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The Nice Guys | official red band trailer #1 (2016) Ryan Gosling Russell Crowe

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official trailer for The Nice Guys
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Austin Dickerson (9 months ago)
The following restricted preview has been approved for appropriate audiences by the Motion Picture Association of America. The film advertised has been rated R for violence, sexuality, nudity, language, and brief drug use.
Jacky's Cookie (11 months ago)
So I watched this, and there are naked scenes and also funny jokes.. and It was an amazing experience
Carstuff111 (1 year ago)
Really need to see this now!!
Goofball Gaming (1 year ago)
Im Aaaalive!
luna borges (2 years ago)
this movie is great. their chemistry on screen was great, the story was great, i really loved the movie. waiting on the nice guys 2.
alsadiyarto (2 years ago)
This movie is good. I enjoy watching it...especially when that annoying girl died. Hah!
Kd (2 years ago)
ryan screaming the whole movie fn hilarious!!great movie!
jonhhh13 (2 years ago)
This movie was fucking good
Kinsli R (2 years ago)
This was a really nice movie....but the little kid in there was jus a little bit 2 noisey and she talks way 2 much.....she's should have gotten less lines but overall it's was a good movie I would recommend it.
Benjamin MT (2 years ago)
Whats the bass song in the begining? Man i love that bass rifff
Melissa Ngai (2 years ago)
That gun scenes are always my favorite. The ankle gun scene and the scene where March throws it out the window are just great.
Vladimir Venkov (2 years ago)
I was expecting a lot more from this movie. It is overrated... I didnt even watch it until the end...
Bryce Dunn (2 years ago)
1:02 I wouldn't brag about that...
Liam Neeson (2 years ago)
Bloody Moments Gun Shot And Fall
Liam Neeson (2 years ago)
What Last Song ?
This movie is just Doooope. It makes me want to be born in 60s in America so that I could experience all that party- never-stops lifestyle.I was born in 90s btw and I'm from Ukraine:) totally in ❤️ with this movie
Alexandar Popov (2 years ago)
We just saw the whole movie in 3 minutes.....
joeblowmha (2 years ago)
Tamlinearthly (2 years ago)
Well, at least they throw in Keith David and Yaya DaCosta. But, yeah, you're not wrong. Sigh...
IGameChangerI (2 years ago)
Didn't expect the role of the kid to be that large, but was surprised at how great it turned out to be. Really funny character that complements Crowe and Gosling's roles very well. Also surprised at how much they made Matt Bomer look like Tom Cruise. Dude's scary.
Patrik Öhrström (1 year ago)
Iza Bertók (2 years ago)
2:18 what this song name?
There were a lot of great scenes from this movie
TheSMLIFfilms (2 years ago)
Everyone PLEASE see this movie instead of Alice In Wonderland 2 or TMNT. Just show Hollywood that this is what you want to see.
Shekhar Singh (2 years ago)
I saw the movie.Its a nice movie guys.
The Movie Buffs (2 years ago)
Watched the movie it was alright, like always they put the best jokes in the trailer, and the action was awesome, but not so much of it. I still think it's a good movie. 7/10
Laz N (2 years ago)
saw it , funny
Pushaan Gullia (2 years ago)
what's the song name
Didodi Drive (2 years ago)
I loved this movie! So refreshing! So sick of superfuckers flying around everywhere. Nice to see a couple of regular guys I wouldn't mind hanging out with.
WeegieMovies (2 years ago)
This movie was sooo good!! Honestly one of the funniest, if not *the* funniest movie of the year. Check out my review for a fuller opinion, but yeah I loved this!
PaulBeen (2 years ago)
Ryan Gosling's scream is so funny. This actor is really good, he always decides to play in movie where he can mark people.
MD. HABIBUR RAHMAN (2 years ago)
You can watch The Nice Guys here https://twitter.com/e89829d4a0eb00e39/status/734998031968391169?nid=30724a40-6cf6-489a-aa68-ddd9f0135695 The Nice Guys | official red band trailer #1 (2016) Ryan Gosling Russell Crowe
dashrirprock (2 years ago)
Watched it today. Disappointing movie.
your mom (2 years ago)
+dashrirprock wow just wow... Wow dude how
dashrirprock (2 years ago)
It's sort of incredible how my mild comment can inspire this sort of volcanic remark. I said it was disappointing, I did not say it was bad, awful or the worst movie ever. It has a 90% on Rotten Tomatoes, not a 100%. And besides, that aggregator is not the arbiter of truth. Take a moment to seriously reflect on your comment. If your ability to evaluate Youtube posts is any indicator of your ability to evaluate movies, well, you get a rotten tomato.
KPG__ (2 years ago)
And it has a 90% on rotten tomatoes. You're fucking stupid. I personally saw it and it was so much better than angry bird and neighbors 2
MadBunnyRabbit (2 years ago)
I loved the trailer, but I feel like it gave too much. Or what could be even worse, showed all the funny / interesting bits.
Cernold (1 year ago)
hint, do not watch trailers like ever
luna borges (2 years ago)
dont worry it did not show everything. i thouhg the same when i watched the trailer. the movie is hilarious . it is really woth watching
The Veneficus (2 years ago)
Trust me it did. I just saw this a few hours ago and all the funniest bits are in the trailers. Their are some funny scenes, one of which involves a 10 year old boy trying to show Ryan Gosling his "huge dick". But the best scenes are unfortunately spoiled.
MadBunnyRabbit (2 years ago)
cool, well, I was going to watch it anyways, since I've watched a review of it first, just wanted to check and get some impressions from the trailer. But yeah, it's good to know :)
Shawn Kemp (2 years ago)
No trust me it didn't do that at all. That's what I thought going into the movie but to my surprise, none of the funniest parts were in the trailer
Be Limitless (2 years ago)
"Romper Stomper" and "The Believer" actors unite. I can't wait to see it. Gets a 8.2, awesome.
redeyedbandit1251 (2 years ago)
Came out of this movie, Ryan Gosling stole the show. Almost everything he did and say was hilarious.
996simen (1 year ago)
March March he's our man, if he cant do it, no one can!
John Wick (2 years ago)
Haha the story about Nixon & his secret service guard dying in his arm after being told he was going to live
thelastholdout (2 years ago)
"I think I'm immortal!" With all the shit that happens to him throughout the film, he might not have been wrong. :D
Mr Bubbles773 (2 years ago)
Richard Nixon in the pool had me dying.
Virtual Tyler (2 years ago)
Movie Review: Warning this is an opinion so if you don't want to hear it or are offended then go fuck yourself: I absolutely adored this movie! I don't often love a movie and to be honest usually I am pretty harsh on them but this is a great film. It's not the best film ever made or anything but it's flawless for what it's trying to be which is a stupid noir buddy cop comedy! When I say "stupid" I am referring to the good kind of stupid. This movie was interesting, had a great plot, great characters, fantastic script, and even really good film making as a bonus!!! 9.5/10 Video Review: I am not the best typer so if you'd rather just hear me talk about the movie. I do movie reviews on my channel and I have one for this movie!
Barry Villacarillo (2 years ago)
A movie with badass Russell Crowe and wussy Ryan Gosling. Sign me up.
Christoph Matthews (2 years ago)
whats the song that goes well you know i feel good in this motherfucker
lmhvfd (2 years ago)
tbh i thought it was james brown, had no idea it was mark ronson
The Veneficus (2 years ago)
Can't you just search the lyrics?
PurpleMetal75 (2 years ago)
Feel Right by Mark Ronson (ft. Mystikal)
Jimmy Cage (2 years ago)
I already had the chance to see this movie at an early press screening. It's a great buddy action comedy thriller mystery and the chemistry between Crow and Gosling is terrific! :) If you like to see my full review feel free to take a look at my channel! :)
BWP498 (2 years ago)
Please be as amazing as you look.
General Price (2 years ago)
Much more amazing then it looks
BWP498 (2 years ago)
+Mooneken instant classic
Mooneken (2 years ago)
Yees! :D I went to watch it without knowing anything about it, My brother suggested it and I didn't even watch a trailer. I didn't have such a good time in the cinema for a very long time!
BWP498 (2 years ago)
+Mooneken I know it was so awesome!
Mooneken (2 years ago)
It is!
nanduribhai (2 years ago)
why did he say from the director of iron man 3 and not kiss kiss bang bang :s
mikeyFREAKINGv (2 years ago)
Because Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is nowhere near as well known as Iron Man 3, so it wouldn't get the audiences attention enough if they mentioned it instead
LordJaeger6277 (2 years ago)
This is gonna be ridiculously fun. I can tell.
WarmIce (2 years ago)
1:02 fuck yeah, screw haters.
On9 Fung (2 years ago)
Russell: Gun!!! Gun!! Ryan throws it out of the window Russell: FUUCKKKK! Ryan: SHHHHHITTTTTTTTTT
Bat mack (2 years ago)
You know, it´s been around the same time since they did LA confidential and this one than there was between the settings of both films. It could have been awful yet funny if it was a sequel
Lawrence (2 years ago)
shit looks fuckin hilarious
Jeremy Brunk (2 years ago)
this looks awesome and I don't like Gosseling or Crowe at all.
Ryan Gettig (2 years ago)
Give a shit about "Iron Man 3",this is the spiritual successor to KissKissBangBang,Shane Black God Bless Ya ann May you always be well:)
Chief Ardo (2 years ago)
Ha ha ha... I am totally watching this film.
Chief Ardo (2 years ago)
Ha ha ha... I am totally watching this film.
SagnolTheGangster (2 years ago)
GTA Vice City the Movie
Dominik Orzeł (2 years ago)
ɷɷɷ I Haveeee Watcheddd Thissss Movieeee Leakedd Version Hereeee : - https://t.co/EQMyZQlo5e
omgersk8er (2 years ago)
You're thinking of Scarface.
Arjun (2 years ago)
What's the first song that plays?
Arjun (2 years ago)
+e-nchanted 13 Thank you kind person :)
Mia Watson (2 years ago)
A taste of silver by until the ribbon breaks
Rizwan Aziz (2 years ago)
Looks like another crappy movie, rip off from movies such as "the other guys". Wouldn't waste my time watching this...
noah busch (2 years ago)
this movie is gonna rock and can some one tell me what kiss kiss bang bang is?
Dayne Chastant (2 years ago)
+noah busch Movie starring Robert Downey Jr. as a thief who get recruited for a movie. Val Kilmer plays his mentor. The two of them gets pulled into a murder mystery involving a girl from the thief's past. Smart movie, crisp dialogue, and the stars put in some great performances.
JokerFace (2 years ago)
I have to see this!
trexguy (2 years ago)
Can't wait!!
ghostwhisper666 (2 years ago)
From the director of Iron Man 3! Who gives two shits about Iron Man 3?!
Zee Daviana (2 years ago)
+ghostwhisper666 12:39 The Nice Guys Movie Available in hd quality Stream now https://plus.google.com/+SiskaMirandaLaos/posts/hZYSegKQKGU
Sam Marshall (2 years ago)
Tony Dracon (2 years ago)
+ghostwhisper666 lol
Brandon Hewitt (2 years ago)
The part where he throws the gun through the window cracked me up bad.
ODDBALL SOK (1 year ago)
and the janking the shotgun with one hand which did NOT get reloaded as per every holywood movie...
Just like the window.
Mr Boombastic (2 years ago)
Anyone know the song at 0:45
heimdal8 (2 years ago)
"The last boyscout" is one of my favorite action/comedies and this looks similar in tone so hopefully Shane Black is back in good form. Also: Russel Crowe back in Bud White-mode and Ryan Gosling as a pathetic loser taking his daughter to a whore-party... Seems OK to me!
Winter (2 years ago)
Been waiting for one of these late 1900 movies
Jack Park (2 years ago)
It's more of a late 1970s set film. No one says "late 1900s" except those who can't suss out what decade a film like this is meant to take place.
TheSuave101 (2 years ago)
ryan makes this movie awesome. however i dont know why russels weight is bothering me.
dave rumbear (2 years ago)
this and "everybody wants some" look good.
CJ (2 years ago)
Looking forward.
Lindsay Truscott (2 years ago)
Dat ass slap
Jeremy Gabryszak (2 years ago)
It's weird seeing these two do this type of movie. But it shows their great acting range.
sidescream9 (2 years ago)
So exited
Max Silburn (2 years ago)
From Shane Black: That one guy in Predator
leisurelydinner (2 years ago)
Russell Crowe just phones in his performances these days.
sbm1985 (2 years ago)
Please, please, please don't let this be like Lucky Number Slevin and have Ryan Gosling acting like an airhead the whole movie only for the "twist" to reveal he's actually a well-coordinated, calculating, cold-hearted, killing machine.
TheKillerC94 (2 years ago)
whats the song by 00:40
Thomas Fernandez (2 years ago)
What is the music in this trailer?
Thomas Fernandez (2 years ago)
+Matthew Bentley Thanks for the name ;)
Matthew Bentley (2 years ago)
feel right mark ronson
Matthew Bentley (2 years ago)
feel right mark ronson
Matthew Bentley (2 years ago)
feel right mark ronson
Harsha Tammireddy (2 years ago)
I feel like it should be said as the director of kiss kiss bang bang than iron man3
CRIMSON ARTISTS (2 years ago)
+Harsha Tammireddy I agree
Smokey McJoint (2 years ago)
+Harsha Tammireddy True, problem with that is the general movie going audience is far more familiar with IM3.
crazy cracker (2 years ago)
who else thinks this film looks amazing
Mohammad Khubaib Khan (2 years ago)
Mark Hazleton (2 years ago)
I have yet to see a trailer as entertaining as this in the past year. EVERY time I see this trailer at the movies I'm like "Now THAT should be the most antiipated film of this year!". The style of it looks very authentic, the 2 main actors in a comedic role seem to have PERFECT chemistry...and it's not just some PG-13 cash-grab, it's an R-Rated FUN action/comedy that we haven't gotten in a LONG time. This is definitely a must-see without a doubt.
Doctor Manhattan (2 years ago)
I LOVE Kiss Kiss Bang Bang anf I got the feeling that I will love that too :)
Drazic Cox (2 years ago)
song name?
Megan E (2 years ago)
Gosling? Hagalglaglaglag. Crowe? Hlaglaglalgalgalg. MATT BOMER? HALGALGAGLALGLAG.
NJ Grant (2 years ago)
now women are gonna stop hating on nice guys including christian bale.
Nes (2 years ago)
Whats the fuckin name that song?!
jigsawzoubir (2 years ago)
Now that's a well done trailer, and that's my hypest hype.
شذى (2 years ago)
Looks so funny!
Digonto Zahid (2 years ago)
Chris Stone (2 years ago)
No! Nnnnnnnnnnnnnnno! NO! NNNO! XD kills me every time
Matthew Stacks (2 years ago)
I don't know why but I always laugh my ass off at 1:17 to 1:21. I hope in the movie that it's a full minute of that lol
Nnn Nnn (2 years ago)
Matt bomer <3
ranakin9000 (2 years ago)
this looks promising.
Nikolay Chakarov (2 years ago)
this is kiss kiss bang bang 2 :)))) - like true detective second season-new cast , new place
Brya Harris (2 years ago)
The music in the background just makes the trailer even better like yesss
Nadeem Mohammed (2 years ago)
+James S. Bronson Feel Right*
MrSeaborn1 (2 years ago)
Do you know the name of the song?
Kyle Campbell (2 years ago)
And I thought Iron Man fans would be furious
electric_magnetic (2 years ago)
yawn... the "comedy" is so fucking pedestrian... can't they hire actual comedians to help out with the setup and punchlines, jokes in general... this is that every guy Joe type of comedy... ugh... incidentally as an unofficial sequel to kiss kiss bang bang which was teeeeerrrriiibbbllleee waste of time I don't see this being any better... oh... why no POC?? from the look of it, none
Damir Uvalin (2 years ago)
Wow, this actually looks good. Something exciting to watch in 2016.
Not Michael Jordan (2 years ago)
Watching Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang right now! This reminds me of that so it should be pretty damn awesome.
Samuel Chuaungo (2 years ago)
That scream though 0:39
WTFisditvoorBULLSHIT (2 years ago)
From the director of IRON MAN 3??😃😃 Wait...what? 😕
Cole Watkins (2 years ago)
I spotted ty simpkins in this
RUBIN BARBER (2 years ago)
lethal weapon 70s style
John Hamilton (2 years ago)
Totally going 2 the top of my 2016 my see list.
Felipe Barros (2 years ago)
this is a fucking awesome trailer but it showed too much
LukeMM95 (2 years ago)
Finally, a real movie.

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