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No Man's Sky 1.4 Predictions

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Thanks for watching i have now hit 11,558 views recorded so a massive thank you to everyone
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mexton (1 year ago)
Saucer type ship hopefully or ship customization would be cool..Would love to choose a personal color..
Cristian Silva (1 year ago)
Civilization update
V six (1 year ago)
i need cockpit free look camera! thats the only thing prevents me to coming back...why dafaq its so difficult to do it.
flea1985 (1 year ago)
Optimization - most frequent request!
Mike Hamada (1 year ago)
It's gonna be human because: in the last updates the korvaxes were interested in my character, and kept telling me how interested they're in meeting a new sentient species, and they knew very little my species . This leads me to believe my character is human, but he/she is just simply the first human.
SnowyParker (1 year ago)
Oh yeah and make a lot more different variations of planets, sometimes i feel like some are too simular
SnowyParker (1 year ago)
As much as i think nultiplayer doesnt matter tooooo much, I still think exploring with my friend would be amazing!
OllieTheDinosaur (1 year ago)
It'd be cool to see unstable planets and they can explode or sentinel starships blow up planets occupied by a certain guild or species
FroztByte Gamer (1 year ago)
Terraforming for example removing the sentinels from a system with sentinel planets that you can nuke With the sentinels gone from 1 system that system can be TERRAFORMED
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
yes i love it !
Felhek Lehrian (1 year ago)
Please improve animal behavior. And add thunders and tornados
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
i love the thunder and tornados idea!
IBNMAIMUN (1 year ago)
Multiplayer PVP combat update! 1. Add player models/humanoid animations 2. With those animations, make hostile NPCs, bosses, npc foot combat and walking NPCs 3. Improve combat mechanics (possible new weapon types, melee?) 4. New humanoid animations work for multiplayer too, fight other players.5. Pushing it(?): Multiplayer ships, true joint exploration with friends in bigger multi seat ships. There you go.
Voyagacy (1 year ago)
Earthquakes, volcanos,, lava, waterfalls, caves with exclusive animal life, animal capturing for use at home base, set up for periodic income, factory building, waves in seas, meteor showers with rare minerals to mine, orbit capture for relaxing view, gas giants for harvesting, PS VR support, probes to send back pictures of planet surfaces. We can go on forever thinking for this perfect space playground. Well done to Hello Games for keeping up the good work.
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
Agree i love Hello Games for this creation
ManInACan (1 year ago)
I am fairly certain I just ran into a crashed freighter log talking about "humanity" I did not take a screenshot though.
ManInACan (1 year ago)
Ran into a mention of humans again. http://imgur.com/647KJqo
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
shame you didn't so far they haven't mentioned humanity
Tyler Thunder (1 year ago)
Shipbuilding and Pilotable Freighters!
Tyler Thunder (1 year ago)
Great vid by the way
Tyler Thunder (1 year ago)
So in 2 years we should get to update 1.9 or 2.0
Tyler Thunder (1 year ago)
And there is no need for a No Man's Sky 2
Tyler Thunder (1 year ago)
March 31 is way to far I don't get why you think that date
Tyler Thunder (1 year ago)
And no we will see the update before March 31 I'm sure I think November/December 2017
Nice vid
Denzel De bruyn (1 year ago)
When i see "Jungle planet" it means there are 5 more trees than on the next one over, i would like to see actual forests and all
Clever Witty Gaming (1 year ago)
i agree be nice to see variations have more unique aspects.
Redryder 8 (1 year ago)
Join a faction
Jorge Navarro (1 year ago)

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