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FAR CRY 5 - Good ENDING [1080P 60FPS]

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Text Comments (4036)
Dylan Flinton (1 day ago)
So many views of why ubisoft ended far cry this way. Questioning weather or not one ending is a good or bad ending when there is no good ending. Kinda makes you ponder doesn't it??
Gods M3dic (1 day ago)
Fanatical Gamer (1 day ago)
i wanted to join faith but game didnt let me i love joseph seed too 😁😁
Juwan Eruel Arcilla (2 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks that joseph planted those nukes all along? because it was on cue when you arrest him at the bad ending. I find it hard to believe that there is some mystical religious bullshit force that talks to joseph and that the brainwashing and all those bliss you were exposed to is what drives you or the deputy into insanity
red gear (3 days ago)
I love you father Joseph seed...😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
JimiJenkins (4 days ago)
who else after Far Cry 5 gameplay wanna build your own church.
Jef nyssen (7 days ago)
This is the worst ending tho
Mr. Whale (7 days ago)
celtic thorn (8 days ago)
I think the protagonist has been converted by father
G Cat (8 days ago)
Fucken stupid ass ending man. Worse part of the game by far.
Talion Gravewalker (8 days ago)
This is not the good ending!!!!! And this ending is not cannon either
CowQueen (8 days ago)
Am I the only one who doesn't mind this ending or the other one? Like yeah the game could have been far far better far better indeed. Yes I do think endings are important but I don't care if we didn't kill Joseph. Yeah both endings were as people call "bad" but having an ending without like all the yayyy everything is solved ding dong the bad guy is dead doesn't mean the ending should be disliked. I mean I understand why people like endings like that but I like it also when endings have a bit of a surprise to them.
Mohammad Rezaei (8 days ago)
l was choose resist and i fight with futher
Akash Kumar (9 days ago)
Have you having far cry 5 or you download this vedio
Solaire of Astora (9 days ago)
I wait on some plot twist. 5:36 My brain: BOOOOOOM
Gonken88 (10 days ago)
You know there is an actual good ending if you just refuse to arrest Joseph at the beginning. You all walk away alive and no catch.
Marlon Magno (13 days ago)
So faltou barulho de tiros e as pessoas gritando no carro... aí seria perfeito!
Touching Evil (13 days ago)
This ending is the best in gaming history. Let it be a film.
Billel Ouabel (13 days ago)
yeah yeah thanks josef seed i am the bad guy finally
WIACZO (13 days ago)
Mate, this is not a good ending. On contrary it is the one that is shittier.
RpgBlaster Rpg (14 days ago)
Far Cry 6 vaas ghost strike back
Louis Guy (15 days ago)
Not the good ending, he wouldve killed everyone in the car when that song turned on
Royal SilverTV (15 days ago)
Uhhhhhhhhh this is NOT the good ending, you kill everyone in that car when you leave. Wtf???
youdosuck (17 days ago)
So when the whole place got nuked, that wasn't the good ending?
MrVangassen (17 days ago)
Government left, cult right - good ending is a bomb ending. Devs made this political innuendo soo cool. I shall await sojboys attacks now.
Kieran Green (17 days ago)
Both the ending of this game are shit u either drive away kill your friends and leave the farther with your other friends or u save then and get nuked where only you and the farther survive really disappointing end to what was a decent game
Retro Lightnin (18 days ago)
Anyone else here like how this game ends both ways. For whatever reason I think it’s a masterpiece
ystsyyyufssttukkuu (19 days ago)
just waiting for a few minutes later 18 cult trucks 7 planes and pretty much every resident of montana just throw themselves at the player
Vincent Roche (19 days ago)
Shit ending in this game
TheDarkCrafter (19 days ago)
Welp sorry. Looks like nothing happens what you came to do resulted in nothing but death... friends are still under tyranny. We never know if they were successful...
micky mcfarts (19 days ago)
What if you don't rescue any of your friends?
BLITzzINO (19 days ago)
4:43 BETHESDA ... is that you?
juateto99 (20 days ago)
This final its not good
limetea (21 days ago)
I done both endings the best one is to resist
Big boy 31601 (21 days ago)
Both endings are horrible!
Big boy 31601 (21 days ago)
This doesn't make sense, how'd they get infected by the bliss water?
TheYodaman22 (22 days ago)
This game was pretty good except for the shitty endings and huge story plot holes. The other ending was better, at least you get a final boss fight before you get screwed over.
Kebs Kebs :D (22 days ago)
on end is ,, Only you '' :)
Chris Hutchins (23 days ago)
That's not a good Endo if he kills his friends in the truck
Komodo Khan (23 days ago)
Only Youuuuuu
Warsaw 1047 (24 days ago)
You can do this in day?
Wayne Campbell (24 days ago)
What shitty endings
Luke (24 days ago)
This isn't the good ending. There is only the shit ending, and the really shit ending.
Bigashmack 1 (25 days ago)
I was dying when the sheriff yelled at Hudson😂
killeing (25 days ago)
Hands down the most disappointing ending to an otherwise great game, much less series.
DeadShadow DarkSoul (26 days ago)
How is this a good ending you just leave your friends that's bullshit
Eedsku (26 days ago)
I like these endings, in my option resist is good ending, i think that nuclear ending is hallucination, because, when you press continue after the ending, everything looks normal, no one died in nuclear and Joseph was killed. (This is my option)
Eedsku (26 days ago)
But why Joseph compound say after nuclear ending: "You have defeated Father and Liberate all hope county" Its got to be hallucination
Julian Vilorio (26 days ago)
It wasn’t a hallucination because in the game you get multiple hints of tension between the US and other countries. Joseph knew that something was coming and he wanted to save everyone he could. The “Collapse” he talked about was the end of the world, essentially. So everything he talked about was the actual truth, he wasn’t lying. But no one listened and they all thought he was crazy, but he wasn’t. He saw a vision of the world ending which becomes a reality because the bombs were dropped. So Joseph was right the whole time...
Cool Guy Dennis (27 days ago)
FC5 had better gameplay and overall more things to do as well as better graphics. However, the story was very weak compared to FC4. Both endings were crap
Fendrel Spawn (27 days ago)
Glad i walked away, no point in wasting time on resisting leading to this shitty ending. Because of this bullshit you can't continue the game like in 4.
Norberto Fernandez (27 days ago)
like Maniacmal said the game is a symbolism of real world problems, gamers always look on the cover of the book never to understand the real symbol of the story, they are just like: "so all of this for nothing" what a crappy ending! 🤔🤔
Julian Vilorio (26 days ago)
I agree with you. They don’t fully understand the plot. They did a lot of progress but just like Joseph said, “Everything you learned , everything you earned, everything you ever done was for nothing.” They didn’t understand the message of the game which made them angry. But if you understand the plot, the motives, the characters, then you start to agree with Joseph.
Hannah W. (28 days ago)
This isn't the good ending, this is the bad ending.
tombstone5860 (28 days ago)
I freaking hate all possible endings. Joseph Seed is responsible for drugging, kidnapping, torturing, brainwashing and forcing innocent people/ Animals to get them to join their cult and Nothing happens to Joseph Seed.
Julian Vilorio (25 days ago)
Joseph’s character is... complicated. He did kill his daughter. But I think he was traumatized after his wife just died. He also said it was a test from God. “We must show that we are prepared to serve God no matter what he asks.” It’s similar to Abraham’s test when God asked him to kill his only son to show his love for God. In the end, Abraham passed the test when God called out to him to stop and to sacrifice a lamb instead of his son. Back to Joseph it’s kind of the same concept.
tombstone5860 (25 days ago)
tombstone5860 (25 days ago)
Julian Vilorio (25 days ago)
Joseph is not crazy. His methods are extreme and should’ve been different. He only wanted to save people. His idea of saving people may not be the way you are thinking of. Joseph saw a vision of the world ending, essentially. You hear him talking about how vile society is, how destructive it is , how it is rotten. And he’s right. He only wants people to see God just like he sees Him, figuratively speaking. Yes, his torture and aggressive approach wasn’t the best to handle the situation. But he knew something was coming, the “The Collapse” he called it. He knew war was about to happen. He wasn’t going to stand there and let the inevitable happen. He just wanted to bring people to Eden’s Gates where they can be saved. He said people were safe and protected without worrying about abuse, rejection, and depravity. But that was before. Now the world is a dark place full with evil. Joseph just wanted to lead people to the light, away from the darkness. People thought he was crazy and paranoid but he wasn’t, he was only telling the truth...
tombstone5860 (25 days ago)
Because he is a fucking power hungry lunatic who thinks god talks to him.
L A VanMeter (29 days ago)
am i the only one who noticed in the verses it said a white horse would bring hell ànd the sheriffs name is Whitehorse?
trabelsi mouhamed (29 days ago)
FAR CRY 5: Music theme we can hear at the end when you have to do your final choice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zvd5MpPjYpM
Kavz King (29 days ago)
Maybe joseph seed gave him some kind of bliss he killed all of his friends in the end
Autobot Soldier (30 days ago)
I officially hate this game... can't believe I bought it. I really don't care what Ubisoft thinks, or what anybody thinks, if there's no good ending to a game, it may as well be a game that should never be played. No amount of "Good story" will tell me otherwise. All good stories need a good ending. If ya'll want a bad ending, make it an option, not a requirement. I mean, think about it, after all of that gameplay and stopping these extremists, and trying to save these people from said extremists, somehow you don't deserve a good ending for all of your good deeds? These extremists are in the wrong, why shouldn't you get a good ending? The Pastor is there, showing that just because a group of extremists takes God's word too far, that does not = bad guy. These extremists are the bad guys because: 1) They kill anyone and vandalize anyone who doesn't agree with them. 2) Those who joined were forcibly hypnotized by their BLISS shit, therefore, they are a domestic threat, period. And anyone who disagreed with them are forced to be "Cleansed". 3) NOTHING THEY DID WAS JUSTIFIED!!! WHY SHOULD WE GET ONLY BAD ENDINGS, HUH?!
Julian Vilorio (21 days ago)
Joseph did not nuke anything. He didn’t want the Collapse to happen. You think he wanted to nuke the place? He warned people about the danger that will follow but no one listened because they are too oblivious to the world around them. They don’t think about anything perilous because they live in a world full of danger. They adapted to the world, that anything bad happens it’s normal to them. Joseph said that the people who are against him live in a world filled of fear and confusion. They don’t want to listen to him because they don’t understand which leads them to not care. You know how bad this world is. You can see that. I know you can. Joseph sees that and he wants to tell people about it but no one fully understand. Yes they know how bad the world is but they don’t see how the all of those bad things can lead to something worse. I know that Joseph and the cult killed and tortured people that wanted no part with the cult. I know that Joseph kills. You don’t have to tell me that again. Killing is still a bad intention no matter the situation. If someone kills a guilty man who has killed innocent people, it is still murder because you killed that person. There is some but not full justification behind that murder. “Live by the sword, die by the sword.” The same thing applies to Joseph. His actions were brutal, I agree with that, but would you be lying to yourself if you think Joseph did this without a justification? By your emphasis on certain words, I can assume that you are part of those people who wrongly adapt to the world around you. You are angry. Confusion can lead to anger. I hope that you can see Joseph’s intentions because if you cannot see that then I cannot continue this any further. I don’t know your thought of process because I am not you. My assumption of you can be wrong.
Autobot Soldier (21 days ago)
+Julian Vilorio Ok, one... Remember Nancy at the beginning? They were cut off because Joseph had brainwashed her into commiting mutiny. If we can take that into consideration, then it's highly likely that Joseph had others outside of Hope County bring the nukes in as a failsafe should the National Guard come in. But in this case, the Player, Sheriff, Hudson, and Pratt proved too much for him. So that's why he nuked the place. And possibly the entire US to stop anyone from rescuing their officers. And remember when those lunatics basically jumped into the blades of the chopper at the beginning without flinching? That's how fucked up the cult was. If there was a real doomsday rapidly approaching, God would not consult this man, the psychopath, he would've answered through prayer to someone else who keeps the word of God to heart without so much as pushing others to follow the "Path". Jacob trained the cult to follow and protect Joseph. At all times. Even to do something stupid as jumping into the blades of the chopper. John is practically a sadist. There was nothing redeeming for him. He forces people to confess then violates their bodies by placing those tattoes on them then rips their entire skin off with a scalpel. And nobody wanted it! Faith is truly a liar, because the only thing that MAY have been the truth was her story of being found by the father. But everything else was nothing but a manipulation tactic to worm her way into people' minds. After all, she makes you jump off the statue to barely make it out of that jump alive. And as evident by the bodies splayed around you, she made other innocent people do the same. A true crossbreed of a Murder-Suicide. If anyone was truly worthy of being told by God about a doomsday, it was Pastor. He was praying for a blessing and if you think about it, you ARE the blessing answered by God in the game, as a lone cop who was forced to take drastic measures to go above and beyond in law & order to uphold justice. Another thought being since there's no backup, it's all been reduced to the old west era of upholding the law. You get caught red-handed, then you're either arrested, shot dead, or both. Since the law was practically supressed to the point of being crippled, you, and a few other officers are the only ones around to keep justice up on it's crutches. Anyway, that's why the endings were horrid. All of the outcomes was nothing short of belittling you for thinking you're going to bring back justice. It does not matter what the cultists' sob stories are anymore. The moment you commit such atrocities, you've practically abandoned all hopes for a defense.(Unless they are WILLING to redeem themselves. Which the cult NEVER begged for.) Bottom line: The cult is self-righteous, arrogant, and completely oblivious of their own wrongdoings. You are the cop who was simply doing what he was trained to do. Uphold the law. Walk Away should've been the bad ending and Resisting should've been a good ending.
Julian Vilorio (26 days ago)
You’re right that God wouldn’t approve of torture and mutiny. But if I remember correctly, I think it was Jacob that told Joseph that the weak can’t do anything and can be easily manipulated. But I believe Joseph did not agree with him but he went with it still. In Joseph’s eulogy, he said that Jacob “fought our parents, he fought the government, he fought me” So maybe they had an argument regarding the methods of the project. As for the tension between the US and Cult, I don’t think there were any because if the government saw the Cult as a threat, then why didn’t they interfere. The only help there was was the county sheriff, the marshal, and the deputies. But why is that? Well I think the nuclear bombs already destroyed most of the states at that point. Joseph didn’t nuke anything at all. And why would he? Remember the part when he showed the nuclear explosion in the bliss? I don’t think he intended to nuke Montana. He knew the nukes were coming but he didn’t plant the nukes himself. That’s why he built the four bunkers. And for John I think that he was scared of both his brothers. You can see how uncomfortable he is when Joseph appears. John was probably forced to do what his brothers said. As a child John was molested and abused. He didn’t want his brothers to harm him so he just went along with it. That’s probably why he’s sadistic because he always has to worry about being abused and threatened. Faith is more complicated. It’s hard to tell whether she’s lying or not. Like John I think she was afraid of Joseph because she too was abused, if she was telling the truth. She did drugs before Joseph found her so maybe that has something to do with it. So I think Joseph and Jacob were much more powerful while John and Faith were forced to comply.
Autobot Soldier (26 days ago)
+Julian Vilorio Sorry, but even God himself would not even approve. From what I know, God only says "spread the message, prepare yourselves". I only see this madman had set off the nukes to make his prophecy come true sooner. If there were any tensions, the tensions were between the US and the Cult. Think about it, the game should've ended with "Maybe the world will end someday... but not today. We'll prepare ourselves, the people alone, for that day." Their sob stories was nothing compared to the genocide and domestic threat they've become. They even FORCE you to do things you KNOW is wrong. But "plot" let's do "plot" instead of changing the future of the county. Evil is just as capable of using this message to try and mask themselves from consequence. If there was to be anything, it's that they END the cult and do proper preperations for doomsday. They used Bliss to force people to accept their vision. John Seed tortures people through purely sadism alone, nothing else. And anybody who didn't "confess" were killed. Jacob Seed kills anyone who doesn't keep up with them. That is his belief alone. Even forces you to kill *spoilers* to prove a point through Hypnosis. No amount of "Oh, this happens to me so that means this is how we should do it. Kill anyone who is too weak and never think about anyone else." And Faith... that lying snake. Even kills *spoilers* to prove a point through your pal. She wants everyone to accept it. And will lie to achieve that end, taunts you and kill innocent lives. The BLISS made them think what they think, NOT themselves. Yeah, it might've started out "voluntarily" at first, but as it gone to their heads, they end up seeing nothing but spirits of a mirage. Nothing they say or do will change or excuse themselves of the atrocities they've commited. They are the enemies. No one is excused from the atrocities they commit, even if there was "Good intentions".
Julian Vilorio (26 days ago)
I understand that Joseph’s methods weren’t the best but he did all of this for a reason. He knew what was going to happen and he wanted to save people from what is going to happen. Yes, his methods didn’t save them but if you look at things with his perspective, then maybe you’ll see why he did this. In the game you can learn about the tension between the US and other countries. He wanted people to see God like the way he sees Him. But people didn’t believe him, they thought he was crazy. But all he wanted was to save people from the destruction he saw in his vision. He saw the end of the world essentially. His acts of drug use, torture, and murder were extreme and could’ve done it a different way but his reasoning behind it was somewhat justified. So he was right.
Michael Gordeev (30 days ago)
It's not a good ending. You lied me
chaz FPS (1 month ago)
I chose the resist ending # what the f.......
Commongamer (1 month ago)
When the screen turn red i was "oh crap"
The Lonesniper (1 month ago)
This is called the bad ending because of the song on the radio. That STUPID radio station. The good ending is at the start of the game where you don't put seed in handcuffs
TheIceman (1 month ago)
was it worth it ?..........was it ?
Jim Wright (1 month ago)
Amazing game
Mateusz_000 (1 month ago)
No this is too bad ending 5:34
That Guy (1 month ago)
this is actually the bad ending.
Restless Owl (1 month ago)
None of the endings were good
Daniel99oslo (1 month ago)
Lol thats the boringest and worst ending. Like the ending where ur going to create an empire whit joseph is more fun.
Doc Alien (1 month ago)
this game is fucking garbage bro I wish I had the energy to tell you guys exactly why this game is FUCKING TRASH
Sharrif: we go to misula... Only you: no you're not xd.
Cody Nonnemacher (26 days ago)
What a bullshit they need to let you kill him. Ohh he our faaaaaaaaatheeeer so what? But he crazy and is very bad wants to nuke the world terrible ending and the only youu is shit too cause when that happens you go to jacob world and you are abused by wolfs gay gay ending.
ThunderBlaze Studios (1 month ago)
This is just like Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number, no matter what happens, the bad guys win. You can keep replaying, but you can't save the world...
SportsMan 95 (1 month ago)
You've lost your mind GET IN THE TRUCK!! Lol
The Real Josh Ford (1 month ago)
Come to my channel to see the most insane far cry 5 glitch No click bate for real it creeped me out Plus its bull shit on the Jacob seed fight I died and he died at same time but the game spazzed and I didn't get to see his ending
Adam Cooper (1 month ago)
The writing in this game was utter crap. I know that most people didn't play it for longer than like 2 hours, so I can understand the lack of negative reviews. But the evangelical jacking off is beyond satire. Just shut the fuck up.
MWRJET (1 month ago)
Technically, no matter what ending in this game, Joseph Seed wins. This ending, for all its ridiculousness, actually makes sense. The cult was dumping the bliss drug into the county area rivers in large quantities over the course of several weeks, or even months. Combined with mental conditioning/brainwashing techniques utilized by all the Seeds across the county, both by blasting their gospel on loudspeakers, forced compliance and coercion, even those regular people in the resistance could be under The Father’s control by now, even if they don’t know it. As for your character, the Deputy, him being kept alive by Joseph was probably because Joseph wanted his siblings to brainwash him just enough to be a trump card/sleeper cell.
lil potato (1 month ago)
my phone cracked because it's your fault
Merfoon Arloten (1 month ago)
When I gave the same thing to you and wanted to play a free game so these mission there is still what I do not understand
kim jong tiny dong (1 month ago)
i hate these fucking endings. they suck plain and simple. i hope the dlc's are better.
Jared Stuart (1 month ago)
Cheeseburger and Boomer deserved better!!
m d (1 month ago)
Gameplay is great....the story? It fuckin sucks
Freddy Johnson (1 month ago)
There's no "good ending" in Far Cry 5
BlueLuke (1 month ago)
This is the ending I choose.
ArchLP (1 month ago)
how is this the good ending? how could any of the available endings be considered good?
Matthew Crawford (1 month ago)
The reason all endings to this game are unsatisfactorily isn’t just because there is no happy ending. It’s because the game forces you to fight these people, or not play the game (Easter Egg Ending). And then slaps you with the fact that nothing you did mattered. The game doesn’t every offer you a choice to change sides, and then tries to make it look like Joseph was right all along (or at least more violence isn’t productive). If you want to pride yourself on realism in a game, then you have to have real choices to justify it. Otherwise, your just kind of a jerk for telling the player, “well you should have thought about if Joseph was right before now.” I did think about it Ubisoft, but you gave no other means then to forge along one path. That’s crap. If I play a game with choices, and I make the wrong one, even not knowing, that’s on me. But if I play a game doing the only thing the game really allows, don’t punish me for it. That’s laziness trying to stir up buzz and get people to talk about it (and it worked). If you really want to change someone perspective, you show them a different one, you don’t just confine them to that perspective and then say ,”Well you were wrong on that one.”
Whirling Music (1 month ago)
This ending is dark. I like it.
Jacob Strobbe (1 month ago)
This game literally blew wholesale ass so hard. Easily the worst Far Cry game. Why are all these game companies just complete shit now?
Jellosis (1 month ago)
I don't get what happens at the end
Pin buntha (1 month ago)
what with the end part
Bat man (1 month ago)
I don't care what people say about the symbolism we finished the game and it's like "hey all that shit you did was for nothing HA HA" this game is good really good but the endings are just terrible
Lucy Croxford (1 month ago)
I have to be 153cm every day, I'm 170cm
Lucy Croxford (1 month ago)
I made you happy
Lucy Croxford (1 month ago)
I will be like this, you should work hard on your own
Zach Limb (1 month ago)
Not every problem can be solved with a bullet, pft I used a baseball bat the entire time
Tomek (1 month ago)
That game haven't good ending
bIG eGG (1 month ago)
I wish they extended it to show the national guard showing up
Speed demon002 (1 month ago)
Good ending/bad ending you kill your friends at the end not lying
Damn mk ultra sleeper cell
nuttfarr (1 month ago)
Welp everyone you care about besides you dies or gets captured in both endings.
Brandon Delpesco (1 month ago)
This game could have been so much more than what it was. I like the beginning 10% and the last 10%, but the middle 80 was just sort of blah. Not much logic involved. Where is the cult getting it's resources from? I saw farms and outposts, that's not enough to power the cult. It takes a *lot* to keep civilization up and running. Why are the followers so devote (don't you dare say "bliss" or religion)? Why are all the places so generic? Why is the world so static, the cult doesn't fight back for control?? It felt like the devs started going down a path and then half way through just abandoned it, slapped a ribbon on it and said, "done!"
gaming Classic (1 month ago)
The secret ending at the start of the game is the best ending technically

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