
I thought a 75$ ring and she comes out with a 195$ ring 😂😯
blottz (1 day ago)
Why is it tj maxx is America, and tk maxx everywhere else?
ST Strange (1 day ago)
The cheapest thing ive ever done was breath. It costs 0 dollars! Wow i saved 0 dollars!!😂😂😂
ST Strange (1 day ago)
Nuts nuts nuts suck on the nuts collecting nuts😂😂😂
Hannah Osborne (1 day ago)
I think he was dragged into this
Rianna Rance (1 day ago)
I lick the salt of too
Rianna Rance (1 day ago)
Misspineapple268 (1 day ago)
i do the nut thing to
Alexis Pena (1 day ago)
The cheapest thing I ever did was watch this video
Mikey Bly (1 day ago)
Skyla Gibs (1 day ago)
If I was the guy I would get everything with her money and on the day when they ask do I, I would say I don't bich you to cheap for me
savannah kellman (1 day ago)
oh lord where was the honey at ???!!!!!
Gabbye Vlogings (1 day ago)
I think he is upset about both
Amadeusz Swider (1 day ago)
Suck deez nuts. HAHAHAHA😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tierdabear :3 (1 day ago)
I think he acting like that just because of the money😂😂😂😂
I would if no one took a bite
Jhujhu Melicor (1 day ago)
I thought they were cheap
Hey, get outta here. *Flings earbud* R.I.P Lia's earbud, We will miss you.
ekin thao (1 day ago)
Woman: let look at all the ring that fits my finger and are in my price range Cashier 1(old lady): ok 😔 Cashier 2)younger lady): just shut up already Sssniperwolf: she just got here, and they have already have enough of her shit.
I AM GROOT (1 day ago)
The cheapest thing I've done was hmm I do not know me and my friends in 3rd grade took a chocolate bar out of the trash and took pieces???
RedStone Trapper (1 day ago)
i lick the sult off
shy girl (1 day ago)
I would only still somebody's food with a frigerator that is mine and put all their food in it only if they still my food so they're showing dominance by steal my food I'm going to show my dominance and steal their food

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