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Halo Infinite: Everything You NEED TO KNOW

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Halo Infinite (Xbox One, PC) was announced at E3 2018. Details are still slight and the game is a ways off, but here's all of the info we managed to gather. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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gameranx (10 days ago)
We probably won't actually see this game for quite some time, but what do YOU want from it?
Vedant Bhardwaj (1 day ago)
A reboot of halo 4.
SpicyTaco101 ' (2 days ago)
I just want...Halo I guess
GUNNER _37 (3 days ago)
gameranx I want to be a marine “helping chief” so that the story changes just a little bit
Philip (4 days ago)
I actually think it will be on a Halo with a missing piece or several Halos with different seized pieces missing !
Anirudh Ramachandran (5 days ago)
Master chief's face
Candy Love (3 hours ago)
I hope this new engine will leave plenty of dead bodies all around. Guardians they start to disappear after like 10 kills.
Brandon Linthicum (3 hours ago)
man I would love an openworld. maybe have multiplayer with forge again in the world? I miss the custom games forge days.
Irma Chihani (4 hours ago)
343 better not fuck it up with battle rolal
joe jordan360 (5 hours ago)
They should make an A.I. from the chief and give him that one.
Hunter N (6 hours ago)
Jokes on us, it’s just an amazing overdone trailer for a mobile game lolz
Nathan Furlong (8 hours ago)
I can't wait for game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HALO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jack Mitchell (9 hours ago)
Yes finally jeez WERE HAVE YOU BEEN E3 WERE!!!!!!!!!!
I hope the don't make it like the destiny franchise cause halo is u unique and in my opinion God like in the its original form
Jacob French (12 hours ago)
An open world game doesn't always have much in the way of story. A shared world usually has questionable story plot and a multiplayer setting might as well just say "fuck the story" but some games have had excellent storyline for open world and shared world. So I'm very interested in seeing just what they're doing with this.
Gordon Fiala (12 hours ago)
I have to comment because I am a Halo Fan Cortana: Cortana's memory banks are full. The temporary memory which is relative to processing, is superseding the ancient memory, so the Antique memory is being deleted. Those fragments of lost data, are confusing her Identity. So she is losing cognitive functions that she uses to form her personality. As a result, she will inevitably lose all of her Identity and revert back to Practical AI. But, She was primarily the one processing the new data. So it still is truly her, and thus is invaluable to Whom she is. The old data can be backed up, but she is fawked, and dangerous. ~ I loved, - though I hated - that Chief is now "Celestial" or a "Prime"... for the love story. (I love Asexual love / plutonic*) Being made into energy was hard to be enthusiastic about... I haven't beat Halo 5 yet.
Gordon Fiala (12 hours ago)
i guess I will have to
Karl O'Neill (13 hours ago)
halo will never fully achieve what it has the potential to be
Chris M (14 hours ago)
O'Donnell hasn't been with Bungie since 2014...
Assassin Boy (16 hours ago)
Don’t try to spoil it
Chrono Hax (22 hours ago)
Half life 3?
Papa Triggatonii (1 day ago)
Ambitious? I’m curious but you’ve forced my expectations to be low. 343
Chuckle MuChuckle (1 day ago)
Halo battle royale
Emilio Z (1 day ago)
when i switched to pc i was scared i would never see halo again. 5:56 YES!!!! THANK YOU 343!!!!
David J. Martin (1 day ago)
Master Chief's helmet and suit look more throw back to halo 2 and 3.
Anarchy 5475 (1 day ago)
It looks like halo instead of that bs halo5 still good game but halo reach days that was halo
I want to see what master chiefs face looks like
Parabab (1 day ago)
343 better rival cod and bf with this one, they've been in shit for quite some time now
TheSpookedGhOsT (1 day ago)
It better be cross platform they did it with fortnite they can connect their own damn servers
Justin Mayo (1 day ago)
I'm looking to see what up with Cortana and Master Chief may even them bring back The Arbiter to poke the chief in the side.....
Cerberusx 32 (1 day ago)
Not a big fan of the new art style. Feels lacking and the armor looks, kind of lame.
Rodrigo Beltran (2 days ago)
Can’t wait to see how this will turn out, I’m so excited
Ghost Fox (2 days ago)
I swear to god if it's some ESO type shit I'm done.
Honestly I’d be into an open exploration of a halo ringworld. Maybe an alternate game mode where you play as a marine or something stranded on the ringworld or doing missions with other players, one that rewards cooperation and smart thinking since you dont have power armour or augments to back you up
Bret Gillis (2 days ago)
I am looking forward to the single player mode of the game it looks really sweet
Normal Fag (2 days ago)
"This does not make any sense from business standpoint. Xbox gamers only buy multiplayer games with lootboxes in it. This will probably soon be cancelled just before release and the studio will be shut down."
Kobi Neff (2 days ago)
i hope it gives the same feeling you got when playing halo 2 and 3 as well as something new like a shared open-world i mean imagine being able to actually explore the halo universe also something i want is cortana and master chief to work together again or at least join up by the end of the story
Jonathan (2 days ago)
If they make this online only they will lose a lot of Halo fans.
Oliver Knights (2 days ago)
Urgh... the suit isnt new, its from Halo 3. Thanks god they finally listened. 343 destroyed the franchise.
Jayjay Merritt (2 days ago)
I don't care what anybody says. I love every halo for different reasons. Every time I regret owning an xbox, I remember why I bought it. I also own and love ps4. Good time for gaming.
Im just a tad worried. There is alot of SJW madness going on at the moment, just look at many games and movies nowadays eg. Battlefield 5, battlefront 2, oceans 8 etc, force feeding us women in lead roles which sucks. With this new trailer for halo, when they reveal the master chief, his leg looks kinda slim, im hoping they dont do any sjw crap here, and give us a female chiefess.....
Value Mercy (2 days ago)
I liked the halo 4 and 5 outfit more than OG one because it just fit right that hes always in combat and it made sense to have a gritty heavy suit but thats just my opinion.
Value Mercy (2 days ago)
I liked the halo 4 and 5 outfit more than OG one because it just fit right that hes always in combat and it made sense to have a gritty heavy suit but thats just my opinion.
Old man yur15 (3 days ago)
I hope this isn't going to be another halo wars
earthworm jim (3 days ago)
look lit as hell
Grant McCormick (3 days ago)
I was a little kid when I was exposed to halo ce... I remember playing missions over and over with my dad. I'm so glad this will be coming out on PC since I have since switched to PS4 and PC gaming. I hope it's not an open world game... I'm looking forward to release!!!!
spanishqueen2 (3 days ago)
they should make a game with cod vs halo
Destro (3 days ago)
Another dissapointment incoming
Uncharted Gaming (3 days ago)
Feels open world... Open looking atmosphere, daytime/nighttime, literally having the name Infinite. Hmmmm.
Steven Franco (3 days ago)
better be single player done with multiplayer bulls hti splits scrren coop is cool but just done with online ull shit
Ramon Perez (3 days ago)
All the changes sound cool hopefully this releases with the new console. Don't change the mark II helmet tho its iconoic!
Emphaa (3 days ago)
Bearware ! (3 days ago)
Im feeling the nostalgia ;_; ......I just want them to do it right.....if they have to take time to do that......I can wait a little while longer......... but it really is emotional seeing and hearing it all......brings back my childhood...........praying that they do it right .....
Liam McKenna (3 days ago)
Idk if people just aren’t saying it or if I’m the only one that thinks this, but I don’t feel great about the new, more cartoony looking graphics and was looking forward to seeing the more gritty looking stuff from previous games. “Oooou it looks like his old helmet.” Okay but everything looks like Fortnite (exaggeration)
Benyhl2 (3 days ago)
Damn i REALLY need to save $$ for uber pc xp
Sir William (3 days ago)
People in the comment section be like: "I didn't want to have to pay 60$ to play online so I spent 1000$ on a pc. That way it's cheaper." I'm dead
Liam English (3 days ago)
Open world FPS single player RPG... i would die of excitement.
FLAREMC14 (3 days ago)
I don’t like the new master chief armor at all
SA GamingHD (4 days ago)
Im into story mode
Bushwookie Airsoft (4 days ago)
I believe that this is the ring from halo wars two and those marines got stuck on the ring
3:07 or maybe it means fight for Cortana? *-0
2:06 doesn’t he die in 2560?
Ambitious halo game? Where have I heard that before ***HALO 5 CRAP INTENSIFIES***
Anthony Rodriguez (4 days ago)
What if the Halo ring they're on is the Halo ring that Cortona activated at the end of Halo 5
Borat Sagdiyev (4 days ago)
Halo finite > Halo Infinite
Moto Street Hawk (4 days ago)
Just dont do what Halo wars 2 beta did then corrected, make it overwatch style. That was just not cool for halo.
Misha Lushie (4 days ago)
This already seems better than 4 and 5. All I’m praying is that it doesn’t go to shit.
Trancenectar (4 days ago)
Halo 1 was the best.
ExoticVanguard (4 days ago)
They talk about the previous games every time they release one, i would like them to ignore all that shit, and just make a game. Even halo 5 was trying to appeal to fan. Every halo up to halo reach innovated the franchise in amazing ways, sometimes bad but that was usually fixed the next game.
Karim gohary (4 days ago)
I..... really am not that excited tbh. buuuuut not many people are excited for the games I'm excited for sooo yeah. It's mainly just because master chief is the most boring main character and the story is just kinda stereotypical "save the earth.... uhhhhhh humanity is falling...heeeeelllp" EDIT: that's my opinion btw
Saul Moses (4 days ago)
343 studios might not have made the best halo games but they are stepping in the right direction by listening to their fans
MATTHIEU MEMES (4 days ago)
In Halo Infinite you can play as Cortana
Telefission (4 days ago)
This game can still die off in a heartbeat once you realize that its by 343i and knowing 343i has a short history of fuck ups.. *cough* halo 4 *cough* halo 5 *cough*.
Ronin (4 days ago)
Split screen 4 player open world????
asorlon1 (4 days ago)
i only want a halo that is on PC and is a PC exclusive that why its not watered down on crap box
Mark Waters (4 days ago)
I am really hoping that he put Mendicant Bias in his helmet instead of Cortana. If Cortana can survive nuclear explosion/rampancy, there is no reason why MB couldn't have cloned himself somehow. Mendicant Bias would be so bad ass.
Immaa Bananaa (5 days ago)
Sounds like 343 is finally doing Halo justice
dylan johnson (5 days ago)
I've gotten my hopes up twice now idk if I'm going to waste my money on some more post halo 3 trash they have a lot to make up for
DaftHooligan (5 days ago)
My guess is a 2021 release. Its the 20th anniversary of both Halo and Xbox, with a new console potentially.
Bradley Bauer (5 days ago)
The Haven (5 days ago)
So damn hyped!!!!
Gary Massenburg (5 days ago)
It will be a game similar to Halo 1, not open world but very large with an emphasis on battlefield scale and locations in which you the player must travel to manually. New AI will be used to drive plot pushing Cortana even further over the edge. New Suit will also erase the armor mod system. Classic Halo back with no sprint for campaign. Multiplayer wiil be split into Classic or Arena (armor mods) All my predictions. Master Chief will "die" in this game
Handsome B. Wonderful (5 days ago)
420 Texan (5 days ago)
Oh man.... finally
LoH Bros (5 days ago)
Aw shit, the date in the pelican is my 568th birthday. Thanks for the love 343, really means a lot
TBNRbros (5 days ago)
I want open world weapon crafting and new platforms
Jackson Kipper (5 days ago)
When that poster said “fight for her,” it could very well be referring to Cortana. As in “we need to fight to save Cortana!” This could be interpreted as Master chief fighting to save Cortana from her self and save her from her rampant soon and psychotic turn. It might even culminate in a plot point in which we have to decide either to “save her” by killing her or save her by trying to find some kind of cure or repair which might require us to jump through a bunch of other hoops and maybe fight some other enemies or make some big sacrifice. I am merely speculating at this point, but I think this might have some major plot significance.
jack webb (5 days ago)
I don’t care about the campaign/story I just want to know about how the new slayer is gonna be like, I hope there’s a bunch of new maps
Beepbop (5 days ago)
Release date?
Zack Thomas (5 days ago)
cant fucking wait
Nio Jacobs (5 days ago)
Hopefully they nail this to make up for 5. I absolutely adored the halo franchise up to reach, and then it just sort of died. I have high hopes for what they can do here. As a halo fanboy, I don’t care if it doesn’t come out for another 2,3,5 years, as long as it’s as good as it can be, especially if it might be the last we see of chief
AJ 47 (5 days ago)
New AI is gonna be named Mimir
Some guy (5 days ago)
I want a new enemy in the halo franchise other than the flood, prometheans,and covenant
Tyuriil Loan (5 days ago)
MainGoldDragon (5 days ago)
this trailer was really weird. It really gave off the the feeling of an Open World RPG type of game. To be more precise it felt almost *exactly* like Fallout 76 dow to even the Beam emitters feeling like the nukes you can launch in Fallout 76. I really gave off the feeling that it would be an open world multiplayer non-mainstream game, but they are saying that it still is following MC. Then I also believe they said something along the lines of "the community's creativity" kind of implying that this would be heavily Forge focused but again... Master Chief.
Chris Van Middelkoop (5 days ago)
I want it to be cross platform. I think that would be so epic. PC an Xbox! Also I would really like the xbox to have full mouse and keyboard support for newer games. I know a few games do have full support like sea of thieves which is a cross platform game. I just really think Microsoft has the power. Now that I am into the high end PC crowd I would still like to play games with my less fortunate friends stuck on console. I just love how amazing everything looks on PC. 1440p and ultra settings at over 100fps is a dream.
Mythical Knights (5 days ago)
I've been a big fan of the franchise since xbox magazine released a demo disc of CE. I understand that since 343 took over its been rough but I'm excited to see what the next installment brings. Especially since they are taking the classic "do it from scratch" approach Bungie had. Good for them.
Don’t ask me again (5 days ago)
What’s the background music at the start of the video?
Graal Otonami (5 days ago)
I swear to god if they make Halo Infinite W10 only, I'm ditching the franchise for good.
Burt DN (5 days ago)
Bring back split screen
Burt DN (5 days ago)
The Master cheif has Halo 3 armor
Alexander LeCompte (5 days ago)
Is it first person
Trevor Jones (5 days ago)
It's a new suit from Halo 4 and 5 but it looks like a cleaner / nicer version of the Mark VI which was MC's defined suit throughout the original trilogy, well, 2 and 3 specifically. TBH they should've never changed it, don't fix what isn't broken.
FroztiProductions (5 days ago)
Looks like they're trying to return to bungies art style but more refined. I'm excited. The armor, environments and structures look more solid. Halo 4 and 5 were riddled with cookie cutter sci-fi hexagonal and angular bull shit.
Legounivercerocks101 (6 days ago)
Looks semi-Halo 2 art stylish. And I'm diggin' it.
Yash Kaushik (6 days ago)
They want to make a battle royale thats why new engine

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