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Game Theory: WARNING - Pokemon May Cause DEATH!

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Text Comments (18125)
STampsBoss (7 months ago)
12:14 he said drumroll. I looked at my drumsticks that happened to be lying next to me. He said please. I grabbed those sticks.
Master of Weird (3 days ago)
Convenience to the MAX
Egcart 1357 (17 days ago)
STampsBoss good for you man... changing the world 1 drum roll at a time
Allisondra Terrano (22 days ago)
Oh my gosh, thats hilarios!
Altria Pendragon (25 days ago)
Oh my! He has 9.7 likes in is comment😮😟🙆
Victor Tamez (27 days ago)
Alpha Terripan bari sax lmao
Ahmad Nasser (6 minutes ago)
Mr Cube (4 hours ago)
How about running ?
#TOASTPAT Also, I was gonna make a bread pun, but it was pritty STALE
ok thats more dangerous than escape the lavander town thingy
idk why I'm going to say this but your intro gets me all the time I LOVE it, I think I have a problem with music XD
CuteKittie's Channel (2 days ago)
I dont like pokemon go , i heard some one died while plaing that game , i like the sun and moon and ultra moon and ultra sun , i dont really like it
Did Pokémon go got sue
zeke g.a.v. (4 days ago)
Hunter Trueblood (5 days ago)
hi game theory of
ABJKLMRS Akagami Ali (5 days ago)
Oh no matpat is kidnapped
Warrior_Art Dolls (5 days ago)
Spagget go I need that
Brycanixx (5 days ago)
(When the whole video is mostly about information from your state.) (The feeling is good.) (But not as good as getting one of those SWEET hoodies.) (Which I did not get.)
Sophia Yansin Forgy (8 days ago)
Once I was walking around the Victoria Park with my family, and we saw like 5 different people playing the game. We also saw a Double Rainbow! We also apparently lived across from a Pokèstop so cool i guess
Rhodes (10 days ago)
thank god i dont play pokemon go
Vida Balazic (10 days ago)
hector Covarrubias (11 days ago)
I slowed down my video when you were talking fast really wierd
ShafiqYou Tube (13 days ago)
please say I deleted that game
dark link (13 days ago)
the hell is wrong with people bumping into everything while playing pokemon go? i mean really, you have to be a retard or something to get SO excited with your phone
BHof Gamer (15 days ago)
The lazy pats found a cheat so steps are incorrect
Egcart 1357 (17 days ago)
The fast talk at the end of a commercial... Me every time: what 🤨
Z a i n (18 days ago)
Like what gorrilas? Damn...
Gr8 M8 (18 days ago)
People die because they are thicccckque
MEMES 10101010101010 (18 days ago)
so u think i could get a hoodie still?
End Plays (20 days ago)
ummm death is increesed becuse of inactivety RIP Me
Etrigan (21 days ago)
Pokemon go actually has killed people granted they were stupid people but this is not like Grand Theft Auto where you see it and want to emulate it this is straight-up not paying attention and getting yourself killed or getting yourself into a seriously messed-up situation check the news every once in awhile it has killed a few people
Game Cuber (21 days ago)
Save mat pat
Allisondra Terrano (22 days ago)
Ok, I support this theory but there is just one thing, You can't blame pokemon go for ANY of its deaths. Why? Because it's not really Pokemon Go's fault. If you are stupid enough to walk down a busy highway for a shiny new Eevee or something then that's YOUR OWN fault. If you are driving down a road to find that pokemon you don't have yet and get into a crush, that's YOUR OWN fault for not just driving, getting to the destination THEN playing the game. So those 182 some deaths really lower down if you think about it, Pokemon Go ITSELF is not a dangerous game, its meant to get you moving, but the people who play it MAKE it dangerous. So really the game has saved 22 lives but killed none. It's the PEOPLE who kill themselves not the game! Its a really great theory though, I love all the theories you make! They always make so much sense, and same for The Film Theorists! :)
Ocelot Kitty (23 days ago)
Pokemon *will* cause death near roads if you don't look for cars. My friend,We'll call her GG, told me she was spying on a boy she liked and he was playing Pokèmon GO! on his phone. He was crossing the road and got ran over and died. This is why you don't play Pokèmon GO! near roads without looking peeps!
Smoll Pink Lion :3 (25 days ago)
*May Not be Funner than Knowing De wae or Figuring out who Toucha Your Spagget* Me: X____________X why you do dis to me man
choco lee (25 days ago)
never played the Pokemon go game
Chicken In The Box (26 days ago)
Hailey Higginbotham (27 days ago)
Honestly people who die or get injured while playing pokemon go is there falt. They leave warnings and YOU are responsible for paying attention. So yeah
Hailey Higginbotham (27 days ago)
I still play pokemom go
Bestcool5 (27 days ago)
I need WiFi to play That was useless
Ms. Maggius (28 days ago)
I still play...
Alan Cazares (28 days ago)
At 10:12 matpat had a voice crack😂
Alex The Gr8 (30 days ago)
Btw, that QR Code in the beginning can be scanned if the have any Gen 7 Pokemon games.
Honk Honk (30 days ago)
You counted the steps taken by hackers too
puglover (30 days ago)
Did anyone else slow down the video to see what matpat said at the get up and pokemon go part
Sammy The Wolf (30 days ago)
;-; i didnt die
Fushicho Kurayami (1 month ago)
Ive seen fake Game Theory Merch. Thats what happens when you dont supply to the demand. Some posers come and start selling your stuff on Amazon.
Patrick Cortis (1 month ago)
I think Pokemon go does more help than hurt. It gives multiple warnings to be aware of your surroundings. At that point its the users fault if something happens. They were fairly warned. It gives more help as it gets people outside and exercising like you said.
Amazing HT (1 month ago)
Hear the disclaimer after Pokemon go in 0.5X it's really worth a try
Mortar gaming (1 month ago)
But I love gametheory
Mortar gaming (1 month ago)
I hate pokemon go
Sherry Eaton (1 month ago)
Cat Ears (1 month ago)
Wait you've been kidnapped. I slowed the part where you talked fast to x0.5
Milk And Cookies (1 month ago)
There was also i game of Pokémon and it caused suicide by the music in lavender town :o
Milk And Cookies (1 month ago)
I meant to say a when I said i
roger/Halloween crespo (1 month ago)
As he showed Uganda I was watching on my tv Uganda song and I laughed so hard my dogs barked at me
NandN gaming (1 month ago)
I am one of the people who had a injre i walk in to a wall
Alberto M (1 month ago)
I well never play pokemon go now ever.
Nicholas Mccluskey (1 month ago)
It’s a lie 👎👎👎
Rask R (1 month ago)
First throught: nostalgic 2013 video. Second throught: Oh... It's about pokemon go. Trendy 2016 video. Reality: 2018!? WHAT?!
Kirbycat10k :D (1 month ago)
I played Pokemon go in my home so I don't run in to stuff, also They like my couch (for some reason)
Wowerful (1 month ago)
Well their quality of life was improved too.
Ash K (1 month ago)
I like the law in Mexico and I think it should apply here YOU CAN'T SUE STUPID Pokèmon GO warned you and they didn't listen they were the cause of their death
Pikapikagamer84 :3 (1 month ago)
This is why I dont play this it's way to dangerous.
Vlad Patrascu (1 month ago)
Yes but some of the guys that walked the extra steps also died so they dont matter
Natalia Zea-Smith (1 month ago)
A person at my dad's work died of Pokémon go 😭😭😭😢😢
zach bailey (1 month ago)
Now matpat lets be honest here its not that people are dying to pokemon go they are dying to natural selection and survival of the fittest or those with common sense.
Michael Neal (1 month ago)
(2:13) I had to look at the release date when this happened.
Solrob Tetrohedron (1 month ago)
I don't think all of the sources for those stories are 100% credible.
Grudgingloki182 (1 month ago)
I walk 4,000 steps when I go on a walk ( and i play pokemon go on my walk and i started walking instead of watching as much anime) and I usually walk 2,000 steps a day so it has helped me.
Grudgingloki182 (1 month ago)
You see some people are just idiots. The most I've accident done is step on a ant *R.I.P Little ant*
Cameron Fiske (1 month ago)
Thanks matpat now I know why I always feel like killing myself.....Inactivity you have saved a 10 year old kid
TheDeadCactus (1 month ago)
Who else slowed down the video to find what MatPat actually said during the intro?
Rasul II Buisan (1 month ago)
I only Play pokemon go indoors
PiperDoon1977 (1 month ago)
I kill pokemon for fun 😈💀
RedLeader (1 month ago)
You forgot to reduce the death count by factoring the years lost by the now dead drivers!!
Taha Yasin Dereli (1 month ago)
A man actually died from a heart attack because he got a lapras
Nick 46 (1 month ago)
3:40 He made a Noibat pun. There goes my like. JK :D
tywarrior guy (1 month ago)
At the beginning do ×0.5 to hear what he saying about Pokemon go really fast it's very funny
Tofygly (1 month ago)
I'm not a huge pokemon fan I just like pokemon
the pokemon go players who saved two people in a warehouse fire good job i love you people!
J-hope Hobi (1 month ago)
The frost thing (1 month ago)
00:31 if you go on playback speed and you make it slower you will hear him
Pragara (1 month ago)
At the beginning with the lines on the bottom just turn it to .75x playback speed
meme lover69 (1 month ago)
Now try see fortnite,s value and look at pokemon go now i laugh at pokemon go
Muffin Button (1 month ago)
I ended up ordering a shirt and not getting a pin... Fun...
Nearbyapple6045 (1 month ago)
Someone got stabbed over pokemon go
Yeni Nesil Oyuncular (1 month ago)
They warn people but people are so stupid they dont care and hurt themselfs.
Chloe The Nerd (1 month ago)
This episode triggered me so much. I still play pokemon go, and the deaths arent the games fault, its the people who dar to drive and use it.
Taylor York (1 month ago)
DONT... BE... A MORON!!!! People. Use your brains.
Tomatohead (1 month ago)
People must learn to *PERIPHERAL VISION*
SaltyGamingHD (1 month ago)
7:42 finally someone explains where the numbers in Blink-182’s name came from
WTF is going on (1 month ago)
do a theory on why do Pokemon make a white Flash before they evolve
Christian Rowe (1 month ago)
Slow down the beginning he's held there against his will
Galaxy CatZ (1 month ago)
great advetisment for the kids to get run over XD
- Bob ross (1 month ago)
E'S BACK (1 month ago)
That beginning tho XD
PokeMasterDPK Games (1 month ago)
9:36 To the Moon reference.
Jack Calhoun (1 month ago)
.5 playback speed on the intro and you can hear what he’s saying XD
cellpower 2 (1 month ago)
The QR code at 0:36 is a link to his youtube channel...
Be safe while playing pokemon go
This Is why you can never Go to dangerous areas in pokemon go
Ethan Williams (1 month ago)
Who else slowed the playback speed at the intro to see what he said? Anyone? No? Ok
Three Spirits Trio (1 month ago)
they put warnings, and they still die! this can only mean 1 thing: PEOPLE ARE STUPID AS FU-!!!!!!!
Within White (1 month ago)
O no mat pat we must save u

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