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AMD Vega: FE Tear-Down, Die Size, Mounting Spacing, & More

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We tear-down the AMD Vega: Frontier Edition video card, show measurements of the die size, mounting space, and GPU height, and talk cooling. Article with photos & more info: http://www.gamersnexus.net/news-pc/2972-amd-vega-frontier-edition-tear-down-die-size-and-more Like our content? Please consider becoming our Patron to support us: http://www.patreon.com/gamersnexus We have a new GN store: https://store.gamersnexus.net/ ** Please like, comment, and subscribe for more! ** Follow us in these locations for more gaming and hardware updates: t: http://www.twitter.com/gamersnexus f: http://www.facebook.com/gamersnexus w: http://www.gamersnexus.net/ Host: Steve Burke Video: Andrew Coleman
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Gamers Nexus (1 year ago)
4K is still processing! Check the article for some photos & additional detail in words. Our review should be shot tomorrow, which means uploaded tomorrow night. Tear-down article here: http://www.gamersnexus.net/news-pc/2972-amd-vega-frontier-edition-tear-down-die-size-and-more
cool beans (1 year ago)
Gamers Nexus I'm a noob, is amds infinity fabric built into this?
Chrinik (1 year ago)
It´s what I assumed, but I wanted to make sure XD You never know with all of these abbreviations running around.
picolete (1 year ago)
I fucked up, PCB
kok zzs (1 year ago)
Alex Villalobos better design xD
Chrinik (1 year ago)
Picolete what is a PCV?
Telecasterland (12 days ago)
Thanks sir for you closeup look in your tear-downs. It has helped me carefully change the TIM on both of my Vega FE's and both Vega 64's. PS that has worked out very well and I have reached much higher average clock speed with my Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut. So that stock TIM isn't doing a great job moving the heat through to the copper base-plate. I wonder if it was some sort of Alumina?
hanetar (1 month ago)
Always amusing to watch a non-machinist use a caliper :P
ぬらりひよん鯉伴 (3 months ago)
is that a vapour chamber on the cooler?
C_minus (7 months ago)
watching steve trying to figure out what a vapor chamber is
KiddJames09 (11 months ago)
Does anybody know how tall the cooler is I'm trying to water cool this with the cover back on and I wanna know how big of a water cooler will fit to be able to put the cover back on
Copper this is VAPoR CHAMBER !
tipoomaster (1 year ago)
I wish they used this blue scheme and minimalism on the normal people cards. Much better design than most of them.
itsGeorgeAgain (1 year ago)
The whole copper part is a vapor chamber, not an imperfection or a heatpipe.
KingOfGorillas (1 year ago)
His hands are so pale, for a second I thought he was wearing latex gloves or something.
traX (1 year ago)
What would actually happen, if you guys directly contact EK and let them make a custom Waterblock put a loop including a 360mm or 420mm thick Rad on it (only the card in the loop) and OC the crap out of this card? I wonder (ò.Ó) And for all the folks out there: This card isnt meant to be a play your games card. This card is designed and have to be taken as a Workstation card. In Germany the FE costs 1200€ and a Titan XP 1500€ and the FE outperforms the Titan XP by ~21% when it comes to actual Workload! In Realworld Scenarios! Its made for Small to Midsice buisinesses. Custom Watercooling would be a gr8 way to test out of it can compete under specialized circumstances in Gaming tasks.
DJHeroMasta (1 year ago)
I dislike blower cards but that blue brush aluminum....ugh!!!! Gimmie!
PongoXBongo (1 year ago)
Would it kill manufacturers to use the same style screws everywhere? Also, _so many screws_ . Use just enough to hold things together, no more no less. Non-screw options like brackets, clips, sliders, etc. are good alternatives (esp. hinge+set screw).
romromrow (1 year ago)
Sorry, but that is one of the ugliest cards I've seen.
DJHeroMasta (1 year ago)
In your eyes, yes it is.
Gideon h (1 year ago)
this channel gives such a detailed and useful information, I love this channel perfect
Thiago Coura (1 year ago)
Christ are you stupid? handle careful the board, don't present metal pieces with the board below and most important DON'T USE SHARP METAL PIECES CLOSE TO THE CORE!!!!!
Thiago Coura (1 year ago)
DJHeroMasta u saying that i cannot get anxious seeing that?
DJHeroMasta (1 year ago)
Oh, that's right, you're the one who paid $1K for it. Don't worry, he'll take good care of your card.
Emil Dahlgren (1 year ago)
that is one sexy chip tbh
Ano Nymous (1 year ago)
13:05 that's a vapor chamber dude, which works same as heatpipe it's using chamber instead which is much more efficient in dissipating heat than heatpipes, however more expensive ;) High end cards are using this type of heatsink quite often, Xbox One will have it in it's premium X model too ;)
Nihilus (1 year ago)
WOW AMD, stop being dicks. Take that sticker off the screw on the mounting bracket. We know how to take our own shit apart and put it back together. Their paste looks like thermal clay.
adamsrealm (1 year ago)
If you have to crash the card to get the fan near it's top tpm then that kind if means the cooling solution works well.
Please!!!! Test in hackintosh in High sierra
Scott DPugnificent (1 year ago)
why do all these stock cards come with blower fans and not 2-3 big massive fans and open air heat sinks?
TechGoggles (1 year ago)
In india we have a technology called editing... U can use that to make your video better... Not saying its good now, or it can be! But u can still edit it...
witnesszer0 (1 year ago)
a Delta fan those​ can get loud at high rpms
Niko Pennanen (1 year ago)
AMD has been putting those BIOS switches on their reference cards for a while, my R9 Nano has one.
Timothy Spatz (1 year ago)
I like the finish and color, but they could not care much less about aesthetics of it; though, I suppose this is just the reference card. Reminds me of the New Conglomerate from Planetside 2. Lol
Cristian Cordova (1 year ago)
I'd love to know how do you combine the ESD mat and wristband, I already have the wristband and I'll be getting the mat soon, but I don't know how to combo them as I believe you're doing in the video.
StaySic4Ever (1 year ago)
The die is looking great.
BushidoBrownSama (1 year ago)
The copper base plate you mention at 12:25 is more accurately described as a copper vapor chamber it is similar to a heatpipe
morgorth3242 (1 year ago)
this card reminds me allot of intels larrabee cards
ghostdog662 (1 year ago)
Laziest pcb cover ever. Nice coverage GN.
kuugeli (1 year ago)
the screw holes at the end of the card are for a support thingie used in rack servers atleast.
Dušan Pešić (1 year ago)
why did you not turn on the calipers lol
Pontus Wasp Magnusson (1 year ago)
The "pipe" you saw was for manufacturing. When they fill the vaporchamber.
loserspearl (1 year ago)
That tiny pipe is probably what was used to vacuum inject the vapor cooling solution.
Aaron Averett (1 year ago)
That little protrusion is the fill port for the vapor chamber that's built into the base of that heatsink. Nvidia founder's edition heatsinks have the same design, more or less.
Solar Soul (1 year ago)
Thank you
Joe Goés (1 year ago)
This the base of the heatsink is a vapour chamber
Maxi86inAction (1 year ago)
Could you render a scene in Blender and compare it to the 1080ti pls?
TheRocky3211 (1 year ago)
13:15 ,its how they fill the vapour chamber . the base is not just a block of copper .
mick hilton (1 year ago)
Tries to remove shell, removes shell screws last. Seems legit.
DoObs (1 year ago)
They should just supply this card with a waterblock and cut half the PCB down. What a waste of spawn, is what @MKBHD would say.
mr.Unknown (1 year ago)
Tiny heat-pipe, Inductors...lol ... too much amateur reviewers these days. VAPOR CHAMBER dude ... educate yourself ... Mosfets dude... back 2 school
Jawrshe (1 year ago)
Today we see nerdy caveman man handle $1000 hype train.
ZEDZEDrick78 (1 year ago)
Question, why arent they lowering the price on the 6950x ?
Dragonslay3r6211 (1 year ago)
vega - amazing memory type, ugly cooler design
oobligah (1 year ago)
PLEASE get some polymer calipers for whenever you measure dies. They're like 5 bucks.
Fistagon777 (1 year ago)
i see your videos everywhere but it feels like you take forever to get to the point and sometimes it seems you never get there
Gustavo Neves (1 year ago)
the future looks neat... there is not much on that board...
NiQ's Tech (1 year ago)
Gotta admit, thats one good looking card.
gerv55 (1 year ago)
Do you have some kind of nervous tick where every gpu fan in your mind is a "vrm fan" ? frigging irritating...
turbonut20v (1 year ago)
oh look someone painted a gtx 295 blue......
drthsons Dot (1 year ago)
Dude... That's a vapor chamber... I swear you've seen them before???
mountedpatrolman (1 year ago)
The thing looks like an IKEA graphics card
Agost (1 year ago)
That heatsink looks rather small.
X Hidary (1 year ago)
I want to see a motherboard that has a separate socket for CPU and GPU, same with memory too.
isaid murillo (1 year ago)
mucha paja loco
DR.NEGA (1 year ago)
to me its AMD JUNK.............OVER HEATING GPU AND OVER POWER USAGE FOR WHAT ....4k oh please even 1070gtx can do wonders in 4k without the noise and the power hungry for gaming...
Not4You (1 year ago)
DR.NEGA this is a workstation card that can game. It's not meant to compete with gaming cards
Dan R. Hansen (1 year ago)
13:20 - It's a vapor champer.....
kingofnfsfan (1 year ago)
this card is soooo beautiful 😍
Pvt. Duckling (1 year ago)
You are literally the first Youtuber to say that it isn't a gaming card... I see all these "professionals" immediately calling it out on poor gaming performance without a driver and only brief mentions of "it seems to be doing better than Nvidia on the professional side", no fucking shit, that's it's purpose...
ZerO (1 year ago)
Well, I got my porn for the day. Thanks Gamers Nexus!
Dimitry Victor (1 year ago)
i think that copper plate is one big flat heat pipe / vapor chamber .
Nigel Farage (1 year ago)
my rule +15% gain for rx vega
Robert Lidster (1 year ago)
What really worries me is you haven't a clue what you doing or talking about I know more then you about this card and I was hoping I would learn something from you. Do you home work before you make a video and yes its a bios switch and its a vapour heat sink. It's fair to say if all your videos are like this ill not be watching any more.
Henryk Wieniawski (1 year ago)
Bro get a haircut
John Hooper (1 year ago)
Why does nobody compare this card to the previous AMD Pro Card the Radeon™ Pro WX 7100.. I dont get it.. These cards have own AMD Pro drivers.. http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/pages/workstation-graphics-drivers.aspx
SunRed (1 year ago)
The dipswitch on the side is indeed a bios switch. One of the AMD guys confirmed it in PCWorld's review of this card.
Jensen Huang (1 year ago)
Only onpar with GTX 1070. Forget it when I said the upcoming GTX 2060 will obliterate it. I can comfortably guarantee that our GTX 2050 Ti will destroy the fastest Vega.
DR.NEGA (1 year ago)
oh yes 2050 ti did kill for gaming and its not next gen nvidia gpu yet...we still waiting for piscal refresh and optimise version yet...the volta will make AMD no such thing of a company or AMD might not even exist for 2018...they will filed bankrupt..AMD can't afford cpu and gpu same time...overspending will killed the company....nothing is cheap for fab and parts..
Pvt. Duckling (1 year ago)
Not for gaming.
MassEffectVanguard (1 year ago)
but how fast can this beast mine Etheruem????
kakaraka (1 year ago)
great video , desaign is luxury
Johnathan Drolte (1 year ago)
Best tear-down yet. Thanks a bunch
Peter Nyman (1 year ago)
Made in Sweden?
YunJian Wong (1 year ago)
Bayan Zabihiyan (1 year ago)
I think that bios switch might be to switch between gaming and workstation bios
Alex Villalobos (1 year ago)
I wish you had more subs
0R1G1N3_109 (1 year ago)
GN - "Everything else feels loose now" that's R Vega for you. 😙
Alex Villalobos (1 year ago)
Wait in order to measure the die size they use the volume of the die no just the area
jon (1 year ago)
Those extra screw holes are for metal brackets that attach to the end of the card for securing in some workstation/server cases. All high end Firepros have em and come with that metal attachment. And that's probably a vapor chamber, not a heat pipe.
Jonathan Stinebaugh (1 year ago)
looking at the card with the heatsink off looks rather familiar to the fury series thanks to HBM really hope they will release a update to the nano for use crazies that want a Vega Nano also looks like they fixed that one exposed part of the HBM that was a issue with previous version that could be damaged with a cloth!
dbzssj4678 (1 year ago)
Its not a copper plate, it is a vapor chamber like the sapphire vapor x. I don't think this guy has been around tech for more than a few years, these videos should have in the title, Average Joe disassembles a thing and says incorrect things multiple times.
Benito Wymeersch (1 year ago)
only 4900 rpm? weak stuff, my gt 220 goes up to 16000 rpm (according to hw monitor and msi afterburner)
Alex Villalobos (1 year ago)
I knew someone was going to send you one
Alex Villalobos (1 year ago)
Nvm you guys payed for it but it looks nice
Spazmo (1 year ago)
sorry Steve, but the way you handle your tools (especially the calipers) makes me glad you didn't decide to become a carpenter or so
AVLRECORDS (1 year ago)
AMD video cards -- _-- Sl000wwwwww *LOL AMD people looking for excuses again!!! The workstation is the same chip u dumbasses!* stop the excuses!! accept the failga
Mythricia (1 year ago)
Bloody hell that's a lot of bypass caps on the backside of the GPU mount. They were trying to fix something or other by sheer volume. I don't think I've ever seen that many bypass caps on anything , no FPGA, no custom ASIC, no CPU, nothing. Wow.
MrKillswitch88 (1 year ago)
Lol how could you not know that cooling block its, its not a solid piece of copper but a vapor chamber and the nipple on the side is where they pump the air out then inject the fluid as well the wick.
MrKillswitch88 (1 year ago)
Nice a vapor chamber, about time that made a come back and that cooler setup reminds me of the Fermi card where all you had to do was pop off the shroud then access the block without needing to remove the mid plate.
Dagalagadingdong (1 year ago)
That thing on the cooler (at 12:55) should be the closed hole for filling the liquid of the vapor chamber ... like in the XBOX X.
O!Technology (1 year ago)
The heatsink is a vapor chamber not just a piece of copper
P J (1 year ago)
Impressive to put 16GB vRAM on that small surface!
Alex Villalobos (1 year ago)
P J hbm mah dud
Cristian Martinez (1 year ago)
Not meant to sound harsh but I was watching a MLP episode with my dauther earlier and this guy looks like one of those characters when he lets his hair down around 17:17 lol
grg (1 year ago)
Vaper Chamber
Arek R. (1 year ago)
Whole baseplate of that heatsink is one giant "heat pipe", and that nipple is liquid filling port.
Arek R. (1 year ago)
PCB looks more than 1mm
Trolling 4 Dollars (1 year ago)
Someone needs anew battery for their calipers
Delta Zhang (1 year ago)
that is not a heat pipe. It is actually what they called vapor chamber. Kind of a flat version of heat pipe.
Mason Andersen (1 year ago)
you guys have the best use of patreon. Using it to improve coverage and get things first is very nice
pjtruslow (1 year ago)
uhh vapor chamber?
Zied (1 year ago)
this card looks so cheap quality
MrTommymxr (1 year ago)
steve is so bad at disassemblies NotLikeThis

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