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EA Dragon Age Origins - Blood Dragon Armor

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http://www.electronicarts.it/ Blood Dragon Armor Video
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kiwimarck (3 years ago)
the blood dragon armor had no business being in mass effect 2 it just does not make sense
wowbestrogue (4 years ago)
tell your bro to gtfo and use his account for that game....
DirtyJokerz (5 years ago)
In which DLC is this armor?
Asingh kahlon (5 years ago)
how to get the chest peice?
Johnnyreimer1998 (5 years ago)
does someone know where to get the weapon that matches the blood dragon armor?
Malcolm Reynolds (6 years ago)
@hobbitpotatoe you have to be a level 36 in strength before you can actually wear the armor. =D then another to get the helmet,gauntlets,and grieves you need to purchase them from a dwarf that will stumble into your camp after you save him it takes a few hours to get all of the parts. =D hope that helps
Death The Wrathsin (6 years ago)
ok so i bought this game brand new, got the code for the armor and for shale, but my brother added my codes to his account while i was at work so when i play dragon age 2 i don't get my blood dragon armor, is there a way i can get it with out buying a brand new copy again? please reply.
ohmymoo (6 years ago)
@lildemon1993 thank you soooo much i could never find it
TheDeatharcana (6 years ago)
The blood dragon armor in dragon age is just a horrible bullshit. The waist has shit dangling in there and makes you look like a fuckball -_-
Zach Bangle (6 years ago)
@borntodie297 ok
borntodie297 (6 years ago)
@maniacelf nvm i found out that something crucial was messing around. my download manager was off. and i had to get it on manually. sucked balls but now my DLC works
Zach Bangle (6 years ago)
@borntodie297 check and see if that code was out of date (like mine) if it isnt out of date all i can suggest is goin to the downloads from the main menu of dragon age
Kevin J (7 years ago)
@666GrizzlyBeast You need to buy it, it is a DLC
666GrizzlyBeast (7 years ago)
how do i get this armor. btw whats the best mage armour
alex lam (7 years ago)
hey i downloaded the helmet in the game and how do u get it in the game?
Nightmare Unknown (7 years ago)
@AshinoxVG Did you get it this year or last year?
Nightmare Unknown (7 years ago)
This thing expired April 30 2010 i don't know if its right i can still try but i don't know if it will work or not i want to play it with shale and blood dragon armor cause i have free add on pack with shale and blood dragon armor and im not so sure if it will still work or not. REPLY IF YOU THINK IT WILL STILL WORK!!!!!
Zackariah Kadri (7 years ago)
man! i can not find it in the dlc section
WOAHFOX (7 years ago)
@DarkAngel31678 Go to DLC from the main menu and you can download it.
SlipknotFanize (7 years ago)
@DarkAngel31678 did u redeem the code in dragon age origins?
SuperJontti (7 years ago)
@Rezzmee there was normal and ultimate in steam, and the normal sayd i would get it with it so...
Rezzmee (7 years ago)
@SuperJontti i think its only available for Physical Copies.
SuperJontti (7 years ago)
if im gonna buy the ultimate edition trough steam, will i get the armor ? because it dosent say so, but the normal version says ? anyone can help me ?
xanhort (7 years ago)
@Inezjaya me 2
C0T0HA (7 years ago)
anyone knows whats the music?
MightyBoosh15 (7 years ago)
@Blazz147 thanks very much mate
MightyBoosh15 (7 years ago)
this is quite gay it only gave me the chest piece can anyone help, or explain how i get the rest of the set ?
BigSkylar (7 years ago)
so if i buy a new copy the code is still good correct? no matter that it has been past the exp date?
Helonion (7 years ago)
@dragondre95 Its still usable
jedi87t (7 years ago)
@KronicStrafe really? How?...
thevideomaker456 (7 years ago)
@dragondre95 I got this game September with the code that the expiration date was april 30 but It works so have you try the code at all.
Aundre Lewis (7 years ago)
ok i have the blood dragon armor and shale code's but the expiration date was april 30 and its october so how do i get the download's?
Pratz (7 years ago)
@sgforlife88 i just re downloaded the game and it poped up for dragon age origins
Pratz (7 years ago)
@sniperwolf3607 yeah me too but i found a way to download it free
biggieb117 (7 years ago)
thumbs up if you think they slightly ripped off beserk in dragon age.
borntodie297 (7 years ago)
added this code and the one for stone prisoner from promo codes to my account but cant find out how to install the stuff to my game. could anyone please explain.
HeadGaymes (7 years ago)
you get the dwarf from doing all kindsa quests in orzammar
kraanigan (7 years ago)
You have to buy the rest for like 2 gold a piece from the dwarf at your camp.
Christian Munoz (7 years ago)
i just downloaded the dragon armour from the psn store. and when it finished I installed it thinking that the armour will be in my inventory but nothing happened. what should i do?
Benjamin C (7 years ago)
I just bought this for mac and the deluxe version still has this armor, the collector weps, Soliders peak, and the golem quest
Dan Paul (7 years ago)
@mathske240 Use it! it still works, i've buyed one today and I used, got the stone dude and the armor ;)
Los Frigos (7 years ago)
i have the code but it expired 3 months ago and i bought it today :(
Ivar Löfgren (7 years ago)
Im get the blood dragon armor free. :D
melonmasta (7 years ago)
i had the blood dragon armour download code, i just never downloaded it
Polishaisdown (7 years ago)
@pureman943 umm, you have the enchantment stone so just go to an enchanter, idk if you really need stones to enchant, because im only at the part where you have that dream about that dragon, but i hope i helped :)
roy helge hegerland (8 years ago)
i went to the website and redeemed all my codes but no items at all apear in gamehow do i get them
RJW14 (8 years ago)
@yot1411 He'll have the other parts :) Be warned, you need 36 str. to wear it. Looks wicked though.
Yotam Shamir (8 years ago)
@RJW14 And?... XD
RJW14 (8 years ago)
@yot1411 At one of the roads you travel on you'll encounter a merchant that'll follow in your party's cam.
Yotam Shamir (8 years ago)
Question. I used the promo code for the Blood Dragon Armor, and only got the Chest Plate in my inventory. Does it have anything to do with the chr's overall level or anything? I'm at lvl 8 with alistiar (who's my tank (for now)), and in Redcliff. How I get all the other parts of the armor? :O
slemmy123 (8 years ago)
@pontito No, you can't get it on awakening. It's only on Origins.
Pontus Andersson (8 years ago)
Hello i just got dragon age awekening... but i cant find the blood dragon armor... 'I got it on dragon age orgins... but not on awakening. can i get it on awakening? Have a good one :)
andrix20101 (8 years ago)
so every new version of the game has the code for the dragon armor right?

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