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FAR CRY 5 - Good ENDING [1080P 60FPS]

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Text Comments (3500)
Clone Trooper (11 hours ago)
It would be a good ending if Ubisoft has created, in my opnion, something like this: When you walk away with the Sheriff and the deputies, after some seconds, the Sheriff turns the radio on and you listen the news saying that USA and North Korea have both signed a Peace Document, after that, the screen goes black and appears a TV screen showing Joseph Seed being arrested along with the remaining cult members and then the credits appears playing the Resistance theme. So, what do you think about my version of the good ending?
American Berserker (1 day ago)
Wha happen?
Hydjiro (1 day ago)
How is this the good ending
Tzar Nicolas The II (1 day ago)
The point is. Nothing will ever end well
I AM DOCTORCAT (1 day ago)
They are non Christian Isis are non muslim
Didi Didi (2 days ago)
How To Get A Good Ending?
Sargeant Gutter (2 days ago)
Even Just Cause has better endings than this lol
Zack Neves (3 days ago)
For such a fun game the story line and all of the endings were fucking trash
joe maths (3 days ago)
Fuck this ending. Felt like a slap to the face
Jackson Le (3 days ago)
This is not the good ending it the worst
Mr.Gametastic (3 days ago)
All the endings are poopy. Like I now it's stupid that the cliche ending is that the hero wins, but I like those endings. And when I found out there is no good ending fucked me up.
Brandon from Kentucky (3 days ago)
I guess I'll go get my $5 at GameStop now for the game.
Der Metzgermeister (3 days ago)
At the very least, I'd rather see a Quinten Tarantino-movie style shoot-out at the end where everyone shoots each other and dies, just to see Joseph die.
Cody Nonnemacher (4 days ago)
3:11 when you hit someone's car and they say don't worry about it
Rednaxela 37 (4 days ago)
The secret ending where you just walk away in the beginning was pretty much the best ending you could get.
Matt Grizzle (5 days ago)
The story of this game was absolute trash. It was so bad that it was laughable... You know, like a cheesy 80s movie that's so bad it becomes some type of cult classic? The gameplay was a lot of fun tho.
Galvarino (5 days ago)
Tbh many not agree with me but happy endings are cliche it is good to see that it has some plot to it that makes sense
Jaxon James Snow (6 days ago)
That's the bad ending
Rook, would you kindly...
THE GAMERS PLANET (6 days ago)
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Drewism (6 days ago)
This will be like the ending of the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un.
Neo2266 (6 days ago)
But... I mean... if... just... if you could just shoot him in the head at least once
Neo2266 (7 days ago)
Yeah Pratt and Rook definitely murdered everyone in that car
Seba Saif (7 days ago)
I don’t like this end or another end
sham421 (7 days ago)
there is no such thing as a "good" ending in this game. all are sadly unsatisfactory
Ajay Martin (7 days ago)
This game was kinda of bad it’s was like mafia 3 in a way but did better
Theresa Karam (8 days ago)
I guess this is the good ending, not a lot people die in the end.
Kingpierre (8 days ago)
Honestly the first time I actually been mad at how a game ended
Foxeral Gaming (8 days ago)
“Good Ending”
LiLnaserXXL O (8 days ago)
We all want peace
Gm hossain (8 days ago)
The final story should begin where it ended... Probably, we'll see the final moment of mystery in the DLC.
AntonyPancake (9 days ago)
TheRebelLion96 (9 days ago)
THERE IS NO GOOD ENDING Yeah, that's a good way to look at it...
TheRetroGamer64 (10 days ago)
It's weird watching this because I live in Montana and some friends of mine live in a huge house that belonged to a cult in the 80s.
Khyilin Kinnebrew (10 days ago)
How is this a good ending dont he go crazy when that song plays in kill everyone so didn’t he kill them
Borat segadeov (11 days ago)
Whether you chose good or bad,you should have the ability to kill that cocksucker and deactivate his bomb's.I know they're building up a sequel,but still.
TheGamingFlamingo (11 days ago)
Thats the bad ending. You would rather kill your own friends than at least try to save everyone?
lynchinjesus (12 days ago)
GOTCHA! There is no good ending. This game has the worst ending of all time.
Joshua Arnett (12 days ago)
This is the "bad" ending
Dennis F. (13 days ago)
The only thing I dont like at this game is, that the villains are kinda too op with their "capturing-rookie-move-no-matter-where-he-is" It ruines so much for me, cuz the game kinda gives u the feeling that u are helpless against the villain. And it stay's like this til the end. You cant beat joseph seed. Wich inst bad, cuz a story were the villain wins is kinda interesting but...it doesnt make sense how he capturing you.
ananto kuncoro (13 days ago)
I just notice something that rooms was not sane rooms got Bliss and struggle to fight but didn't work notice when the sheriff said rooke are you ok then everything gradually turn red mean rooke still suffer from the Bliss so this actually not good ending cause rooke could just going beserk and everyone why Joseph let rooke free and the other if he actually know that all of them will be perish in the hand of rooke
EATITTV (13 days ago)
This was not a good ending in any form of the word 😓
Self Righteous Jerk (13 days ago)
Edens Gate is clearly evil. They brainwashed, tortured, stole from, kidnapped and killed countless people. Even if Joseph is right about the future and having to prepare. In what twisted, convoluted world is how he went about it okay. The only real choice is to fight even knowing how it ends if you do. Live free or die fighting. It's the only way to exist even in real life.
the proud penguin (13 days ago)
I love far cry 5 but hate every single ending, what i would like to do is cut the cunt open, take his guts out, strangle him then cut his head off and feed the rest to cheeseburger.
Hells Bells (13 days ago)
This ending makes no sense Jacobs fucking dead at this point. Its better if your frie ds die from a nuke instead of the main character killing them.
2020 Chevy Mustang (13 days ago)
People just can't appreciate a unique ending anymore.
Xsident (13 days ago)
i call the endings like this:1.nuclear ending,2.only you ending,3.wait for it... ending.
Jonathan Acs (13 days ago)
Funny how this speech could be a letter to donald trump
AngelusFromHell (14 days ago)
I don't think there is a good or bad ending.
GoldenLogan (14 days ago)
I believe that by this point the rook is smart enough for the brainwashing to not effectively trigger him. (Aka he just turns off the radio after the screen turns black)
Kyle Arsenault (14 days ago)
This game was terrible, goodbye farcry, never again.
Rebecca Murgatroyd (15 days ago)
What happened to the old crew pointing guns at Rooks friends? Were they taken by the Bliss? If so that’s really sad
Crafty Fruit (15 days ago)
how is this good
FLOYD AND PINK (15 days ago)
Andrey Nadyssev (15 days ago)
I made walk away , but aint get an achievement , so got to end the other way
biginchsmallblock (15 days ago)
Holy shit. Immediately fire whoever wrote this garbage. Dont let them ruin any other games with their shitty writing.
Cesar (16 days ago)
This is not the good ending, the other ending is despite the chaos. You actually save your friends and arrest Seed. The fallout is an illusion caused by the bliss drug he dumps on you. Very confusing, but that’s just a result of the lackluster writing.
cody allan (16 days ago)
Fuck I didnt finish the game cause of a stupid save that kept respawning me to die from a fall. Watching this is better than taking action of my choices lmao.
Bhupen Mandal (16 days ago)
Greatest game of 2018!
Grunting (16 days ago)
that ending is ass
Finesse KING (16 days ago)
Garbage Lol fucking GARBAGE
Seán O'Dingler (17 days ago)
This game was trash.
Solus Vael (17 days ago)
All endings were crap, they were just like ME3's endings. Three crap endings that are worthless, the constant unavoidable captures killed the game for me.
Shark X (17 days ago)
wtf happened at the fucking end??
Blou (17 days ago)
"Good ending", my ass...
Mat S (17 days ago)
come back with the navy seals...
trenchcoatbandit (17 days ago)
fukking LAME had to end like that with the "good ending"
Jason Nicholas (17 days ago)
"Good" ending, they were all bad. Killed the game for me
Kul Jaj (17 days ago)
Was mathew mcconey look used for joseph in this game?
Jamish Mcquo (18 days ago)
*niggas having retarded arguments over logical and philosophical theories about the endings* ubisoft: (rubs hands together)
Lukecantsnoot (18 days ago)
I thought it was a volcano exploding but an atom bomb is just dumb
Adam 99 (18 days ago)
Worst endings ever.
IceDashStyles GD (18 days ago)
Far Cry 6 Russia 99%
John Floyd (19 days ago)
This games endings are bullshit and it was so much shit for no reason. Fun game but I can't believe that it was literally all for nothing. Like the only "good" ending for me would be putting a bullet in Joseph Seed's head.
Chard_locker13 (19 days ago)
That’s not the good ending, cuz u end up shooting up everyone in the car, and all ur friends are under the influence of the mist stuff, so u basically worked for nothing
Alector360 (19 days ago)
just like far cry 4 & dying light the following no good ending
Abdulmohsen Alamri (20 days ago)
How is this a Good ending!!
Jonathan Cantu (20 days ago)
There is no good ending, you kill the sheriff and everyone else in the truck
Swagprince69000 (20 days ago)
"Good" ending is a bit of a stretch, let's be honest. There's secret ending, trash ending and somewhat better but still trash ending.
cass louis (20 days ago)
he was no prophet, he was just a crazy fucker who used gods name in politics. He used a true thing that was going to happen to manipulate people into joining his cult (and an excuse to torture) What happened was the start of worldwar 3. And I feel like this game actually for shadows true events that could actually happen. There's all kinds of news on christains thinking the collapse and rapture are going to happen when WW3 starts because Satan is what starts division and war. it's just a conspiracy but it would make sense...
cass louis (20 days ago)
I hate how people are saying joseph seed was apparently the "good guy" hell no he led a cult that killed everyone who thought he wasn't a profit, he messed with nature, and tortured..... And we the protagonist were trying to stop this with the rebellion cause they're insane 😂
This is the bad ending you idiot the good ending is when you resist not walk away...
dimmkah (21 days ago)
I wouldn't call this a "good" ending so much as a "less tragic" ending.
FeezLof - (21 days ago)
I like to think he smashed the radio, they made it to Missoula, and everyone live happily ever after. The end.
Gw& (21 days ago)
eh. i only watched this video to know what would have happened if i chose this option but i feel like either way there is no “good” beding :/
Diogo Martinez (21 days ago)
I love that ending
Zaneox (22 days ago)
Sometimes good ending is just a fantasy.
Ultra Instinct (22 days ago)
Both of the endings are the most disappointing endings I've ever witnessed
Raghav Pratap (22 days ago)
i would prefer far cry end 4 hehehehehehehehe
Yusof Johan (22 days ago)
war never changes
Adir Gantz (23 days ago)
I got nuclear ending is this good? Or fallout?
Gabriel Ospina (23 days ago)
Ending was garbage for this game
Matt Nakata (23 days ago)
Sacrifice the weak
Oti (23 days ago)
this is the bad ending retard
Oti (22 days ago)
if you look at the other far cry endings the vague one (this one) is mostly the bad ending, you don't get to see the big picture though in the good ending the father explains how it is all gonna go down. this ending will just keep you guessing, and you did it all for nothing...
jerry (22 days ago)
So a nuclear bomb dropping on Hope County is the "good" ending?
Boldizsár Kiss (23 days ago)
that's not good ending and the resist ending bad ending too
Phuwnaren (23 days ago)
all the endings are really bad.You either murder your friends without even get to see it.or john and the nuke kills your friends in front of your face
The10 Second Account (24 days ago)
How is this a good ending if you die
DontBmad (24 days ago)
That isn’t a good ending.. the song that comes on at the end is the song that makes him go crazy so not only does he kill all the people in the truck but the others get to stay with Joseph... there is no “good ending” to far cry 5
starkwaizer (24 days ago)
Why people keep saying what Rook kills everyone in the car just because the song started to play? Even while being indoctrinated by Jacob, Rook only kills one man in the Wolf's Den - Eli. That's literally it. He doesn't kill that indian kid or Trudy. In another instance Rook simply comes back to Jacob's camp, without killing anybody. So, you know, "Only you" playing on the radio may not be a good sign, but it doesn't mean that Rook will go berserk, in my opinion. It's still a good ending to me. Cicle of violence has been stopped, the bombs won't fall and you made your peace with the Father. "Forgive... and you will be forgiven".
alex75346 (24 days ago)
this is not the good ending the classical conditioning makes you go berserk and slaughter everyone at the end

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